First wave of Nikon Black Friday deals

I was wrong again: the Nikon Black Friday specials will go live on November 28th at midnight (in 24 hours).

Update: the new Nikon Black Friday deals are now live on Amazon and B&H websites (more details available in this post). Here are few additional deals from different retailers:

I will update this post if I come across any other Nikon deals. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US! Thank you for being a reader.

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  • Jim

    Perhaps you could communicate to Nikon that it might be a worthwhile marketing point to schedule discounts occasionally that loyal system users could take advantage of. The concept of making all discounts only for those people buying new bodies stinks. What about those of us who already own multiple bodies. We might actually buy a new lens if we were offered a discount.

    • No deal

      Looks like Nikon has us both by the b@lls. I have all the lenses I need. I’m looking for a straight deal on a camera body. Bummer…

      • PeterO

        Henry’s in Canada has the D7100 for $999 which is cheaper than B&H and we’re talking Cdn dollars here. Other models are comparably priced. 2 yr warranty on bodies here.

  • Eric Calabros

    J1 and 10-30 for $219 !!
    Its like a giveaway

  • Photomic F 1968

    1. Canon is offering discounts on individual items. 2. Nikon is offering discounts tied to a body purchase w/XXX lens. 3 Nikon is scratching it’s head on how their stock is down 23.6%. Do the math guys.

  • Brent Busch

    I’m tempted to buy that D7000/18-140mm combo and turn around and sell my current D7000 body for $500. A new body and a new lens for $300. 😉

  • Sylvain

    Nothing for the d750…

  • I think the deals this season will be refurbished and grey market cameras and lenses.

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