Weekly Nikon news flash #266

I am back online. Here are the weekly Nikon news/links for last week (sorry for the delay):

→ While I was offline, several websites reported that Nikon USA has moved the D300s camera to the archived section. Just to remind you that the D300s was officially discontinued by Nikon back in 2012 (together with the D700).

New firmware 1.05 released for the Phottix Mitros+ flash for Nikon.

Nikon UK announced two new ambassadors.

→ New Nikon cashback program in Germany (see also the latest Nikon instant rebates in the US).

→ Nikon UK July Cover Star Competition is now open for entries.

→ You can get a refurbished Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for $1,466.88 on eBay.

Nikkor 800mm f5.6E FL ED VR lens
→ A mint 800mm f/5.6 lens is listed on eBay for $16,599 (original price: $17,896.95).

Nikon EN-EL3 battery recall
→ Nikon Japan issued a reminder that the EN-EL3 battery recall from 2005 is still active.

The Consortium for Sustainable Paper Use
Nikon has joined in "The Consortium for Sustainable Paper Use"

→ New Nikon photography school is coming to Oman.
→ New article on nikon.com: "Dealing with the Issue of Conflict Minerals".

→ Nikon Behind the Scenes video: Romantic Portraits:

→ Nikon met Mick Rock in New York:

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  • Brent

    That romantic portrait video is a joke.

    • DuncanM

      >Ten overhead tungsten lamps
      >Five 7ft tall windows
      >Off camera softbox
      >ISO 2200

      Just what the hell is going on here?

      • guest

        Romance, sonny boy. Romance with technology.

      • Bruce

        perhaps Nikon is short on money, hiring such photographers for their videos?

        Lots of photos that unfortunately looks like they were made with a pop-up flash, eh?

        • Patrick O’Connor

          Well, she IS a Nikon Ambassador. Joe McNally did some videos that weren’t all that impressive either. I think they’re dumbing it down for the masses. Experts (NR Readers) don’t need that kind of instruction! 😉

          • stevegong

            What a joke. Walt said it best: http://youtu.be/dQbpx5Be5rI?t=1m46s

          • neonspark

            that’s because who cares to see what Joe Mac does with a video camera. give him a speedlight and then magic happens.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Actually, he was in front of the video camera, not behind it. NR had a link to it some time ago but I can’t remember when.
              The point is: the video showed him using lighting in a way that he NEVER would. I think Nikon did it, as well as this one, to inspire amateurs, utilizing equipment (a single SB-700) anyone could afford.

    • Guest


    • Kyle Farris

      I just kept thinking, “WTF…?” during that entire video.

      • Michiel953

        You probably do that a lot. Keep taking the medicine, there’s a good boy.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      You guys should probably be Nikon Ambassadors…

    • neonspark

      hey man get your own video spot, then knock it.

  • Zr

    For the Nikon D300s, what is the significance of “Nikon USA has moved the D300s camera to the archived section.” How is it any different from discontinued? Sorry, for my lack of knowledge on this.

    • Kynikos

      I think that’s Admin’s point: the “news” reported by other sites this week is much ado about nothing.

    • No significance at all, but it was reported by several websites.

      • Since they’re just now archiving it (long overdue), maybe they’re making room for it’s replacement?

  • Zr

    For the Nikon D300s, what is the significance of “Nikon USA has moved the D300s camera to the archived section.” How is it any different from discontinued? Sorry, for my lack of knowledge on this.

  • KnightPhoto

    Thank goodness the D300S is finally toast, that really took far too long 😉 Nikon really should have built a D400 in 2009 with the D7000 sensor – this was a huge miss on their part. The D7000 sensor was (and is) a great sensor that really just needed the full “D400 treatment”. NOW Nikon needs to give the 24mp sensor the full D400 treatment and judging by:

    1) D7100 lack of buffer; and

    2) finally the D300S discontinued;

    we can anticipate a D400 (D9300?) this summer or fall.

    Personally I am not sure I will actually get one or at least not right away, as I shoot FX or Nikon 1 exclusively and I’m saving for a 500mm FL lens at the moment. Couple a D9300 announcement with a super-light-and-small 300mm f/4 DO (diffractive optics) lens and that would get my attention!

