Nikon Df to start shipping this week



Nikon Df promo in Switzerland (credit:

The Nikon Df is scheduled to start shipping later this week - on November 28th (Thursday). Here is some additional Df coverage:

The first Nikon Df hands-on reports started to appear on the Web. WhatDigitalCamera published an interview with photographer Jeremy Walker who was hired for the Nikon Df promo campaign:

WDC: When did you first get your hands on one?

JW: I was sent a pre-production model in July to handle and get used to before we actually met up for the shoot. And what was the first thing that I did? I fitted one of Nikons f2.8 zooms, the 24-70mm, and I have to admit was disappointed with the feel of the camera and the weight distribution.
It felt very front heavy and my hands didn't fit in with the ergonomics of it. However, as soon as I attached a prime lens it was a whole different story. The balance felt very good. In my opinion the Df is made for primes, and primes are what we did ninety percent of the shoot with.

Another Nikon Df hands-on report from Beau Photo:

Sadly, the focusing screen is not interchangeable, so there are no options for split-image or micro-prism collar screens. It seems to be pretty much the same screen as a D800 so, like virtually every other DSLR on the market, it is not particularly easy to judge sharpness when manual focusing with some slower or dimmer lenses. However the focus confirmation light does work with old MF lenses, so that might help in some situations. It may turn out that the screen is slightly better on the Df, but since I did not have the time to do any side-by-side comparisons, I cannot say for sure at this point. My gut feeling though is that it is not significantly different from a D800 screen.

A reader who had the chance to play with the Nikon Df sent me his opinion:

  • Felt decent in hand. Not bad.
  • Controls seemed like they would be easy to get used to once accustomed to.
  • Card slot is in the bottom w/ the battery. This will be a major PITA for people like me who leave their tripod quick-releases on their cameras.
  • Largest issue I see is a horrendous design flaw: the right side strap loop is in between the grip and front control wheel. That's going to get in the way of trying to change f-stops, etc.

Some new sample Df images with a hands-on report and a Df infographics (in Chinese, computer translated):

Nikon Df high ISO samples
Another very detailed 30 minutes video introduction of the Nikon Df:

Update - the first Nikon Df unboxing images:


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  • Yes! Finally Switzerland gets something cool.

  • BluePlanet

    Nov 28 = Thursday

    • I have no idea what calendar was I looking…

  • Maji

    Let the bitching begin! If you don’t like it, then it is not a camera for you. Move on.

    • el funtional

      All metrosexuals….your DF is ready!

      • Spy Black

        …bitch #1…

      • Your point being?

        • Derf

          Why would any care if the strap is between your fingers why shooting? Why would anyone care if the tripod foot blocks the battery and SD ports? Its “pure photography” — you aren’t supposed to be able to attach it to a tripod or wear it around your neck.

          As a “pure photography” Nikon, you are supposed to put it on your shelf as as an archaic fashion item for your friends to admire your ironic retro taste. Just don’t try to video their reactions.

        • orpickaname

          They’re bitchin, just as invited.

  • What does “start shipping” actually mean? I hope “start arriving”.

  • R Damian Scepter, SJ

    Adorama said this morning actual shipping date was Dec 12th…

    • R Damian Scepter, SJ

      then again… I ordered the body only…

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I was told that they will be shipping kits first. This came from a rep.

        • Yes, they are trying to make some extra money by shipping only the kit first. In many EU countries, the body only option is not even available.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            They haven’t pulled this one in awhile. And they’ve never done it on a pro body. Even the D5300 shipped body only from the get go. Last time I can remember them doing this was the D5100.

        • L

          I spoke to Adorama today, they said December 5th.

        • R Damian Scepter, SJ

          actually – sent mine on wednesday, got it on the 29th. Apparently I got lucky.

  • phosgene

    Does anyone care when they show example photos? It doesn’t have a chance at being any different from a D4 (right?)

    • Actually, unless all of the electronics and programming are identical, it is very likely that the images WILL be different.

