DigitalRev cancels Nikon 1 AW1 order, claims it’s discontinued by the manufacturer

A reader received an email from DigitalRev indicating that his Nikon 1 AW 1 order was canceled because the camera has been discontinued by the manufacturer:

"Unfortunately one or more item(s) you ordered are no longer available because they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. These items are no longer available for sale. We have now cancelled your order. You will not be billed for the following items."

The Nikon AW1 has been almost impossible to buy in the US since it was introduced in September last year. The camera is available in Europe (Amazon UK and Amazon DE) and Japan (Amazon JP).

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  • broxibear

    When you go to Nikon UK the very first image you see is a feature about the AW1.

    • Very strange. And I think the AW1 will be a very good seller in he US.

      • Francesc Genové

        I think that maybe is quite the contrary and they have hard time manufacturing enough AW1.
        Also, and just to clarify, DigitalRev is based in Hong Kong. Kai Man, Lok, Alamby, forgive those who don’t know, yet, what Youtube channel have to follow. :P.

        • Justme

          Alamby left in Oct of last year.

          • Jimmy

            Where she go?

            • Francesc Genové

              Australia, so it seems, looking at the pictures on her Instagram.

          • Francesc Genové

            Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. and just let me add noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….. 🙁

      • Mr. Mamiya

        How about asking DigitalRev about what’s up with the AW1? Sometimes employees simply click the wrong button in the shop or stock-keeping system.

        • Yes, but they canceled the order in that case.

      • fred

        Is there something wrong with it that Nikon isn’t telling?Wait for AW110.

    • Noga

      I had AW1 for a while. As a professional I haven’t expected that this camera could be such a fun. But there was a problem. It wasn’t completely waterproof. After it got wet few times (in a very shallow water) the inside of the lens and LCD screen were covered in steam for the rest of my holidays. (And I never tried to change lens under the water:) I brought few amazing images, but returned the camera straight after I came back home and got my money back. I believe that Nikon stopped its production to fix the problem. But I still love my other Nikons. Especially my oldest d200 which took over 450k images and doesn’t have enough.

      • Hmm, could this be the reason why it is hard to find in the US?

        • This problem was reported on few forums. I suspect that they did a mistake by producing underwater/shock prove camera with a pop up flash. It could be a weak point causing the leak, but I may be wrong. The worst thing is that this amazing product has no replacement on the marked. I had the best fun ever using AW1 and is spite I returned it, I can’t wait to buy another one. The IQ was amazing considering a very small sensor. If I am right and Nikon suspended AW1 production to fix the leak problem, then the new version will be something that every photographer should experience. It is a really great feeling to know that you can drop your camera on the pavement without braking it or jump with it to the water. I was really sad returning it.

          • DaveyJ

            This is the FIRST AW 1 failure I have heard of. I do not doubt that this is honestly reported and I value this information. But as to it being discontinued……NOT TRUE!

          • Spy Black

            Considering the issues they had to deal with the D600, I guess they’re trying to nip this in the bud as quietly as they can. The bigger question is whether the present production pipeline allows for a reasonable correction to the problem. This is assuming there is a production-wide problem of course.

            If this is the case, (and at this time we can’t know for sure) it raises the question (again) of Nikon’s quality control (or lack thereof) and/or thinking engineering through. QC especially so outside of Japan, but even within Japan, as seen with the D4 and D800 issues. The D600 is made in Thailand, the AW1 in Indonesia, the P310 I bought a while back which lasted me only 4 days was made in China.

            It’s hard to say really whether all of these products’ issues are QC issues, or just shoddy engineering on Nikon’s part. If there is a production-wide problem with AW-1, and there’s no easy fix, this could be another large egg on Nikon’s face.

        • Adrian Gopal

          I have been using the AW1 since October, and have not encountered any of the issues stated above. Both in the water, and under heavy monsoon rains, did not get any ‘steam’ in the LCD or lens. And I have actually cracked the back LCD and had it replaced by Nikon.

      • DaveyJ

        We have used the AW 1 a lot underwater. We use it largely in video mode. Still the stills are good UW. We have owned MANY UW cameras and housings.

        • Spy Black

          …and your point is?

          • Gff

            Some points are there…. But just not sure if he is bragging too?

