The new Nikon lens-only rebates are now live in the US

As previously reported, the Nikon lens-only rebates are now back in the US for 6 different Nikkor models. This offer will expire on June 14 and it will not be extended. The new savings are also already reflected on Adorama and Amazon:

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  • Harv.!

    Is the US still the cheapest place to buy Nikon lenses ?
    I just bought a 85mm f/1.8G a few days a go here in the UK and it was £375 ($630 US). It’s more than simple tax differences, Nikon (along with other manufacturers) purposely change pricing depending on country, the same goes for warranty length.

    • AM I Am

      There should be other cheaper places, otherwise the gray market wouldn’t exist in the US. I believe Hong Kong is one of those places.

    • Neopulse

      There are taxes that countries apply that later are added to the products price when it’s being sold. Where I live, that 85mm is around $1000. So be happy you can actually afford to get one in my opinion :-/

      • Harv.!

        $1000 ? Which country is that ?

        • Neopulse

          Argentina. And forgot to put “$1000+” because it’s more than that.

          So far this one is “$1,228 USD.” (according to the exchange rate on

          • Wow, yeah, I just looked at Nikon Argentina’s website, and it’s astronomically more expensive. I’m sure the reason why it’s cheaper here is because of interest groups opening up trade to the East. We get a pipeline of products for radically cheaper prices.

            • Neopulse

              Yeah it is, and chances are other countries also might be even more expensive. In the states though as I recall it’s “free.” There’s no extra taxes involved in it’s sale. Over here though if one is able to bring it, then it’s taxed like crazy. A lot of people here live in debt with stuff that they buy. TVs for example, something that would cost $800 in the states, costs $2400 here. It’s depressing, people here make shyt and to buy something it’s a small fortune. So they prefer living in debt over years to pay for something.

            • chkchkboom

              Insane! So how much tax to get the lens in for you? For reference, it would cost me US$520 to get to NZ, while local grey version is US$580 and local authentic version is US$640.

            • Neopulse

              Yeah… it’s one of those things where like 80% of people here don’t know what prices on things are on the outside world so they just assume that it’s fair or normal.

    • Kynikos

      Canada is pretty good.
      Particularly if you can get a good deal in the province of Alberta–5% tax only.
      Some prices are really good in HK. Others, not so much.

      • Harv.!

        Hi Kynikos,
        Nikon Canada also offer a 5 year warranty on lenses if I remember correctly, in the UK it’s 1 year or 2 if you register the lens with Nikon UK.

        • Kynikos

          Good point.
          Last lens I bought from The Camera Store in Calgary, a site sponsor here I think (or at least they were…), they handled the warranty registration automatically.

    • AR22

      You can buy it in Switzerland for 470CHF (530USD) and it comes with 3 year warranty. But every thing you really need for living, like food and place to stay is fucking expensive

    • blp

      im pretty sure Hong Kong and Taiwan are the best places to buy lenses and camera bodies if you know how to bargain. I got my d800 for $2.6k with a lot of free accessories and a sigma 35mm f1.4 for around $700.

    • Fly Moon

      Canada is!

    • Rick Jawsome

      It’s not Nikon charging you that much!! Blame your government for adding a bunch of taxes/tariffs to those companies for doing business in your country.

      • Harv.!

        Hi Rick,
        Taxes are part of it but Nikon does have different prices for different countries.
        I’m not blaming anyone, just curious as to the differences in price in various countries.

  • Ricardo

    I was hoping the 70-200mm f4 would make it.

    • Royl

      I wanted the AI-S 28mm f2.8. Maybe next time.

  • tuiton

    Get the 28 1.8….it is far better/superior in comparison to the new nikon 35 1.8 fx….it vignettes horrible (CPU CAMERA OFF!)….its one of the highest fvignetting lens ive ever seen…..sadly and bokeh is also very harsh……what a bummer the 35 1,8 fx could be much much better…..esp. fo this price….

    gets the 28 it is much better optically and also even wider…wider is better you can later crop if you need the 35 fov but not make it the other way arounf (wider afterwards!)…

    • Shaun V.

      Agreed. If you are going to be taking out the vignetting in post, might as well just get the 35mm 1.8G DX and save yourself $400.

      The optical performance of the 28mm 1.8G is very nice, I just wish the build quality was better than the other 1.8G lenses, considering its $700 price tag.

    • Guest

      I bought a used 38 1.8G ED without much expectation except for weight reduction. To my surprise, the new 35G 1.8 ED is on the equal footing compared to my 28g. In fact, it’s much better wide open than 35 1.4g at 1.8 in sharpness, vignette, and CA control. Totally in love with it. You must have gotten a bad copy.

