Nikon’s history in pictures: from the Nikon 1 rangefinder to the D70s DSLR

A reader sent me this history of Nikon poster that contains all cameras from the original Nikon 1 rangefinder to the D70s DSLR. Enjoy:


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  • paul

    That would be a cool wallpaper for my room.

    • jmb2560


  • Is any camera missing?

    • Jerome M

      I’d say it’s pretty close. Safe for the common rangefinder (Zoom 60, Zoom 300 etc), here is the list I came up with :

    • All My Yesterdays

      The 2005 special edition of the SP.

      • All My Yesterdays

        Since the ghastly FA Gold is included then the various Year of the Dog, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Drunk etc editions of the FM2n need to be there as well.

    • lorenzo

      Coolpix 900 and 990…

    • Netguru

      I don’t see the Nikkormat FTn…my first slr.

      • mikeswitz

        It’s there. 1967. It was my first Nikon slr too. Before that I had a Hanimax Practica.

        • Silvana Populich

          “…1967. It was my first Nikon slr too… Before that I had a Hanimax Practica…”

          Dude how old are you?

          • mikeswitz

            I’m 65. I was working for Ritz Camera as a driver in Washington D.C. while going to college and majoring in Photography. I was 19.

            • AM

              Aha! You’re the reason they went broke.

    • kin notwell

      im guessing D400

    • neversink

      Yeah!!!! The D400 and the D700 replacement ;–}
      Just joking folks, just joking!!!!!

      • AM

        Since the D400 never saw the light, now you’re asking for its replacement. How would you like to name it, the D500?

    • glen

      Nikon D50

      • glen

        I mean F50

    • Melkor

      I don’t see the F65 (my mother have one)

  • mooh

    Well at least this reader did take the effort of putting them together.

  • saywhatuwill

    Had a mint, MINT Nikkorex with the wide angle and tele accessories that my father used. I’m upset because my curiosity got the best of me and I took the lens off and was never able to get it back on. I ended up trashing it.

    The L35 was one of the best portable cameras I owned. It was Nikon’s first steps into P/S cameras and the 5 or 9 step autofocus was pretty good. I used to take some really great photos with the camera. What was nice was that it took filters on the front of the lens, the ISO was easily changed, and the flash popped up. If I didn’t want to use the flash I didn’t need to press any buttons, just hold the flash down. I literally used it until it fell apart. My coworker gave me a new one just a few years ago, but I haven’t used it.

    My parents purchased the L135 because of my recommendation and it was literally the worse camera they ever purchased. it figures.

    • guest

      Don’t feel too bad. I completely disassembled a 50mm f/2 Auto-H.C. and was unable to re-build it. Trashed. A $10 yard sale lens, but its eventual f/2 Ai replacement cost me $50…

      • saywhatuwill

        Thanks. I felt really bad about it because my father gave it to me because I was really interested in photography. I think he used that camera to take a picture of Marilyn Monroe when she came to his base. My sister has that photograph and isn’t relinquishing it to me to scan. Bummer. I finally went to my father and told him what I had done and that I’d pay to get it fixed but he said to use the money towards a more modern camera. I got the FE after that. I did try to get the Nikkorrex fixed, but the repair guy couldn’t do it.

  • Peter

    Nikon 1 is not a rangefinder

    • Joel

      Actually, it is.

      • Widow Twankey

        Care to justify that?

        • Take a look at the chart. Nikon 1 is first camera Nikon made.

    • I am talking about the original Nikon 1 (see the first pictures) which was a rangefinder. The new digital Nikon 1 is obviously not a rangefinder.

      • Spy Black

        Sad to think that’s what people think about today when they hear Nikon1…

  • Peter

    Nikon 1 is not a rangefinder

    • JReagan


    • Xam

      I’m not really into the retro look thing but I like the idea of the v3 looking like the original nikon 1 or s3 rangefinders

  • primary focus

    i still have my 8008s truly one of the better cameras….although i never knew a d50 was part silver

    • DW

      My D50 was all black, I think they were available in both silver (with black grip) and all black

  • primary focus

    i still have my 8008s truly one of the better cameras….although i never knew a d50 was part silver

  • doge

    I have some of these

  • stormwatch

    Super poster…it only misses the 10 most important years in camera making business.

    • Spy Black

      Depends on when you started shooting…

      • stormwatch

        Somewhere in 1984, with the junior air shooting team.

  • Mike

    I would have preferred ruminating over D4s specs this weekend. The poster is nice and all but you know. Damn you Nikon! 😉

  • lan ban

    2014 nikon in ze kitchen

  • Mansgame

    All that experience and yet they couldn’t build a shutter for the D600 that didn’t pretend to be a BP oil well.

    • Spy Black

      A woman scorned…

      • Mansgame

        Never Forget

    • Dave Ingram

      I got a full refund for my D600 after a year of using it – took a bit of time and effort but it can be done.

      • Tim H

        Do you feel proud that you used camera for one year and returned?

        • Dave Ingram

          Uh, no Tim H and Edf – maybe I should have reworded that. After a year of trying to work with a defective camera, cleaning it myself, several trips to Nikon Service and lost weeks while it was there, shutter replacement, countless hours spent in Lightroom spot cleaning, Nikon finally stood behind their product and provided a refund. I don’t think proud or procrastinating would be the right words, frustrated that it took so long. But Nikon did make it right in the end, kudos to them. I guess those are the facts in my case.