            • DaveyJ

              I worked for 40 years as a aquatic scientist. I have another 20 years in my own pursuits of UW scenes. I do not say this as bragging but fact. I have seen some pretty amazing work done by others when we were working and always compared notes on what gear they used, some incredibly expensive. A batch of this stuff was published from National Geographic,BBC, et al. I think there is a difference in interest in gear and its use and have been always one to give credit where credit is due. If search for productive UW gear and cameras is bragging….then I wonder where you are coming from? I for one am of the belief that just deployment of expensive gear in the field and questionable results is fair game for continuing search for gear that will perform at a low cost. Go Pros have already made that mark!

            • Andrew

              No he is not bragging. He said the AW1 takes good underwater pictures. He then establishes his credibility by stating that he has used a lot of underwater cameras. So he has a basis to make a comparison and it makes his opinion much more valuable to us.

          • DaveyJ

            I have had UW scenes in award winning movies. However the failure rate of UW cameras has been BAD. I owned several of the Nikonos cameras (4&5 models) and the Nikonos RS. Every P&S that took video failed in almost the first dives. The AW 1 has fared very well in comparison. There is a Key West 2014 video on the internet which was shot in entirety with the AW 1 of ours. I have owned housings that were extremely expensive and the results were not in line with the cost. The AW 1 has already earned its keep here and other than Go Pro Black Plus it is our Go To underwater camera. For us it is often documentary of our aquatic work and hardly “a fashion shoot”with models and show suits.
            That was my point.

            • Spy Black

              Well, that certainly better defines your comment than your previous one. Although I doubt Nikon has officially discontinued the AW1, unfortunately there certainly appears to be a problem, for some reason unclear to us, as to why Nikon has stopped distribution of the camera.

            • DaveyJ

              Always have enjoyed the Spy versus Counter Spy comics I have always noticed your postings. Unfortunately I do Marcin Noga has come across some weak points of this camera (hopefully a low %). When I purchased THIS camera I bought it with a three year insurance policy which I very rarely do. Why? I have had a lot of leaking cameras UW. Also let me define how MY company does UW photos and video. Our work is mostly in shallow water. We very rarely use artificial lighting although we are finding adding it with Go Pro is very efficient. The AW 1 is OK to 49 ft. Anything deeper and colors are greatly reduced etc. In fact below 10′ deep reds disappear UNLESS they are lighted. So basically I do think you and Marcin are right on this AW 1 availability. Lastly my experience leads me to believe UW work is a very tall order. Good luck to you and thank you for asking that I clear up my statements.

            • DaveyJ

              Always have enjoyed the Spy versus Counter Spy comics I have always noticed your postings. Unfortunately I do Marcin Noga has come across some weak points of this camera (hopefully a low %). When I purchased THIS camera I bought it with a three year insurance policy which I very rarely do. Why? I have had a lot of leaking cameras UW. Also let me define how MY company does UW photos and video. Our work is mostly in shallow water. We very rarely use artificial lighting although we are finding adding it with Go Pro is very efficient. The AW 1 is OK to 49 ft. Anything deeper and colors are greatly reduced etc. In fact below 10′ deep reds disappear UNLESS they are lighted. So basically I do think you and Marcin are right on this AW 1 availability. Lastly my experience leads me to believe UW work is a very tall order. Good luck to you and thank you for asking that I clear up my statements.

          • Andrew

            He said “We have use the AW 1 a lot underwater”. He used the word “a lot” replying to a post reporting some issues and yet he had no complaints. So that must indicate that he had no reliability issues. And secondly, he stated that the stills are good underwater. He validated his point by letting us know that he has owned “many underwater” cameras which allows him to compare the performance of the AW1 with the other underwater cameras. And in his opinion, the AW 1 takes “good underwater” pictures. His statement is quite condensed and if you are reading it quickly you might miss a lot of his points.

        • Andrew

          Thanks for the information. Knowing that you have experience using other underwater cameras supports your point that the AW1 takes good underwater pictures. This is definitely good to know coming from someone that has experience. This is one camera I will definitely consider buying for my next trip or vacation.

