Amazon Lightning Deal: Nikon D7100 for $800 ($400 off)

Another Black Friday deal worth mentioning: the Nikon D7100 body only is currently listed for $799.99 ($400 off) on Amazon. This is the lowest D7100 price ever.

This Lightning Deal will be valid only for the next hour and a half. is now gone.

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  • Fayez Najeeb

    Amazing deal. Indeed an impressive price. But this deal isn’t being included with the 18-140MM lens. I need a kit. And that’s still for the same price 🙁

    • rearranged

      use the saved money and buy a better lens like the 17-55 😉

      • Fayez Najeeb

        I have a maximum budget of $1500 dollars. I’m from Pakistan so it makes almost a hundred and sixty thousand rupees which is a HELL LOT of Money ! And I stopped commercial photography due to lack of time so before investing I have to think twice though I wish I coud have bought all those great lenses.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        The 17-55 is not the best lens for the D7100. It’s old, Designed for 6-12MP sensors. The D7100 sensor eats that lens for lunch. The $500 Sigma 17-70 blows it out of the water as far as IQ goes

  • AlphaTed

    Awesome deal if you need one.

    • fred

      Bought one.
      I just “upgraded” from a D300S. I can’t wait forever for a D400.
      Besides, its Christmas.

      Thanks Santa!

      • RBR

        What? the deal is expired.

  • kovairaja

    Grabbed one! thanks 🙂

  • Brandon

    That link does not show $799 pricing for me, it shows $1,096

    • This was a lightning deal and is now over – it was live for only hour and a half.

    • Joseph Li

      there’s a limited number sold out within 30 min even tho there’s still time

  • 103David

    Fabulous deal…now if only I wanted one…

  • Rocklan01

    Got one! Thanks Nikon Rumors!

  • T53

    An amazing deal. This is cheaper than the Refurbished price. Great Resolution….tiny buffer.

  • Eric

    Im desperate for a good deal of D610. Still frequently refresh your page hoping good thing comes..

    • Global

      The deals for the D610 — IS the D600. There will be no D610 deals. Don’t hold your breath. Buy NOW, or… buy a D600 (at an incredible price).

      You won’t regret a D600 at its current prices (less than $1500). Buy a sensor cleaner, with your purchase, just in case.

  • RBR

    Here and gone in a flash. That sux.

  • whisky

    hard to find refurbished nikon 1 V1 (white) w/10-30mm lens, EN-EL15 battery, charger, 90 day nikon warranty: $334

    not the lowest price ever, but the best deal currently going if you’re looking for a backup V camera.

  • jr456

    What a sick deal for this camera.

  • Global

    A problem (other than the time limit) is that the “SlickDeals” people got wind of it — and a huge numbers of them bought them to sell for a profit, thinking they can get $100-300/a piece on this deal.

    I would look to eBay/Craigslist, in approximately 2-3 days from now. There will probably be some D7100 that SlickDeal-ers never wanted in the first place, up for sale.

    • humenbean

      This just in… welcome to every holiday sale ever. People who post this? People upset they missed the sale.

      You can do two things, well three… Earn a living and pay full price, stop working as much and spend countless hours clicking refresh on your browser for sales. Pick one or do nothing.

      • Global

        That’s rather unhelpful and weird, Humusbean.

        I am a full-framer, not interested in a D7100 (if anything, I’d go for a D5300 to pair with a D800). I have a full set of a full-frame lenses, and I bought almost all of them while they were on discount — saving thousands of dollars. That’s one reason to read NikonRumors, in fact. You wouldn’t even be reading the comments section of this post if you weren’t doing exactly the same thing.

        Likewise, some folks might like to know that even though the Lightening Deal is over, SOME of the D7100s will be Craiglisted in 2-3 days, by slickdealers who never wanted to own this camera to begin with, but need cash for their other buys.

        $200-300 bucks is a new lens. People with money have money because they DO have jobs and they work hard for their money — and they don’t throw it away at full retail price. You sound like someone who believe that “a fool and his money are soon separated” is some kind of compliment.