      • MJr

        Pedantic much? I’ll do you one better, even with the same camera you can’t take a shot that’s identical. It’d be more useful comparing the camera’s fire resistance. Not going to influence anyone’s opinion either way. Ergo, nobody cares.

        • Actually, if you read the op, you’ll see he said it doesn’t have a chance of being different. I’m not being pedantic, I’m just being correct. You on the other hand…

  • That ISO performance is pretty incredible.
    25600 and it still looks fantastic.

    • guest

      But, 800? What do you people do when you want to open the aperture up and it’s not midnight in a welsh coalmine? Do you just stick an ND filter on all the time?

  • CHA0S_TH30RY

    The outer shell is made out of plastic, right?

  • Mike

    How is the D610 at tracking AF of objects/people in lowlight? Just wondering if people get many keepers…. great that it has the D4 sensor, but if it can’t see to focus… Otherwise I am eagerly awaiting real world reviews.

  • Dante D’Money

    I watched “Ralfs Photo”video…he does a good job of explain all of the products features in a factual manner and lots of attention to detail.

    I think that Nikon “missed” the BOAT by not going all the way to the goal line….and instead doing a digital NIKON SP or S3 rangefinder camera. Using the D7100 or D600 sensor. As there would not have been a mirror…so a mirror less classic. With modern nikon mount.

    What is wrong with these guys. The “Df” should have had the best sensor possible….but NO. So my guess is that it will fail.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I don’t think Nikon wants to get into another new lens line. Especially not with high end lens. This would require a whole new factory, tooling, designs, etc…

      Then how far does Nikon go with the S-rangefinder concept? Do they do the Leica approach and make a barebones true rangefinder system? Or do they go the Fuji route and make a fake rangefinder?

      What do you mean they didn’t use the best sensor possible? The D4 is the best performing sensor in the DSLR game even edging out Canon’s 1DX sensor.

      • WotuAgain?

        Do you do anything besides post on here?

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Why yes I do. Do you?

      • guest

        They make an S3 with native M mount. That’s what they do. But, looking at the Df the S3 form factor doesn’t have enough room on the body for the buttons you people say you can’t live without.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          That idea is so absurd that I’m not going to begin to try to explain the ridiculousness of it.

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Supposedly it’s going to be available to purchase on the 28th (which is Thursday, not Friday). Nikon will ship on the 27th. They overnight the shipments to the bigger stores and 2nd day to the smaller stores. (This info comes from a Nikon rep)

    Unfortunately the 28th falls on Thanksgiving in the US, so I suspect that there will be delays and the cameras might not show up at some places until Monday or later.

    • Scott M.

      Just like D800-check out your best Best Buy in area.
      I got mine opening day and I think Peter did too.
      (Yes, you do pay sales tax this way 🙂

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I’m 1st and 2nd on the list at my local camera shop. I prefer to shop with small businesses if I can.

        If I can’t get it on the 28th It’s not going to bother me much.
        (I have a tax-exempt card at Best Buy though)

      • Mandrake

        I did that with the D800. I’m going to stick to the online preorder and hope to get lucky and save a few bucks.

      • saywhatuwill

        I’d need to pay sales tax on anything I buy from Amazon so it would be a wash if I purchased from Best Buy, other than I’d get it right away and if there’s a problem I could just drive to the store to return it.

  • RobertVS

    Memory card location PITA for people who leave tripod quick release attached to camera? Congratulations, new World record for lamest bitching complaint on the WWW

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Funny thing. I actually LIKE the location. I always hated those stupid sliding doors.

      • Ronan


    • Fried Toast

      That was actually my comment. I also mentioned that I hadn’t checked to see whether my quick-release would be a problem or not- I didn’t think of it until I was writing my email. That part didn’t make the post. Maybe for you that wouldn’t be an issue. For me, it would be an additional frustration after never having an issue with that before. I’ve also never had a problem with the doors on the D300 or D700. It’s a usability problem and I was merely listing my quick thoughts after having handled the Df.

