Nikon D600 spot issue all over the news again after Chinese TV report

I already mentioned this in my last weekly news post yesterday: CCTV (China Central Television) broadcasted a report on the defective D600 camera and today many major news agencies all over the world are basically killing Nikon's reputation and even driving the company's stock down:

  • IndiatimesChinese TV show targets Nikon, claims flaw in cameras
  • EastdayNikon ordered to withdraw faulty cameras
  • CNN Money: China targets Nikon in annual expose
  • ReutersNikon drops to five-week low after China consumer show criticism
  • The Wall Street Journal: Nikon targeted by Chinese state broadcaster
  • Globaltimes ChinaNikon says will treat D600 issues ‘seriously’ after CCTV report
  • South China Morning Post: Nikon pulls D600 on mainland after Consumer Day expose
  • ABS CBN News: Nikon asks retailers in China not to sell D600 camera

I think somebody will and should lose their job over this.

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  • tripleL

    Okay, why does everybody complain about the d600. My D600 had the oil issue and Nikon replaced THE WHOLE SHUTTER MECHANISM FOR NOTHING. so whats the problem haters?

    • nwcs

      That Nikon didn’t do it after the problem was obvious over a year ago. They waited for a class action lawsuit before making this move. Since most of Nikon’s sales are low end kits (where people never buy more) this impacted more of Nikon’s loyal base. They’re bound to feel more betrayed than someone who bought a D3200 + 18-55.

    • rt-photography

      of course they did. and many other people as well. half the time they deny the problem, cost people tons of money for shipping and the biggest problem is the way they handled it. instead of straight out saying “we apologize for this and well fix every camera free of charge” they put out this bs comment of dust nonsense. its not only D600 owners. its with D800/24-70/sb900 owners as well who feel theyve been betrayed.

    • Mansgame

      Ok Fanboy. Your shutter was replaced only because of the hard work of people like me who fought Nikon so they would admit a problem. And you think your issue is solved? Hah. Just wait a few hundred clicks.

  • openbloom

    My D600 sold a few weeks ago, at a big discount 🙁 My D700 had a better resale value when it was 3 years old, body only…vs. my 1 year old D600 WITH the 24-85 lens. Oh well, I’m done with D-SLRs anyway. (X-T1 and E-M1 owner now).

  • T53

    I sent my D600 in to Nikon after seeing the repair notice on NR. True enough, I got free shipping both ways. During the repair, I was sent an invoice detailing what was being done, “replacement of parts, replacement of shutter mechanism, general cleaning of the camera, Sensor Cleaning, and bringing of camera back to factor specs. There was no charge. Nikon called it “Good Will”. Three days later the camera was shipped back to me. There was a note inside telling me to return it to Nikon if the issue was not resolved. I considered it a quick turnaround. I checked the sensor when I received the camera. It was clean as a whistle. After a couple of hundred of shots, the sensor is clean. Time will tell. I give Nikon credit for issuing the repair notice particularly for out of warranty models which mine certainly was. I bought the Camera in September of 2012. The Nikon Repair Notice came 18 months later.

    • Majd Abu Rakty

      Man, don’t make me laugh! Yes they are working things out now but it’s not like they are doing us any favor! We paid money to get a good product. Instead we got a faulty camera, a bad approach tackling this problem for two years and finally, a crazy price drop due to the bad reputation of the camera.
      Fixing for non-warranty cameras is a must because they wasted our warranty-period trying to go around the issue rather than fixing it.
      I’m so furious and sick of this shitty two years that my two D600s spent going to repair every few months. and guess what, since im in Indonesia, I PAID for it because my warranty is not international.
      Corporation crap!

      • lord eels

        next time don’t buy grey market, you took that risk to save money, and you got burned. blame yourself.

        • Majd Abu Rakty

          lol who said i bought grey market? I got it from Nikon authorized grand store in Dubai. You are either 5 years old or so stupid to read thoroughly before throwing stupid comments

          • wasn’t the rule, if you buy camera gear in person, you get international warranty? As in, if you go overseas and buy it (not import) you get international warranty?

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              I think that’s only in the US. I got a nikon warranty from Grand Stores in Dubai. NPS in Indonesia said it’s not applicable in their Branch.
              I bought the camera few weeks after it got on the shelves so I had no way of knowing what is coming my way. Otherwise I would have checked with NikonUSA about this rule.

            • Weird, in Australia that’s how it works as well. As in we can buy in person. Maybe you should look into the fine print.