        Love NikonRumors for sharing deals news. Thanks to Admin, I’ve saved several hundreds!

    • RBR

      I will just bet they get stuck with them if that is the case. As they are not authorized resellers, they are selling a USED item (even if it is unopened in the box) with NO WARRANTY whatsoever. Just try to come up with a proof of purchase that Nikon will accept. Fat chance!

      • nobody cares

        Are you saying that if I buy a D7100 and give it to someone as a Christmas present the warranty is void? I think not. You give them an amazon Gift receipt and the warranty will be honored.

        • RBR

          Please read the post before making up irrelevant scenarios. I will repeat. If someone buys Nikon equipment, in this instance a D7100, from a source which is not an authorized Nikon reseller, they will not be able to submit legitimate proof of purchase from an authorized Nikon reseller should there be a warranty claim. This has absolutely nothing to do with your example of a gift of a Nikon product IF IT WAS PURCHASED FROM AN AUTHORIZED NIKON RESELLER. If, on the other hand, you made a gift of a Nikon product purchased from someone selling it out of the trunk of a car or on eBay who is not an authorized Nikon reseller, Nikon will not honor a warranty claim in the ordinary course of events. The recipient of a gift is normally considered to “stand in the shoes of the original purchaser”.

          Anyone purchasing a Nikon D7100 on eBay which was purchased by an individual from Amazon during their special will, in my opinion, be unable to legitimately satisfy the requirements of NikonUSA in the event of a warranty claim. Ther

          • RBR

            Continued: (There) is an outside chance Nikon might make a goodwill adjustment if there were something they felt was their problem, but I would not be inclined to rely upon their goodwill in view of the company’s demonstrated hostility towards customers in the recent past (left hand focus problems, dust on sensor problems and some problems that have simply been the consequence of inadequate quality assurance). In short, if you buy a NikonUSA product from an authorized NikonUSA reseller as a gift, I would expect the gift recipient to receive the same or similar treatment as any other warranty claimant upon presentation of supporting documentation.

          • Global

            Plus, a family member is very easy to share the Warranty with. But a stranger, its not easy. Its not likely they’ll be rejected with gift receipts, etc. But its just a hassle — that’s why people prefer to buy 1st hand. But, hey, if its a GREAT deal, then they’ll buy 2nd hand.

            Keep in mind, a REFURBISHED body goes for $800 or so. So if this is new (no shutter clicks) plus some extra stuff (lens, memory card, bag), a SlickDealer could easily sell it and make $100 bucks on Craigslist.. no question.

            And the person who bought it would probably be HAPPY, even without warranty (plus the seller might even help them out later on, if necessary; a lot of people are friendly).

    • dorkeugene

      Yeah that’s precisely what happened. I saw the preview for the lightning deal listed as a Nikon DSLR and was sure it would be something like a D3100 or D5200. Checked as soon as the deal went live and saw it was the D7100, so I told a few close friends to jump on the deal. It was slow going for at least an hour… There was still just 47% claimed at that point, but the Slickdeals crowd did eventually show up and the remaining stock got snapped up in less than 30 minutes. The price was so good I was tempted to buy one to use as a second body to minimize lens swaps at events.

  • Ronan


  • Chris

    $800 should just be the MSRP. All this gear is so grossly over-priced, and losses it’s value so fast. Maybe if the manufacturer put products out at a fair price then they could hold their value longer, and wait longer before release the next model instead of constant incremental updates.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      It’s not the price, it’s the cheap build that causes the loss in price. Look at Leica lenses built to last and they cost an arm and a leg, but they don’t lose value. I’ve never lost a dime selling a Leica lens. On the contrary, I’ve only made money.

      • RBR

        What you say is true in so far as it goes. Leica kit does retain value well, especially lenses.