      • Landa

        It happen even with my Fujifilm xp60 and is a compact camera 🙂

        • Tony

          Using the Nikon 1 AW1 for a few months, I note that the gasket at the front end of the lens is not completely waterproof in sea water. The camera needs to be completely submerged in clean water immediately after use in the sea. This is to prevent the sea water drying between the rubber gasket and the lens frame resulting in salt corroding the metal frame – and ultimately causing the lens to be no longer waterproof. Nikon Singapore did not replace the lens saying it was dropped or knocked – which I am not aware of doing. As for the steam, water vapour in the lens, generally this happens in all waterproof cameras. Just need to keep it in a dry box or a box with silica gel overnight to remove water vapour from the camera before the next day’s activities.

  • Mansgame

    Is digital rev an authorized nikon dealer in their country??

    • I was just about to post on that. As far as I understand they are not. So maybe it’s not that it’s discontinued, but that they can’t get any more.

      PS, I love my AW1, except shadow noise.

      • Aldo

        Shadow noise? Maybe the sensor is made by canon…

      • DaveyJ

        My biggest doubt about the AW 1 probably comes in the area that InTheMist mentions here. Videos seem to be one of the strong points. But on land under warm favorable conditions the D3200 and the kit lens will outperform the AW 1 in still especially in the shadows. I am not sure I’d call it shadow noise just lack of detail there?

  • W. Damit

    How is this even newsworthy? “DigitalRev” cancelled an order? And, so what?

    • eggzz

      The news isn’t that they cancelled an order, but that they say it’s discontinued ! Did you even read the posts ??

    • How it is not newsworthy? The camera is nowhere to be found in the US since it was announced and then a major retailer days it’s discontinued. Do you think this is normal?

      • zoetmb

        Actually, some retailers will call it “discontinued” if they can’t get a model in X days. Others will call it “backordered”. So I wouldn’t let one site determine what we think. But if B&H and some of the other big retailers called it “discontinued”, I would believe it.

        • W. Damit

          Thank you for this voice of sanity. Sigh. That was exactly my point.

        • AM

          I don’t know any Mandarin or Cantonese or whatever they speak in Hong Kong. But I know that there are some words that don’t translate very well from one language to another. For example, one co-worker from China says “he’s living in the hotel” when he’s really trying to say “he’s staying in the hotel”. Maybe there aren’t different words for live and stay in China.
          Could this be the case that discontinued and backordered are the same thing in HK?

          • EJP

            Hong Kong has two official languages – English since it was a British colony for a long time and Cantonese. English is not an issue in Hong Kong at all.

            • AM

              I’ve been in HK, and I can tell you that there are people who don’t speak a word of English.

            • BdV

              So, since you have been there, it must have been one of those people that don’t speak a word of English that typed the word ‘discontinued’ on the Digitalrev site…?

      • DaveyJ

        B&H lists the AW 1 as back ordered. I have owned over 30 underwater cameras and housings, including three Nikonos cameras. Our AW 1 in white has already produced outstanding images underwater in the Florida Keys.

        • DaveyJ

          Should add that a lot of video produced with AW 1.

        • It has been backordered for months.

          • srdimage

            this camera is available in Canada so not sure why its not in the states

      • DaveyJ

        Peter I think this posting is VERY questionable! Please check the sources before posting a Nikon camera as being “discontinued”. Orders are still coming in on this new camera. I believe the manufacturing pipeline indicates they are being pretty careful. Quite possibly BECAUSE UW usage is very demanding. Maybe the pop up flash for still has had some individual cameras taking on water.

        • broxibear

          Hi DaveyJ,
          I’m pretty sure Peter (Admin) isn’t saying it’s been discontinued. He’s reporting the fact that a reader’s orders was cancelled by DigitalRev, and it’s DigitalRev who are saying it has been discontinued…there’s a big difference.

          • DaveyJ

            I totally Agree with broxibear and wonder if the thread leads to the conclusion that the AW 1 is already history. I talked to several retailers. They have new AW 1 orders and significant interest.

        • What do you mean by “orders are still coming in”? The camera has not been in stock in the US for months.

        • tupolev141

          This site is still called Nikon Rumors, so this posting very much has a place here. It allows us to speculate and post angry and emotional drivel while in the process belittling other posters!

      • EJP

        When Fujifilm didn’t deliver any X100s cameras to the USA even after it had already been available for 6 months in virtually all other regions of the world, some of the major US outlets also marked that camera as discontinued and cancelled orders even when it had never reached our shores to begin with. I’m not sure it means that much.

