Nikon booth at the 2014 CP+ show in Japan

The 2014 CP+ show is already ongoing in Japan and the Nikon D4s is (again) on display under thick glass. Here are few pictures from the Nikon booth sent by Glenn (see also his flickr stream):

For more information you can visit the Nikon CP+ Facebook page (mainly in Japanese). Here is a video from the Nikon booth at CP+:

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  • bgbs

    People are dying to know whether this beast will be 24 or 16 megapixels.

    • Funeral Home

      Hopefully Nikon doesn’t let them know in the short time.

      • Steven Solidarios
        • max

          Unfortunately Nikon doesn’t know whether it’ll be 16 or 24 Mpix 🙁

          • Stenward

            They do now. It’s not the smaller….

    • Captain Megaton

      Like the difference between 16 and 24 will actually matter to anyone?

      • Steven Solidarios

        It matters became it helps retain image quality with the crop mode.

    • boink

      what is that fat lens? – in 3rd image from top

      • Flamingo Montoya

        A Zeiss 50mm CF.2 cine lens.

        • Frankie

          Actually it’s a 50mm CP.2 Zeiss T2.1 Cine lens 😉

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      If’s its a typical S model (only minor enhancements) then 16mp

    • Stenward

      24 @ just under £6000

    • Stenward

      Every time I post it gets deleted. Let’s just say it’s not 16

      • Your posts are not deleted, just refresh your browser. We also got your message already – no need to repeat the same post over and over.

        • Stenward

          Sorry, I refreshed about 20 times and nothing happened. They also didn’t appear where I posted them

          • Then probably your sorting is wrong or you have to load all comments.

    • Stenward

      It’s not 16

    • Stenward

      It’s not 16

      • I say it’s not 24.

        • Stenward

          £6k for a 16mp camera? I don’t think Nikon would ask that price without upping it to at least 24mp

  • broxibear

    Well Nikon definitely sent out press shots of the D4s to various magazines, this is from the March issue of What Digital Camera.

  • Aphicide

    That D4s has greenfly.
    (But most likely no internals)

  • A. Lincon

    Its a D400 with a bettery grip

    • Johnny Dough

      And a bettery cherger – that gives me gersberms

  • broxibear

    This made me laugh, Mark Seymour a Nikon UK Ambasador posted this article about the D4s, guess where he sourced it from ?…

    • At least he gave credit, many others won’t.

      • broxibear

        Lol, that’s true.
        What next ?… a guy at Nikon’s CP+ booth, holding a sign that says “No Photography” while a photographer is giving a talk on how to take pictures of children ???

        • I can tell the sign worked pretty good 🙂

        • Glenn

          That was the only section where other spectators were asked not to photograph the children. Several booth including Nikon were offering lessons/workshop especially with Moms on how to improve their photography including macro photogrpahy.

          • ShaoLynx

            Ah, come on, Japanese children aren’t that small. You racist.
            What? What do you mean, I misunderstood.

            • Glenn

              I don’t know how to explain it any better other than they asked not to take pictures in that particular section.

            • AM

              I believe Shao is making a joke because you mentioned children photography and macro photography in your comment.

            • Glenn

              I hope he is joking but it is a bad joke to call out someone “racist”. Pretty imature IMO.

            • broxibear


          • broxibear

            Hi Glenn,
            I wasn’t being serious…although I think all that not photographing children thing has got well out of hand.
            I was laughing because it’s the Nikon booth who are saying no pictures while lecturing on how to do it, and the fact that someone from Nikon took a picture and then posted it on the Nikon CP+ facebook site.

            • AM

              Irony at its best.
              Most of what Nikon’s been doing lately is laughable.

            • decisivemoment

              Well, I guess there hasn’t been much to laugh at lately then.

  • Ed

    I hope that, considering mediocre quality of the D4s images we’ve seen so far ( Nikon decided to delay the product until they fix it.

  • Davistanbul

    Hi guys, I have my poor D800e who severly hit a wall while I was hanging it with a sling thing(black rapid). The inside is so badly deformed that nikon technic servises refuses to try anything there. So i try a third party repair servises in istanbul who employ a guy formely from nikon UK, and he ask me if now as everybody know that the next D4s will be 24 MP, am I thinking to change my broken camera by a new D800e or a D4s.
    I answer that the next D4 is not know as a 24 mp, that is a mistake from adorama. He just answered me that with 300 camera working at Stochi by now, it’s not a secret anymore.