  • stenrasmussen

    I tested the focus screen of the Df towards the D4 and D800. The Df has a slightly darker viewfinder image (prism slightly altered?). This may explain the reason I find it easier to achieve focus in manual mode with the Df.
    Another very important feature to me is the shutter sound which is significantly quieter than the D610, especially in “Q” mode where it is lovely muted. The strap eyelet on the right hand side is a design flaw. But a thin and strong string loop ought to rectify some of the erroneous feature.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I think Nikon has been working on quieter shutter designs. I picked up the D5300 and the shutter is nearly silent. Even in a quiet room you can barely hear it. I snapped a photo of a man reading the other day and he didn’t move. I snapped the same shot with my M9 and he looked up when the shutter clicked.

      • stenrasmussen

        You may very well be right. I shoot a lot in theaters and other stage performance settings and the quieter the better.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Check into the D5300. I’ve been very impressed with the images. It’s not an easy camera to change settings on, but once you’ve got the settings locked in it’s golden. Small and light. Super quiet. Great IQ. Good at high ISOs.

          For an $800 camera, it can’t be beat.

          • stenrasmussen

            The challenge is 24mp DX in low light. Here the 16mp FX reigns supreme.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              Sure, but you only have two choices. D4 at $6000 or Dƒ at $2800.

              I photographed Sting the other night using the D5300. The photos were great even in the low light.

          • One More Thought

            Amen brother. The D5300 is one great camera, especially for the money. It makes a great travel camera. For those wanting to go small and light it makes a lot more sense than most mirrorless offerings.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              Yep. D5300 and a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 isn’t much larger than an X-Pro1 or XE-1/2 and you’re not limited to 2 relatively slow zooms.

              Not to mention the AF performance smokes Fuji.

  • zach

    Here’s a good news, I have contacted the manager from, he told me their current project is swapping focusing screen on Df, and the solution will be out soon. How soon? I don’t know, but I just glad the community is already on his way to make Df a better camera. This is, LOVE.

    • zach

      sorry a typo on screeN. correct that then you will be able to find the site.

      • Spy Black

        Just hit EDIT under your post to modify what you’ve written.

    • keep us informed

    • Spy Black

      It’s my understanding that the D600/610, D800, and Df all use the same screen, so technically you can use their present screen available for the D600/610 & D800 cameras.

      BTW, just hit EDIT under your post to modify what you’ve written.

      • Focus Eye

        They probably don’t have split-image screens because the new cameras have their metering sensors are placed up in the top of the prism housing. So they will read the light only after the light has passed through the
        focusing screen. A split image makes the meter see a ‘black hole.’

        It will screw up spot metering the most. But even center and matrix metering will need to be adjusted for correct exposure. The work around is to set exposure compensation once you figure out the inaccurate metering. If Nikon had re-designed the location of the sensors then they could have offered interchangeable screens.

        • Spy Black

          I don’t know about that. I have a KatzEye split image/microprism focusing screen in my D5100 and I have no metering issues.

          • Focus Eye

            The D5100 is designed with a pentamirror and a 420 pixel RGB sensor for metering. (e.g., the D4 and D800 have a pentaprism with 91,000 pixel RGB sensor.) The position of the sensor is problematic for spot metering with a split image. Matrix and center weighted are less an issue. From KatzEye: “we found that current technical limitations prevent us from making screens for these cameras.” The best bet for D4/D800 would be a matte screen with coarser grain for manual focusing.

            • Spy Black

              I think one could compensate for it if so. I doubt it’s gonna be the end of the world for metering if you swap the screen.

  • Anita Dick

    Thanks Nikon..but No Thanks…It is a camera that is almost 3 years late. Let’s get onto the needed cameras…D4X, D810, D400, and of course Mirrorless Dm100. lol

    • Agusta Wynd

      ….AND way over priced. This camera is not needed. Nikon went into their old, very old parts bin and produced the New Nikon Df. LOL

      • Mike

        Silly comments and short sightedness are also not needed. No camera for you.

      • Then if you ignore it, it will leave you alone and you can live in peace.

