More Nikon D4s pictures

Nikon D4s DSLR camera
B&H updated their their Nikon D4s camera listing and have now included also a picture of the camera.

Here is another D4s picture from the Olympics.

I am still getting conflicting information on the actual D4s announcement date. The Nikon press event in the Czech Republic tomorrow could be for the Coolpix cameras that were announced last week. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Arita

    Hope the high ISO stop improvement will turn out to be true.

  • I just had a great shoot with D3s and damn it, I am so happy with it. Thanks god ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the D4s beast if you get it I am D3s for next two years ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mansgame

      12 MP’s? Pfft, Lumia can get 40 MP’s. Do you even shoot brah?

      • Size does matter for some I can see but ‘brah’ I can get an A2 print from 12MP D3s and clients are thrilled to see themselves on it. I hope you had printed at least one 4×6 from your Lumia last year ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your pixel hunt!

        • shay

          I’m pretty sure he was joking… Brah.

        • lan ban

          a big ass print from the d800e 36.3 megapixel NIKKOR 70-200MM F2.8G ED VR II Will Take Your Breath Away

          • You might be right but still have a taste of D3s winter fashion shoot from last week in Prague to show you this camera can shoot a hack stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Spy Black

              Nice work, and yes, 12 megs will cut it quite well, especially when your sensor has a wide dynamic range.

            • Thanks. I wish I had it 6 years back when I did Mt. Everest and Annapurna’s treks with D200. Low light shot’s there were missing D3s quality ๐Ÿ™‚

            • I’m also a D3S guy. I’m gonna keep using it as long as I can.

            • Aldo

              Nice shot! I’m a sucker for natural lighting… but I hit the strobes also sometimes…

            • Spy Black

              Nothing wrong with mixing strobes with available light, especially when done right.

            • Aldo

              Nothing wrong indeed… but a lot of times not needed. Especially if you can see how diffused light travels.

            • Bavarian


          • Dong

            i use D800 to crop shabby composition. Ding!

            • umeshrw

              Not just shabby. For wedding photographers it’s mostly better to compose loosely in order to be able to change compositions while making albums.

          • Jeff Hunter

            What’s the largest print you’ve made from your D800? I own a D800 and love it, but I haven’t made any prints yet.

            • Egan

              I’ve printed many large prints with my D800. The largest single frame shot I’ve done has been 30×40. Largest multiframe shot(s) is 24×96, I’ve also done a number of 24×36’s and 20x30s. The resolution is stunning. You can stand literally 1 foot away and there are no jaggies or artifacts.

            • Jeff Hunter

              Thanks for the info!

            • lan ban

              40″ x 60″

            • Jeff Hunter


            • No-One

              Well, i own a 24-inch wide printer so, 24 inches. It’s not what I deliver typically and it’s not even my best printer but for some customers, a huge low quality image is “worth more” than a perfectly printed smaller image.

              Call it the buffet mentality. My dad LOVED buffets whereas I wouldn’t eat there except to make him happy. What he loved was a table full of food, even if it was bleh.

      • umeshrw

        The 9 downvotes are hilarious.

    • Rafa R

      enjoy your D3s probably one of the best cameras ever made, two CF cards too!

  • jf

    Isn’t the B&H pic just a photoshopped picture of a D4? The “S” seems off, wider than that on the OS pic and also positioned just a little bit too much towards the centre.

  • broxibear

    Forget all this D4s nonsense, Nikon Europe just posted a tutorial on how to use the WiFi function on Coolpix cameras…I bet the D4s can’t do that ? Lol

    • Mr. Mamiya

      If you buy a ridiculously priced WiFi adapter that costs more than a whole WiFi equipped entry level camera, everything is possible.

  • whisky

    did i understand correctly there may be some CP+ nikon 1 announcements tonight?

  • G0nzo

    btw, I just checked Europes Photo reseller. D4 still available.

  • Redx

    The Czech event tomorrow in Prague is not about the D4s but the introduction/presentation of the just announced Coolpix cameras.
    Confirm by NPS Czech Republic.

    • That’s what I was afraid of, so the D4s may not be announced tomorrow after all.

      • broxibear

        Nikon UK said “Weโ€™re particularly excited to have the Nikon D4S at the show ahead of
        its official release, giving customers an exclusive sneak peek.” talking about The Photography Show from 1st โ€“ 4th March 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham.
        Maybe they’ll spill the beans spec wise at CP+ in a few days and the official launch will be after the 4th of March ?
        Joe the Mac is in London on Feb 26th, he’ll have one in his bag I’m sure

        • Mike

          Or, official release is meant to mean ‘before it hits shelves’. Announcement now, available in mid March.