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              I took the warranty to the NPS store itself in Jakarta. If they said they won’t take it, then i don’t think i can convince them. I wrote to nikon USA today after hearing about the fuss going on in china and before that with the class action law suit.
              Nikon and most major corporations provide good service in big countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and the major countries in Europe. I doubt they have the same standards in Indonesia. They should reply to me within 48 hours and I will see if they offer a real solution cuz im so sick of being stuck in this non ending argument.

            • Naval Gunfire

              Nikon USA probably won’t give a toss about your case because frankly it has nothing to do with them. Your best bet is actually to send the cameras off to Nikon in Japan as they will repair any Nikon products sent to them regardless of whether they are grey market or not.

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that after I hear from Nikon USA. If they try to go around the issue again, i will message Nikon japan. Thanks!

            • rt-photography

              dont worry buddy, if they dont fix it, at least you know theyre getting a whopping and its hurting their pockets quite a few digits. it should be fixed anywhere in the world. your camera was a nikon non grey camera and should be repaired. its a Nikon D600 camera. the same everywhere. and knowing countries like yours, you paid more than other countries for sure. I know I paid a ton for mine. if not US then fuck them and send it to japan.

            • lord eels

              out of region and grey are essentially the same thing when it come to foreign repair service, except you didn’t save money on the purchase. basically you are an idiot if this happens to you, and this is what you get when you do something stupid.

            • rt-photography

              youre right dimwit, I didnt save anything. I payed full and much more than your slithering ass did when you bought yours in the US. in our country the price is much higher. and its from the legit nikon importer. it may be non USA but it is far from being grey. I can buy the camera for a bit cheaper form stores that basically bypass the importer and sell that way and they are the ones who give warranty, but I bought it legit. so on everything you said you were wrong.

            • rt-photography

              what about shipping it in to nikon US or japan?
              maybe theyll accept it? have you tried?

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              As i said in other comments, I just wrote to Nikon US today explaining my situation. They should respond within 48 hours. So we will see I guess. I will write to Nikon japan if the response from the US branch is not up to what I am hoping for.

            • rt-photography

              fingers crossed it goes your way. otherwise, send it to japan with a letter explaining the situation and hope for the best. nikon USA are smucks and arent flexible.I was going to send a 28-70 AFS to them for repair. instead opted to send it to the company NRC who did the 70-200 restoration. very talented folks. it would sit at nikon at least a month. this guy took 3 days.

          • lord eels

            it’s pseudo grey market, you are out of region trying to get services. no camera company does that, numbskull. furthermore, this is what you get when you buy the lowest end full frame camera ever made. I mean, the fmount is surrounded by flexy plastic. that means stay away unless you are photo-ignorant.

            • lol seems like you got money to spare. Pretty sure coming from a 3rd world country like Indonesia their wages are lower while the price of the camera stays as high as other countries.

              Even I wouldn’t fork out for a D800 unless I know I really need it. And I’m in Australia.

              Also in Australia if you buy from another country in person, you get international warranty (whatever that means). How are people supposed to know how warranties change depending on what country you’re from.

              You should being so ignorant, and also get the ‘Nikon for Life’ tattoo like Tupac as I said. It would really suit you.

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              Why are you so butthurt today? did someone step on your face or something that you are trying to make a bully behind the screen?
              keep your none-sense coming champ! I love to see your time wasted that way

            • lord eels

              just being honest. don’t cheap out next time. the d610 is a mommy camera. it has POS build.

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              ok thanks for your useless input. Any other stupid suggestions?

            • D610 Owner

              Don’t listen to him. Lord eels is just a midget baby with aids, he can’t help that he makes no sense!

            • Majd Abu Rakty

              oh no it’s totally fine. He is the clown of this forum thinking he is being a smartass while all he is doing is making a big joke out of himself.

      • Guest

        Hang on, you have local warranty?

        • Majd Abu Rakty

          the warranty of my camera ended last September. that’s why im really so pissed about this. They kept postponing until now it’s like they are doing us a favor by fixing cameras with expired warranty

    • Mansgame

      THeir service notice came 18 months too late, genius.

    • neversink

      Nikon should have taken care of this when they first knew about the issue — when you first purchased the camera and first complained. Not 18 months after you purchase a camera. You didn’t buy a camera so its sensor could collect dust and oil, did you? You bought a camera to take pictures with, and that camera failed you and everyone else. Nikon has an obligation to its customers, as does every other corporation, to deliver products that are not defective on a mass scale.

