Nikon Coolpix AW120 sample images

Some new samples images taken with the just released Nikon Coolpix AW120 camera ($346.95, available for pre-order in the US and EU):

In case some of the images get removed from flickr, here are few local copies:

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  • Maji

    Very cool images! Love the underwater photos.

  • Nitax

    Technical specs and image quality aside, that is a pretty cool looking camera.

  • Vlad Dusil

    Holy **** is that a mantis shrimp?

    • Patrick O’Connor

      If you haven’t, you should read “Fragment,” by Warren Fahy. The premise is an island filled with an entire ecosystem based on the Mantis Shrimp model.

  • Mansgame

    The underwater pictures look entirely too controlled. Was it in a small aquarium with studio lights from the outside?

    • Spy Black

      Certainly underwater, mostly shallow, and possibly some shots with the aid of optically triggered external strobes.

  • l

    Good photographs but the IQ was a little poorer than expected. Perhaps it is the sizing and sharpening for web? I wouldn’t be surprised if so since I can get clearer images with my iphone and it is “inferior”.

    • saywhatuwill

      I KNOW you must be joking. Take your iphone underwater and capture some of those pictures. Come on, I dare you. In fact, I triple-dog dare you.

  • chris zeller

    Awesome. Amazing what good photography can produce even with basic equipment. I have the AW110 and its a great camera to have in places that I’d never take my better equipment. It takes very good pictures too. If these samples aren’t good enough for you i don’t know what to tell you. Off all the coolpix I think this is the one most likely to stick around.

  • whisky

    nice little camera. the 24mm FOV packs a punch, and the IQ looks to be more than “good enough” for web and small print.

  • nice nikon is still working on this line. I have a aw100 and it still decent

  • I have Nikon AW100, it’s pics are very poor in compare with these shots.
    Just crap like from a cheap smartphone.
    These shots look great, did really Nikon upgraded that line and achieved such results?

    • jonas

      no, they just used flashes, tripods, etc..

  • Fuzz

    Great update in terms of aperture and FOV but no filter capability anymore. Used it for ultra wide conversation lens (self made) on my AW110.

    • Peter Allinson

      I have some concerns over the photos being taken with just the AW120. The seahorse usually lives at depths greater than the pressure limit of the camera and the shots have the look of an external flash. IQ is extremely good for a compact.

  • morgan boyle

    if those are the kind of shots this camera gets without additional lighting, i will definitely consider buying this camera.

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