Nikon’s Black Friday deals will be available on November 28th

The Nikon Black Friday deals will start on November 28th (not 24th as I initially reported) and will be valid till November 30th. The savings will be in the form of a lens instant rebate when you buy a Nikon DSLR body. I will publish the details tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight EST. This will be the only official Black Friday deals from Nikon. All Nikon DSLR cameras will qualify for the rebates, including the new Df which will start shipping on Friday. The lens savings will include many pro lenses and will be identical to the rebates offered back in September:

The new rebates will be stackable, which means that you can buy multiple lenses with one body and still qualify for the savings.

Current Nikon Instant Rebates

The current Nikon rebates at B&H already include the new Df camera:

Amazon offers similar savings on Nikon equipment:

Other Black Friday deals can be found here.

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  • lmoaomfghaha

    just for 2 days? seriously? it ends even before most people get paid….. spastics!

    • One More Thought

      It could very well be extended; it has in the past.

    • Ideax

      They need to do LENS + LENS rebate as well…. besides the old BODY + LENS

    • Larrry

      Perhaps a set-up for an “new” special pricing (and publicity) for Cyber Monday.

    • Don Teofilito

      Wait until December. The rebates in December last year were much better than the ones during the Black Friday weekend.

      • I was told that the pro lenses will not be available in the December rebates. There will be some good Nikon 1 rebates in December.

  • Kynikos

    Any indication as to whether or not there will be lens-only rebates in late February?

    • I think it depends on their sales, if they haven’t reached their goals, they may release lens only rebates, otherwise it’s unlikely.

      • skewer

        So, don’t buy anything. wait until they can do lens only

  • vipmediastar

    Its already live at maybe it was live since the 24th. add the items to your cart. example cart d7100 -100.00 and 70-200 2.8 -300.00

  • Matt

    What time on the 28th? 12:01 AM or…?

  • neversink

    What a crock… This is how Nikon values the loyalty of those who already have camera bodies and don’t need another. I just don’t understand how they are thinking??? They ought to award the customers who purchased cameras and lenses in the past. Oh well, I’m not the CEO of Nikon….

    • jumper

      Agree x1000

    • Lubos

      You should know that any company, not only Nikon, offer deals in these special occasions (Christmas etc.). Since you are aware of this, you should wait for these sales. If you didn’t wait, don’t complain. And we all know that camera sales is struggling at the moment, so from company’s point of view, it is understandable. For your info, is it only Nikon doing this or Cannon and others too???

      • G

        His point is that he does not need to buy another camera body, just a lens.

      • neversink

        I understand all this; Obviously, those that need a camera should take advantage of this offer. I just think loyalty ought to be rewarded at the same time, which means that only those who need a body will take advantage of these lens rebates. That’s how I would run the company – rewarding loyalty along with luring new customers. I am not going to whine or commit honorable hari-kari over this.

        • Ronan

          Loyalty isn’t rewarded anymore, hasn’t been for quite some time.

          It’s the same everywhere, so it’s not a ‘Nikon thing’.

          On the other hand, my loyalty to Nikon got me excellent lenses and camera bodies. So that’s also nice.

          • neversink

            True on all accounts. However, my wife rewards my loyalty!!!!!!!!

            • Don Teofilito

              How are you so sure? How is she so sure?

            • neversink

              Seriously!!!!!!! We love each other. That’s what it’s about. Seriously!!!! And neither of us want to blow a good thing…. It’s better than Nikon love…. There’s no loyalty there it seems….

        • Larrry

          Which newbe that NEEDS a camera is going to get the holy trinity of lens, or even primes? People who purchase those typically have a camera that not ready to upgrade and may even be the latest model purchased 6 months ago, or they are the stalwarts waiting for that mythical D400. Rather, they want to move a D3200 that goes straight to ebay while retaining the higher grade lens purchased as the package. What a hassle. Or, Nikon has no sale as the higher grade lens is purchased used for around what the sale price would have been, or purchase 3rd party such as Tamron.

    • saywhatuwill

      They did, late last year and earlier this year. That’s how a LOT of people purchased their 85mm f/1.8G and a whole lot of other lenses. Nikon had incredible rebates for lenses only. Sorry you missed it.

      • humenbean

        Some people are so spoiled. Nikon doesn’t give MEGA discounts all year around on made up numbers anyway, and it’s game over man. Gives insane deals when people buy a body and a lens, “sigh.”

      • LarryC

        +1. That’s when I got my 85 /1.8. However, I usually buy ALL of my lenses used, so this was the first time Nikon made money off me on lenses. I don’t need, and will not buy, a second body, but I would almost certainly buy another lens or two if they offered another lens-only deal. I think they are leaving money on the table.