  • cicciodylan

    I think that someone should loose his job even for the D800 “greenish” screen :-p

    • AM I Am

      And Tetsuro Goto for the Df fiasco.

  • PVS

    Don’t blame news agencies, blame greedy bastards over at Nikon HQ for trying to squeeze $$$ with obviously defective product. If they had tested their product and took some time actually before releasing it on the market none of this would be happening.
    Most of have been beta-testers for a while anyway but to this proportion and extent, well, something’s gotta give.

  • Manvin

    Back in 2011 japan tsunami, maybe this would affect Nikon’s quality control?

    • PeterO

      Ridiculous – greed and arrogance is to blame.

      • Manvin

        greed and arrogance is everywhere!!

        • PeterO

          Unfortunately and sadly you are mostly right, but not necessary . There are countless companies that are fair with their customers. They not only admit their mistakes but try to make it better immediately – not when forced to by lawsuits.

          • Manvin

            Yes you are right buddy, It’s human nature – if a person do something wrong then this person might either admit or get away from it (Oh no – this will cost me lots of money to repair).

        • BdV

          That’s also why this was on CCTV…

  • juanillo_76

    A 1.10 y B 1.10 D4 firmware available right now:

  • Yalishanda

    In China, every year is a TV show about customer protection, there are always reported errors in products only by foreign companies. Many companies have already been presented, such as KFC, MCD, VW etc. every year the same!
    Just to distract from the bad products made ​​in China. And the political component, it goes against Japan.

  • SteveHood

    I thought it was Nikon who was killing its reputation, not the news agencies.

  • Fred_Rio

    Some of the comments here, I don’t know if I laugh or cry. Really, people are questioning CCTV’s integrity over the issue it is talking about? It’s not even worth to wade into these waters.

    But about the D600, as a very early owner of one, I can talk about. I’ve owned Nikon gear for over 20 years now. What Nikon dia was SHAMEFUL. The product was bad and they even recognized it, by unprecedentedly launching a “D610” less than a year later.

    I was thinking about selling all my Nikon gear when I sent my to clean the sensor. What Nikon did? Charged me for it, and then sent my D600 back with the information that it had changed the shutter system and solved the problem for good. 2 days later, yes, two days, the “recall” was announced, but they had already done the service on mine. Were they giving me my money back, at least for the repairs? No, they said they wouldn’t.

    As a businessman, I know that it’s in the errors and how companies deal with them that you learn about them. When all is good, there’s not much to learn from. And Nikon has shown complete disregard for its customers. Perhaps it could learn a thing or two from Fuji, maybe even from Sony Cameras!

    As for me, I’ve kept my D600. Yes, it’s a wonderful camera, I love it. And I will never buy a Nikon product again in my life, that much I have decided. I will also speak against the company anytime someone asks me about it. Yes, it’s sad, but after being told repeatedly by Nikon that my problems were not an issue and that all was good with my camera, I don’t see how I could act differently. Nikon has lost a good customer.

    • sperdynamite

      Feeling very similarly. The D600 has been a nice camera for sure, but it’s one in a line of flubs from Nikon, which is only the top of the pile when you consider their wack-a-doo full frame line up and inflated (sense of themselves) pricing.

      • Fred_Rio

        Yes… I got so mad I sold most of my Nikon glass on a whim, retained just the 70-200 f/4 and the 85 1.8, and that’s because I kept the D600 body, as it wouldn’t be worth much to sell it. At least now I got a “D610” as they changed the same things basically. So now I bought the exceptional Sigma 35 1.4 and no more Nikon for me. What a – negative – surprise coming from a Japanese company, as they usually have really good, high quality products.

    • ching82

      I owned an old D80 with quite a few lenses and was so close to buying a D600 at the time it released. I’m glad I waited. After seeing what they did to take care of their faulty products and unhappy customers AND then the DF pricing!! I’m now a happy Fuji X-T1 owner : D

      • Fred_Rio

        Welcome to the club. I got one too and really like it.

      • I went from the D80 to the D600, refund on the D600 because of dust and oil (despite a shutter replacement, multiple trips to Nikon service), now waiting for a X-T1. Early run has the light leak issue, but at least Fuji acknowledged it days after it surfaced and moved quickly to address it (at no cost to those affected). I’ve kept a couple of my excellent Nikon macro lenses to use with an adapter and may go back to Nikon when they get their house in order … or I may not.

    • Ken Elliott

      THIS. This is what will kill Nikon.

