Nikon D4 firmware update 1.10 released

Nikon just released the previously rumored D4 firmware update A:1.10 / B:1.10 which includes two memory card fixes and AF-ON + Fn button modifications. You can download the new version at Nikon USA or Nikon EU support sites.

Detailed list of updates included in this firmware update:

  • Custom Setting f17: Assign Remote Fn Button has been added * .
  • Support for CompactFlash memory cards with capacities greater than 128 GB has been added.
  • When an XQD memory card and one of certain CompactFlash memory cards were inserted in the camera at the same time, "Err" was displayed in the top control panel. This issue has been resolved.
  • When AF-ON only was selected for Custom Setting a4 (AF activation) and the AF-ON button was pressed to initiate autofocus during viewfinder photography, focus remained locked even after the user took their finger off the button, and the shutter could be released at any time.  However, specifications have been modified so that the shutter cannot be released under the following conditions if the camera fails to focus.
    • Autofocus mode is set to AF-S (single-servo AF)
    • AF-area mode is set to Single-point AF
    • Custom Setting a2 (AF-S priority selection) is set to Focus
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  • lord eels

    bravo nikon

    • lord eels


      • YMCA

        O_o i think you are mad

    • phily

      Bravo NR, not Nikon, for telling us about this Firmware upgrade. I only wish that Nikon could provide such a service to its customers, with email alerts.

      • Geo

        Nikon Message Center does it. I’ve just checked it but there is no update for D4 yet.

      • Fraccodibotte

        I always receive email alerts from Nikon NPS Italy.

  • ershoping

    Does the Terminator know you got his camera? He’ll be back!! 🙂

    • nek4life

      I was thinking it looks more like Robocop.

      • Manvin

        lol even i was thinking the same as well

  • SkyMeow

    Perfect timing. I’m currently waiting at airport lounge, heading to Japan. Downloading now.

  • Manvin

    this is great new but again I’m still quite disappointment there is no update for the following:

    Multi-CAM 3500FX 51-point AF system:
    The D4S takes the class-leading accuracy of the D4 and advances it further. The system is configurable in 9-point, 21-point, and 51-point coverage settings and sensitive down to -2 EV (ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F). Advancements include improved lock-on, expanded ‘store by orientation’, and options for AF mode restrictions.

    Group Area AF:
    Track fast-moving subjects over long distances with phenomenal precision. Group Area AF mode constantly monitors five different AF fields, offering improved acquisition and background isolation when shooting subjects that are comparatively small and close to a high-contrast or distracting background. The five-point AF area can be shifted across the 51-point array as composition demands.

    i believe nikon D4 and D4s both use the same technology as Advanced “Multi-CAM 3500FX” autofocus sensor module…i was hoping they would fix above items via firmware update

    • RMJ

      Yes there is. The update is called D4S.

      • Manvin

        i know buddy – There is no point for me to sell D4 to get D4s just for that feature? firmware update would be nice though.

        • If this AF GRP can be done via firmware update, why are we buying a new D4s?

          • Manvin

            Nikon have already discountinue D4, people will buy D4s…

            like i said before to keep loyal clients – make them happy – update firmware 🙂

            • g16

              Nikon would say it is what you should to do and there is nothing they can do about it. Yep.

            • A company that adds features that people would actually want and use (along with bug fixes) via firmware? Hmmm interesting concept. I wonder which company in their right mind would do such a crazy thing.

            • dgm

              It exists, goes by the name of Fuji. Does bug fixes and new features by software update, even on discontinued models ….
              Nikon general attitude is getting worse and worse, at least the general perception says they are getting worse. I started looking at other brands for bodies and using converters for the glass, sad but that’s the only message any company invariably gets

        • D700guy

          Amen to that.
          The crappy video mode pisses me off

        • RMJ

          Remember that D4S has better CPU. Okey, yes, propably those things could be done with just software without needing TOO much resources, but maybe it’s still better to move to newer hardware that can actually handle it. After all, Expeed 3 to Expeed 4 is rather significant increase in power.