    For me it’s still a wait and see.


    • decisivemoment

      The D800 is really impact-prone from the front with a lens attached; it’s not a nice solid magnesium plate like the D700 and D300 and D200, but more of a skeleton. Is that how yours bit the dust?

      • Davidtanbul

        Yes but the 35 mm sigy attached is still mint, pretty rock solid lens, the top plate is broken, and he got a 3d deformation, the body gain 8 mm in depth on the left and losse 8 mm on the right… The CF compartment seams to work but the card inside don’t work anymore. As crazy as it seems the captor is still aligned….

  • clifflwms

    I’m starting to think that it comes with a plexiglass box installed.

    • zoetmb

      It’s a non-optional, extra-cost accessory.

      But since half the people on this site don’t actually take any photos, they just complain about the camera Nikon hasn’t made yet, it’s perfect for them.

      • BJ

        Don’t forget that it’s incompatible with third-party plexiglass.

    • RMFearless


    • AM

      You may be right. I kind of see some oil spots on that plexiglass.

    • broxibear

      It looks lonely and trapped inside that glass cage…

      • broxibear

        ©The Sankei Shimbun & Sankei Digital

  • Rafa R

    That 58mm lens is definetly in my wish list

    • Spy Black

      Me too, until I heard about the Sigma 50mm f/1.4. Not that it rules it out entirely, but…

    • I love mine 😀 Even if the sigma tops it, I will still relish the fact I paid too much… Bokehlicious.

  • zoetmb

    That link doesn’t work anymore. Maybe Nikon made them take it down.

    But every single time the first photos are posted from a new Nikon, there are tons of complaints that the images are no good and something must be wrong. Then the camera is released and while there may be other complaints (focusing, oil), the complaints about image quality disappear.

    Also: In the video of the CP+ show, did you notice that on the left side of the training area, they listed only the Df, D800E, D800 and D610. They did not list the D4 (never mind the D4s). That seems to imply that even though it hasn’t been officially discontinued (although it seems to be unavailable), that the D4 is gone.

    • You do not need this link – their entire post was based on this NR post: They even referenced it in the via section – just few Nikon D4s sample images found by broxybear and few other NR readers.

      • Ed

        Sorry, I missed the original NR post.

    • Thom Hogan

      It would help the camera makers get better sample images if they did two things:
      1. Hire the best photographers.
      2. Make sure those photographers had enough time to figure out how to extract the best possible results from the camera.

      The D4s samples coming out the Olympics aren’t all that good, but I don’t think it’s the camera’s fault.

      • broxibear

        Hey Thom,
        To be fair the images from Sochi aren’t meant to be samples from Nikon to show how good the camera is. Maybe the NDAs aren’t as tight, maybe Nikon let a few of the Getty guys “leak” some images with intact exif data to build some hype…I don’t know ?
        Nikon isn’t saying “Hey look at these amazing Sochi images on our new D4s !”
        Even the best quality ones I came across were saved at quality 7 in PhotoShop and the exif data suggests they were shot at medium jpeg level in the camera.
        There’s only about 10 Getty photographers out of the almost 40 in Sochi that use Nikon, I think they’ve been told to stick to certain settings to test them out, ie some might be restricted to medium jpeg, others might be restricted to above a certain iso.
        I don’t think it’s as simple as “The D4s samples coming out the Olympics aren’t all that good, but I don’t think it’s the camera’s fault.”
        I don’t expect the D4s to be much more than half a stop better high iso after 6400 if that, and the other improvements will be small too. I don’t understand why so many think there’s going to be a massive improvement…those might come in two years and the D5.

        • Thom Hogan

          > “Stick to specific settings…”
          Yuck. Means cameras weren’t done or Nikon has no confidence in changes.

          > “To be fair…”
          If you’re going to hand out cameras in Sochi, then they’re going to get used. If Nikon doesn’t understand that people routinely look at EXIF data, then they deserve to get the “look at that terrible D4s image” comments.

          There aren’t many places outside the Olympics where you get the chance to influence so many pro photographers’ opinions of gear. If you can’t make an impression on both the pros that are there and the people looking at the photos, what the heck are you there for?

          > “much more than a half stop better”
          Judging from what I’ve heard so far, not really better at all at the sensor. It’s just tuning again.

