New firmware update 1.11 for Nikon Coolpix A camera released

Nikon Coolpix A camera review
Nikon released new firmware update 1.11 for the Coolpix A camera that contains several AF fixes. Here are the download links:

Full list of changes in this firmware update:

  • Focus range with normal autofocus has been changed from approximately 50 cm (1 ft 8 in.)–∞ to approximately 30 cm (1 ft)–∞ from the center of the front surface of the lens.
  • AF focus-acquisition rate has been improved when the scene contained in the frame exhibits an extremely high level of contrast.
  • The color of the focus area in manual focus mode has been changed to white, making it easier to identify the current focus mode.
  • Less battery power is now consumed with interval timer photography, enabling interval timer shooting for a longer period of time when the camera is powered by the battery.

Even more than an year after it was announced, the Nikon Coolpix A camera is still priced at $1,096.95 (the gray market price is $665.24).

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  • Louis-Félix Grondin

    Such a nice product, but such a bad pricing… I still hope to get a used one under 500$ before I go on a trip.

    • jeffp3456

      what are you waiting for? I see new ones on ebay going for ~$500 (at least in US). Image quality is really excellent also.

      • Spy Black

        That’s what it should have gone for in the first place. Would’ve sold well. Obviously nobody bit, so now they’re finally pricing them as they should have.

      • Louis-Félix Grondin

        Yep, sadly I’m from Canada.

      • dredlew

        Those are grey market, no US warranty. Bought mine that way. As long as you’re careful with it, the price is just right.

    • One More Thought

      That sums it up nicely: a really fine product but way overpriced. I wonder why Nikon has not lowered the price even one bit?

      I don’t think it’s because it’s selling so well…it must be to simply protect Nikon’s reputation. They don’t want to be seen doing another firesale, like they did with the Nikon V1.

  • jeffp3456

    Amazing, I wonder if this is part of ‘repairing their reputation’? A firmware update with really minor mods is very rare from Nikon.

  • doge

    Good news for the 12 people who bought this camera.

    • supertrogg

      That’ll be me for one!

      • Good news for you and 11 others then ;p

      • hje

        one is also with me. so 10 to go.

        • peteee363

          I got a used one on ebay, so if the two of you never sold yours on ebay, then we are down to 9!

    • studor13

      Can you only count to 12?

  • I have one and love it. Does great video too.

    • Berlinhouse

      The V1 also;)

  • Espen4u


  • Phil

    I bought one a few weeks at a 55% discount on Amazon Germany. Really pleased it. Premium build quality, great lens/image quality and small size.

  • Works nice. Just tried the AF and it definitely feels just a bit faster. Manual focus mode not a huge difference in use, but the white square is a good reminder when you want to switch settings. Now if I only had more choices for the front Function button setting.

    • Kyndel

      Thanks for this information, Gordon Moat. (the better AF)

      I had it for a short period, but then dust suddenly turned up, and I send it back.

      The AF could also be better, but if it is better now, as you say, I will think about it again, and I do not think I am unlucky again with the dust.

      But before I send it back I bought a spare battery, it is named DOT.FOTO and also named for Nik.EN-EL20. 7.4V.1020mAh

      Will that say, that this spare battery is useless now ?

      • I got a spare battery from EBAY really low cost. It looks sort of official Nikon, but it may be a knock-off. Anyway, that extra battery works fine, and even charges in the charger. Disclaimer: I have not tested many different batteries, so your results may not match mine.

        On the autofocus, where this is most noticeable is when using face-detect. Slowest is Macro mode during night, when used on regular scenes, because the lens cycles through closest to infinity before locking-on focus.

        To combat dust, I leave the UR-E24 on the camera body all the time, with a B+W 46mm 010 filter (UV), or a Polarizer. While this makes it less of a pocket camera, it gives my big hands a better way to hold the camera.

        The autofocus is still slower than my D3 and my V1, but those are exceptionally quick cameras. What I like on the Coolpix A is that the shutter lag is super fast, so once you have focus held, the camera responds quickly. My feeling is that with a wide lens, a slightly slower camera does not hinder capturing images. Compared to my D3 with a 28mm f1,8 AFS, the Coolpix A is slower, but with both at f2,8 the results from the Coolpix A are a tiny bit better. Really, using a Coolpix A is about the small size, and a really great lens.

        • Kyndel

          Tank You very much.

  • Spy Black

    …and third-party batteries no longer work with it…

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if they’ll put out a camera like this with a zoom. Even a 2x zoom would do, but an 18-55 would be great.

    • Haven’t you seen the latest lenses from Nikon? If anything they’ll release this with a 18-300mm lol

  • neonspark

    yeah like anybody who buys it gives an f about improvements on that thing.

    • stoooopid

      I think you are meaning that this is a coolpix – so the buyers are not even aware of how to do an update. Well if that is what you meant – I think you are mistaken – this is not a “normal” coolpix – this is a very high end tool. Just look at the price – that should be the first clue that it is not a normal coolpix.

  • JP

    I would pay $1500,- if this thing had F-mount and 16mm f4 option. The whole internet is screaming for it. Why nobody is doing it?

    • Kynikos

      I’ll bite: wouldn’t F-mount lenses be horribly unbalanced on something this compact?
      If yes, why not just get a smaller DX body and save $1000 of your $1500?
      If no, what about the V-bodies in the Nikon-1 line, + FT1 adapter?

      • Maji

        I think they want a DX/FX mirrorless with F-mount. Perhaps Nikon will release a mirrorless FX or DX soon.

        • Louis-Félix Grondin

          What’s the point of a mirrorless if it has a mount with lenses designed to be at a certain flange distance; thus making the body as large as an SLR?

