Nikon Capture NX-D additional coverage

Is the Capture NX-D software based on the Silkypix software or at least made by the same company (Ichikawa Soft Laboratory)? The above screenshot shows that the interface is very similar.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that Capture NX-D does not include U Point functionality and Nikon has not plan to include it in the future (see FAQ).

The support for Capture NX2 will end this summer when the final NX-D version will be released. The current beta version will expire at the end of September, 2014.

Jason Odell has highlighted several of the Capture NX-D issues on his website: see this and this posts.

You can give Nikon your NX-D feedback here.

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  • Captain Obvious

    I think the labels on that picture on top are reversed. Otherwise, that’s some pretty clear evidence above the file menu.

    • LLamaRama

      damn it, you beat me to it!
      It’s as good as the Koreans attempt to photoshop a picture of happiness.

  • fjfjjj

    Both of these programs are written by a company called YUNCHENG YELLOW TIGER INDUSTRIAL SOFTWARE PROGRAM AND SERVICE in Guangdong and just rebranded by various companies.

    • phil

      the GUI looks too good for a company with that kind of name

      • stephansd


  • Gil

    To me, the problem is biggest than NX-D GUI.
    First, actually, the backward compatibilty with the workfs wade with NX-2 is broken.
    So well, i know, NX-2 is not really a popular software and Nikon is not a software company.
    My opinion, Nikon don’t knows really if NX-3 is nice to have or really necessary for DSLR sales.
    Because, most photographers are using a general software (ie: LR) not only a dedicated software from manufacturer (ie: Nikon or Canon).

  • Hm, Silkypix has a good reputation. Might have to try this.

    One day I hope I kill off all my Adobe dependencies.

    • nwcs

      It’s a good product but for westerners the interface is really confusing. It’s very literally translated with a bit of flowery language.

    • EJPB

      InTheMist, you’re in the mist now. I’ve gone to this same process with my Fuji X-series gear because both Adobe and Apple didn’t adopt the X-trans conversion at first. It reminds me of daily stomach ache, nervous nail-biting to find the right tools and icons and wanting to throw the entire X-series stuff through the window. Really, Silkypix is for aliens. Like this Capture NX-D stuff as well but it delivers you in case of f.i. the D800 a far better IQ conversion than LR or Aperture will do. Much sharper, more accurate colors, RAW settings that really match your camera and type. So I’m back to square one I’m afraid. What a terrible world. No Open Source community that comes with something really working?

    • kaptink

      Don’t bother. It’s basic software only and certainly not pro standard. It’s an upgrade to View NX and not a replacement for Capture NX. All the best bits of Capture NX have gone; particularly superb spot removal and colour control points. There’s no graduated fill now either. I will continue to use CNX (and may have to if I buy a new Nikon camera until Adobe supports it) but start to use more LR (I’m already on LR4 but will go to 5) and the set of excellent Google Nik plug ins, which I’ve just downloaded on a 15-day trial.

  • Hipster

    Maybe Nikon bought silkypix or is leaning forward to do so….for creating /developping this new capture software and other software in the future….to get new markets more potential customers, new innovations and reasons to invest in nikon stuff….but nikon you should do your homework first…

    A lot of lens are still missing (16,18,20, 24 primes, new 105, 135
    2.0 or 1.8s, fx wide angle fisheye zoom like canon, new tces a 17 tce
    like canon etc…)…and a lot of lens are too old (16-35, 35 1.4, 50
    1.4, new 24-70 2.8 vr) and even those lenses whcih are recommended on
    the list for the d800/d800e are not sufficient/satisfying as the 16-35,
    (24 1.4. if af is misaligned than one side astigmatic, 35 1.4, 50
    1.4…..and the 58 1.4 is not a masterpiece of engineering as is
    quoted/sold….on level with the 50 1.4 only slightly better..

    I cannot understand why nikon pay so much attention emphasis and
    money on the contructionn of new lenses and updating old ones….so
    maybe have to make an ONLINE PETITION with the desire “please spend less
    money and put less emphasis, time on marketing more on consumer
    friendly issues as continously firmwareupdates (like fuji), more/new dx
    lenses if it has a future for them and DEVELOPING/BRINGING out NEW
    lenses and UPDATING the OLD ONES that are not being able to comply with
    the high demanding sensor of the d800/d800e….

    Nikon knows a lot of excellent marketing but sadly they lost historically their exceptional engineering of Nikkor lenses….

