New book: Mastering the Nikon Df

The first Nikon Df book is now officially out and is available for pre-order:

The 475 pages book will start shipping in April, 2014.

Book descriptions:

Mastering the Nikon Df by Darrell Young provides a wealth of experience-based information and insights for owners of the exciting new Nikon Df camera. Darrell is determined to help the user navigate past the confusion that often comes with complex and powerful professional camera equipment.

This book explores the features and capabilities of the camera in a way that far surpasses the user's manual. It guides readers through the camera's functions with step-by-step setting adjustments; color illustrations; and detailed how, when, and why explanations for each option. Every button, dial, switch, and menu configuration setting is explored in a user-friendly manner, with suggestions for setup according to various shooting styles.

Darrell's friendly and informative writing style allows readers to easily follow directions while feeling as if a friend dropped in to share his knowledge. The learning experience for new Df users goes beyond just the camera itself and covers basic digital photography technique.

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  • Daniel

    There is nothing such book can teach that you won’t find in the free user manual. I would argue that the user manual is better

    • Chris_Gullett

      True for a lot of the books like this out there, but in the case of Thom Hogan’s books I would strongly disagree.

    • Jeff Hunter

      The user manual seem like they are written by engineers and not photographers. The better written books like Young’s are written by a photographer that puts the camera through its paces over the course of several weeks. He writes from the perspective of a photographer and explains a camera’s features in a context the official manual does not.

      • mikeswitz

        As much as I like his books I think he is an engineer who is also a photographer.

        • Jeff Hunter

          Yes, he’s an I.T. engineer. But he’s been an avid photographer since 1968. It’s an ideal combination for a manual on a digital camera.

          I always wonder if the people that write the factory camera manuals have any interest in photography at all. They explain what such and such a button or setting will do but it’s never explained in a context of how it would be useful in a real world situation much of the time.

          Young writes his manuals only after an exhaustive field study of putting all of the various features through their paces and advises what features are most appropriate for a given situation. That’s what a good camera manual should be. But that’s what factory camera manuals never are.

          • mikeswitz


            • Jeff Hunter

              Well alright, I’ll knock it off now. But his book really did change my life! Sarcasm 😉

            • mikeswitz

              Actually, they should have included it in Genesis.

          • neversink

            Hey…. all right we get it already. You love Darrel Young…. But “the lay doth protest too much, methinks!” ;-}

  • Spy Black

    “Darrell Young provides a wealth of experience-based information and insights for owners of the exciting new Nikon Df camera.”

    How can you have experience with a product that isn’t even out yet?…

    • Daniel

      I think he is talking about his experience in copy and paste contents from previous books

      • Aldo

        copy and paste from using a d4?

    • Daniel

      I think he is talking about his experience in copy and paste contents from previous books

    • Chris_Gullett

      I don’t think the book comes out till April 2014.

  • banzaii

    “Mastering the Nikon Df” As soon as you’ve mastered it, Nikon will entice you with a new camera!

  • bobby

    If this has pictures, I won’t read it. My book has to be as pure as my Df.

    • Juan

      maybe it come with shiny new cd to set beer on?

      • fred

        Pure photographers don’t drink beer.

        Perhaps a tot of rum or single malt scotch would suffice.

        • MostInterestingManInTheWorld

          I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends.

          • neversink

            Tuskers for me. Well, that’s about all they have in Kenya, except for Pilsners. I like the elephant logo on Tuskers.

  • Lamar Lamb

    Another “Mastering for Dummies” book……………….

  • Mark

    I’d rather give my money to Thom Hogan

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Why? He any better?

      I didn’t think so…

      • Mark

        Aside from the fact that his books are pretty thorough, he also has a running website which is often a good read and free…so one way of paying him back.

      • ronin

        Let’s see your book, Pablo.

      • AnotherView

        Yes; Thom only writes a camera guide after having actually used the camera for a while. Now there’s an idea.

    • Yes, Thom’s are awesome, but my favorite ever book was in the “from snap shots to great shots” series when I was just starting out.

      It teaches you not only how to use the camera, but how to get great shots WITH your new camera. Recommended reading for all new photographers.

  • Jeff Hunter

    I have his D800 book. I like it. He explains the camera’s features in the context of its many features, explaining when using certain settings are most appropriate. It’s a lot more enjoyable to read than the official manual.

    • Being a more enjoyable read than the official manual is a rather low bar.

      • Jeff Hunter

        Well of course reading user manuals on any piece of equipment is not my favorite form of reading, but if I spend several thousand dollars on a camera body I want to know all there is to know about the thing. Reading a well written manual as Young writes is a lot more expedient than the trial and error method.