      • Gordon

        It is available and on the shelf in most of the BestBuy stores around Tampa, FL. It’s possible that it wont be after I post this, but there are some out there at least.

  • Dirk

    You will have the same problem in Switzerland, but only with black edition. Here are only white and silver models on the market. I chose white after waiting, waiting and waiting.

  • Kynikos

    Anything DigitalRev no longer chooses to stock itself or has lost grey-market access to is lists as ‘Discontinued’ as well.

    Might just be that.

    • eggzz

      The Email from DigitalRev clearly states that the itam has been discontinued by the manufacurer….

      • Kynikos

        I don’t believe everything I read.

        • AM

          I don’t believe what I just read.

          • Ernesto Quintero

            I don’t think there is a better rider then The Doctor !

  • sperdynamite

    Am I the only person who thought the AW1 fell short? Like I don’t understand why the cheap-o consumer would spend extra cash on a camera that’s a bit better (in ways they might not care about) than the average tough compact. And the camera is just not good enough for a pro who’s really into underwater shooting, they still need a housing for whatever dslr. A Nikonos it is not, but coulda been. Hell they coulda made a pro model and this model and nailed the adventure cam market for stills (can’t beat gopro for video). Nikon just constantly fails to see the market because it seems like they are incapable of thinking like photographers, and incapable of thinking like consumers. It’s like let Canon take the lead, let Fuji and Sony innovate and test new ground, we’ll just fuck around with our good name and you better like it. No D400, a wack-a-doo full frame line up (Thom Hogan is correct about a proper line up being D600/Df-D800H/X-D4, in that order because *gasp* it suits the needs of all users with 1 body to have 2 configs, with entry and press bodies as options.) New 58 to get you excited while Sigma beats us on price and performance.

    God the list of Nikon flub products lately is insane!
    -D600 Dust, lets be honest the D610 is an admission, 6D wasn’t replaced. I own one, nice camera, but botched launch.
    -58mm Expensive and underperforming. Sigmalux and Otus are the choices for fast normals.
    -Df Unrealized potential, concept not taken far enough, too big considering the Sony A7 for christ’s sake. It just feels nothing like my FE, and is nearly 3 grand with a rehoused 50 1.8?!
    -The entire 1 system – I don’t care how much you love yours, it’s a proven financial disaster. Sony shows what 1″ sensors are good for in the RX100.
    -The Coolpix A – Ricoh GR is cheaper, X100S is better. It just doesn’t have a place in the market.

    What the fuck is going on in those development meetings? I haven’t been excited about a Nikon product since the D700.

    • Go Pro takes crap photos and records video which you can’t see while recording. If you are a teenager and want to record your downhill bike ride for you tube – there is nothing better. But for photographers seeing what you do without delay is quite an important thing. At least for me. In my opinion AW1 is a very innovative camera which perfectly filled the gap on the market. Of course – if would be asked to do underwater fashion shoot I would use underwater housuing and d800 or medium format, but I really wasn’t disappointed with the image quality delivered by this small toy.

      • DaveyJ

        I have owned about 30 underwater cameras and housings. We have had NO problems with the Nikon AW 1

        • MyrddinWilt

          The problem with the AW1 is that it doesn’t really make much sense to spend $50 making the seal between a $25 sensor and a $250 lens watertight.

          From an engineering point of view I would decompose the system in a different way. I would have the lens/sensor be one sealed unit and the controls/viewer/CPU/battery be another unit. Then all that has to be done is to make the electrical and data connections between the two parts watertight rather than the optics.

          The Nikonos was the best system of its day but it is a film era solution that isn’t suited to the digital era. Get rid of the viewer and use a heads up display in the diver’s face mask.

          Nikon can’t make a waterproof housing much better than a third party can but they can do a lot that third parties can’t dream of.

    • El Aura

      I never understood why people thought it is possible to create a DSLR that is noticeably smaller in regard to the central box (mirror box, viewfinder prism, flash, AF module below the mirror box, sensor+electronics thickness+display thickness). Just look at a cut-in-half model of modern DSLR like this one of the D4:
      Notice how much the AF module extends below the lens mount (and compare that with distance from a the camera bottom to the lens mount on a FE-2 or even something as old as ‘young’ as an F90 (early 90ties), look at how much space the prism takes (once you dial in viewfinder magnification and coverage the geometry is pretty much given) and look at how much space is needed between the sensor plane and the back of the camera.