    • D810? WHAT? There are people who think the D800 is already over specced…

      • umeshrw

        When they say 810 they must mean that 800 has a major design flaw and hence nikon has to come out with a 810. Otherwise they would have demanded a D900.

  • phil



      • Ronan


      • banzaii

        I AM [GULLIBLE]

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          I am the WALRUS
          coo coo CACHOO

          • groucher

            ‘No you’re not’ said little Nicola.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              Why are you such a grouch?

            • groucher

              I’m not. It’s a quote – look it up.

          • the real walrus

            sorry but it’s “goo goo g’joob”

        • Please reread my above post.

  • Kevin

    waiting for the camera to be available for some hands-on action. Disappointed at the lack of manual focus support though… and will wait for at least 10% price cut before I bite…

    • Erik

      The lack of manual focus support is the biggest mistake Nikon made with this body. It shows that someone that doesn’t understand what the camera was meant to be was in decision power.

      • saywhatuwill

        You mean the bean counters?

      • Bamboojled

        How can you say lack of focusing support????
        This is the only camera that will work completely with even non Ai lenses.
        The last camera to have that feature I believe was the F4.
        Not only that, but it is my understanding that it also gives focus confirmation with non Ai lenses.
        So it doesn’t have a split image big deal…anyone who was worth a salt always changed the focusing screen to an E screen back in the day, and that did not have split image.

        • Spy Black

          You don’t have any screen options with this camera. That’s the point.

          • Bamboojled

            E Screen is built in…it’s now called a grid screen.
            So yes that option is available

            • Spy Black

              Um, that doesn’t change the manual focusing situation.

  • John

    I’m thinking it won’t ship by the 28th since Amazon has yet to send me an estimated delivery date. I usually get that email two weeks or more before the delivery date. I ordered the day after it was announced. Just my two cents worth.

    • Mandrake

      I ordered it the morning of the announcement……nothing as well.

      • Mike

        Why would you pre order this camera, in 6 months its worth the half… Old tech in an old design…

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Why would you worry about what someone on the internet is spending their money on?

          • orpickaname

            You should check the Otus thread a few days back…

            Not only we had the usual suspects e.g. Zeiss, Leica, but also Aston Martin, Tag Heuer, and summer houses!

            • mikeswitz

              It was not about cameras anymore. Just sheer hatred for anyone who could afford a Leica or a
              Tag Hauer.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              It’s really wacky how people get so worked up about what other people do with their money.

              I think giant TV’s are stupid, but I don’t stand around at Best Buy yelling at people for buying them.

      • Anónimo

        Maybe Nikon knew how to program dial controls override…

  • Lubos

    The ideal DF? MASP with U1 and U2, 24Mp sensor, RGB metering
    sensor from D800 (91000) and build in flash. 🙂

    • RxGus

      How do you propose to have a U1 and a U2 when ISO, Shutter, Exposure Comp, and most every other useful setting is on a manual dial?

      • Anónimo

        Maybe Nikon knew how to program dial controls override to allow U1 and U2 user definitions.

      • Simple, all the dials are actuated just like a pianola.

      • Lubos

        isn’t 1/3 stop bypassing manual control?

      • Eric Duminil

        How do you propose to have a PASM dial with a front aperture dial, one top shutter dial, one rear shutter dial, one ISO dial, Auto ISO available in menu, and an aperture ring on non-G lenses?
        I don’t know either. It sounds like it’s impossible to quickly know what the parameters are, but it’s exactly what Nikon implemented on the Df.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Ideal for you. Not for everyone.

    • Sounds like you just need to buy a different camera.

      • Lubos

        no no. the same retro style 🙂

  • Pippo

    At this price point (3200 Euro), he is gadget, not instrument.

    • Drazen B

      I would call it a ‘she’…;-)

      • orpickaname

        And the lens a ‘he’…? 😀

      • Pippo

        O yeah, she sounds better and worth a single penny. Sorry 🙂

    • genotypewriter

      “…he is a gadget…”

      English dude, English…

  • johnwood

    Somebody already received the package. The box looks huge.

