Law firm collects Nikon D600 sensor dust/spot complaints for a potential class action lawsuit

The US law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein is currently collecting Nikon D600 dust complaints for a potential class action lawsuit - I personally don't think this will happen since Nikon has been responsive to customer's complains and has either fixed the issue (replaced the shutter) or in some cases replaced the camera.

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  • Kenny Ng

    That’s only for USA, how about other countries? I’ve sent my D600 for sensor cleaning, after 4 months the problem occurred. I don’t think Nikon in Malaysia will replace shutter or brand new D610 for users here.

  • D700s

    Why is it that photography is so full of liberals and tree hugging, climate change nut jobs? Reading through these comments proves we Americans are sheeple.

  • Gr8fan

    I posted 11 days ago under D600: gr8fan 🙂
    • 11 days ago

    Maybe of interest?

    Disclosure: NOT affiliated or related to Lieff Cabraser

    • exactly – like I said in my earlier comment, I got his info from the comments section

  • Bob Loblaw

    Only in the USA. What a place.

  • Mojokielbasa

    Nikon handled this like a bunch of backbeddling losers from the begining. I hope it costs them millions. Time to send a message to all manufacturers not willing to pay attention to the details when rushing a product to market.

  • Steven Solidarios

    I have a early D600. Cleaning it takes a whopping 10min at the most. Nikon can just offer to send me a coupon for cleaning kits and I’m happy. Other than that, I’m shooting between 1.4 and 8 all day. So I never notice anyways. There must me a lot of landscape photographers that really hate this camera. They should’ve save and got a D800E!

    • Harry

      right, $2K is not sufficient to get a good camera, you say. typically companies cut features for price, not essential quality. Trust me, I work for a technology company and I know how we do business. Have you heard situations where wet cleaning does not help?

      • Steven Solidarios

        When did I say $2k wasn’t good enough for a good camera? This situation was oil and dust from the shutter. Some cases it could not be cleaned. Most of the time it came off after 15-20k actuations. People make a big deal over a camera they probably don’t even own. If you have such a hard time with the D600 heres an idea: Don’t buy it/Sell it if you own it. Problem solved.

        • Harry

          not “was” but rather “is”. I sent my camera and Nikon stated they fixed the shutter. After about 1000 actuations (under test environment), it occurred again. I have sent it in and am asking that it be replaced with a D610. Why should I sell my camera, take a significant loss (about $1000) and then buy a D610 by shelling $1000 more from my pocket and feed Nikon’s finances even more? Again, IMO, this is a matter of principle. I did not cheat anyone and it was my hard-earned money. Nikon, on the other hand, is trying to cover up a manufacturing defect. Big difference. So simply because it doesn’t affect you (given your shooting situations), do not make a mockery of others that are genuinely impacted by it.

          • Steven Solidarios

            Because I’m totally making a mockery of others. Ok mr sensitive. Its a camera! Things go wrong with electronics all the time! If you have a warranty send it in and handle it. Not the end of the world.

            • Harry

              I have followed all due processes. So have a lot of others. Nikon is the one that goofed up (intentionally, if I may add). Unless it is a life threatening issue (such as a battery blow up), they have absolutely no interest in coming clean with an issue. This is the second such scenario. Maybe you should understand the issue better before making you “keen” observations.

  • gigi

    I think Nikon has to deal with new cameras no oil or dust spots any more as a friend of mine got the d4 and still with the same problem

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