      The reason the iPhone was so successful is their customers became their sales force. Everyone with an early iPhone went around showing them to everyone. This drove demand and the rest is history. To a lesser extent, the same thing happened with the D3, D200, D300, D700 and the D800 (before the left-side-focus issue).

      Nikons actions are now changing their customer/salesforce into a mass of people who are saying “stay away from Nikon”. I believe Fujifilm sees this and wants to be the one those people recommend. Sony want’s to be the same, but Fujifilm is the one properly executing the strategy.

      It hurts me to say this, but I no longer see Nikon as a company that will stand behind their products. I have 25 lenses, and I’m exactly the kind of customer Nikon wants – a long term customer who will pay their price. But seeing how Nikon has treated the D800 issue, and now the D600 issue has caused me to stop buying Nikon products. I’m adding some Sony E-mount lenses and a body. Sony is not there yet in stills, but is awesome on the video side – and that’s how I ended up moving in that direction.

      Nikon is approaching the tipping point.

      • I think that you’ve hit on something here – I was out with a Fuji X100S this weekend and a person started talking with me about the camera (initially thought that it was a film camera), and then unprompted mentioned the retro styled X-T1 … word of mouth, through direct person to person conversation and social media is huge.

        • Ken Elliott

          I’ve noticed a lot of Fujifilm owners “selling” the experience. Also OM-D owners. Rarely from Canon or Nikon owners.

  • R Leung

    Seems pretty ironic. Tainted baby formula, toxic pet treats, insecticide-laced dumplings, contaminated toothpaste..and the list goes on. Perhaps China should get their house in order first. My parents won’t buy any foods from China and they’re Chinese!!!

    • They’re secretly poisoning the west so they will be the next true superpower. Just my theory. 😉

  • BigEater

    But…is Canon any better? Is their warranty program more customer friendly? Do they have faster turnaround in warranty service? And do they have country-specific warranties or are theirs international?

    • PeterO

      What does that have to do with the topic at hand? That’s like saying: “Well little Timmy broke a window, so it’s OK that my Johnny did too.” I don’t care about Canon, Fuji etc. I’m heavily invested in Nikon so I will complain when they screw up and they have screwed up big time with their attitude toward their customers recently. The world is a very small place now and you can’t hide under a cone of silence and hope the problem goes away. It’s ridiculous that companies think they can still do this.

    • Naval Gunfire

      All the main camera manufacturers have country specific warranties because they are all operated as a series of small subsidiaries operating in a country or group of countries.

      It also depends what kind of shooter you are as well. Professionals only really have the choice between Canon and Nikon, the other companies just don’t come close when it comes to customer service for professionals. Canon and Nikon both have great customer service for their pro users.

    • rt-photography

      who gives a shit. I look in my plate. I dont give a rats ass what others do or dont. I only care that I payed a lot of fuckin money for the camera and the only thing I hope for is for some managerial staff to be fired and nikon to wake up and have a new strategy that shows they give a fuck about their customers. and no their BS ploy for “well replace every shutter…” was because they were backed into a corner. I hope sales continue to dwindle. fuckers need to bring prices down as well.$600 for 35mm 1.8g and $400 for a 50 1.4g. wheres the proportion? they only priced the 35mm lens that way because theyre trying to recoup money.

    • sperdynamite

      They haven’t had to make quick replacements of models due to foreseeable problems (D600, SB-900), and when there have been issues (light leak on 5D3) they admitted the fault and fixed it. There was some kind of debacle with the 1D III as I recall that left some Canon owners pretty peeved though. However those were the D3/s/700 days when we were hoping they finally had it together.

  • mark papke

    This whole thing is getting old. I got a D600 and yes it did have dust issues, not too much oil problem. I bought a cleaning kit and cleaned it my self, it’s really not that hard. I have shot enough now that it is no longer a problem. It is a great camera and I am happy I bought it. I only wish I had waited a little longer and bought it cheap after the D610 came out. If given the option, I would buy another D600 before a D610, dust issues and all, because it is a lot cheaper and basically the same camera short of a couple minor differences. Yes Nikon did not address the issue very quickly but nobody’s perfect. The point is they are taking responsibility and trying to resolve it. It doesn’t matter that they are doing it because they were pressured, it just matters that they are doing it. People bought the camera knowing the issue was there so therefore the blame is no longer on Nikon, it is on the buyer. The best way to show Nikon you disapprove of how they are handling the problem is to just not buy the product, but people did anyways, and so did I and am satisfied with the camera. Let’s move on people, this is getting childish.