    • Mandrake

      That’s probably the kit box.

    • usa

      That box looks like a pair of new Air Nikons.

    • Drazen B

      Yes it’s a kit box. The new 50mm f/1.8 is boxed up in there as well.

    • Saffron Blaze

      It’s huge to make you appreciate the price.

      • phil

        ..and it also weights a ton – so you can appreciate the price even more..

  • MyQCisDodgy

    And in a few days we will be seeing the first reports of banding, wb, oil, focus, doa issues.
    Or will Nikon surprise us with something new on the Df??

    • Fried Toast

      Based off of my very short experience with the camera, I think the first and loudest complaint will be the strap connection that’s going to get in the way of adjusting the front command dial.

      • Spy Black

        I don’t think the target clientele for this camera is going to be too concerned about that.

        • MyQCisDodgy

          YUUP theywouldn’t see any of the other issues either. They might just notice if it’s dead out of the box, on the other hand perhaps not. It’s just a fashion item after all.

          • Spy Black

            Just stick with what you have, and it will never be a concern of yours, now will it?

      • T53

        Exactly! The FM2 and the F3 Film Cameras did not have a command dial next to the strap lug. Big Time Design Flaw.

  • Mandrake

    No one will be happy with the prices until Nikomat makes it’s return. LOL

    • Olde Dog

      No need for a Nikomat. Nikon sorted that issue out with Zeiss long ago.

      • Mandrake

        Not referring to the “ikon” in Nikon. It’s technically before my time but from what I understand they were cheaper than the “F” series bodies.

  • js200022

    Great! I’m going to wait another year for the bug free Df-610 and order one. I can’t hardly wait!

  • Andy Aungthwin

    I have to say that the lack of a split screen is a bit of a mystery. Just two days ago I had a chance to play with one and found that manual focusing is no better than my D800.

  • Mike

    Camera for manual lenses without video…. Etc etc and you cant change focus screen? Whats the deal here? Pure? More expensive than d610? Ihope theysell a lot and in six month i pick up a second hand for 1000 euros or less. In the end its the capabilities that count. And the tech is already behind coming to market… Id get the canon 1ds mark 3 and even 2 before this one…

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      You say you would rather buy a Canon 1Ds before you’d buy this, but immediately preceding that you say you will buy one second hand?

      If you don’t like it why are you contemplating buying a used one in the future?

      • With guys like this, you need to hand them a towel to clean up with when they’re done. Dennis, when I was in high school (that was quite a while ago), a friend of mine was given a new Leica M3 with a 50mm Summicron. He shot ONE roll of film with it and took it down to the local camera shop and traded it for a 4X5 Cambo with a 210mm Symmar. He had to pay extra for a few film holders, focusing cloth, loupe, cable release and all the other stuff you need to work with a view camera. He made FOUR images with that camera and went back to the camera store and traded that rig for an Olympus OM-1 with 50mm and 28mm lenses. What else is there to say?

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Sometimes I wonder why I even read this stuff, let alone respond. It’s mind boggling really, the thought processes or lack thereof that go on in camera forums.

          • mikeswitz

            The key is not responding. Something I haven’t learned yet.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              I’m working on that as well.

            • Sort of irresistible, though. Like arguing college football.

      • Mike

        Are you kidding the 1ds mark 2 was introduced in 2004 – i would not buy a 10 year old camera but yes id buy a 10 year old tech for 1000 in 6 months…

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Do you even read what you type? Because it makes no sense.

  • fjfjjj

    Seems to be listed here as IN STOCK!!?

    Placed my order, let’s see what happens. Also ordered through NPS and waiting for that.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Says pre-order when I click it.

      • callibrator

        Because fjfjjj is a lying pr$ck, is what he is…

        It’s a pre-order link as you say, not an order link.

    • SpaceBuster


    • Eric Calabros

      you have one million comments against this camera in your profile and just placed your order?
      What a waste.. those trillion replies you got 🙂

      • Bamboojled

        This just shows how well this camera will sell…
        Resistance is futile!!!