          Personally, I was never expecting any massive improvements. However, let’s back up a bit. The D4 was at the 2012 London Olympics. What I WOULD have expected is that the designer/engineers would have been there getting full feedback on things they could change on a D4s to make it really resonate with the pro shooter. If the D4s isn’t much of a change from the D4, that’s Nikon’s fault, in my book.

          Now maybe I’ll be surprised and find that they heard, understood, and targeted a number of the D4 issues in the D4s. Since I don’t have a D4s, I can’t say at the moment. But my expectations are reasonably low. However, what’s that also say about any D4x we might get this year? Two possibilities: (1) the D4s didn’t get things addressed that the D4x did; and (2) neither the D4s nor D4x got things addressed that should have been. See the problem with that? ;~)

          Frankly, the number one thing that Nikon needed to address was the small focus direction nub. I can’t count how many folk have had these fall off. I suspect the only reason mine hasn’t fallen off is that I don’t use it ;~).

          • broxibear

            Hi Thom,
            Well the AF nubs have definitely been changed, whether they stay on better we’ll see.
            I’ve no information at all about any D4x…personally I don’t think there’s a market for one considering you have the two D800 bodies, but then again Nikon does make strange decisions, I’ve just not come across a lot of noise for a D4x…are you talking about a sensor in excess of 40mp ?
            I still don’t know why they just don’t stick the D4 or D4s sensor in the D800 and call it the D800s…it’s the D700 replacement so many have been asking for ?…but I don’t work for Nikon so what do I know, lol.

            • Thom Hogan

              I’ve gone on record (repeatedly) that Nikon really needed to build out their high line fully:

              D4s (updated D4)
              D4x (36mp or 54mp, doesn’t totally matter)
              D800s (D800 with 16mp sensor)
              D800E (current model)

              With those four choices, I have the best of all worlds. A big body with the full controls, big battery, vertical grip, and even Ethernet if I can figure out how to best use it. Or a small body with some compromises. I can go out with Big Big, Big Small, or Small Small kits, as needed, and not give up too much. For travel, I’d have simpler battery/charger/card/reader situations if I went Big Big or Small Small. In short, I’d own all four. Most pros would pick two, maybe three.

              When I’m working an assignment, I hate picking up my backup body or supplemental body and having even a slightly different set of controls. I want EXACT so I don’t have to think about it. Moreover, I want to share my settings between D4s and D4x and D800s and D800E, something that seems to have escaped Nikon because someone hard coded the camera name into the settings files.

              The one customer you really don’t want to force into compromise is your pro customer. KEEP THEM HAPPY. The happier we are, the less likely we’d ever consider switching short of huge monetary gain provided to us (wink wink).

  • lorenzo

    Admin, what kind of lens is the one in the 3rd photo from the top where the Nikon is right of the Canon? I think I can read 58mm/72.1. Is it a new one?

    • I was wondering the same thing, but I do not follow the cinema lenses that close and I am not sure if this lens exists already.

      • lorenzo

        Ah, a cinema lens, you may be right. Thanks!

        • Eric Duminil

          LOL: Compact Prime 😀

  • D4S_Groupie

    This is all too confusing……..

  • Horshack

    There should be a sign above the D4s that reads “In Case of a High ISO emergency, Break Glass”

    • Xam

      I need this on a t-shirt

  • Zoron

    Any D900 around ?

    • yayawho

      if only … no matter the name, just D4(s) (whatever) sensor in d800 body … with 51+ points (not that I mind a lot here, really – rather accurate enough then numbers …) … & NO OIL or similar, please.

  • Mike Lyons

    If anyone has some time on their hands, look up Olympic photos shot by Nikon Pros and see if the D4s specs are on the photo info. Just saying…

    • nikonmad

      … spoke to a colleague in Sotchi who is using canon, asked him about the d4s … many nikon shooters use and like the camera … but it is 16mp ….

    • broxibear

      Hi Mike,
      It’s the first thing most people did when they found D4s images, infact that’s how we recognized them as such, but exif data only provides a certain amount of information…it gives the dimensions of that image but not the dimensions of the raw file which might give us the sensor size.
      The exif in all the D4s images I’ve seen are heavily compressed jpegs that are saved in medium quality in Photoshop, I think many are taken using the medium jpeg setting in camera too. Hence you shouldn’t judge the quality of the images this camera can produce based on these Sochi pictures.