  • edamer

    d400 will only come eventually if canon is releasing a 7d mark II next months up to august/september

    but there are some indications the 7d markII is already gone like the 300s to the archive, cannot buy it new anymore, lot of stock empties and wont be filled up at least in netherlands….no production anymore…..

  • D400

    Yup, Canon is about to release the 7DMarkII so we all know what Nikon is releasing near the same time….

  • Goose

    d300s replacement in the olympics?

  • D800E+Phottix

    New info on the Phottix firmware page
    “Update: There have been some issues reported with the upgrade apps. We are currently investigating and will repost when the issues have been resolved.”

    FYI, I couldn’t run the firmware update successfully under MacOS 10.9.x, but it seemed to work under Windows7.

    • MRomine

      It also won’t run under Windows XP or OS 10.9.3. I really need that update and the updater doesn’t work. Big FAIL Phottix.

  • Nexus

    The Nikon “Behind the Scenes” series is intended for complete nubies buying their first DSLR, please give ’em a break. Were you maybe expecting McNally to hold your hand in a climb to the top of the Freedom Tower and shouting ‘quick numb nuts what f stop do ya use’?

  • neversink

    Too expensive for the 800mm used lens. Buyer beware. Has it been abused, left out in the rain overnight. Maybe not, but who knows. At that price, you are better off buying a new lens.

    • lorenzo

      That’s also what I said but the human stupidity has no limits, it was sold almost immediately, guess the buyer thought of having a great deal…[s]he will figure it out later.

      • neversink

        Hope it’s a good lens for the person who bought it. A lot of risk for a lot of money….. Oh well…..

  • rt-photography

    theyre selling false hope in those videos. both of these vids are a joke. technically they both suck and their pictures…well, the model looks great and the couple look good toegther.


  • nightoil

    Re the D300s, here in the UK it’s still current on the Nikon website and Calumet UK (still going strong) has continuous stock.

    I know this because, going against the grain, I bought one new from Calumet’s main London store a few weeks ago and the stock was immediately replenished, going by their website. Current price is £879.00.

    Why did I buy one now, with the D400/9300 seemingly finally on the horizon? Last year I moved “up” from my old D300 to a D7000 but found the files it produced just a touch clinical. The old D300 and “new” D300s produce beautiful, rich, characterful images that process up really well in Capture NX2 and easily blow up to 36 x 24 inches.

    The D300s is also a really nice robust body which has the right amount of weight for hand-held slow shutter speeds. In addition, there’s the all-important AF-on button, indispensible to back button focussers. OK, you can reprogram the AE-L/AF-L button on current enthusiast bodies but the thumb just doesn’t fall as comfortably onto it for fast work. It’s always a bit of a pain compared to a perfectly positioned AF-on button.

    When the D300 came out in 2007, it was often dubbed a “classic camera” in the making. Maybe one day, the world will get (dare I say it) bored with the megapixel race and rediscover the intangible concept of “image quality”, which I really think this camera has.

    That doesn’t, of course, diminish one’s curiosity and excitement to see what the bean counters at Nikon will come up with in the D400/9300. But if it comes out after the official release version of Capture NX-D, then those of us hunkering down with the final version of Capture NX2 will not (cannot) be in the market for it – are you listening, Nikon?!! If you are, this 30 year Nikon user’s brand loyalty has recently turned to ice! “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned” – William Congreve (1670-1729).

  • Matt_XVI

    Oh my… I am absolutely repulsed! How did that woman become a Nikon ambassador?! With every 6th person seeming to become a “professional” photographer she does not stand out of the $500 for a full day wedding photographer on Craigslist what so ever!

    Seriously?! HOW?!

    • Neopulse

      Calm down on the caffeine and exclamation marks there.

      • Matt_XVI

        Yes. Yes, Neopulse I am more calm now. I just still don’t understand. Seriously. How? Maybe she’s a really nice person, but from the 7 or 8 shots shown on that video, there is absolutely no way she should be a Nikon ambassador.

        • Neopulse

          You are looking way too much on the surface. And in there lies your error. You can’t just look at an instructional video sponsored by Nikon to be entirely up to the photographer’s criteria. When a photographer gets hired to shoot something, most of the time it isn’t on their terms unfortunately. On a shoot especially with video there’s usually several people involved, in this case the employer (Nikon), the person who represents Nikon that hires this particular photographer to do a commercial. Then there’s the art/director who really explains how the client wants the shoot. The couple? Most likely hired models (or couple even) who were chosen by the producer of the client.