      • tuiton

        if you put off internal camera correction (CPU ON) than it performs very well but without 3,5 point light falloff is too much….

        if the 35 1.4 is even worser oh my god…..but the 35 1.4 is with the 50 1.4g the weakest of the 1.4 series…..

        so would not be a suprise…its a shame that is more expensive than the 35 1.8 and the sigma 35 1.4 art…….

        all should buy the 35 1.4 sigma art if they need 35 and 1.4……;)

        showing nikon ted card and that they have to update their 1.4 primes among others…

        time is running out…


      I have the 28 1.8 and it’s amazing. Not sure why it’s slept on. I wanted the 35 to complete my prime collection but I’ve been hearing such bad things like this. Guess I’ll put that money towards a 135mm

  • lorenzo

    I thought it was said that the lens only rebate wouldn’t have come back again. Nikon must be really hungry, but a part the 16-35 the rest is all junk glass that they want to get rid of.

    • nek4life

      What’s your experience with the 16-35? Been thinking of picking that up, but on the fence. Rather have a nice wide angle prime, 20mm or 24mm but Nikon hasn’t updated the more affordable f2.8 versions.

      • lorenzo

        Very positive. It is fast and sharp, lighter than the 14-24 and even with an f/4 works fine for night photography.
        I do recommend it; try it, you can always return it.

      • Larrry

        I purchased the 16-35 the last cycle the had the lens only sale. I also upgraded from a D7000 to D610. Very sharp, good color and contrast. Adobe ACR has profile that correct. Debated between that and the 14-24, a great lens. The 16-35 is obviously lighter, and looking at what I was shooting UWA with the D7000, I didn’t need f2.8 as most were in the f8-f14 range. Plus, I discovered with the 16-35 it was nice to have the 16 when I needed it, but a vast majority were shot at 24 or higher. Very satisfied.

      • clifflwms

        I have the 14-24 and the 16-35, the 16-35 is fast, sharp, and light. I tend to use it more often; it’s great to have the 35mm end AND a true wide when you need it.

    • clifflwms

      Agreed. nothing to see here… the current Canon rebates are for a bunch of pro glass AND camera’s; Nikon’s is pretty weak in comparison.

    • chkchkboom

      ‘swrong with the 85/1.8G?

  • whisky

    looking forward to the new fish-eye zoom … if it ever gets released.

  • 85 1.8

    Tried to get a 85 1.8 through BH Photo and said “Temporarily out of stock”, went back an hour later and was “In stock” and it let me purchase one… Them went back to the lens page and it said “Temporarily out of stock” and will not let you go through with the purchase process (Only add to wishlist) so we will see… Didn’t want to pay taxes through Amazon so hopefully BH Photo comes through..

    • 85 1.8G

      BH Photo now says “In Stock” for the 85 1.8G and all 20+ units that Amazon had in stock this morning have been sold…

      • 85 1.8

        Again, “Temporarily out of stock”.

    • Imperious Images

      I had to get mine through

    • Justin

      I ordered this lens from Adorama the back in March, the last time they had the lens only rebates. They’ve been back ordered since then! Not much hope of them fulfilling orders on the 85 1.8 this time around.

    • Dave Ingraham

      I’m in the same boat as Justin. Over 2 months backed ordered and no word when it’ll be available.

  • JHD

    In Sweden the 85mm f/1.8G is about 4000 SEK, which would be like $600 US including 20% tax which I think is refundable to non-Swedish customers.

  • Imperious Images

    Thanks [NR] for the notice before the sale started! I was able to sell my 85/1.8D on craigslist and put it towards the 85/1.8G before it sold out again!

    • 85 1.8 is notorious for cancelling orders because they cant get stock like they think they can. Hope it works out for you….

  • Eric

    Nikon 24-70mm is not listed.

    I feel sad~

    = (

    • Adam

      Just get the Tamron, you get near-equal optical performance with vibration control for much less money.

  • Suraj

    Damnit! where is the 85 f1.8?!?! They put it on sale and it out of stock. 😐

    • iamlucky13

      More importantly, if we order it while it is back-ordered, we will still get the discounted price, right?

      I think most states have “rain check” laws that require this, with a few limited exceptions.

      • Suraj

        I wished that were the case. I have a gift coupon from BHphotovideo that could get me the 85 for a real *sweet* deal.

      • Me

        Most stores will be happy to offer the service for you in my experience. Now, you have to accept that they may not have much pull and you may be waiting a while. But — hey — you’re getting the sale price and they’re making a buck.

      • 85 1.8

        Adorama does… Last time I ordered a lens on special it was on back order… Took 4 Months to get it but they didn’t charge the card until item shipped and I still got the special price since I “purchased” it during the special. Good time to save a little money but if are really having the itch to RECIEVE and USE the lens you buy on back-order. BE PREPARED TO WAIT !

  • Mockys2k

    No 24-70. Booooo 🙁

  • KMount Man

    I guess the CaNikon marketing machines have to compete by slashing profits to compete with legendary lenses like those made by Pentax.

  • jas

    what about Europe? any chance of rebates over there?

    • AM I Am

      I just confirmed that the rebates are also valid in Georgia…. oh, ah, Georgia the state, not the country, sorry.

  • Ric

    Go Kings Go!

  • Mockys2k

    I just saw that Canon has announced Father’s Day discounts. They have all their high end lenses listed… Nikon..what are you doing 🙁

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