        • No, he’s buying it so that he can then say “I bought it, it’s a POS. I wish I hadn’t…” WITH AUTHORITY whilst at the same demonstrating his wealth and virility. 😉

          jus’ kiddin’

          • Duncan Dimanche

            it’s a “she”…. so now it makes sense !!!!! hahaha

            • hexx

              what an unnecessary sexist comment – grow up you twat and learn how to behave around ladies

            • Ouch! Lol

      • Ronan

        Buwahahaha i was thinking the SAME thing!!!

        Bunch of internet trolls!

    • Captain Megaton

      IN STOCK!!?

      err, no doubt. What do you think this is, a Playstation 4?

    • bamboozle

      You troll, the link is for pre-order.

  • saywhatuwill

    Looking at that tiny picture comparing ISO, I like what I see. I’ve been using ISO 3200 and sometimes 6400 on my D700 and though it looks okay, I think the newer sensors have to be cleaner than the one offered on the D700. So, the Df looks like I might consider it over the D800. High ISO is more important to me than high pixels, though, I wouldn’t kick a D800 out of my bag if I had it.

  • etr brony

    got my pre order in, can’t wait!

  • Rafa R

    I guess here in Mexico, we are going to have to wait for a few more months, enough to save up for mine though, patience is virtue 🙂

    • So, you folks can’t order from an American retailer and have it shipped?

      • Rafa R

        nop, Nikon Mexico forbids American retailers like B&H to ship Nikon gear to Mexico, understandable when you think they do that to impulse local Nikon headquarters to provide us with better services etc. If everybody bought their gear in the US, Nikon Mexico would probably not even settle in Mexico so.. I respect that.

  • Jesse

    For those who bitch about not having split image or micro prism focusing screem. Back in my F2 and F3 days, most of the times I used the fine ground focusing. For one, the split image or micro prism interferes with the images and compositions. Same as the peaking feature in some modern digital camera. Two, there are situations that they don’t work, with poor light and some lenses.

    I had SD card stolen from the D7000, therefore too accessible is not always a good thing.

    • BluePlanet

      They should add Focus Peaking at least. It works like a charm with Sony!

      • Mandrake

        That won’t help when looking through the OVF.

    • Bamoojled

      Absolutely, the first thing I did was swap it out for an E screen

    • Mandrake

      Discrete thief? Steal the card and leave the camera?

      • Jesse

        Someone steals a SD card is not for the value of the card or for the few thousand of your equipment. It is for something irreplaceable, and times will mean your lively hood.That is why, I always ask people to shoot with at least two cameras.

    • Spy Black

      Modern focusing screens don’t have the same groundglass design as in cameras before the AF era. Modern screens have low contrast designs that make it difficult to focus. This, coupled with low magnification eyepieces (typically .7x) make it very difficult to manually focus at 50mm or shorter focal lengths.

      • THAT is what is missing with this camera. If it had a focusing screen that would be functional for MF this camera would be an absolute sell-out hit. Without it it remains problematic to spend this kind of money. It was a heartbreaker to find this missing when the camera was finally released.

  • Spy Black

    Not sure why they include ISO 204800, it all goes to hell there.

  • Captain Megaton

    So I was handling the Sony a7/a7r on the weekend and frankly Nikon is headed for a world of pain. Sony has an affordable full frame ILC that *handles like a film SLR*. Its light, its slim, it balances great, it has a really nice viewfinder. I don’t know what Nikon can possibly offer to deal with that, but I do know that the Df is not it.

    • Bamboojled

      2 words….

      • Captain Megaton

        Fair point, and the working pros with 70-200/2.8 on up are still going to want a big body to match. But for everyone else (the “why should I carry that all day” crowd) its dang attractive…

    • Mike

      An OVF. Or a faster AF system. Or CLS. Or better battery performance.

      Sony will offer stronger hand cramps though. Yay Sony!