      A Sony A7 can be much small because it doesn’t need a mirror box, the lens mount can literally be a few millimetres away from the sensor plane (sensor+electronics+display still need their space) and it needs no prism nor PD AF module. Or look at where the image plane is on the latest Sigma quatro DP cameras, 90% of that camera is behind the image plane.

      • zoetmb

        Olympus OM-1 (film camera). Was much smaller and lighter than any Nikon and worked great. I was able to hand-hold it at slower shutter speeds than my Nikkormat. So it can be done. And the truth is for all its disadvantages, the Df is smaller and lighter than the other Nikon bodies. If you look at the numbers, it doesn’t seem that big a deal, but when you hold it in your hand, it does. I sampled it a few weeks ago and while I didn’t use it for a shoot – I was just fooling around in a store – I liked it far better than I expected. That doesn’t mean I’m buying one but it’s not as bad as everyone makes out.

        • El Aura

          Yeah, it can be done if you omit autofocus, an image sensor and a rear display.

          I really don’t understand why people take count of reality in such a selective manner that whatever they wish to be true appears to be true. Do they so strongly wish their impulsive reaction to be correct that they just ignore reality and prefer to live in an illusionary world? Is simple logic really to hard for their mind? Or is their pride just to large that they cannot admit to themselves that they were wrong? Or do they just not want to admit to others they were wrong?
          It is really a question whether they believe themselves what they say or whether they just ignore reality and try to make it sound like others were wrong because their pride doesn’t allow them to admit they were wrong? It really feels like it must be a bit of both because acting such obviously like fools and being offensive to others is hard to understand as really helping their pride.
          But I guess the mind is a mysterious thing that not always can be understood.

          • MyrddinWilt

            The battery for my D800 is about the size of the OM-1.

            There are plenty of Coolpix that outperform the OM-1 that are smaller than it by quite a way.

            There will never be a compact FX camera because the idea is idiotic from an engineering perspective. To make any advantage from a big sensor you need honking great big lenses.

            • sperdynamite

              I like the pictures from my small 40mm Voigtlander f2, and it covers full frame quite well. Maybe YOU need honking great big lenses but I don’t.

          • sperdynamite

            Oh come on anything CAN be done. Did you ever really think you’d see full frame cameras the size of the A7? Yeah it’s a different design concept, mirrorless sure, but honestly what if they did omit the OVF and go high-high end EVF. It would be better for manual lenses anyway. I’m already using my ZF.2 50mm Planar on the A7 because I could never focus the damn thing at 1.4 on a modern Nikon screen. Even the assist was only about 75% accurate.

            And anyway as I recall the N80 isn’t much bigger than an FM. Way smaller than a Df. Even the D600 is smaller.

            Size aside, my complaints about the Df are more about the weird controls. The forward control dial feels like it’s gonna fall off and is uncomfortable. I just wanna twist and aperture ring on my AIS lenses and set the damn shutter dial to a speed or A. I don’t see why it needed to have ALL the PASM modes of the modern cameras. I don’t think folks buying the Df really need it to be as responsive as the D800/600. They’re getting into it for how you use it, not just how it looks. It’s not just ‘hipsters’ who buy the X100 cameras. It’s a smart design, and elegant in operation, just like the FE was. The Df is the opposite of that.

    • Spy Black

      Don’t let Thom hear your thoughts on the Nikon 1, he’ll be very upset.:-)

      As I posted elsewhere, I’m at a loss as to whether these are QC or engineering problems. However:
      The D600 is certainly a problem design, but I’m not sure what you’re seeing in the 58mm that’s problematic, other than perhaps price.

      Nobody but geezers like me understand the Df, there’s nothing wrong with that camera concerning it’s designed intentions other than the price and the absence of a manual focusing screen option.

      I see the Nikon 1 more as an overpriced, schizophrenic system design that lacks basic control and interface parameters common in any camera a photographer is going to take seriously. While it’s IQ is good for a 1 inch sensor, when you compare it to it’s 4/3 competition, it falls short.

      The Coolpix A, like the vast majority of the products above, suffer from the same basic problem, price. It’s a nice camera, but at it’s price the Fuji A100S is a no-brainer..

