Nikon 1 S2 announcement this week, new Nikkor telephoto lens also a possibility

Nikon will most likely announce their new Nikon 1 S2 mirrorless this week. The official date should be May 15th, but I am not sure if this is for the US, Europe or Asia timezone. I expect the US announcement to be tomorrow (Tuesday) night or Wednesday night EST (around midnight).

I also started receiving rumors about a new telephoto lens for sport photographers that should be out before the FIFA World Cup.

As usual, stay tuned for detailed coverage.

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  • D700guy

    What’s the focal length of this rumored new tele?

    • No idea, but I think it will be a super telephoto – probably over 300mm.

      • txstubby

        400 5.6 would be nice (and affordable) but I suspect that if the target market is sports it will be fast and expensive.

        • Rebel

          I agree

          and when 300 f/4 VR??

        • El Aura

          I think the role of the 400 mm focal length with a speed of f/5.6 has been taken over completely by zooms. When was the last time anybody released a 400 mm f/5.6 lens? Canon? 20 years ago?

    • Tadao_Isogai

      400mm f/2.8

  • Aekn

    No new hi-end Coolpix (P7800 successor) yet? Nothing on the horizon?

    • They should be coming soon too. I do not have a date yet.

  • v

    New lens for sports photographers = 600mm f/2.8 for $20,000USD. I can only dream of a >400mm prime that is actually reasonably priced.

  • doge

    Oh man, that new S2 with the FT-1 and this new tele lens is gonna be sweet for the World Cup.

    I can’t wait to see all the new marketing photos/videos created with this lineup.

  • Just Dreaming

    Back to the future.
    300/2, 180-600mm……..

  • Tadao_Isogai

    New 400mm f/2.8

    • Are you just guessing?

      • Tadao_Isogai


        • I got it, I will do another post: a new 400mm f/2.8 is coming, I just received a confirmation.

          • AM I Am

            The current one is excellent. I kind of wonder what the new one will offer.

            • Tadao_Isogai

              Flourite; SWM update

          • JJ168

            Sound like nikon is happy to refresh current long lenses with the tech from 800 5.6.

            • Tadao_Isogai


  • Global

    I wish they would announce fast, bright WIDE angles for the Nikon 1. Its rather useless as a system until it goes wide and gets a bit brighter in the lenses. The telephoto is obviously its strength, but they just aren’t going to have a huge following until they make it full spectrum wide bright to tele bright.

    Nikon should not have even released this new new camera system without 6 lenses ready to GO at LAUNCH: (1.) a class “A” wide, bright lens like a 21mm/1.4; (2.) a standard bright lens like a 40mm/1.4; (3.) an exceptionally bright portrait lens like an 85/1.2; (4.) a fast focusing bright tele like a 400/4 VR; (5.) an a macro like a 200/2.8 VR Macro; and (6.) an all-in-one, like a 24-300 VR, to fulfill all the zoom lovers and travelers out there right off the bat while leaving room for them to grow into the speciality lenses. [And i’m just assuming the tiny crappy 28-XX kit lens would HAVE to exist, because its Nikon afterall, so no im not ignoring that one.]

    I can’t even stand the fact that Nikon has already replaced its Kit lens and hasn’t fulfilled the rest of these essentials. Had Nikon gone this route, instead of the redundant kit lens (making the Nikon 1 feel nothing more than a lightweight D3100), Nikon could have had a huge following of loyal users excited about particular lens investments — rather than a weak following of generic users who buy kit lenses.

    • Global

      Do you think the Nikon S2 will be more specialized and differentiated? Or is it just going to be another cheapo crippled version of a J?

    • El Aura

      Is there actually any existing camera/lens system that has all those lenses?

    • C.L.

      I don’t believe Nikon even knows who this system is for, hence, the lack of direction with all associated products.

  • Altre the recent clearance sale for J1, I wonder how much a simpler camera like a Sx would sell for

  • I think just another cheapo.

  • Scott M.

    Hopefully the new 200-400mm 2.8!

  • Cojaro

    Given that the long primes (800/5.6 in 2012, 600/4 in 2008, 500/4 in 2007, 400/2.8 in 2007, 300/2.8 in 2009) are all relatively new except for the 300 f/4 (2000), I would hope for an updated 300 f/4.

    • Jay Pike

      That has been the most recently rumored lens for the past 18+ months, so, I’m guessing a 300/4 w/VR an Nano with a $3,499 price tag…. just my guess since it would need to be more than the $2,800 80-400 but slightly under the 200-400 and the 300/2.8. The 400/2.8, 500/4, 600/4 are all too new to be replaced and wouldn’t be making that much of an improvement to justify the R&D towards replacement.

  • Rebel

    I hope 300 f/4 VR or 400 f/5.6 VR …when we’ll see these lenses???

  • big al

    I wonder will the 1 S2 be a significant improvement on the 1 S1.

  • DonaJMosher

    Do you think the Nikon S2 will be more specialized and differentiated? Or is it just going to be another cheapo crippled version of a J?

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