          • broxibear

            Yeah, you could well be right Mike…CP+ starts on Thursday so not long to go.

  • Jay Pike

    Another selfie from the D4s? I’m wondering when its going to start its own twitter account?

    • D700guy

      Why wold they screw up a perfectly good 16 mp camera with another useless 24mp sensor? Dont we already have enough 24 mp in the line up?

      • Naval Gunfire

        The 24mp sensor in the D600 was fantastic, I wouldn’t call that one useless.

      • Spy Black

        I’m not sure what in his comment has prompted your reply, but you’ve obviously haven’t even looked at a D600/610 image.

      • Aldo
        • AM


          • Aldo

            You guessed right.

  • Aaron

    So is the D4s 16 MP’s? or 24?
    Any solid info on this?

    • Mike


    • 16MP, reported that several times on the blog already

      • bully

        he has not “solidly” read anything yet…

        He will sit down, fart, and make an irrelevant comment… and ask about D400

        • Aaron

          Huh? Not sure I follow your eloquent reference here?

          • bully

            Needs 24mp to get the eloquence…. : )

            • Aaron

              You really should get off your moms computer and go do your homework.

      • Aaron

        I hope it’s still 16, but there’s lots of talk about 24 elsewhere… Also if it’s 16, is it the same sensor as D4, if the one stop improvement is true then its not the same sensor…

        • The 24MP talk came from a bogus source, you can ignore it ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Aaron

            Good to know, Thanks!

          • AM

            Do you mean the unmentionable? I agree, that’s a bogus source.

            • yes, the funny thing will be if the D4s comes up with a 24MP sensor. I think then I will have to shut down this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • UA

    So Nikon has finally given up with these product leaks and started announcing upcoming products several months before actual announcement. “Yeaaah, we are doing this. Dunno when it’s ready and what it’ll do. But it looks like this: it’s exactly the same as the previous one, but there’s an extra S incorporated to the body.”

    I’d like to say Kudos! to you Mr. Nikon Rumours. I think it is due to the work of you :).

  • Miked

    Is this true, Nikon D4s is $3,210.00?, has the camera listed at that price. If true, WOW!!

    • Mikedd
    • seen that

      Its $3210 for D4s + nikon trinity lens. Look closely.

      • AM

        You two guys need to make an appointment with an optometrist. It’s an used D4.

        • Yes, it’s an used D4 – like I said, the D4 has been sold in the US for months.

    • Bruce

      That’s a D4, not a D4s, and it’s a Used model being sold by an individual, not a new model sold by Amazon.

    • scamwarner

      In case anyone thinks that the listing is legitimate, please know that it is NOT. These people are scammers who ask you to contact them via an outside email address and proceed to send you fake Amazon emails asking for bank transfers. They have been operating on Amazon for several months now.

  • Andy

    This is a PJs camera – high frame rate and high ISO with decent image processing to fire off the image to the office so that 1280 jpegs can be on the web by the top of the hour. People on the internet typing furiously decrying it for not being an eleventy-billion MP camera aren’t the PJs who’ll be buying or using this camera.

  • broxibear

    “Nikon announced the development of the successor to its flagship D4 earlier in 2014.
    It appeared at CES as a prototype model in nothing more than a glass
    box. While the official specs and announcement look set to be made any
    day now, some Getty photographers may get their hands on the D4S to
    shoot with at the Olympics.
    “We have about 20-25 per cent of our guys on the sports side here
    using Nikon. We will probably be using the [D4S] camera as a bit of a
    test at some point during the Games … the cameras are going into a new
    phase and a new era. The next stage is can we get the files out of the
    camera direct through Wi-Fi and things like that. That’s the challenge
    that everybody is working towards. I can’t see us having fibre optic
    cables forever more.””

    • Nikon should make some promo of their D4s cameras at the games. I donโ€™t think they are a sponsor, but they can still do something.

      • broxibear

        Still don’t understand why they bothered having it in a glass case at CES.
        It’s interesting that neither Canon or Nikon are sponsors at the World Cup this year in Brazil, Sony are though.
        Sochi’s a weird one, lots of empty seats at the events and it got a lot of negative press before it started…I don’t know about elsewhere but nobody cares that much about the Winter Olympics in the UK.
        The amount of money spent on these type of games is obscene…maybe they’re reaching the end of their life in the current format and costs.

  • broxibear

    Here’s a link for those who want to follow the photographers out in Sochi, some interesting behind the scenes images being posted as well as the usual sports ones

    ยฉ RobSchumacher (Staff photographer for The Arizona Republic)

  • Aztecphotos

    I looked at the files you listed previously from the Olympics and in no way did they look like a stop better than a D3s. I was a little confused by the settings of one particular shot of the skating team. 1/2000th with the 400mm I understood, but shooting at f7.1 and 10000 ISO confused me. The file looked loose and muddy at 10000 with hot pixels (which leads me to believe there is no one stop increase over the D3s), but why not open up a couple of stops and lower the ISO? Even when I can for night and indoor events, I wouldn’t shoot at f7.1. Too much depth of field to make the subjects pop.

