Refurbished Nikon D610 for $1,679.95 (new low price)

Another price drop: refurbished Nikon D610 cameras now sell for $1,679.95 with one year warranty (down from $1,749.95; new price: $1,896.95).

A refurbished D610 with 24-85mm lens kit is listed for $1,949.95.

They also have a nostalgic special: refurbished Nikon D3 for $1,999.95.

See the full list of available refurbished Nikon gear at B&H, Adorama and Cameta Camera.

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  • The Resident Guest

    Or get a brand new one with Nikon USA warranty $1,896.95.

    Or of course you can ‘save’ $217.00 to get no warranty and not know anything about the history what you are buying….

    This is a saving worth saving for? I think not. Anyone about to spend this much money on a camera will wait a little while longer to get a new, guaranteed product.

    • Mansgame

      Yeah for the risk one is taking, it better be $500 cheaper than new.

    • KT

      This is a relatively recent camera with no known issues, coming at a time when Nikon has been burnt several times for quality control. I believe they went out of their way to trouble-shoot and iron out any quality control issues. I seriously doubt the refurbished bodies will be any less reliable than a brand new model. Having said that, I agree that the difference in price is so small it might not be worth it.

    • Dookiehead

      BUT in the product description at the very top it says “includes full 1 year warranty” so there’s that.

      • Michiel953

        But that would take the ability to read, in addition to the proficient ability to post an opinion…

        Very challenging.

        • The Resident Guest

          Sorry? If that is aimed at me, it is misjudged. I read quite well. The ‘warranty’ is not provided by Nikon USA so I wouldn’t put much faith in that. You can take your insult back, thanks. I don’t want it so don’t try it again ok?

          • Michiel953

            As you could have READ (but, admittedly, that would take the ability to read) my comment was aimed at Dookiehead’s comment and, in case you get all excited again, not at Dookiehead himself.

            Feel better now? Maybe you should have a nice lie down, or maybe you’ve already had it.

      • Rameses the 2nd

        It’s 1 year Cameta warranty and not Nikon warranty. If Nikon, like Apple, would offer full 1 year warranty on its used/refurb bodies, this camera would sell out in hours. I agree with other commenters here. I rather pay $200 more and get a new camera with full Nikon warranty.

      • Mansgame

        It doesn’t say whose warranty. Is it Nikon’s or the no-name mom and pop camera shop in the middle of nowhere?

        • Guest


  • Jon Ingram

    It’s amazing how affordable full frame is getting these days. Though for this price I would still fork out the few extra bucks to get a new product

    • The Resident Guest

      True. But prices in the UK are still a lot higher than in the USA. If I buy in the UK, the entry-level Nikon FX body is £1800 (approx.) whereas the top-line Dx body is about £970. The difference in the USA is much less. If I was on holiday there, I’d be very tempted to waiver my warranty and buy one out there and bring it back around my neck! I’m trying to figure out whether I should go with a D7100 soon or wait and splash out in a year’s time on the D610. Money is a problem for me.

      • AM I Am

        One thing that people tend to overlook is that when switching from DX to FX, if they really want to get the most out of FX, they also need to upgrade glass. The kit lens simply doesn’t cut it. It is Ok for certain things, but that’s it.
        The good thing is that the f/1.8G set is really good and affordable, but still, the whole set (28, 35, 50, and 85mm) is around $1800 even with the current rebates.

        • Omar Salgado

          Or you can opt for Nikkor AI, AI-S or AF-D glass. Manual, of course, but they still deliver excellent results.

          For example, the 50mm f/1.2 is an excellent option. The 35mm f/2 AF-D is very, very sharp wide open.

        • Zenji

          $1800. Half a 50 Summilux.
          What a woild*…

          * that would be Curly, of course.

      • G16

        Are you going to buy a used one when you are there? If not you and him are saying the same thing.

        • The Resident Guest

          I only buy new camera equipment. I wait for prices of new previous model Nikons to drop as the latest model is released.

      • Infinite Vortex

        One thing that many often forget when looking at national pricing disparity between one country vs say the US is that US prices are quoted without a sales tax where your UK price is. While it doesn’t usually change the fact that you have to pay it (unless you’re purchasing it as a business) the difference is smaller once you compare an ex-tax price to an ex-tax price.

        The other thing regards the warranty. While one might be quite happy to forgo the warranty if the price is right, it’s always a good idea to confirm whether it’s still possible to pay for repairs. Nikon UK may well refuse to repair a non-Nikon UK camera unless the owner is a non-UK resident even if they’re prepared to pay for the repair. So not only would you be forgoing the warranty but also any chance to get it repaired.

        When it comes to Nikon I highly recommend buying cameras locally to get your full warranty and then maybe buying lenses externally. Lenses and speedlights come with international warranties so that price difference is worth chasing.

        • AM I Am

          That’s true, in the US the list price doesn’t include tax. But another important thing to mention is that there’s a big loophole in the US tax system that allows online retailers to sell items without being forced to collect taxes depending on the state the buyer is from.
          This provides a clear advantage to online retailers compared to local retailers due to the fact that many people buy online to save on taxes. Theoretically, this shouldn’t provide any advantage at all, because the buyer is still obliged to report the purchase an pay the corresponding taxes in their home state. But, I bet not many do it. I even know people who didn’t know they had to do it. An then, some states don’t enforce or don’t have the resources to enforce the collection of those taxes.

          • Infinite Vortex

            Oh sure, however as a foreign resident though the purchaser probably wouldn’t have to pay sales tax whichever way when buying in the US from what I understand.

            Irrespective of whether the online retailers are allowed to play on an unfair level to local retailers, the fact remains of the warranty, more so the repair status, issues.

            FWIW I purchased my new D610 locally at 20% off at a department store sale I caught by accident. I believe Amazon is even cheaper than that right at this moment. There are good deals on locally sourced new items to had if you’re prepared to shop carefully rather than jumping at refurb deals that really come with no warranty.

  • aria

    I have just read a news that Nikon deny the oil/dust issues in their D600 cameras sold in China. They said that it was due to the heavy smog in China. I don’t think it is hard for people there to find out how Nikon handles this issue in the US.

    • The Resident Guest

      Maybe the oil spots were part of an image enhancement feature for the Chinese market, kind-of like an anti-aliasing filter.

      • aria

        Nikon really need to be careful in China as most Chinese uses Canon.

        • AM I Am

          How much is most?

          • G16

            0.05 of there population.

            Yep. I made that up. But if you think about it, you should know what I m talk about.

            Well, people see thing different anyway.

          • aria

            May be around 3:1, just my impression, Canon advertise well in China, majority of the DSLRs you see in a park are Canon. I rather see more Nikon users. I actually converted a Canon person (who sells research equipment in the institute I am currently working in) into buying a Nikon D600 with a set of f2.8 lenses. He is happy. BTW, he paid to get the oil/dust issue taken car of.

    • The Resident Guest

      Maybe the oil spots were part of an image enhancement feature for the Chinese market, kind-of like an anti-aliasing filter.

  • Ames

    In china, d600 was just forced to be removed from market by government

    • AM I Am

      The D600 is still advertised in Nikon China web site and many Chinese sites show it available.

  • rt-photography

    would love to see a refurbished D600 with 24-85 kit for $1600.
    I doubt they everyone got rid of all D600 stock.

  • rfkiii

    $1818 including Tx sales tax vs. $1896 from B&H

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