    Having the best lens line-up of all camera manufacturers meaning in
    the quality of lenses optically and in quantity of different lenses
    would be a huge plus and a strong argument for consumers to say ok in
    order to have the best available possibilites of building my camera
    sysem, nikon has the edge….best lens line up, im investing in nikons

    Cannot understand nikon not to see this argument….its a shame ;)…


    You put less money on get experts/the best engineers for your lens
    department as it looks and sadly maybe more for your marketing

    Or cost-cuts in the department of lens development and engineering???

    Is the last place in a company where someone should make cost-cuts…

    Hope nikon gets back on his direction and has a glory future…

  • groucher

    The hopeless NX-D has nothing to do with the brilliant NX2 and the NX designation should not have been used as it is misleading.

    Nikon should be developing a true successor to NX2. U-Point has been lost to Google but NX2’s other great innovations – D-Lighting and the wonderful Selection Brush – are still available for further development.

    If Nikon added canvas/image sizing and a few work process facilities to NX2, there would be no need for antiquated Adobe software.

    • TeaBreak

      I’m afraid that Selection Brush and all other selective tools are also based on NIK U-Point technologie and lost to Google. Sad story. As a first time NX user I felt betrayed by Nikon. At least they should guarentee NX2 running on future OS for current DSLRs. Otherwise we all will lost our work of years!!!

  • bokesan

    Good find – Definitely ISL. In file CNDX.dll you’ll find: “Ichikawa Soft Laboratory SILKYPIX(R) Image Processor Version 1.60”, “Copyright (C) Ichikawa Soft Laboratory 2005-2012” and lots more.

  • Emilio

    Well… I have shared my thoughts on that new dumb software, with some cuss words here ‘n there. I think we should express our feelings, so Nikon

    would understand what a dumb move they have taken. I’m staying with Capture NX 2!!!!

  • Naval Gunfire

    I honestly don’t know why Fuji are held up as this great company for issuing so many firmware updates. Most of them seem to add features that really should have been included at launch and there is absolutely no way that waiting 4-5 months for a firmware update to make your camera properly usable is a good thing. If Fuji released actually finished their cameras before releasing them we wouldn’t need firmware updates.

    • nwcs

      Mirrorless cameras are even more like computers than DSLRs. Their capability can be enhanced a lot more through software than DSLRs. Fuji’s reputation for updates is positive because:

      1. They actually acknowledge and fix issues with cameras, even if some of them could have been foreseen at launch
      2. They have updated no-longer-sold cameras with new functionality (X100) that was fairly substantial
      3. They seem willing to listen to what their customers want for firmware, even soliciting at times, and adding what people are asking for instead of dictating them.

      Nikon, though, breaks 3rd party battery compatibility with firmware, breaks 3rd party lens compatibility with firmware, etc. They are perceived as very customer unfriendly.

      Fuji is held up because: they admit when they have quality issues and fix it, continually try to improve the cameras already out, willing to listen to their userbase, and they have good products. Classic underdog techniques. They could certainly do better, what company can’t? But Nikon certainly can’t rest on any perceived laurels.

      • Nobody Cares

        As a nikon user, my biggest issue is there unwillingness to admit there’s a problem and make it right. There was a problem with the D800 and they’ve never really admitted it. The d600 was a problem and only a class action suit go them to acknowledge it (and it seems like they tried to dump them in China).

        There are some holes in the lens line up too. I’d really like to see a new 135 f/2 lens and I wouldn’t mind an update to the 24-70 too. The 20mm could use an update as well.

  • EvaK

    I remember that I posted in the recent forum that NX-D looks like a refurbished Silkypix. So nothing new for me.

  • MB

    For people curios to try this … Capture NX ?! Debilitated software … don’t
    This is something that companies used to give for free 10 years ago with P&S cameras and has nothing to do with Capture NX that maybe was not perfect but was pretty useful for initial image postprocessing, had fantastic U-point and many other useful ways to make selections and local adjustments, layer support, usable interface and was capable to produce very good results pretty straightforward and fast … none of this exist in this “new” thingy … it is just a toy and an embarrassment for Nikon …

    • mike

      It’s obvious, you are speaking about something else. CNX2 has old UI, but everything else is great!

    • G16

      According to Nikon’s new strategy (to increase profit margin). Everything from now on will be made in low cost but high selling price. Not so great for Nikon’s fan I guess.

      When friend ask me about which camera to buy, I would say “Feel free to buy a Nikon if you have enough money. But if you are on a budget and want to get a camera that equally the same, just get a Canon.

  • Dweeb

    Really, who cares? Certainly not Nikon.

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