          • JP

            Am I the only one who does not like 28mm AoV and who wants to use the existing F-mount lenses with mirrorless? I think they can have a different AOV on mirrorless, but I would like some more options than 10-30mm and I don’t want to replicate my lenses collection… .
            Pancake 35mm ekviv f2.0 or f2.8 should have been bundled with this body for start. With an option to change by something bigger, widder, longer … . I think there can be pocketable DX mirror less with F-mount option.

            • Louis-Félix Grondin

              F-mount option means either a big-ass adapter or a big ass body. Froget about it if you’re looking for something small/pocketable.

  • I just bought a Ricoh GR for almost half the price. I don’t understand all that difference, being the two cameras almost identical.

    • Yes, I was expecting the price of the Coolpix A to drop very fast after the announcement but it didn’t. They either must be selling tons of them or they just don’t care.

      • Kynikos

        Any word on whether this is a one-off or how long the refresh cycle is otherwise?

      • KnightPhoto

        I wonder what this bodes for the future price of the V3. Mine came in last week and my initial impression is positive. V3 images seem highly detailed as compared to my V1. But yep, a lot of money (with a counterpoint of a lot of features for that money). I haven’t shot it a lot yet, but will do so over the summer. It will get a proper work-out when my N1 70-300 comes in. BTW my local bricks and mortar in Canada says they have lots of pre-orders for the N1 70-300 already.

      • Royl

        I can make a guess about the price. Sales are dropping across the board for cameras. Nikon might be trying to stake out a boutique niche for higher profit margin, and this camera along with the Df are the first shots. The Df is excellent, and if you like it you think it is worth every penny. I don’t want anything like a Coolpix A, but I think I could be interested in a DX version of the Df.

    • AJ

      Same here, much better in all aspects and the handling is best or any compact. i put my x100 off for the GR.

    • One More Thought

      It’s a shame for Nikon that they haven’t priced this camera more competitively with the Ricoh GR.

      I read a lot of photographer blogs that rave about the GR, while no one ever mentions the Coolpix A. If Nikon ever would drop the price to around the same as the GR, then they might get some attention around it.

      The cost of manufacture can’t be that high…I bet Nikon would still make a great profit at around $500 to $600 dollars.

      • wayne

        I sampled both the GR and the A. When handling the cameras, the A feels at least 30% more solid/substantial than the GR. I did buy the A; and yes, it was painful to lay out the cash; however, I have been well pleased with the performance of the A. I think it is worth $300 or $400 more than the GR. Ricoh, especially the GR, benefits from a bit of cult status. What those in the camera press raved about in regards to the “cutomizaton” of the GR is, in my opinion, better described as confounding complexity in use.,,,,,,, Just go to a camera store and, without benefit of manual, try to figure out the GR, then do the same with the A.

        Since owning the A, I have accidentally dropped it from a height of approximately five feet onto concrete. Once it hit the deck it skidded along, like a hockey puck, lens side down, for a couple of feet. Total damage was a few ugly scrapes; no functional failure. I am confident the GR would have fared much worse.

        On the firmware updates:

        When I screw up (forget) on focus mode, it is usually between normal auto and macro auto. It would have been much more helpful to me if they had added the different focus frame color in the macro mode.

        • SKY

          It’s pretty easy without any customization – just choose a mode, and use the dials and rocker switch and its easy to figure out.

          The value comes in when you do want to have customized modes, and then it is just a click on the mode dial away.

    • Spy Black

      Both the A and the GR are of an earlier design mindset. Cameras of this ilk need a eyepiece viewfinder, whether optical or electronic. Seeing how useless my Nikon rear screens are in bright sunlight (as well as my Canon S110), I can imagine how much “fun” either one of these cameras are to use in said scenario.

    • dredlew

      Bought my CoolPix A for half the price, grey market (no US warranty). While I think full price is too much, for half the price you get outstanding image quality though. Well comparable to a full DX DSLR. In terms of sharpness, blows my D800 out of the water. That AA-filter makes a big difference.

      • It’s a week since I received the GR and I must say it’s a surprise. Such IQ in such a small body. Good you found the A at a reasonable price! I agree with you, the lack of AA filter helps in gaining sharpness, but I’m sure that also the good lens, paired with the sensor, helps with it. Enjoy it, I’m having so much fun with it!

        • dredlew

          Yes thanks, I do. Haven’t tried the GR myself but read good things about it. Enjoy!

  • Scott

    Does this kill third-party/aftermarket battery compatibility like some of the other Nikon DSLR FW updates have recently?

    • AM I Am

      Do you own a Coolpix A?
      Do you have a third-party battery for the Coolpix A?
      If you answer No to any of the previous questions, why would you care?

      • megadon357

        Do you know the answer to his question? if you answer No, why would you care?

        • AM I Am

          Your reply is much appreciated, but I asked Scott.

          • megadon357

            Just highlighting the absurdity of your quesiton. No problem.

      • Maji

        Because they just want to complain how bad Nikon is…

      • Nikon User

        I don’t own a Coolpix A but I care. Because I am a Nikon DSLR and coolpix user, if they kill 3rd party compatibility for Coolpix A, it is likely they will kill other Nikon products via firmware update.

        Why are you so defensive?

        • AM I Am

          Do you plan to load the Coolpix A FW to your non-Coolpix A and DSLR? is that what you’re saying?

          Well, obviously that will not only kill 3rd-party battery compatibility but much more things.

          • Nikon User

            LOL, what a fanboy. Goodbye.

      • Scott

        Yes I do and yes I do, hence why I was asking. I’m not going to install it if it’s going to break my battery.

  • Berlinhouse

    way toooo late Nikon and still a boring update!!
    I used to have this for 2 weeks,
    …..good P&S with nice IQ till ISO800
    but all together its too less for this pricing…

    • ageha

      What’s that?

      • Berlinhouse

        what you mean?

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