Weekly Nikon news flash #255

First, a quick note: I will be traveling and will have limited Internet connectivity in the next two weeks. I have scheduled few guest posts and will jump online when possible.
Nikon EN-EL18a battery
→ The new Nikon EN-EL18a battery for the D4s camera is already listed at B&H and Adorama.

Eyes of Nikon book Nikon Masters of the Light book
→ The new Nikon books (previously reported here) are now available on Nikon USA.

→ New Nikon D4s promo video.

→ The user manual for the Nikon Coolpix AW120 camera is now available online. The camera is now shipping in the US and is currently in stock.

→ Checkout this new Nikon 1 clothing line currently available for sale in Japan.

Copa Sadia do Brasil 2014 logo
Nikon to sponsor Copa Sadia do Brasil 2014.

→ More from Bloomberg on the unsecured bonds Nikon released last week.

Aptina RGB-C HDR patentAptina patent
→ Aptina filed a patent (US20140063300) for grouping of pixels with different exposure times in combination with RGB+clear pixels array to extend dynamic range

→ Shooting the making of "Veronica Mars" with Nikon D800.

Nikon China probe launched after CCTV report on defective D600 camera. See also this report from Reuters.

→ Nikon-sponsored program on BBC: 'The Power of Nature":

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  • lorenzo

    Exceptional videos, thanks NR!

  • Spy Black

    “Nikon 1 meets Mackintosh philosophy”
    Truer words have never been spoken…

  • AM I Am

    I hope that Nikon 1 clothing comes soon to my local Wally World.

  • fixit

    Will someone please help Nikon with its book cover design…

    • AM I Am

      They have all their designers busy with the new clothing line.
      For those waiting for the D400, it seems that it’ll take longer than expected.

  • Eric Calabros

    EN-EL18a is a 2500mA 10.8v or 27 watt-hour for $150. so $5.5 for 1 watt-hour!
    But general price for Lithium batteies is less than $1.5 for 1 watt-hour. 4x overpriced just because of a Nikon label on its package

    • Spy Black

      Now you know why their firmware was updated on their cameras.

    • Cos

      Yes, disgusting prices. Shame on Nikon.

    • Moose

      General price for Lithium batteries is actually less than $0.5 per Wh, so it’s 12x overcharge.

      (10 Wh Sanyo UR18650F cell, most likely used in this battery, costs approximately $4, this battery has 3 of them + tiny protection PCB worth $2)

  • Espen4u

    Will the Df get a clothing line also? Tweed? Really big pockets?

    • Kynikos

      I’m thinking black beret, black and white hooped shirt, and glue-on goatee.

    • Degsy

      Jealousy will get you nowhere

  • Jon

    Interesting video but could have been done with a D4 or a D3s… well power of Marketing.

  • axlrosefan

    Admin, do you maybe have any link to the clothes that guy from the Df commercial wore? Thanks

    • Spy Black

      Why, do you want to dress just like him with your Df?

      • axlrosefan

        Just like the jacket 🙂 And I owe D4s, which would go perfectly along with it 😉

        • BuckarooBanzai

          In the second and fourth promo videos, the jacket is made by Barbour. Looks like the Border model which I’ve had for 20 years. Great jackets which will last forever. Send back to Barbour periodically for a re-wax for $35 and they make any other repairs necessary if requested. Some like theirs to remain natty with all the patina of wear.

          • axlrosefan


  • Ironman

    That D4s video makes me wonder why there are so many people who whine about the weight and size of the D4/D4s. And they even whine about the D800/D610. Sure it might help if you have a yak and a guide, but hey is everybody becoming a 90 pound weakling these days? And if you’re going to photograph people then why try to hide with a tiny mirrorless camera? Engage yourself with your subject. Stealthy photography is for closet voyeurs.

    • Spy Black

      Because some people have brains, and they know how to use them.

    • axlrosefan

      It is interesting that nobody whine about D700 size and they use it regularly with the grip, which makes it bigger than D4. 🙂

    • Ee

      I agreed with you until you then started judging other peoples views. You are arguing opinion and not fact and don’t even realize you are one of those “experts”. Perhaps that is your life long goal to out boxes and rules around the things people prefer?

    • BuckarooBanzai

      Perhaps those with mirrorless are not all like you…Ironman. They don’t find it pleasurable at 50 or 60 years of age to have a camera backpack that weighs 25lbs. Or have cheap Bhutanese labor and pack mules to carry all their luggage for them at high altitudes? And sometimes having that huge DSLR may not be an advantage in capturing candid images, which the video was decidedly not candid. They were all acting for the camera.

    • Mansgame

      You do realize that this commercial likely had a full production staff who planned every little bit of it, don’t ya?

  • Zoot

    Presumably following on from the clothing line will be the perfume. “Nikon Sniffer”? Jared Polin – your time has come.

  • Qwerty

    Can’t wait for the guests posts, I am already making a list of insults I can say.

    • I am still monitoring the comments….

      • LarryC

        Appreciated, but It’s a bit sad that you have to.

  • Qwerty

    Any word when the clothing line will be updated? Is there a red nikon turtle neck in the pipeline? I sure hope they release it in other sizes than just medium.

    • umeshrw

      The only colour you wouldn’t get will be red. For obvious reasons. Obviously.

  • Zoot

    Hehehe… And there’s even a box for Jared to warm up with.
    Has it got VR, or is it Shake Before Use?

    • mikeswitz

      It’s an f4 to prevent you from using too much at one time.

  • MB

    KR does not yet have a review on D4s so it does not exists …

    • Spy Black

      Sure he does. So it does exist…

      • AM I Am

        He actually reviewed before it was released, and his D4s is 24 MP.

        • Zoot

          And he had possession of his before anyone else, other than the chosen pros who were given cameras to test prior to the launch.

          Under “Overall” in his “review”:

          “I usually set my D4s down to its Medium resolution to speed up my post processing and still have more than enough resolution to spare.”

          I wonder how he found himself in this situation, allowing him to post this in February. He doesn’t work part time as a sherpa in Bhutan, does he?

  • fixit

    Expect LINTS in your camera instead of oil.

  • Xam

    Needs a nikon 1 pimp cane and fur coat in the mix

  • Mansgame

    I really hope he compensated the locals for their making of this commercial and didn’t exploit them.

  • Cos

    Re Nikon EN-EL18a battery – disgusting prices.

  • Chok
  • fjfjjj

    “My focus always stays on the dancers” boasts the Nikon hipster slut, blasting away at f/22.

  • Moose

    $150 for a battery worth $10. Bravo, Nikon.

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