  • bob2

    Likely a couple of things going on here. PRC has taken some pretty aggressive stance against Japan and many Japanese industries, including renewed territorial claims, etc., so attacking Nikon which is on the defensive is an easy score. The Chinese government is likely also attempting to save face, having received a lot of criticism over its handling of the missing Malaysian airliner. There’s also growing resentment that its government is not protecting its citizens, especially as China becomes more prosperous and middle class. Likely another attempt to redirect attention and focus in China from its own internal problems.

    • OR it might be a faulty shutter. Just a wild guess.

    • Greg Heller

      I’m not sure I’ve seen China catch any heat over the missing airplane and the Chinese government has had a very pro-citizen consumer protection stance for years, it may not extend to exports but they do take care of their people that way. Their ‘Lemon Law’ only allows 2 repairs before the customer can request a full refund or a new item. Nikon tried to get around this by saying a cleaning was not considered a repair. Nikon also tried to blame the sensor problem on the smog in Shanghai. There may be some politics here but not much in my opinion.

  • rt-photography

    have people forgotten the Sb900/910 flash or the 24-70 shitty build and stiff zooming, or the D800 with focus issue? these are not cheap products. they need to work perfectly from the beginning and if they dont, they need to be fixed and not given some BS, “yea ur gear if fine crap” fuck u nikon. downward spiral for you.

  • PeterO

    This is why people won’t “move on”: The Cost of a Dissatisfied Customer:

    • Greg Heller

      Excellent PowerPoint, I’m not sure anyone at Nikon is aware of that study about disgruntled customers.

      • PeterO

        Unfortunately Greg, I get the impression that they don’t care that they have disgruntled customers. Their current strategy is to acquire new customers.

  • bob smith

    i am kind of mixed on this. nikon did wrong especially for early purchasers. i bought my d600 about year after the release and with 7500 clicks i am still amazed by this camera. i suspect that nikon fixed the shutter issue by the time my camera was made or i might feel differently.

    the point where is struggle is where do you draw the line between bringing innovations to market fast and cheap vs making the perfect camera. we have all benefited from the Moore’s Law type of improvements in camera tech. if nikon had made the penultimate d600 the first time we might have waited another year and paid a good bit more. yeah, i dont like being a beta tester but i also dont like buying 4 year old tech because companies sit on it. lets hope nikon finds that balance while still providing decent support to us beta testers.

    • Greg Heller

      Bob – I don’t think that many people are at issue with sometimes a product gets to market that has a problem. What has everybody has the problem with is that Nikon has never acknowledged that there is a problem Told everybody they need to clean there cameras, that dirt on the sensor is normal. I had my D300s for over 4 years and never cleaned the sensor. It spent time in the Okefenokee Swamp, at the ocean on windy days, and other harsh places. I changed more lenses than the pit crews change tires at at a Nascar race and I never had to clean my sensor. I bought a refurbed D600 in December with a high serial number 306XXXX and it had dirt on the sensor straight out of the box. One of the particles I could see with the naked eye. I sent it in for the Good Will’ inspection and all they did was clean the sensor. So when I get the chance to go out and use it hopefully there won’t be any more dirt. My issue isn’t that the camera was shipped with a problem, my issue is that the camera was shipped with a visible problem and leaves me wondering why wouldn’t they be inspecting these things better knowing there is a situation with the D600. I just don’t understand Nikons thinking on this.

      • Sheeple

        Mine had it too with that ser# series. But it also had tiny oil spots spit out by the shutter, which required a wet clean. Both the shutter was defective, and the cheap micro-foam inside breaking down & causing the ‘dust’ by falling off with shutter clicks. I returned mine and will only buy another Nikon after they admit they were wrong and provide rebates to all customers they lied to.

      • bob smith

        i agree that nikon was slow to address the issue. i was never a fan of the bury my head in sand and hope the problem goes away. they should have done a better job of communicating the process. i understand that nikon was worried about worry worts looking for spots after 200 shots and returning 4 cameras to get the perfect one.

        i also learned to wet clean my sensor. i was surprised when i went back and looked at some older cameras and images to discover some spotting. i wonder if the 24 mp d600 is just the first sensor sharp enough to resolve the spots.

        • Greg Heller

          I had a D60 at one time, it was a great camera also, but occasionally I’d find a spot or two on it’s 10MP sensor, perhaps you are able to see more of them with the 24mp sensor. The contamination that was on my D600 could be seen on the LCD on an f/8 image.