      So really at the core, Nikon’s pricing is it’s biggest problem. If they would’ve sold the Coolpix A for ~$600-700, I bet it would’ve been a hit. If the brain-dead J1 had sold for $300 at the starting line, it probably would’ve been popular as well. If the Df would’ve been $2200-2400, it too would’ve been better received. To me this is Nikon’s biggest problem, they overprice products trying to ride on their name and heritage, but seem to lose sight that not only are there really competitive products out there for the same or even less money, but more importantly the world economy is still pretty tanked. Dunno what to think, really.

  • broxibear

    Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.4 RC for CS6 with D4s support…

    • AM

      Damn, still no support for the 50mm f/1.8G SE, the one with the silver ring.

    • Thanks broxibear, I will mention this online.

  • AW1 owner

    Haven’t had any water leakage issue with my AW1. Hate the base ISO 160 noise in the RAW images, but that’s forgiveable considering its versatility.

  • DaveyJ

    This rumor is false! According to every source I have contacted the AW 1 is NOT discontinued. I have made it my business to get in contact with owners and sellers of this camera. This is a BAD rumor and should be removed from the NR website!

    • Then tell us please why the AW1 is nowhere to be found in the US since it was announced? I have received so many e-mails from readers who want to buy it and they cannot.

      • whisky

        last week Samy’s camera LA still had some for sale.

      • Two step

        I bought one 3 months ago. I did have to wait 3 weeks or so, but I have it, and it seems to be working just fine

    • Jon Ingram

      Definition of Rumor: “a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.”

      -This is not a facts only site Davey.

  • Chris

    Still plenty of stock and marketing in Australia.

  • Spy Black

    Didn’t DigitalRev once list something else as discontinued? I kinda remember something like that.

  • Mardock

    It’s time for Nikon to jettison the Coolpix lineup, cancel the 1-Series, and give us a proper APS-C mirrorless system inspired by the original S-rangefinder series.

    That, and a proper modular, go anywhere, weather-resistant camera system not unlike (but much better than) the Go-Pro lineup … resurrected under the Nikonos badge.

  • JustMe

    AW1s bug fixed version coming soon?

  • AnthonyH

    Maybe only the black version is discontinued.

  • whisky

    isn’t digital rev the same outfit which claimed the nikon 32mm f1.2 has been discontinued?

  • sexyjon

    It is only the black version they say is discontinued.

  • Hiffle

    This is simple. Nikon has discontinued DISTRIBUTION of this product in the USA, where the “one” series has never caught on. The AWI was a niche product on a niche line in the USA.
    Why the angst?

  • Will Prentice

    I still have lots of the AW1s available here in Canada. Check out Henry’s and

    • srdimage

      Yep just bought one for the wife last week.

  • UK

    Newsflash – this might come as a shock but the US isn’t the only country in the world. Just because something’s not available in ‘Murica doesn’t mean it’s been discontinued. The camera is available for immediate delivery through Amazon UK.

  • Lamar Lamb

    Nikon’s new tag line: “Nikon…… We don’t make sense, we make cameras.”

  • Eric

    Well, I also had the Nikon 1 AW1, and returned it too. I am an amateur photographer and extend my passion with my scuba-diving activity. I looked at the AW1 to replace an old Fuji S2 Pro that I use in an Ikelite housing. Well, although the camera delivered great IQ, and manage to control the purple fringing very well, I decided to return it and continue to use my Fuji S2 Pro and my D800e. As a compact camera, I may be looking at some Fuji’s (x100, x10 or x20).

    If any out there want to have a quick look at the little review I did write (and by no mean I consider myself as a pro reviewer or photographer), this review is more meant to educate and outline some if the issues I had with this camera so that people would buy it knowing some of it strength and wicknesszes.

    Hope this will help someone.

  • bheit1

    Adorama has them in stock. Amazon claims to have 1 in stock. Apparently they’re still for sale here.

    • I think you are mistaken – Adorama doesn’t have any in stock. Do you have a link?

  • jackarm

    Just visited local Best Buy and they have white body with one-lens kit. It is even out on display, which usually means they have adequate in-store inventory.

  • Jay

    odd because I randomly walked into a photoshop in Canada and bought one the other day.

  • Mike Gordon

    Amazon US has them & note “more on the way”.

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