Grey market Nikon Coolpix A camera for $659.99 on eBay

Nikon Coolpix A with SB-900
Contrary to all expectations, the US price of the Nikon Coolpix A camera has not dropped since the camera was introduced in March last year and is still at $1,096.95 (currently $999.88 on Amazon via J&R or $749.95 for a refurbished version). A grey market Nikon Coolpix A (no US warranty) is currently listed for $659.99 on eBay:


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  • MB

    Is SB-900 included?

    • Taggart

      Yeah, I’d pay $660 for the Coolpix and the SB-900.

  • Brian James Balzer

    I think where they failed with this camera is the 28mm equivalent focal length. If it were a fixed 35mm, like the x100s, I would be all over this deal.

    • Arne

      Yes, and with f 2.0

    • Spy Black

      Most of Nikon’s failures are their price, like they’re done with the Df and dysfunctional Nikon 1 series.. Had they priced this at this price, it would’ve been a major hit.

    • I don’t think the FL is the problem, the Ricoh GR, a very similar camera at a substantially lower price, is.

    • Rafa R

      I agree 28mm is the wrong focal length, should had been a 35mm

      • Global

        I would rather have 30mm.

    • Espen4u

      Nah 28 is ok with me as is the size. But the price and the lower than average CDAF is not.

  • Ordnas_selac

    ewwww no way.

  • Spy Black

    That ‘900 is bigger than the A.

  • Mansgame

    This is what the V J series should have been. It’s the only place where I see DX sensors having a home in the future. But a $1000 for a point and shoot? Yeah, I’ll pass.

    • groucher

      The Nikon 1 series wouldn’t have managed 60 fps and the lenses would have been much larger if it had been DX. Nikon 1 is (almost) perfection as it is, particularly at current prices.

    • MJr

      Only to a bad photographer is this a point and shoot.

  • magnus

    one of my favourite cameras ever. if they discontinue the series I’ll be buying a few more.

  • 5DollarFootlong

    This is a great camera. I love mine!

  • pablo

    Still about $300 more than it is worth.

  • Prices are likely to continue to decline as this camera approaches a year in the market. I would get one as an easy to pack back-up camera, though at a lower price point. The Leica X1 and X2 have depreciated more.

  • Nikonnut

    if it was launched at this price official from nikon I would most definately get one.

  • moshpittman

    I needed a new pocket camera and I waited for ages for the price to drop on the Coolpix A but I gave up a few weeks ago and bought a Ricoh GR for not much more than half the price… AU$661 for a locally sourced camera, I was happy with that!
    If I had come across a grey market special as good as this one in the article, I probably would have snapped it up… but here in Australia the Australian sourced model is at least $1200 and usually more and grey market on ebay is about $930 at the lowest…

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I remember when it went down to 350$… i dhould have jumped on that a few years ago.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I agree i feel like a 35mm is a much better all around focal length. Easily cropped to a 50mm and if you need a wider angle you can easily stitch two 35mm images together

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