        • eric

          Yep, that’s how I got my 70-200 VRII. I figured I’d never be able to save $300 again, so I bought it.

    • Ronan

      They had rebates for lenses earlier.

    • Michael Sloan

      Just buy the cheapest qualifying DSLR and several discounted lenses. Then, resell the brand new DSLR at a $50 loss. I did that last time they had this offer and saved $750 in glass!!!

      • Mansgame

        Won’t work. Nikon doesn’t have the resell value on their bodies as they used to. By the time you get that camera, a brand new one with a warranty has dropped more than that $50.

    • Bigeater

      Don’t need another body? Excuse me, but EVERYONE needs another body. What are you going to do when your main body is washed overboard during a typhoon or is stolen by crows or just stops working in the middle of a shoot?

      • neversink

        You are assuming I only have one camera body. Did I say that anywhere in my post. Here is what I have in DSLR bodies: D4, D800, D700 and D7000 (I purchased for my wife but she prefers Canon,, as that is what they gave her at work, so now I have a DX I never use.) The D4 and D800 go with me on assignment. The D700 gets used on occasion. The D7000 will be sold or I will give it to one of my kids. Satisfied now. Sheeeeeeeeesh!!!!! The “noive” of some people! 😉

  • W4 Bob

    This whole rebate thing bites.

  • DesertCat

    Well that’s disappointing. Was really hoping Nikon might have some Christmas specials on the V2 that would get it down in the price range of what people pay in Asia. According to price tracking at, the V2 with 10-30mm lens has been selling for less than $500 in Japan for the last few months. In the U.S., they think this year old camera should still be sold for $896. I don’t think so. I’d like to have a new camera but my money can be better spent than that. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the home theater receiver.

  • Kevin

    weak. hopefully a local store will offer a discount on D610 body only.

    • Don Teofilito

      They do. They removed the 10 out of the D610 and it’s been sold for $1,300.

  • MRomine

    Nikon sucks at a lot of things these days, not just their rebates. You can add repairs and customer service to the top of that list.

    • Whomever voted MRomine’s comment down, please stop fanboyism. Nikon needs to hear comments like this. Average number of days per repars: Canon 5, Nikon 24! Repair cost $315 Canon, $365 for Nikon (right there with Leica). Source:

      Add to that the non-existent after-sales support in terms of adding features in firmware updates (Canon does it, Fuji does it, Sony does it) and it becomes clear that Nikon sucks at repairs and customers service. Big time. And they need to hear this – and so do potential customers. And I’m saying this as a Nikon guy – all my gear is Nikon (d800, d7000, 4 Nikkor lenses, 2 sb-700 1 sb-910).

  • Red

    deals are live right now. like one of the other posts noted… Just added a D800 + 70-200 f2.8 shows 200$ off the body, 300$ off the lens.

  • Z

    Sheesh … it’s not like I need another Nikon body … how bout straight up lens rebate … or just the body rebate?

  • Ricardo Vaz

    Do you know if the D610 will be available with the 24-85mm kit lens for free, like previously d600?

    • Mansgame

      No, they did that because by the time Black Friday rolled around last year, the D600 was a getting hammered with reports of the oil and dust on the sensor and sales were so bad that they had to come up with something, anything.

  • G

    Nikon always skips Canada when it comes to deals and our prices are always higher than the USD to CAD conversion at the exchange rate. Very frustrating.

    Nice to see Tamron giving us some Black Friday deals. Guess where my money is going?

    I guess Nikon does not think the photography market is declining enough to buy some market share.

    • Kynikos

      Have you checked out Photoprice(dot)ca?

      • G

        Yes, I know this site well. But thank you for mentioning it! When I looked there today, I did not notice any sales, just the usual price spread. It would be nice to get some Black Friday love North of the 49th. Or at least price parity with the USA.

  • Arby

    buy used lenses elsewhere. cheaper than rebates and you won’t likely use them enough to ever wear them out.

  • Matt

    So what time are these rebates going live? Midnight?

    • Midnight tonight, I will post online once the rebates are live.

      • Matt


  • Mansgame

    Nikon, take your rebates and shove it where the oil/dust can’t get to it. No D600 recall means no more money spent on you. My lens money will go to Think Tank and other accessory makers this year.

  • Matt

    Well, it’s after midnight and the rebates are the same. Did I stay up late for nothing?

    • I am waiting for them as well. They should go live tonight.

      • SA

        Should we wait for some more time or wake up early? 🙂

        • Maybe at 1am? Or maybe they messed up with the update of the rebates.

          • SA

            The deals are live on Nikon USA website but not anywhere else yet 🙁

  • Vic

    Deal is working on B&H site now

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