  • Sam Davey

    Had mine fixed had it a little over a week guess what spots are back after a couple hundred photos.

  • saywhatuwill

    Nikon stock down? I sense a new Nikon lens-only rebate coming on with awesome lenses this time. Whoo-hoo.

  • cobby64

    Well Customers should never be taken for granted. Did Nikon admit there was a problem? or they made a new camera and hoped everyone would go get it, and no one will talk about the old one?

    Look at how the 5D mk iii light leak issue was solved? How does free cleaning of the D600 sensor solve the problem of dust not getting onto it again? They should have done a recall and replaced the shutter mechanism.

  • MaximusPhotography

    I have changed 4 Nikon cameras in less than 8 months because of the oil spot problem, started with D7000 then quickly moved to D7100, and then to D610 which produced over 60 oil spots in less than 1400 shots and now D800 which produced oil spots after less than 400 photos…

    I used to be the biggest fan to Nikon and now im so confused this company has disapointed me like hell.

    I reading from some silly users that its ok to have oil spots and its normal to clean the censor, I dont know which one worse Nikon no quality cameras or some users who shoudnt be holding a camera in the first place.

    I fully support to fire all Nikon top management, and if this dont solve the problems then its better to shut down this company as it really hurted many of us and im one of those who lost lots of time and money just because im loyal client to Nikon…

    • t8t

      My D3 had oil spots, D800E not as many but still – no dust, only oil. When I took my D3 for cleaning at an official Nikon service centre they said ‘oil spots? what oil spots? no Nikon camera gets oil spots’ after they had cleaned the oil spots off the sensor. Bit sad that they operate this way.

  • Ronan

    So Nikon is offering free cleaning, then free replacement and people are still bitching and moaning?

    Woah… get a grip kiddies…

    • usurper2

      The point here really is that they took forever to admit there was a problem.. The free cleaning also didn’t resolve the issue.. It wasn’t until there was class action lawsuit threat that they felt they should replace the shutter assembly. (It was a good move but seriously late).

      I had one of the D600’s with pretty bad sensor debris issue, and i sent it in to get cleaned, and came back with the same problem. I since have gotten the new shutter assembly and it is resolved now thankfully, but it was hell going through, and their front line customer support were like scripted lawyers and completely unsympathetic.

      I support Nikon, but they fudged this one bad.. from a “we care about our customers” perspective..

      • Nikon User

        No, they still didn’t admit the problem. Otherwise I agree with you.

  • Marvin

    It is Time to say Good Bye nikon. Now it is Canon

  • PSV

    Nice discussion about Nikon
    services and cameras. I had and have till now 5 Nikon cameras, and i hope i can buy more in a near future. One thing i do, after using then they became a piece of collection. I never sold a camera.

    I the future on thing i will do ,
    I will wait 6 months to one year to buy a Nikon -camera after being released.
    People from the US, have to understand that in Europe a Nikon Camera cost more
    30% than on US Market.

    The Nikon Service is also a Crap.
    Like in US.

    the NIKON USA service, for the D600 oil Spots, a friend of mine, bought one and after a while send it back for repair, the camera was repaired for the oil spot, but as a gift other functions simply stop working…. Stranger than fiction.
    After calling again NIKON USA, the answer was the camera was already repaired. Now is a nice piece of junk to put on a shelf. I this is the Nikon Way to go on … I the past a issue like this was enough for a company president to be fired.
    Nikon is not anymore what is was. Even if we love the brand we can´t Forget this.

  • Nikon User

    When Nikon was paying catch up, they priced their products logically.

    Their flagship but inferior P&S P5100 sold 130 USD cheaper than the G9.

    Nikon needs to rebuild their customers trust but it will be much harder now.

  • Mojokielbasa

    Omar is right. The product was known to be defective and Nikon took a poor customer service posture. Only when they got handed a class action did they step up. Typical Asian scumbag business tactics. They deserve to feel the pain as do all you assholes too stupid to know better.

  • Robert Zysk

    Take a look at how clean my D600’s sensor is after using the camera only one time after the shutter was replaced under the product recall. It seems that Nikon is completely incompetent and is unable to resolve the dust/oil spot issue. I’m looking forward to the class action lawsuits!

    • MaximusPhotography

      Those who claiming nikon don’t have oil spots problems view the above photos and respond

  • Marko

    Just got my D600 back from Nikon 2 weeks 4 days door to door for full sensor replacement.

  • Dan

    Fuck all them greedy corp fucker at nikon.