        Electronics, on the other hand, depreciate rapidly. Take computers as an example. With the rapid pace of technological change, a computer has sometimes been described as obsolescent when you inbox it. That may be a bit extreme, perhaps even a bit of hyperbole, but digital cameras are, at their heart, simply computers. The product life cycle of interchangeable lens bodies is not quite as short as that of most computers, but most point and shoot cameras are replaced in the manufacturer’s product lineup on about a yearly basis.

        And then there is a “dirty little secret” of the electronics industry. Because of pressures to make products “green” and to facilitate recycling, the formulation of the solder used to both physically and electronically incorporate components on a logic board, it has been estimated that many products have a shorter expected service life (than before the changes) before failure…and the need to recycle the product. I have not seen an analysis of digital camera bodies in this respect, but I would be surprised if cameras were not affected in this way to some extent

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Yep, the “green-washing” as they call. Take out the tiny bit of “toxic” lead solder and use something less stable so that it will be destined for a landfill much sooner.

          To save the environment they are making things so they they have to be thrown away quicker instead of staying OUT of the landfill by giving it a longer lifespan.

          Fill up the landfill quicker, but with less toxic lead solder. Yes, that’s a brilliant idea. In the end all of these electronics end up in third-world countries where they burn them to separate out the tiny bit of copper and other slightly reusable materials while spewing toxic fumes into the air and lungs of mostly children that do the job.

          That’s the real effect the “greening” of electronics.

          • Global

            Interesting article. The free market provides for recycling, in empoverished countries — but wealthy countries can hardly be bothered to even separate their paper/plastic from their ordinary waste.

      • Ronan

        Don’t forget Leica makes a lot less lenses. If Leica made as many lenses that Nikon does… the price would be very different.

        Economics of scales.

      • Global

        You can’t really compare Lenses and Bodies.

        Oranges and Apples. All of my Nikon Lenses have held their value (some have gone up). But bodies.. bodies depreciate NOT because of build quality, but because the sensor technology and software go out of date.

        Leica is not immune from that at all — and a 10 year old 5mp Leica would be as crappy as a 10 year old Nikon D40. Which is to say — both would be very nice cameras; but they wouldn’t have great resale value.

        Leica costs more, because Leica owners like status symbols — but even Leica avoided digital as long as it could, because it knows that, unlike Analog cameras, you can’t just rely on the quality of craftsmanship… regrettably (for Leica), the guts will depreciate, even if the fine qualities of physical body don’t. Their might always be a sucker willing to pay $10,000 for a 5mp camera or a Mercedes Benz with 400,000 miles on it for twice the price of a new Honda — but “fools and their money”…

        Lenses lack as much software, and lensing technology advances far more slowly, so lenses are much more stable.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          The original post simply said “gear” and “products”. I simply added my opinion about lenses. I wasn’t comparing lenses and bodies. Nobody was.

  • Mansgame

    Not bad…too bad DX is dead.

    • nobody cares

      Most DSLR sales are DX. Outside of pros and well to do enthusiasts, few buy FX. Most people balk at a grand for a camera, they’re certainly not going to spend 2-3k for a body.

      • Mansgame

        DX was not a feature. It started because FX sensors would have been too expensive to have so pro cameras came with them. Then only 2 models the D3 and D700 had them. Then there was all the different varieties of the D3, then D4, D600, D610, D800, and now Df. As the technology matures more, FX will trickle down to the lower end cameras too. Give it a couple of years. Why do you think there is no D400? The next model to be gone will be the D7xxx line, then the D5xxx line, and in 5 or 6 years, no more D3XXX line.

        Heck, by then even DSLRs may be gone if mirrorless matures.

        • CSIROC

          Basic DX lens kit: 18-55, 55-200, 35 1.8. Total cost: $650 (list)

          Basic FX lens kit: 24-85, 70-300, 50 1.8. Total cost: $1400 (list)

          Cost of glass is not declining. Fact that the lowest cost FX camera is a full $1500 more expensive than the lowest cost DX camera doesn’t support your argument either (that is a long ways down). Its a full $900 more than the “equivalent” DX camera (of which the 7100 has a better autofocus sensor, faster shutter, and faster flash sync). The only real difference is the sensor. Both of which are at the same technological level. $900 more for a bigger sensor.

