Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera leaked online

Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera
And this is the first picture of the upcoming Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera (initially reported on [NR] last month). Here are some of the J4 specifications:

  • 16 18MP sensor
  • ISO range: 160-6,400 (12,800 extended)
  • 3" LCD (104k dots)
  • Video recording at 1920x1080 60fps
  • Stereo audio
  • Battery: EN-EL22 (new battery again?)
  • Dimensions: 99.5 x 60.0 x 28.2mm

The announcement should in the next week or so (together with the 18-300mm DX lens)

Via Digicame-info

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  • nwcs

    So what makes this one compelling? I hope it’s the price. If they priced this at $399 then they may have something. I expect it’ll be more like $799.

  • big al

    Nikon need to get a grip on the naming of these models. J1 V1. J2 V3. J3 V1 J5. J5 V1. You’ve lost me.

    • frank

      I always thought the mixing of the J# and V# was a mistake. Which is it? A V or a J? I still don’t know, but more importantly I DON’T CARE.
      Other mirrorless cameras are far more successful because of innovation and – most importantly IMO – a FF sensor. APS-C is for kids. I mean really? Who here, if all things being equal (e.g. price) would choose an APS-C over a FF camera? You get larger sensor (equate to longer lens per any given focal length which provides the ability to shorten the DOF). You get larger pixels (less/no noise in low-light situations, better dynamic range, and diffraction doesn’t become a problem at f/4 like it does on some APS-C cameras)

      Sony put out the A7R to show that they’re serious about image quality. Nikon persists on shoveling out these APS-C POS cameras to enforce their position as putting product longevity and maximizing profits over what the public wants. Ergo, people who care about their work and would like this style of camera will choose Sony over Nikon any day of the week and twice on Sundays. People who don’t won’t buy this camera because they are perfectly okay with their i-Phone.
      Wake up Nikon, Sony is eating your lunch!

      • preston

        Haha, that would be AWESOME if the Nikon 1 series was APS-C! It would be a huge success if that were the case!

        • Studor13

          How do you figure this? If the Nikon 1 was APS-C the lenses would be the same size as the DX ones.

          What possible advantage would there be in having a body that is just slightly bigger than say the D3200 but you would be using (huge) DX lenses?

          Go and compare the 18-55 VR with the 10-30mm and only then you will realize why the 1-series has a 1″ sensor.

          The 1-series are awesome because the lenses are small!

          The CX system is about size and adequate quality. If you want better quality get DX. If you want even better then Nikon has FX.

          • preston

            DX lenses are way bigger than Nikon 1 lenses, but I disagree that they are huge. I think DX is the perfect compromise between size/weight and image quality. Look at how much smaller the 35 f/1.8 DX is than the new 35 f/1.8 FX. Nikon 1 is actually too small for my taste. The ideal size for me is the Olympus E-M1 and Fuji X-T1 (DX sensor) size. Way smaller and lighter than any Nikon dslr but still comfortable in the hand. I feel like I have to scrunch my hands down just to grip the body and lens of a Nikon 1.

          • Royalpig180

            “If the Nikon 1 was APS-C the lenses would be the same size as the DX ones.”

            This isn’t necessarily true. The size of DX lenses is dictated not only by the size of the sensor, but also by the specifications of the F mount such as flange distance, etc.

            IF (and this is a big if of course) Nikon were to design an APS-C mirrorless line WITH a new lens mount, the lenses could conceivable be somewhat smaller than DX lenses. Judging by the lenses available for the other mirrorless APS-C mounts currently in existence, I’d say it’s distinctly possible, at least from a design/engineering perspective.

            Do I think Nikon will do this? Not in the near future, for whatever reason they seem set on a much smaller mirrorless format…

            • KnightPhoto

              I don’t think the presence of CX-mirrorless precludes Nikon from bringing out a DX mirrorless.

              In any event Thom thinks Nikon will keep the f-mount, as that is their unique selling proposition.

              I’m an FX/CX shooter currently, but on DX I’d rather have a mirrorless than a D9300. Thinking…

        • Kynikos

          If the Queen had balls, she’d be King….

      • kotozafy

        You believe Nikon 1 are APS-C and the other sucessful mirrorless are FX ! Wake up Frank, the D800 is not a medium format !

      • Mardock

        “Ergo, people who care about their work and would like this style of camera will choose Sony over Nikon any day of the week and twice on Sundays. People who don’t won’t buy this camera because they are perfectly okay with their i-Phone. Wake up Nikon, Sony is eating your lunch!”

        LOL! You’ve been drinking the full-frame Kool Aid without researching the topic in enough depth. Full-frame sensors are ideally suited to many tasks, but they are less useful for others. In many circumstances APS-C and m4/3 are better options. This isn’t like the days of film. Today’s m4/3 cameras provide significantly better overall IQ than the best 35mm film cameras from just 15 years ago.

        It all depends upon one’s needs.

      • d7k2v2

        I shoot FX, DX, and CX. For some things I don’t even bother with FX and DX, namely tele and macro. Here’s a comparison I did the other day of FX vs CX:

        • KnightPhoto

          Very nice work with the V2 and 70-200 f/4!

        • Spy Black

          I’d be curious to see what what the D610 looks like cropped to match the V2. It would also be interesting to see how the new 70-300 S1 compares to you’re 70-200 on your V2.

    • isukho

      Around the Nikon J20 Series in 2020 will it then compete with Sony’s 2014 Mirrorless a7r.