          Yes, surealy Nikon is screwing us… but as long as they keeps bringing new and awesome cameras, I don’t care !

    • lord eels

      stop trolling NR and go back to DPR with your stupidity. the d4s is a better camera than the d4 in every measurable way other than cost. get over it. you either need to upgrade or you don’t. signed a multiple d4 owner whose not upgrading.

      • Manvin

        just relax buddy i’m not trolling 🙂 u need a beer buddy 😉

        • lord eels

          then you should already know that AF modes are driven by the processor, not the module. the module is nothing more than points of sensitivity, how those points are weighted and cross-calculated is driven by silicon. silicon the d4 simply does not have. fwiw, my d4 cameras focus better than any cameras I’ve ever used in my life and i am very happy with them. far more camera than I am photographer.

          • Totally agree with whatever lord eels just said. You really should know better Manvin. Go and study computer science and learn about how a digital camera processes things before you open your mouth.

            Some people should really put the camera down and start reading computer science ffs.

            • Manvin

              I know lord eels is right after all, I’m not making big fuss out of this small issue – I’m just saying it would nice to have new features.

              Canon is very popular camera and they do have amazing custom firmware especially on Magic Lantern.

            • lord eels

              people buying single digit nikon D cameras should understand the relatively straight forward role of the image processor.

              I wouldnt expect a d600 user to necessarily understand that, but then again those folks don’t even value an fmount surrounded in metal rather than plastic or a real FX AF module rather than a old DX one with known issues.

        • lord eels

          then you should already know that AF modes are driven by the processor, not the module. the module is nothing more than points of sensitivity, how those points are weighted and cross-calculated is driven by silicon. silicon the d4 simply does not have. fwiw, my d4 cameras focus better than any cameras I’ve ever used in my life and i am very happy with them. far more camera than I am photographer.

        • neversink

          He needs to take his meds…. not just a beer….

          • Manvin

            yoga will help him to release all stress 😉

          • Manvin

            yoga will help him to release all stress 😉

  • So it sounds like they added Trap Focus back in to he D4. Anyone know off the top of their head whether this is available already in the D4s (at work and cannot test)?

    • lock

      It is a shame they kept it to an single AF point only. THe D4s is supposed to have the same options, but someone should confirm this.

  • Ray

    Peter, why is it taking so long to bring D4s support to LR5 when Photoshop CC released support before the product was shipped…

  • Espen4u

    So i get a new D800 FW some weeks after they update it, in the next year or so.

  • peevee

    Does it break compatibility with some Lexar cards (like D4s)?

    • IsamuM

      Apparently, yes, because my two Lexar Professional 1000x 16 GB UDMA7 CF cards don’t work with it anymore…..

  • lord eels

    ok maybe it’s placebo, but AF-C single point seems a *touch* faster with 24-70/2.8g and 70-200/2.8g. all other modes are same. 1.4 primes unaffected.

    any other impressions?

    • PapaZerg

      i felt the same. the D4 seems to AF snappier and with more confidence with the 50mm f/1.4D. and yes, it might be a placebo.

  • Jamson

    Geez, Canon has already issues 20 bugfixes for 5D3 and 10 bugfixes for 1DX. Why can’t Nikon do more bugs so they can have more firmware updates?

  • PapaZerg

    Thanks for the tip. just updated my D4

  • neversink

    Just updated. Focus seems a bit faster, but to be honest, it was pretty damn good before the update. I can’t really tell the difference, but if Nikon says there is a difference then I guess there is. Camera works great. Wish there was a way to swap CPUs but there isn’t. Oh well? I will wait for at least the D5 to switch cameras. Though here in Nairobi I could probably still sell the D4 for more than I paid for it in the states. But then I have to spend the fare to go back to the states to purchase a D4s.

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