          And while you say that cost is coming down, which is true, you forget it is also coming down for DX. Fact of the matter is, because of the smaller sensor and nature of silicon manufacturing, DX will always be significantly cheaper. Glass for DX will always be significantly cheaper.

          • 103David

            Actually and realistically, it goes more like this; Purchase suddenly required entirely new DX format glass. If other than mediocre promotional grade glass/plastic optics and/or large apertures and/or truly wide angle lenses are desired, multiply wildly unrealistic $650 budget by a factor of 6x to 10x, depending on your standards.
            Purchase FX format body, continue using pre-existing stable of better quality, even exotic glass at no additional cost whatsoever.
            A couple of things to remember; Today’s fabulously hi-tech (expensive) item is the yard-sale star of tomorrow. You know, like the cassette answering machine with the bit of adhesive tape that says, “$2.00/make offer” on it.
            Consider the cameras disposable. Invest in the lenses.

            • CSIROC

              The vast majority of photographers find their cell phone adequate. Taking a step up to those “mediocre” lenses is a DRASTIC step up in image quality.

              While glass is the place people should invest, not everyone has $6 grand to spend on a tool to take some candid pics of their kids/pets and some vacation shots…especially not when they can get an entire system for less than $1k that is far more capable than they will ever be.

              You make the same mistake Mansgame does – you assume the top end of the market is where the meat is. It isn’t. The vast majority of sales come from the bottom end.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              A D100 used to cost more than what the D600 costs today. It’s only a matter of time before someone crashes the $1000 dollar barrier with a full frame. (You already can if you buy used stuff that other companies made.) But there will also be cropped sensor cameras for a long time.

          • Mansgame

            Besides soccer moms, few photographers get the d3200 now. For more serious photographers, it’d be insane to invest in pro DX lenses.

            • CSIROC

              So, you want to discard soccer moms (and the like) who form, by far, the largest group of the Nikon customer base for professionals??

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            And at some point they will both seem so cheap that you will get the better one without thinking.

  • AmerD4

    thanks Nikon rumors ! Just bought one ^^

  • burkeseim

    If you got one of these, good for you! But as a camera dealer, this
    type of thing troubles me – and I wish manufacturers would get it under
    control. Photographers – please understand that deals like this are way
    under the actual dealer cost of the product involved. Dealers simply
    do not make large margins & profits on camera equipment items – and
    lightning deals like this can distort the perception and expectations of what a full service dealer can provide.

    • RBR

      I have been wondering what NikonUSA is going to say to Amazon. Ordinarily, Nikon is pretty strict with retailers about MSRP & advertised prices, not to mention not leaving a whole lot of room between dealer cost and MSRP/”list”. On the other hand, Amazon must move a lot of product for Nikon and I do not think they would dare cut them off.

      Service? What service? That definitely is not an Amazon thing.

      • Anonymous Coward

        Definitely not a local dealer thing either. With Nikon cutting off parts to all their dealers in the US and thus no dealers capable of servicing a modern lens or DSLR, I’m not sure there’s any way the closest local dealer 60 miles from my house could provide any better service than I could get from Amazon.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          True it may not help you service-wise, but shopping local is better for your local economy than buying from Amazon or some big box store like Best Buy.

    • Bret M

      It’s tough, but you pretty much have to compete online nowadays. The local camera shops around me all have very low level stock and equipment, and the professionals all buy online (including myself). Service, repairs, and returns are also done online or through shipping.

  • The12351

    I got one too, thank you so much Nikon Rumors for reporting on all these sales! I also ordered a J1 kit from B&HPhoto, which I also saw on here.

  • mr ask

    I want buy

    • RBR

      Too late.

  • Indrajit Ghosh

    I want to buy from Bangladesh, but here no grantee for genuine one. so have to wait for visit away….

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