Nikon rebates program for April

The new Nikon instant lens rebates for April include also the new D3300 camera and are set to expire on April 26th. The lens-only rebates are now gone. Keep in mind that B&H and Adorama will be closed from Monday April 14 through Tuesday April 22.

Amazon offers a similar Nikon savings program:


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  • If you have a Df, buy the 24-85. It’s just the right size for the Df.

    I can also recommend the 28-300 as a nice vacation lens.

    • Aldo

      I agree about it being “the right size”, but it almost seems like a waste of sensor with that lens.

      • Global

        Agreed, if you are using a Df for artistic purposes, bright lenses are important for creativity and either a tele or wide gives you more unique control of the creative look. If you just want a walk-around, the 24-85 VR is not a substitute for the 24-70/2.8, and the images produced will not be very unique (everything will be standard and have a relatively large dof).

        But once the light dims even slightly, you would be much better off with a 28/1.8 and an 85/1.8 as primes. Personally, I would suggest the new 18-35 VR as slightly better quality and gaining a wide angle for unique perspectives when indoors, on cityscapes and in wilderness. You can couple that with an 85/1.8 to recapture the tele end. On the other hand, you might prefer the tele end for some reason, such as candids, in which case the 70-300/VR + 28/1.8 would be a great combo. Most people can carry one lens in a lens satchet at the belt without needing a camera bag.

        That being said, for single-lens standard perspective, the 24-85 does its job. And you could probably manage a “50/1.8 D” in a pocket, for when the lights dim.

        • Aldo

          I think what you just described is what the Df is about in the first place. If you are just going to walk around with a zoom lens… you are better off with another camera and save yourself 2000 dollars.

          • It’s the smallest full-frame Nikon, and the smallest full-frame camera with a proper mirror. Full-stop.

            If you’re interested in small and discreet, I recommend the 24-85.

            You’re all going to choke, but I even used it on my D800!

            Some of my favourites:

            (go ahead and pixel peep the cityscape and mountain)

            • Aldo

              you have some awesome pictures there… however my point was that you could have taken those with a d3300 using the kit lens and they would be no different.

            • Yes, that’s probably true (in good light).

              And I have to point out that only two of them were shot wide open, if I remember correctly.

              The thing is, I don’t own a D3300 😛 and the 24-85 is my kit.

            • Aldo

              you are a good photographer and make that lens look good… however I wouldn’t recommend it for shooting people… the distortion it produces is very difficult to correct… if not impossible.

        • Eric Calabros

          I havent touched Df yet so cant commrnt about most of what you said but I noticed a very dangerous part here: “image produced will not be very unique -because of – relatively larg dof”. this way of thinking is dead wrong as a photographer. remember Ansel Adams with his f/64 legend

      • I’d rather carry that than the 24-120/4. It’s an overrated dog. But anyway,

        “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”
        – Henri Cartier-Bresson

    • IQ

      You better TAKE a short vacation with the money of the 28-300 and leave that lens and its great performance to Nikon.

  • So Nikon is in permanent rebate mode now? I wonder how many Dfs they will sell paired with DX 18-200mm zooms.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Why would you put a DX lens on a FX sensor body?

      • Indeed. Why would you offer rebates for DX lenses paired with FX bodies?

      • Global

        That was his point — Nikon’s rebates are almost entirely DX lens rebates, even when paired with the D4, Df, D610 and D800. An awkward offering (sometimes its better for them to offer nothing to FX users than to make offense) considering there is huge margin on FX lenses and bodies. They could offer at least 1 serious FX lens rebate, as people buying a D4 and Df are especially getting milked on the price.

        Especially the Df is mostly garbage parts compared to, say, the D800, despite being the same price So theres at least an extra $1,000 – on top of the standard profit Nikon makes on every other body – to play around with with. Nikon could return a little “added value” money to Df buyers who couple the purchase with a nice lens as the result would still be a net gain for Nikon. But I guess that would require Nikon to be more thoughtful.

  • NFan

    These are just usual rebates. No special rebates on Df or 800E!


    Still waiting for $200 off the Nikkor 400mm f/2.8

    • Kynikos

      …or any break at all on D-glass (which is great on anything better than 5×00 line) or on anything longer than 200mm.

      Don’t know why they don’t want to blow D-glass out of inventory.

      • MyrddinWilt

        The reason that they don’t kill the old glass is likely that it costs them almost nothing to make and the new stuff is typically designed to outperform in the ways the previous generation underperformed which often leaves it underperforming in other areas.

  • broxibear

    Don’t know if it had been mentioned already but there was a Df price drop in the UK a few weeks ago. They only sell it as part of the 50mm kit here and was £2749, it’s now £2499…in some places like Dales it’s down to £2407.

  • koenshaku

    mostly DX glass meh

  • Clubber Lang

    If I buy a d610 I get a rebate on dx lenses. Makes about as much sense as buying a pair off gold toe socks and getting a 20% off coupon for a hot roast beef sandwich.
    Maybe Nikon can throw in a Hot roast beef sandwich with this deal.

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