  • Bob Loblaw

    April 2014? Oh, dear me. I don’t think Derrell Young got the memo.

  • Ken Flopwell

    How Much? $2,700 I rather give money to Ken Rockwell! YIKES!

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      Oh, I have a hunch he has already proclaimed it to be the best camera ever…

      • BernhardAS

        after extensive testing of course

      • RxGus

        Nah. He still recommends that the Nikon d3100 is best camera for everything, and the only camera he would ever need.

      • Captain Megaton

        I very much doubt that.

  • Scott M.

    Thom Hogan books are worth looking into. Love mine.

  • Mel B

    Now you can pay for a book on a camera you overpaid for and complete the poser photographer you are.

    • D

      I’m sorry you can’t afford the Df.

  • Michal Oravec

    I’m waiting for upcoming bestseller: “Mastering D600 sensor cleaning!”

    • Jack Sheet

      Why would you pay for something that anybody can learn with a 2 minute video?
      Cleaning the D600 is not different than cleaning any other sensor.
      Oh, I get it, morons like Michal Oravec still would pay.

      • Mr. Mamiya

        Your humor detection sensor needs a proper spring cleaning, too.

    • AnotherView

      LOL Of course it’s a short paperback novel…only explains how to get the most $$$ from selling your D600 so you can go and buy a D610.

  • JasonBKK

    So tired of these books that get announced and are never published. To this day, there is no book for the Nikon D4! Their flag ship camera for more than 18 months and not a single book or even an eBook for that matter. No Thom Hogan eBook either.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Most publishers don’t put out books on professional level camera bodies. If you’re buying a D4 you probably don’t need a book. And even if there are a few photographers that want a D4 book it’s not likely to “earn out” after you factor in costs.

      What books are chosen to be published are done according to sales estimates. It’s cost vs. profit analysis.

      • fred

        Publishers pick the low hanging fruit. Easy to get sales.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          It only makes sense. Who’s more likely to need an instructional manual?

    • Jeff Hunter
      • Jeff Hunter

        It won’t be released until the spring.

        • JasonBKK

          …if you’re buying a D4 you don’t need a book?
          Technical manual translated from Japanese can be a bit dry. The D4 focus system took a bit of a getting used to and the video mode was all new.

          I’m a photographer and derive me entire income from photography. I’m not ashamed to admit, the book (which had been announced) would have been useful.

          My point was about publishers announcing books.

          David Busch’s Nikon D4 Guide was announced in 2011 around the same time as the camera and the date moved 4 times. Mine has been on Pre- Order for 2 years.

          • Jeff Hunter

            Good grief!

  • Stanley77

    I think everyone learns in a certain way, some needs hand on, for some it is a demonstration or presentation. I liked Digital Darrell’s D800 book. The real key with the Df seems to be ‘do you want this camera’? It is not a D800, it seems to be a D600, correct?

  • neversink

    Young’s books are good for beginners, but you will certainly not master anything from them. Half the book will probably be on basic concepts like depth of field. He refers you to the manual throughout all of his books, for a more in depth look and some features. You will be disappointed in Young’s books if you buy it to master anything.

    • Jeff Hunter

      Read his book reviews on Amazon. They are consistently the highest rated. I have his D800 book. It’s excellent! You must be thinking of some other author. Young certainly never refers the reader to the official manual in the book I own. The book is very in depth. The reason his books are published several months after the camera is released is because he uses the camera “in the field” exploring all its features and recommending his preferences.

      • neversink

        1. I read his book, which was given to me as a gift, on the D700 and learned absolutely nothing from it. He constantly refers you to the manual, if you need additional info. He spends a large portion of the book explaining basic camera techniques. If you are buying a book called “Mastering the Nikon blahbittyblah,” then it should be in depth about the camera, not an elementary rehash of depth of field.
        2. Take the reviews with a grain of salt as all his buddies from Nikonians give him great reviews. Read carefully the reviews that are negative.
        3. It is an introductory book, and his titles (with master in it) are baiting you to buy it. His books, unless he has changed his format, with not make you master anything. It should be advertised as a beginning book, for that is all his books ever have been. Then I wouldn’t be so critical.
        4. Go with the manual. There is nothing more in Young’s books. Go with Thom Hogan if you want more. I have not read his books, but a colleague of mine has some of Hogan’s books. I have scanned through them and they are definitely in depth.

        • Jeff Hunter

          His D800 book was definitely not like that.