    • Aldo

      you could make an equation with all those variables

  • Peter

    This looks more like a minor upgrade. I can´t see the need for a S2. They should rather skip the S line and go for a P like Professional line above the V3. There is much room for improvement…

    • Eric Calabros

      but there is no room for higher prices

    • frank

      Great idea. I think the first model should have an internal operating system geared for pros too. It could be call the Professional Operating System or POS for short.

      I can see it now: Large billboards with the slogan “I AM A NIKON POS”

    • kotozafy

      If it has a new battery, this is not a minor change!
      In Europe, there is a law which forces all mobile phone manufacturers to use the same charger. There must be another law to force each camera maker to use the same battery format on the same product line.

  • Joe

    I see a lot of space on the mode wheel. Does Nikon think that ‘P’, ‘S’, ‘A’ ‘n ‘M’ are way to advanced for any Nikon 1 user and therefore hide it deep in the menu?

    • Adrian Gopal

      Dont really need PSAM to be on the dial.. the 1 AW1 does not have a dial and it’s very easily changed by the multiway selector.. honestly..

      • kotozafy

        Yes it is easy to scroll through a menu, Every 5 year old child is able to do that today. But easiness is not the question. It’s far more practical and uncomparably faster to have a dial. (The V1 also has PSAM switch through the menu)

        • Adrian Gopal

          At least on the AW1 there is no need to scroll through the menu.. on the 4 way pad.. press upwards (F).. and select PSAM (or any one of the other creative modes).. there is no need to delve into any long menu’s.. All the necessary shortcuts are on the 4 day selector.. from fps/timer at 9’oclock and exposure compensation at 3 and flash modes at 6.. virtual horizon and compass is directly accessible via the DISP button.. of course all this many not be part of the J4.. but the AW1 access to the most needed features in my opinion is all on the 4 way pad.. very easy to use.. and honestly i have not used any of the other 1 cams..

          • kotozafy

            There must be some progress accomplished with the newer models. With the V1 your navigate through 2-level menu to reach ISO and PSAM settings !

  • Anssi

    Looks like it has a WIFI logo on the right shoulder.No real surprises there.

    • KnightPhoto

      Built in Wifi? Hope so, built-in is supremely important in today’s consumer market.

  • FredBear

    Oh Joy!
    Could the real Nikon please make themselves known?

  • preston

    There’s no way it’s a 104,000 dot screen. The J3 is 921,000 and the S1 is 460,000.

    • nwcs

      I suspect he meant a 1m+ dot screen.

      • Mistral75

        In Japanese, 万 = a myriad = 10,000

        So 104万 = 1.04 million.

        • preston

          Wow, I never heard about that before. Thanks.

        • Thank you for enlightening us. Very helpful.

  • Adrian Gopal

    Nikon seems to have a lot more invested in the 1 system, its like a love/hate system.. and unlike their dead-ended film based Pronea system – APS film type that is..

    • Jorge

      Ha! I had a Pronea– APS film camera. Awesome camera for what it was. Many cool features. Just before I got the Fuji S1Pro

  • Jorge

    God that’s just so Fugly.

    • broxibear

      It looks like a squared off J3…

  • DesertCat

    I’d say the most interesting thing to me about this rumor is that it indicates that Nikon is now going to use a different sensor in the V and J models of the same generation. Generation 1-1.5: V1, J1, & J2 had the same 10MP sensor. Generation 2: V2 & J3 had the same 14 MP sensor. Generation 3: V3 gets 18 MP and J4 gets 16 MP. I’ll be real interested to see if the lower MP count on the J4 sensor allows it to have better DR and high ISO performance than the V3. Another curiosity is the size of the “hatch” on top of the camera. It suggests that they may be including a more powerful integrated flash than on previous J models (which would be a good thing since you can’t add an external flash like you can with the V series). And, as others have said, price is everything. Though it would probably sell fairly well in the $400-500 range, Nikon will probably have it in the $700-800 range initially.

    • The sensor will be 18MP. Digicame website had it wrong. I updated the post. Sorry about that.

      • DesertCat

        Thanks for the quick reply and correction.

      • G16

        You need to fix this one too ” (together with the 18-30mm DX lens)”

        I think you meant for 18-300mm

    • whisky

      i’m not at all convinced they are a different generation of sensor, but simply a variation of the same one. to me, i’d characterize a generational difference as one which shows significant improvement in dynamic range, color depth, and ISO performance over other models.

      it’s true successive improvements to resolution were made, but i would attribute that to the way the sensor grid is proportioned, and not the sensor’s responsiveness. JMO.

  • B

    Yay. Another camera similar to the last similar camera that was similar to the last similar camera etc. etc.

    • broxibear

      This is one of the problems Nikon have, if people who have an interest in photography are finding the various J models difficult to differentiate then what hope have regular camera buyers got?
      In the UK you can buy a Nikon 1 S1 + 11-27.5mm & VR 30-110mm for £396, or a Nikon 1 J2 + 10-30mm & 30-110mm for £296…confusion doesn’t come close to describing the different models and pricing.

  • wiitolow

    This will sell like Shark Fins in Japan. Every Homo-Metro-Sexual Male Japanese will want a White J4, to go with their White Shirts, and White Pants, and White Scarf’s, White Socks, and White Shoes. IF only Nikon made a freaking white watch!

  • Nick

    Another Nikon 1……….dull. If they’d at least innovate with IBIS like Olympus there would be some product differentiation.

  • Nikon User

    Do J users don’t carry spare batteries?

    As V1 user I do carry two batteries, because they are so expensive, I would not upgrade to the V2 or V3 since they have different batteries and worse IQ than my V1.

  • jmills74

    ¥58,320 for the 1J4 Body only
    ¥69,010 w/ 10-30
    85,050 for the 1J4 and 10-30 and 30-110

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