      Try it for yourself using this site

  • Hamid Hashemi

    24 will get more wedding photographer interested in D4s. I have two D800 which I use the best of the 36 megapixels.

    • Eric Duminil

      12-16 MP is more than enough for wedding photography. A D800 for group shots might be convenient though.

    • decisivemoment

      Hmm, not sure about that. 16 is awfully handy from a workflow process. Go read Ryan Brenizer’s page about megapixels and camera selection — especially his D800 review. Lack of small-raw was a dealbreaker for him and he went with D4 bodies.

      • Evenmoredescisivemoments

        Nonsense – 36MP too much to handle?
        You’ll never cropped any image? Sure!

        HDD’s cost next to nothing anymore and cropping an image can make it better – at a wedding its impossible to make all your shots 100% perfect in camera.

  • JPR

    Boring news!
    Where is V3?

  • LetDown

    Looks like NikonRumors was wrong on this one. Nikon is outright boring in CP+ with nothing to show for it.

  • Peter

    Still can´t believe that there is no announcement during CP+ from Nikon…

  • Just Me

    Is this all that Nikon can show us right now?
    Seems like Nikon is falling behind in innovation…

    Why can’t they come up with camera’s like the Fuji XT-1?
    Which can be considered as the proper Df.

    • broxibear

      “Why can’t they come up with camera’s like the Fuji XT-1?”
      The same reason Fuji didn’t come up with the D3, D700 or D800.

      • Jon Ingram

        Agreed. Both systems are built with different philosophies from different companies.

        • Bernhard Cando

          Seems the Fujifilm X-T1 is the Nikon Df done properly though….

          Maybe Nikon could learn something from those manufacturers that do take some risk and try out some new technology.

          • Jon Ingram

            “done right?” – Maybe, but that all depends on what your initial expectations/hopes/dreams were of the Df before it was announced. The Df is succeeding at what it was meant to do, but it isn’t doing what many of us wanted. The Df wasn’t meant to do what the Fuji X-t1 is doing. It wasn’t “wrong,” but it is different. Fuji wasn’t intentionally targeting the Df, but they are much more in touch with what a select group of photography enthusiasts are looking for in a camera. The two cameras actually have very little in common, aside from the retro design, and even in that aspect the cameras are very different. I, for one, was disappointed with the Df, but mostly because of the AF module compared to the price. However, if you compared the AF module of the Df to the X-t1, the Df would still win hands down. The main selling point of the X-series is that they a very small and light cameras, with very small and light lenses to match.

    • Tim H

      I agree with Just Me, Fuji XT-1 is very capable camera and currently its in my hand. I have used almost all Nikon Cameras. I feel Nikon is falling behind in innovation. For Example split view, there are lots of things where Nikon could have done. They launched DF but that also half cooked and IMHO incomplete product.

  • broxibear

    Tetsuro Goto, General Manager, of Imaging Product R & D Laboratory Nikon talks to Better Photography magazine, India at CP+ 2014 about the DF…

  • lan ban
    • broxibear


    • Nice profile pic.

      Since the last gen, Nikon has definitely fallen asleep. I just shot a wedding and some commercial work with a XE2 and a D700. And the colors out of the XE2 compared to the Nikon just needs a little tweak, where as the Nikon really needs to get worked to get good (not excellent) looking colours.

      And even then the XE2 looks way better than a D700 in terms of colour; different generation cameras I know, but the D700 is FF, where is this FF magic everyone is talking about. The only thing making me hold onto the Nikon is the AF, but since the XT1 is here, I think it’s time to move on.

      Even if Nikon made the Df properly, the Fuji colors are killing every camera I’ve seen (in tonal gradation). Don’t think a Df with a split focus system would’ve saved Nikon, they actually need to change their sensor color profile, it is terrible. Don’t believe me? Just go and borrow a xe 1 or xe 2 and compare the color, not the pixels, they are worlds apart. But if you like ultra hi resolution so you can view everything up close and be amazed at the clarity for the pixels, then go ahead and buy a D800e. But if you’re actually going to look a the colours and the overall photo like normal people do, then have a look at the Fuji’s. They’re killing it.

      • Tim H

        You are correct! Nikon is sleeping and they have developed is half cooked Nikon DF. Nikon wake up, you are still serviving because of AF and Fuji is catching up in this too.