  • Chris

    People did not read news of other countries should read this from, see below, regarding Nikon D600 & others issues, China now has consumer laws, not only US.

  • reductron

    Nikon is getting a second degree media ‘boil’

    • Nikon User

      3rd one may come soon and also from China.

  • Nikon User

    By the way, how come their entry level DSLR line are oil free? Such as 3100 to 5200?

  • PGi

    Nikon may go bankrupt as thom predicted a few months back,they simply never listen to their customer base and releasing cameras no one actually want.
    This kind of corporate ego or arrogance killed many used to be great businesses in the west and Asia.

  • ariliquin

    What worries me is if this is a symptom of cost saving in production leading to defective products which in turn destroy Nikon’s reputation. Short term savings for long term loss.

  • Harry

    LOL! For all the crap they have given customers here and I am speaking of folks that have sent their camera in twice or more and Nikon had no success repairing the camera. If only they had shut those people up (not because they want to but they have to and hence the choice of words) with upgrading them to a D610 or refunding them or heck giving them a D800. Whatever it took. If one person needs to lose his job in the US, it has to be the Sr. General Manager for customer experience for giving crap to those that had their cases escalated to him and all he offered was “expedited service” without even providing a time frame. Maybe, he was just doing job following orders from higher ups, who knows.

    As far as I am concerned, Nikon totally deserved this.

  • Stanley77

    I paid for the repair of a lens under warrantee that Nikon said had no problem, Nikon has bad service in my experience. The local repair service had no problem identifying the problem. Nikon does not stand behind their products unless the big boys call them out, I paid for their repair plus the shipping and insurance.

  • Arthur Tazo

    Where is that Nikon apologist named Andrew who posts here and defends Nikon with his life? Come out and play, you coward!

  • Knekko

    I’ve sold D600’s (I work at a nikon dealership) and to be honest I’ve never had a complaint about oil in the senor or spots, ive never even had one come back defective. When it first came out and we heard those rumors it happened to be just a hand full of people across the globe. Its just overly hyped negativity.
    I even bought one myself and ive had no problems from it.
    Buying greymarket cameras is like buying a tv from target and then walking into walmart telling them you need them to help you set it up. Or in my case buying it off of amazon; so It could be greymarket or if it was an authorized dealer an actual Nikon, and walking into my store asking for help. Its rude, why should they help you if you aren’t even going to give them your honest business. Specially if you wanted it covered under warranty, “I didn’t buy this from you but can you fix it for free?”
    The d610 release was just to shut people up who have no idea what theyre talking about.

    • Harry

      I have the problem. Nikon was NOT able to fix it after two tries. The D610 was not to SHUT people up because they knew exactly what they were talking about. I have factual evidence of everything that Nikon has said, some of which are laughable especially coming from a Sr. General manager. I bought mine at Amazon (ships & sold from Amazon, not a third-party). So stop being a Nikon PR and face the truth. Did the D7100 get the same level of footage on the “oil” issue? NO. People have reported it. The problem was that the issue was reported by many prominent websites and you know they dont just throw gibberish around.

    • neversink

      Because people don’t take their Nikon cameras back to the dealer after 30 days, or whatever time period your shop allows for returns. They send their camera to the authorized Nikon service center.

    • Majd Abu Rakty

      Ok now go to your D600, set it to f16 and f22 and shoot a white wall or white clouds in the sky. When you see the mess in the frame, go back to your old images and you will have a different opinion. That’s exactly how it was for me. If your camera has no problem then fine, good for you. But please don’t try to belittle the issue. The money spent on photography gear is not little and many people – including me and other friends of mine – had the issue and are struggling with it.
      As I mentioned before, if the issue is occasional then yes warranties should be applicable where you bought your camera from. But when it’s in the size and scale of this issue, repair should be international. If you are happy with what you have, by all means, be happy. However, coming like that defending a corporation that did things wrong in the first place is just none sense. Especially that they haven’t been or caring or listening to what their audience is saying or asking for in the past few years. I love Nikon! that’s why i buy their gear but i love photography more. When their gear starts coming between me and my images, i will do my best to reasonably criticize them for it. When enough customers do the same, corporations will be forced to listen which is what Nikon is doing now. If they didn’t do wrong, trust me they won’t be fixing out-of-warranty products so get your facts right even though you are working in a store.

    • MaximusPhotography

      Stop bieng dumb ignorant I dont know what else to call you.

