Nikon announcement in few hours

As I already mentioned, Nikon is expected to announce a new S2 mirrorless camera and a new 400mm f/2.8 lens in few hours. Stay tuned for detailed coverage.

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  • unyi3lding

    D400! OMG

    • Art

      As I heard it, the 400mm F2 and D400 are going to be provided as a bundle for $3,000.

      • AlphaTed

        boxes won’t even reach the shelf.

  • Hexagon Jr.

    Surprise!! Df2 😀

    • Awesome! Just what we need

    • Consistency

      You meant DfS, same hardware of D4S

      • TeleMan

        Consider the performance, I would like to have DfS

  • Captain Megaton

    What’s the distinction between the S and J Nikon 1 lines again?

    • Guest

      The color

    • Rau Muống Xào Tỏi

      Obviously the letter.

      • Zoltar’s mom

        Zoltar is never wrong!

  • AM I Am

    Hopefully the new 400mm f/2.8 brings the price of the current one down.

    • Realism

      Possibly but more likely at the next lens discount Nikon will offer an “instant rebate” on the current one for $150 😀

      • AM I Am

        Not enough, I need $7,500 off.

  • Believe

    P4000 with a 16-4000 zoom – made in Malaysia

  • stoooopid

    18-35 f/1.7

  • James Donahue

    Nikon S2 Blah,Bland,Blahhhh

  • koenshaku

    D615 for an October release

    • scott800

      and a pre-production announcement for the D617.5

    • Kevin D Dell

      Excellent twist of the knife!

      Seriously, though, my D610 is fabulous. No desire to trade in at all. A combination of D610 with 24-120/4 and D7100 with 70-200/4 on an event shoot makes for a great combination with almost identical form factors. MUCH lighter than D800 with 2.8 zooms.

  • John Doe

    Hmmm..why the 400 but not the 500 or 600?~~ the 200 and 300 and 200-400 has been updated to VR II, so why just the 400 gets updated? this is a bit unexpected..out of all the lenses requiring update

  • ANDY

    Are the new tele converters III coming too? Would make sense to release them with the new 400 mm VR III.

  • Ren Koch

    Wow! Interesting stuff from Nikon. What is Nikon by the way? Do they still make cameras for regular folks? snooze…..

  • jd

    I wonder if Nikon has made money on their mirrorless system. Seems like most of the people who have one of those cameras got them dirt cheap.

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