  • SkyMeow

    Any hope for D4X?

    • RHM

      Nope, that’s in the same place as the D400, AFS tubes and a digital back for the F5.

      • SkyMeow

        Now what am I suppose to do with spare $6000. I want a new body but there is none that I actually want. And I don’t need any more lens at this point.

        • Naval Gunfire

          Book yourself a nice holiday somewhere and take some beautiful pictures of your trip.

  • Mike

    30 mins til midnight EST and no further “leaks”. Is this abnormal admin? Usually you’ve got the scoop by now if it’s happening.

    • What kind of leaks do you expect? I already posted pictures and specs. I also mentioned earlier that the announcement may not be tonight.

      • Mike

        Ok ok. In recent announcements you’ve had the full news before anyone before midnight is all. You’ve done a great job and being good at this. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. I continue to wait eagerly. Cheers!

        • I know, Nikon is making my job very difficult – they have never been so tightlipped.

  • Jacob

    Why was the time of midnight suggested, given that 10:30 am in Prague is 2:30 EST?

    • Because Nikon announcements always happen around midnight. At least this has been the case for the past 6 years I have been running this blog. Sometimes the press releases come out at 11:00 pm or at 1:00am, but generally it’s midnight.

  • Yair

    So? No official announcement yet?

  • broxibear

    Oh well, just get these…no one will know the difference, even half the photographers themselves won’t see any difference, lol

    • Morris


  • broxibear

    If you go to the Calumet UK site and enter “Nikon D4s” in the search box it has predictive text and shows you “nikon d4s digital slr camera – coming soon – price tba”, but nothing comes up if you click it.

  • terress

    I’ve got a D800 and a D4. No reason to even look at the D4s.

  • decisivemoment

    I guess the D4s must be a World Cup camera being tested at Sochi. In any case, having bought four bodies and five lenses in the past ten months, making the shift from DX to a split CX and FX system after Nikon’s abdication of the D300 market slot, I’m maxed out. I’m sure the D4s will be a very fine camera for press and sports photographers . . . . that is, if there are any press photographers left after the ongoing rounds of redundancies. The problem is, the current Nikon strategy makes sense for the 1990s, when PJ majors were growing, photo departments weren’t yet being cut, amateurs wanted smaller and simpler but still good cameras, and prosumers wanted to make a clean switch from 35mm. The Nikon strategy unfortunately doesn’t make sense now. Today, the creative types don’t have that kind of equipment budget, and while the amateur types often do, they want high-end cameras but not all that weight. If Nikon persists with their current strategy, they’re leaving a huge gaping opening for the mirrorless crowd — Sony full-frame for people who like documentary and fine art, Olympus for small-budget press and web PJs, Fuji for general purpose personal, editorial and commercial photography, and so on. But there’s a way they can keep DSLRs and the F-mount at the core of the action.

    Short term, it looks like pro FX is taken care of. But prosumer FX needs better build quality, and DX needs an adrenaline shot. And it comes down to DX. If the D2300 combines effective mirrorless with F-mount compatibility and low-cost assembly with high-end features, and if the D7200 is a knockout that combines the best of the D7100 and D300, I’ll hold my fire.

    Until then, Nikon, you’re on notice. Right now, if for any reason I should decide I can’t physically handle all the heavy FX stuff I now have, I would not be able to stay in Nikon. It’s really that simple. I’m not planning on it — this makeover is intended to last for several years — but if the worst were to happen, I would have to switch brands.

    To end this on a positive note, Nikon should know what kept me in the brand this time, even when they didn’t have what I wanted (a D400). It was with the D800 — Fujifilm S5 dynamic range, medium format resolution, and pro film camera responsiveness and lack of lag time. But the cost was a stretch and I’ve had to cut out some planned lens purchases, opting to achieve telephoto reach instead by FT-1ing my Nikon V1 (and hoping like heck there will be a worthy V3 or AW3). Had I been unable to afford the D800, I’d have switched brands this past year.

    • outkasted

      What are you a simp? Do some friggin’ arm curls and forearm strengthening exercises. The pro line is for pros that have the guts and mechanical features of a pro grade camera. A big camera for peeps that have big hands. I see women photographers sporting a Canon Mark III with no effin’ problems. Until the mirror less tech catches up go buy a Fugi or a 4/3 or Sony. cause right now the cameras are what they are. Beast amongst men. Embrace your inner beastie.

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