Nikon is rumored to release a new D4 firmware; SanDisk memory card issue is now fixed

Nikon is rumored to release a new D4 firmware update. The new version could be out as early as tomorrow. I have no details on what will be included, but I doubt we will see some of the D4s upgrades to trickle down to the D4.

SanDisk-256GB-EXTREME-PRO-CF-CARD-160MBS Sony-XQD-S-Series-64GB
The Nikon D4 memory card issue (when using the cameras with any of the SanDisk Extreme Pro CF 160MB/s and Sony XQD S cards at the same time) has been fixed by SanDisk and do not require a firmware update.


If you have a defective CF memory card, you should contact SanDisk directly and they will most likely send you a replacement. All new CF SandDisk cards should not no longer have the problem. If you are buying, make sure the retailer gives you new stock - there is no other way to differentiate the good from the bad cards. 

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  • Mansgame

    I’m very skeptical that Nikon couldn’t release firmware to the D4 to do all the things D4s can do…or at least come close.

    • Naval Gunfire

      The expeed 4 chip in the D4s is what allows it to do what the D4 can’t. Can’t see how they can provide that via firmware…

      • Mansgame

        chip is nothing without software.

        • Naval Gunfire

          And you can’t add a new chip with a software update…

        • software is nothing without chip capable of running software.

        • DL

          try running the new photoshop on a 33MHz chip

  • AlphaTed

    Might be tough to get the fixed version on online orders.

  • D700guy

    Ya, its the new 24mp firmware update everyone has been waiting for.

  • MMS

    I was wondering if some of the improvements in the D4s, at least the ones not dependent on the new expeed 4 chip, would be implemented in firmware for the D4. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  • itcrashed

    Nikon “adding” a feature through a firmware upgrade? Pipe dream. I bet it will only provide bug fixes.

  • MB

    How about fixing D800 issues with any card

    • mikeswitz

      firmware cannot fix operator error.

    • kin notwell

      how bout fixxen the D400 issues

  • lord eels

    “images appear sharper and more FOUR dimensional”

  • Pacciani

    It would be a shame if Nikon didn’t upgrade the D4 firmware with the new AF algorithm of the D4s… Nikon look at Fuji!

    • Naval Gunfire

      Yeah, look at Fuji. A company releasing half finished cameras and making you wait a few months for them to add features via the firmware that it should have had out of the box. Is it too much to ask for companies to finish the camera before releasing it?

      • Pacciani

        Do yoy own a Fuji? I do. And couple on pro nikon vody. The fuji x100s was perfwct when I bought it but then fuji made some improvments in recently released camera and put it in the x100s via firmware upgrade. It’s somethong that really pleased me.

  • Stefano

    Do you know when will be released new firmware?

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