      • Captain Megaton

        Anyone happy to bring along a pair of SB-900’s out on a day’s shooting is not going to be interested in the Sony. Nikon still has the “my camera bag is the size of a suitcase” market comfortably in hand. It’s everyone else Nikon has to worry about. The weekenders. That dude in the Df commercial for example… how badly does he want that OVF?

        • phil

          yep. If it wasn’t for the lack of Sony lenses, I would get rid of my whole DX collection and get the A7(R).
          I was playing with the thought of upgrading my D7000 later with some D610 replacement, but with the A7(R)s around, I definitely won’t do that. Even though I already have some FX glass.
          There’s no reason staying with the obsolete shutter mechanism. The future is mirrorless, and those who can’t see that, are just lying to themselves.

          • Captain Megaton

            Personally I like OVF, but I cannot disagree with you. The mirror box seems more like an historical relic with every passing year.

    • Try a complete set of excellent lenses, about 70 million legacy optics, an integrated off-camera flash system and an accessory to help with just about any photographic problem you will ever encounter.

  • T53

    The strap lug on the right side will certainly be an impediment to using the front control wheel. I agree with one of the users above who called it a major design flaw.

    • Mike

      Music to BlackRapid’s ears!

      • Bob’ your aunties lover

        I thought that too. Then I checked on an old film Nikon I have sitting in drawer and that’s where they were. I don’t remember them in the way when I used my FE2s with drive or without. So probably not the issue i imagined.

        I would rather they put the card slot on the side and had a battery grip. All bodies balance better with a grip when you’re using bigger heavier glass.

        For the D4 sensor in it the price is OK. I’d rather D800E flavoured one. I don’t need video. I just don’t do sweaty dives and machine gun photography at my age. I like considered, slower paced stuff these days. I run a big printer and have access to really big printers so maximum quality and pixel count works for me.

        Do I want one? Yep. It’s very like my old FE2 cameras that I used for ever such a long time. Rock bands in sweaty dives and stadiums. My kids when they were little. Landscapes. Solid simple and reliable. This is the right direction for me.

        • Oh Really?

          If you think it’s like an FE2 I seriously doubt that you have ever used one.

          • Bob’s your auntie’s lover

            Yes that top deck reminds me of my FE2 cameras. The ISO and EV are in the same place. The shutter release and shutter speed dials are in the same place.

            Now would you like a link to my book on Blurb. with photographs from Cornwall to Bali, Australia taken with Hassellblads, Nikons, Fuji 6×17 Panoramics. Pictures of Bo Diddely, Springsteen The Police, all taken with Nikon FE2s. But it is for my friends..

            Here’s a link to my best selling Photoshop book from 2000. Slightly dated now but well received at the time.


            So please don’t have any doubts at all. I know my shit..

      • Mandrake

        I normally only use straps with big lenses and even then the strap is attached to the lens. Agreed regarding BlackRapid. 😉

      • Carlos Pereirra

        No not really. The target audience for the Df aren’t the folk who are into Commando, shoot-from-the-hip style and appearance.

        • I can’t agree. I just wrote on my blog:
          “Virgin tripod hole. Street. Grit. Throw it in the bag. Bang it, bash it, abuse it, use it, love it!”

  • Juan

    NEX6 take NIKON lenses w/$20 adapter, has peaking, just one dial & cost 1/4 price, so $650 NEX6 (or nex7) + $1300 D600 with ton of money leftover to buy nag a shiny gift to shut mouth.

    • Spy Black

      NEX are APS-C.

    • BluePlanet

      @4aa07de283def56b3bff93427340fe84:disqus Apples and Oranges. Does it bother you that somebody can afford to buy it?

    • BernhardAS

      If you have already a D4 and D800 the Df adds nothing. I finally got the NEX6 this week. Manual focusing with peaking and zoomed in picture in the viewfinder is great. And in addition to pre-Ais lenses I can also use my m42 and FD lenses without restrictions. Also the NEX6 looks distinctly like a touristy thing, which is good for situations where you do not want to draw attention. It distinctly extends my possibilities.