          If you read Nikon Rumours regularly, you probably know that Nikon is starting to deal with D600 issues on a case by case basis:

      • Edf

        time and effort AKA being a spoiled self entitled, procrastinating crybaby. I am stating a fact not an opinion.

        • Jon Ingram

          Perhaps he spent a year trying to work out the kinks, blowing through shutter actuations and cleaning his sensor in an attempt to solve his problem on his own instead of insisting on 3 replacements right off the bat like everyone else seems to do. After exhausting his own resources he gets a refund for a defective product which could not be fixed. Seems reasonable to me. (Besides, I have to defend Dave, he is probably some distant relation).

      • Jas

        I have the same experience. It took a lot of time, a lot of sending the camera back and forth, but in the end, nikon has admited the camera is defective and cant be repaired and im getting the full refund, which is the full price when the camera came out. All of this after 2 full years of using the camera regulary. Not bad and a big thank you to nikon.

  • D700guy

    I have 2 of them. 1979 EM and 2004 F6


    All that heritage of producing (mostly) high quality cameras leads Nikon to a future of what?

    • Maji

      How about the D4 and D800? Why don’t you mention them too?

      • Cause poster was likely made in 2005.

  • bill t.

    Bought a Nikon F Photomic Tn at the Army PX in Vietnam in 1967. For about zilch. Then picked up a bunch of lenses in Hong Kong on R&R. Still have it all. Had bunch of those others, too, Nikkormat, FM2, original F, etc. Just recently stumbled across the mint FM2 in a storage box.

    I think there’s one missing from about 1975. Was a top-end Nikon that looked like a Nikkormat with smooth corners. Worst Nikon I ever owned, bought one just before a trip to Europe and everything was out of focus due to a factory error. Ouch.

  • broxibear

    I remember posting a similar poster here a while ago, this one goes to the D3…

  • ereshoping

    Wow my D70 is actually 10 years old!!!

  • Naval Gunfire

    I still remember the fuss when the F4 came out (great camera) but there were quite a few people who hated it back in the day. I dread to think what some of the posters on here would have made of it!

  • Global

    Soooo many ugly cameras and so very few good looking ones.

    I have a new found respect for the Df……

  • Johnny Doe

    Slow news day? 😉

    • Qw

      Is this supposed to be funny? Or just a bad joke? Come back to reality.

      • NoNoos

        Well, yes it was a slow news day.
        Not even a new Coolpix or several to get excited by. So what’s your problem?

  • Danzig

    D300, D700 & D3 are the golden years IMO

    • broxibear

      D400, D800s & D4s could be next in line ?

      • Danzig

        Well the D800 & D4 are already here and they’re not lacking anything. A D400 would be nice though 🙂

    • Fishy eye

      You can buy the posters on Nikon UK website. Why not here??
      They do not take outside UK CC’s either.

      • Naval Gunfire

        Nikon Europe produces and sells the posters as far as I know, Nikon USA chooses not to produce anything similar.

    • John

      I had a time warp from FM2/F3/N90s to D700. I agree with you!!

  • Rafa R

    Thank god he didn’t include a Coolpix list

  • Mark

    figures, the one I want S2 is going for ~$600-800 on fleabay. ouch

  • Sebazshi

    Wow! You can really see the progression of ugliness as they get newer.

  • JXVo

    My Nikon journey started with the F80…nice light and well featured camera and I still have it but I always hankered after a F100.
    Fond memories of the D70 too. IMO it was the first DSLR that could properly take on the 35mm film cameras. I still have a number of very nice prints on my wall from that D70. It had a special feature that I am missing on my modern DSLR’s -1/500sec flash sync speed thanks to an electronic shutter. Auto FP high speed sync is somehow not the same.

  • thirtyhertz

    Nikon really should think about releasing a Digital rangefinder, think there would be a market for it and could be retro but in a more popular way then the DF (I’m no bashing it, doesn’t bother me).

  • Naval Gunfire

    Being an old fart the poster brings back some memories for me, especially of the film SLRs. I’m old enough to remember a time when few pros used Canon which will probably surprise some of the digital generation!

    I bought a second hand Nikkormat FTn using money I made from a summer job during my school days and that was my first Nikon SLR. It had been out for about 15 years at that point and I picked it up for a pittance. I think I still have it somewhere but it’s been packed away since I moved into this house. Considering it was an amateur camera it is incredibly well built, they don’t build them like that anymore (I feel old saying that). Great little camera.

    I went to an F4 after that which I really wish I had kept, that was probably my favourite camera of all. Was great for sports photography and if I could only use one camera for the rest of my life it would probably be the F4.

  • David D.

    Still Have my FM. Wish all cameras were that well made. For that matter I still have my F90, D100, D2X, D300 and D800. Hmmmmm

    Safe to say I’ve been shooting Nikon for a while! Must be something to it.

  • Mr. Macho

    Nikon 1 (new) is an insult to the original Nikon 1. So is Olympus OM-D to the original OM.

  • MaGo99

    Don´t see my beloved FM2T….. 🙁

  • Has labeled F501/N2002, but in America, it was N2020, not 2002.

  • Melissa Moore

    I would love this poster for my photography class!

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