Nikon D4s official sample images

The first official sample images from the new Nikon D4s (pre-order options) are now available on flickr and Nikon Japan:

Update: more samples and few comparisons can also be found here.

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  • Greggor2

    flickr sample that boasts high iso performance is a bit confusing… exif claims it’s shot at ISO500?

    • broxibear

      It is a bit “deceptive”, they say “Shoot crisper, cleaner, better-defined images at high ISOs.” but the highest ISO image shown is of the biker at 1000 ?
      I’m sure it’ll be every bit as good as the D3s, lol.

      • wonderingpi

        D3s is still the king!!!

        • broxibear

          Shhhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone, lol.

          • Aldo

            They say that when Chuck Norris touched an F4… the d3s was born.

  • Bruce

    Those are official D4s example photos? Some of those look very familiar, and I think they are the D4 example photos, such as the swimming and dirt bike photos. I really hope Nikon is not trying to pass D4 example photos as D4s example photos.

  • guest

    The swimmer pictures were shot at the London Olympics . on the 800mm f5.6

    • broxibear

      Do you have a link…where did you get the information ?

      • El Aura

        According to the EXIF data on Flickr on 3 Feb 2014. Unless the Olympics in London took over 1.5 years, I would say they were not shot there.

        • Bruce

          Right, because EXIF data cannot be altered.

  • Aldo

    We have been dissecting the rumors and specs about the d4s for weeks… and nikon probably spent 2 days putting it together.

    • broxibear


      • Aldo

        I mean recycling images is just lazy… and an insult to the people wanting to buy this camera.

        • broxibear

          I spent longer on that than Nikon did with the D4s, lol. (I’m joking before someone somewhere jumps down my throat…laugh a bit…it’s good for you.)

  • ddomdom

    Images surely look stunning as expected. But everyone want to see the high ISO performance more!

  • horsin
    • Randy Wentzel

      Something is wrong with the D4s shots. They look super soft compared to the D4 shots, almost like they have in-camera NR turned on. It’s really obvious when looking at them at 100%.

      • Marcel Speta

        they look too ironed like Canon does 🙁
        I do believe D4s is same or slightly even better than previous model. I hope so! 🙂

      • from 25,000 downwards, I like the D4 shots more (sharper, crisper, more detail) , but beyond that, the D4s does look a lot better.

      • UA

        The 100% crop images are either OOF or motion blurred. ISO1600 is softer than ISO3200 and also the ISO6400-25600 pics in the comparison are sharp as hell.

      • samseite

        He forget to set the d4s. His d4 has been set to SD sharpness+2. He already clarify. Sry for my bad english

  • Argus

    This camera exceeds the capabilities of 95% of the people that will use it. If you’re complaining about how it’s not this or not that, don’t buy it. Otherwise, keep working on your Dog-of-the-Week meets Bridezilla series until you’ve saved up enough scratch and then pick one up. You know you want one.

  • nikclick

    OK so far so good. Now plz give us a D400 & D800s/D800Es with a

    1 more refined ISO ~Noise ratio
    2. Group area AF
    3. Better FPS / Buffer
    4. Built-in Nd Filters up to 8stops

    And now since u have some differentiation inf AF with new
    Group area AF , plz put the current 51-point AF system used in D800 to next gen D6xx 🙂

  • Georgi_Anastasov

    There is something so ‘digital’ and ‘clinical’ about the Nikon’s color!?!?!

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