          The message is very well shown in this video and haven’t you noticed that the Joe McNally videos are nearly identical in the style shot? No one really bitches about his work, but yet of Tamara’s. The message is, with little you can do a lot. But also gives the impression that if you have a desire to be a photographer you don’t need a lot of gear and she clearly shows it in this video. There’s no 10 light setup or more than one camera body on the set. Empty room, nice and clean. And she even used the ambient light too. It gives the message to the typical consumer (and not professional) that you can do this too. And unfortunately, there are far more consumers than there are pro-photographers in the world and it caters to that particular population.

          • mikeswitz

            I think the location is the same as the last Joe McNally video.

          • Matt_XVI

            Point well taken, however if they were trying to appeal to the masses I would strongly suggest displaying some pictures that are even remotely impressive. With the equipment she had at her disposal as well as the environment she was shooting, she should have been able to come up with much more impressive work quite easily.

            I’ve just had a look at her blog. She seems like a really sweet person and full of life. While she’s an okay photographer, her work is quite uninspiring with nothing that sets her apart as a leader in her field. There are literally thousands of amateur photographers that are just as good, if not better. All that I can see is that she is pretty darned good at marketing which is most likely why she got this gig as a Nikon ambassador.

            And finally, whether it be her, the art director, or Nikon, they really should have someone in charge who knows what they are doing to create a portrait tutorial or behind the scenes video for one of the major photographic tool manufacturers. After having a more in depth look at her work, I am pretty confident that it was her who came up with those shots and not an art director as it reflects the majority of her work on her website quite accurately.

            Again, with the equipment at her disposal and the location they were shooting she should have been able to create much more inspiring work with just as much ease, to target the same audience. Use and expose for the ambient light from the windows on their faces instead of behind them. Use the bright golden sun filtering through the roof to create some sun stars or flare. Place them more towards the middle of the room, underexpose by two stops, bounce the flash off the ceiling to isolate them more from the background while still retaining a feel for the architecture and ambience. Create some back lit silhouette photos in the window sills. All of these would have been just as easy for the target audience to do themselves and with the equipment she had to work with – and the images would have been infinitely more interesting and inspiring as well.

            She seems like a good person and I’m happy for her. I guess I’m just kind of jealous as I’d love to be a Nikon Ambassador myself. In either case best to her and happy shooting.

            • Jorge

              It took you several postings, and too many paragraphs to get tot he last one: I’m just kind of jealous…
              That says it all right there.

            • Matt_XVI

              Fair enough Jorge. Just kind of jealous that she is designated as a leader in the industry with only so-so camera skills. Same can be said for Jasmine Star.

              Not to say that they both shouldn’t be respected for other reasons, but to be chosen as an ambassador for Nikon I’d expect more inspiring work. Someone like Kirsten Lewis who is also in this domain and has stuff that really inspires and pulls at your heart strings.

              Again, maybe a bit jealous. I sincerely feel bad now for talking negatively about her work. The green monster doesn’t rear it’s head very often with me and I’m ashamed that it has happened this time. For this, for taking up so much reading real-estate and especially to her, whether she reads this or not, I apologize.

            • Neopulse

              “And the truth shall set you free”

  • lorenzo

    I wonder why that 800mm is on eBay discounted by just $1K. They sold the car to buy it and then they realized that they needed the car more?

    Joke a part, what sense does it make $1k less on $20K (if it was B&H may, may maybe but on eBay!?) when there is no warranty and you still get an used, possibly defective lens? If I ever had a chance (which I don’t) to afford that lens I would prefer to pay the extra $1k of the full price and have an original one. Good luck to the buyer.

  • D400

    I am Coming…

    • lorenzo

      Let’s hope so, but what if it will be made of lighter plastic and in Korea, China or Thai, will every D400 dreamer still be happy?
      If they make the D800s in Thai, I wouldn’t expect a potential D400 made in Japan.

      • As long as it’s as strong or stronger, lighter plastic doesn’t bother me so much. Must should feel solid though.

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