      • Neopulse

        Certain lenses can have an effect on colors especially when shooting wide open. Fuji though I admit is good at rendering colors well right off the bat especially with their jpegs. For awhile Lightroom didn’t support Fuji raw files and now (well not now, when they started to support it I meant) it’s easier to work with. The Zeiss Touit for example will be awesome with an already awesome X-Trans I/II sensor.

  • jb

    Don’t be stupid!!!! those picture are NOT the best that the D4s can deliver!! there cropped, jpeg, small file size.ect!!!

    • neonspark

      he is stupid. he thinks he can judge a camera from those jpegs.

  • rt-photography

    no new nikon 18-105?

    • rt-photography

      didnt they say they “redesigned” the website?
      wheres the pink slip for the webmaster…

  • 32 1.2 love

    Nothing about the 1 series? No V3? Damn….

  • Cingen

    Does this mean there will be no Nikon announcements, or is there a chance some follow the next few days?

    • At that point I doubt it will be in the next few days. The next possibility is March before or during The Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham, UK (March 1st-4th).

  • Dave Ingraham

    No word on a new AW1 lens?

    • jk

      no, I visited there and they said nothing about it.
      I wanted to interview them but they obviously disliked my Canon C 100 and rejected me.
      anyway, there was nothing really new there other than the D4s.

  • skaarj

    What does the 8500 mean?

  • decisivemoment

    At a minimum, they should have the D4s and V3 at this show. What’s happened? D4s prototype blew a valve or something? Still debating whether it should be 24MP or 16? The Nikon 1 department had a knock-down, drag-out fight over whether to do V3 or another AW model, or both?

    And while we’re at it, this Df video is interesting yet again from suggesting a really very inflexible approach to ergonomics during the development of the camera. Having had more time with one, I can say I’m a lot happier with the dial-locking business, and at least up to ambivalence on the subject of the grip, but how that front command dial could have survived any meaningful testing process is absolutely beyond me. You really do have to use the Df either with an aperture ring or with the rear command dial configured to handle aperture in order to like it. Oh well, look at the bright side, at least the front dial could be configured in a future firmware to do something you want to make literally impossible do by accident, like formatting a memory card. And what strikes me about these mockups, and the sketches on napkins and everything else is that this horrible dial stayed on every single prototype. HOW???? What’s wrong with a simple regular front dial, like on the Fuji XT1 or other Nikon bodies?

    If, of course, you are primarily intending to use the Df with lenses with aperture rings, by all means rush out and buy one right now and simply forget that the front command dial exists, so that Nikon at least has the cash on hand to pursue future products. I don’t want to have to switch. I really don’t. And it is a nice camera otherwise. Just a bit overpriced.

    • Phil999

      I find the front dial perfectly easy to use, I don’t know if you have a particularly sticky one, but mine is just fine.

      • decisivemoment

        I think it’s just a matter of finding the orientation very, very unnatural. Everything else on this camera is horizontal, and easy to grip. The front dial is vertical, and not easy to grip.

    • John

      I use my D700 now kind of as a Df. I had a lot of AIS lenses and bought the 85mm f/1.4D to use with it so they all have the aperture ring. (I started with FM in the late seventies) I am buying AF-S G lenses now though. The front dial on the Df irks me too. If I had gone straight to the Df I would have really loved the top controls but now I am used to the D700 ergonomics. I am sure I will end up with it because I loved the hell out of FM & FM2 just to use with the AIS lenses and D700 with f/2.8 zooms and f/1.8 primes.

  • jp

    Life is sad. D400 was rumored only. D4s was rumored with pictures. What’s gonna be next? D900 posters?

    • AM

      The D300s and D700 successor combined in a single body and a Commodore 64 to process those megapixels.

  • neonspark

    Will nikon announce any new APPS? you know because lenses are now apps

  • Nourah*

    new body and they still didn’t figure out that the costumes need a d300s replacement #yaaaay

  • Bert Dol

    ‘Move along, people. Nothing to see here’

  • kainikkor

    Ive heard that Nikon is now testing 24mp sensor D4s in Sochi winter olympic.

  • Stenward

    It’s 24mp. My local dealer is taking orders. Gonna cost around £5800 – £5999

    • Well, he could be wrong. Adorama also said 24MP, but I say it will be 16MP.

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