          • mikeswitz

            I don’t know why I get invoved with these silly arguments, but here goes….. I too bought his D800 book and found it great. Very readable, not nearly as dry as the manual and very easy to navigate if you wantedd just a specific peice of information.
            I was upgrading from the D300 so most of what I was looking for were differences between the two cameras and their operations. Young is first of all an engineer and secondly a photographer. Thom is a photogrpher and a journalist, so the approaches are going to be somewhat different. I’ve never read Thoms books but I find his website great.
            But is one book so much better than the other that it is worth arguing about on NR. And with such passion? Really?

            • neversink

              Actually, Mike, you’ve been around this site for awhile. No one argues here. We just politely disagree!

            • mikeswitz

              Yeah, I’ve noticed that.

  • umeshrw

    And I thought Df is for true photographers who prefer simple and easy camera.

  • KrisB

    Book will be available in 6 months, so we can guess it is not written yet… Cool, they know the page count by advance !

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      When you do a series of books you have a set page count that you stick to depending on the level of camera. Printers have a price range and they have specific page counts that are used to determine price point of the books as well.

      The publisher also has a template that the author must work within. They make the author write to the widest audience so that the book is useful to largest market. So when you go online and complain about the content of the book it’s usually not the fault of the author. We are stuck to writing within certain limits. We don’t have full creative control over everything.

  • Joe

    Shouldn’t “The Creative Photographer” by Andreas Feininger be the right book for Nikon Df novices? Only 0,17 $ on Amazon!

  • Larrry

    I’ll pass on the book and wait for the video…shot by the Df of course.

  • Dino Brusco

    Anyone could explain me how can he master the Df when the user manual isn’t even out yet ?

  • BluePlanet

    Is it still 1980s? What? A a paper book for a digital product? Before you say it, I know that Df is a retro camera but come on. But why one needs to have a physical book if you have an iPad/Kindle/Tablet? It’s not that I need an extra weight!

    • Neil

      You can always get the Kindle version…

    • DonD

      I hate pdf book. Can stand to read online. Kills my eyes.

  • Sam W

    Do you want to master your camera? How about getting off the couch and go out and shot/practice with it.

  • Jorge

    I own both the D700 guide and the D800 guide by Thom Hogan and they are EXCELLENT. The amount of detail, and explanations was more than worth the few bucks he charges. Darn shame he hasn’t come out with one for my X-E1 yet… Hello… Thom…

    • Jorge

      Oh I forget to mention I received both in PDF so I keep a copy on my iPhone and iPad… Always an interesting read

  • Neil

    Pretty much all of those Mastering books are nice re-writes of the manual and are aimed at novices. It would be great to see books that are geared to telling you things you can’t figure out after 1 hour of use. Thom Hogan’s books are definitely very technical but they aren’t practical. If you could combine his style with Scott Kelby’s style it would be very interesting. Scenario based writing with actual, meaningful detail.

    • JorPet

      While I like reading Scott Kelby’s books, I actually prefer Thom’s style for my camera books. The reason is that when I want information on a function on the camera that I want more in depth explanation on, I don’t want to read a lot of prose, I just want a concise description of the function, best uses and caveats. That is what I get from the ByThom books.

      I think both styles are useful in their own niche.

      • Neil

        That’s why I was hoping for a fusion of the two styles. Thom’s books have the detail but it doesn’t always seem clear how to apply it. Scott’s is all about applying recipes. If you could have a book that was topical but went into detail about the hows/whys it would seem to be very good.

        • Jeff Hunter

          Young’s books have the detail and how to apply it. His D800 book was similar in style to Kelby’s books.

          • Neil

            I think it comes down to what each of us consider to be detail. I’ve read Young’s books, too, and I think it is fairly scant on detail that wasn’t in the manual. Mostly simple things that someone who has been using a Nikon for a while should already know unless they never leave the Automatic/Program mode.

      • T53

        I bought a Camera Guide for the D90 years ago by J. Dennis Thomas. Nice conversational style of writing but there was little if anything inside that wasn’t in the manual. I much prefer as much detail as I can get as regards function, upside, downside etc..and the only writer who does that IMO is Thom Hogan.

      • Jorge

        Prose or dumb Kelby jokes…

  • Daniel Oh

    I thought the most likely people who would buy Df would be the older generation who have used 1970-80s film SLR. I can’t really imagine this book selling much unless it becomes a fashion camera…

  • Zen-Tao

    When will be launched Nikon Df for Dummies? It will success.

  • rafakoy

    475 pages? Wow! and I thought selecting the right shutter speed, aperture and ISO (and good sense of composition) was all I need… same on me!

    • Captain Megaton

      This is pure photography we are dealing with here, Champ! 400 pages is the bare minimum!

  • Mercury

    This book will be available in your bookstore for only $1499,50

  • Ric

    Less filling!

  • gimar bazat

    You do need a book to operate this DF piece of crap, especially if you are under 70 years of age..

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