  • Saffron Blaze

    The more I see of it the less elegant it appears. Rather clunky looking actually. Sort of makes me less bothered by that ridiculously high price.

  • Mansgame

    All this guerilla marketing and still, few people care or want to buy this.

    • ronin

      How do you know what people care or may buy?

      • Mansgame

        When the D800 came out, I knew of dozens of people who had pre-ordered it. In fact, the waiting list for it once released was a couple of months. When the D600 was announced, many people including myself were lining up to buy it and were vocal about it.

        I don’t know of a single person who actually is going to spend money on the Df and I know many photographers. The general consensus is, “it looks cool, but wait, it takes for ever to change settings with all those dials. No video? No CLS? And wait, it costs as much as a D800?!? I think I’ll pass. I kind of looks cool though.”

        • ronin

          There we have it. Nikon might as well call it quits, as mansgame has determined target sales numbers (which mansgame knows) will not be reached.

          Next time, all Nikon marketing has to do is ask him directly.

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Man that silver/black camera reminds me the first time I used a Nikon 35mm in grade school around 1974. It actually makes me happy looking at it.

  • jkhon

    is this for 70 years old and up?
    Just make a smaller camera that functions and looks like a modern camera not this retro crap…

  • Robertkrasser

    I played with the Df at the Nikon stand at the Photoadventure fair in Vienna. My first impressions where “I must have this camera” After 10 minutes hands on I am not sure that I want it.
    First I like the look, but thats it! I think the promise of Nikon “state of the art technic” in a retro body is not fulfilled. More of that it fails in the manual “retro” mode because some of the functions are still to be set diffrent to older film cameras and the quality of the digital parts is like D600 (eg. GPS-socket, which will be broken after one day of use) Also the “state of the art technic” fails I am missing the IPTC captioning like in D4 (which is only a software thing). Conclusion: If you search for a diffrent looking and more expensive D600, buy it.

  • ronin

    fyi, Just got my shipping date email from Amazon…

    “Nikon 1525 Nikon Df 16.2 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR 16.2MP SLR Camera Body with 3.2-Inch LCD (Black)”
    Estimated arrival date: December 05, 2013 – December 09, 2013

    • I received the same email and I pre-ordered when Amazon leaked the Df. I think their dates are wrong.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I just talked to someone in retail, The cameras are in stock, Nikon has them embargoed until Friday. I’m going to check one out right now.

        Edit: The KITS are in stock. Bodies have not shipped.

        • Mandrake

          I preordered body only and Amazon is telling me Tuesday. I want to see if I can get that bumped up to Saturday but I have to wait until Friday to ask.

          • E.

            I just got an email from NPS saying my priority purchase order (body only) had been “processed”. However, the store I ordered from said they won’t start shipping until next week.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              I just got back from my store. I played with mine for awhile, I paid them, but they could not be persuaded to let me take it home. They said come get it Friday.

              Initially I had ordered body-only (they do have a few bodies in stock now), but I decided to get the kit, because the lens looks great and it’s crazy sharp.

              I’m going to do a quick write up on it.

            • J. Dennis Thomas
            • Mandrake

              Come to think of it I’ll probably add a lens to the order to take advantage of the rebates. I assume Amazon will let me do it. Delaying it a little longer may have it’s advantages.

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              Amazon makes me pay sales tax when I order through them. By the time they add in taxes the rebates aren’t really worth it for me.

  • Mandrake

    I just got an ETA from Amazon of Dec 3rd. Bring it on!

  • gimar bazat

    for 70 years of age and up, if you are not that old this camera is not for you

  • Tom Dingo

    Received mine this morning (shipped yesterday from Henry’s, Toronto)! Beautiful, heavier than I was led to believe—handles well and feels good in the hands. Focusing (with a 35/1.4) is fast and spot on. Electronically gridded viewfinder is a nice touch (I use a D3X for photogrammetry and have a special screen for this; so the appearance of an electronic version is a useful feature for me — it may be on the D4 or D6/8 series, but it is new to me). Very pleased.

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