      I bought d7000, d7100, d610, and d800 all of them from Amazon original USA copies and all having one thing incomen… OIL Spots…

      The d610 had over 60 oil spots in less than 1400 clicks, Nikon service center didnt even know what was thst, check my other posts and you will find Nikon original service center report indicating its censor peeling issue while its oil spots that they cannot remove… I lost d610 in less than 2 months… nikon service center apolegized to me after damaging my camera censor but what to do with this apology?

      I have published detailed report in this website about Nikon D610 oil spot problem read and learn.

      So far I had oil spots in all Nikon Cameras! 100% oil spot problem with nikon cameras I can even assure you, that you have it, maybe you dont know how to see them but they are there. Im so confident about that 🙂

      No one like Nikon products more than me, but I want this faults to stop, and I dont want Nikon Brand to be = 100 spots cameras.

      Btw. I also have oil spots and not dust with my brand new D800 after less than 400 shots…

      Its not ok to have oil spot problem and its not ok to have manifactor defected cameras… get it

  • Majd Abu Rakty

    @ob1ne:disqus @rtphotography:disqus @neversink:disqus and to everyone interested in this issue .. here is a little feedback. As i mentioned before, I am trying to fix my two D600 bodies purchased in Dubai. I am currently in Indonesia on a trip around the world that has been going for 18 months.
    In Indonesia I cleaned my cameras 3 times and paid for it because they said my warranty is not valid here. The issue kept coming back and im stuck with it now shooting f9 and below to eliminate as many spots as possible for the past six months. I asked about replacing the shutter and the service center I’ve been dealing with said they don’t do that.
    I messaged Nikon USA and Nikon Japan asking what to do and they weren’t very helpful saying it’s out of their territory.
    Finally, I visited the Nikon service HQ in Jakarta yesterday as a final resort. I explained my problem respectfully and provided all receipts for previous payments for cleaning as a proof. They asked me why not to ship them to Dubai. I told them that i am travelling and in Dubai Nikon takes a lot of time to service cameras (a friend of mine sent his D800 for cleaning and mirror adjustment and got his camera back after 6 weeks) and that won’t work for me as the D600 is more problematic and more likely to take more time.
    They asked me to leave the cameras with them for inspection and promised they will try to help as much as possible. I asked if they are intending to replace the shutter, they said if the issue is severe – which i know it is – then they will consider it.
    The difference this time is that I went to the HQ. The smaller branches don’t have many decision makers so if anybody has a D600 and doesn’t know what to do, go to the main service center in your country or contact them by phone. I will post again under this comment for the final result.

  • alexander

    I have a d600 and have not had any problems as yet I have had it for a year. anybody know when the tamron 150-600 will be out in Nikon fit ?

  • AL

    I was one of the early adopters and my current D600 is my 3rd one. I decided to keep it (though it had the dust issue) after Calumet was gracious enough to let me return the 2 previous ones (and even letting me use one of them for nearly a month and a half)… So let this thing BLOW in Nikon’s face, they brought it to themselves.

    Can you believe that until this day, they still REFUSE to acknowledge the camera is faulty? If you read their latest service advisory, they still stick to the “it’s normal for cameras to get dust” argument and make it sound as if they’re only offering the free shutter replacement in good faith and for the sake of good customer service. Like someone else mentioned, I’m afraid now they’re just gonna collect all the defective cameras from China and send them to other countries with less consumer rights protection.

    I LOVE [almost] everything about my D600 (well except the 1/200″ X-sync speed and the focusing sensors all bunched up in the middle of the frame like a “sanitary towel” to quote Kai from Digital Rev). So It’s a shame and really stupid that Nikon decided to use such poor judgement in dealing with the one flaw in this camera. The D600 is such a GREAT camera with great image quality, it could’ve easily been one of their best sellers ever if they just used good quality control and not rush an untested product into the marketplace or if they were simply honest and consented to FIX their fault since the beginning.

    Instead they CHOSE to be greedy by ignoring the complaints of D600 users, launching a D610 (which is what the D600 should’ve been in the first place) hoping D600 users would simply just buy it instead of demanding a fix for their [$2000] faulty D600 and still charging an extra $500 (as reported earlier by another commenter) to replace the Faulty D600 with a working D610.

    So yeah Nikon! short of driving you bankrupt, I wish this backlash is not just limited to China and that other markets join in so you (and other large companies) learn your lesson and understand you are what you are BECAUSE of your clients and you should not treat them the way you did.

  • Derek

    I thought this story was about the D600? Why is everyone talking about the D4s? I have yet to meet anyone who owns a $6500 camera body that is a good photographer.

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