Nikon Black Friday deals

Nikon will have some new instant rebates for Black Friday that will include many high-end lenses (the current rebate program offers mainly low-end lenses). The savings will be similar to the rebates offered back in September. You still will have to buy a DSLR body in order to qualify. There is a very good chance the new Nikon Df will be part of the upcoming rebate program, the problem is that shipment will most likely be delayed by at least few weeks. I will publish the new Nikon Black Friday deals on November 24th (Sunday) and they will be valid till November 30th.

Best Buy will also run some specials - for example Nikon D7000 with the new 18-140mm lens for $799.99 (original price: $1599.99). You can see all Black Friday Best Buy deals here.

More Black Friday deals and current rebates can be found on this page.

The price of a refurbished Nikon D600 is now down to $1,399.95, while a refurbished D7100 is now selling for $849.99.

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  • This may have been addressed, but I’m compelled to ask: does the Refurb status of the D600’s mean the shutter mechanism has been replaced? Has anyone recently purchased a Refurb D600 and could comment?

    • Mansgame

      Nope, it doesn’t matter if it was bought new early on, later on, or a refurb, D600’s have the issue. All Nikon does is blow the dust away and in some cases replace it with the same shutter. The dust is like herpes. It doesn’t go away.

    • Aldo

      My 3069XXX d600 had the issue with just 1k photos taken… I took it back and got a 3077XXX serial number. This one had the updated firmware. I still have to shoot with this new one to see if it will have the issue as well, but I doubt they addressed the problem in newer bodies as it was presumed.

    • Aldo

      The question is… are you willing to deal with the issue to save 500, 600 dollars? I know I am =]

    • One More Thought

      It would make sense that there was never really a true fix for the D600 shutter issue,,,if there was, there was no reason to release a D610.

      With the D800 there was the left side focusing issue, and that apparently was fixed and no updated D810 was released.

      So my guess is that with the D600 there was something more fundamentally wrong with the design and/or manufacturing, and thus the need for an entirely new model.

      • I’ve since been poking around. Some sources (Thom Hogan, Fred Miranda fora) have mentioned reports of users having their D600 shutters replaced by Nikon upon sending their bodies in for cleaning. I just wonder if “Refurbished” includes such a shutter mechanism replacement.

        • Aldo

          If you poke around the internet you will find that this does NOT solve the issue entirely. So whether a refurbished d600 has a replaced shutter or not, it doesn’t guarantee a dust free camera.

          • usa

            Are you sure? I read that some people get a new shutter and don’t have problems. Others say they still have problems. I think some people have legitimate issues. I also think some people enjoy complaining.

            • Aldo

              No I’m not sure. But I do know the problem doesn’t go away “entirely” even with a replaced shutter. Maybe you will have less dust… but still more dust than the average camera. I do however. believe that the issue diminishes over time. I think the initial 3k-dust-free estimate was too ambitious. Maybe around 10-15k actuations and after several cleanings you may be looking at a somewhat normal camera.

            • T53

              Mine never started to back off until 17,000 activations….Doesn’t accumulate as fast now but its still there. Thing is, I did not notice a problem until about 7-8 thousand snaps. I will say that the cheaper zooms –ie 24-85mm seem to pump more dust into the sensor chamber. When I switched to the 24-120 f/4, the issue quieted down a bit. Moral of the story….don’t but a camera new particularly a Nikon Camera.

            • Mansgame

              Trust me, I’m the last person to complain (being a former Nikon fanboy) but this is a real issue. The problem is that Nikon hasn’t said anything about the cause (pride or whatever). Some people supposedly never had an issue. Then again, maybe the issue was minor for them and they rarely shoot above f/5.6.

              For others, the shutter replacement solved the problem, but I also know others who had almost got rid of most of the dust and got a new shutter and it was back to day one.

      • Ronan

        Nikon already stated multiple times that the problem was not mechanical but on the assembly line.

        Some D600 received an excess of lubrication (HINT: It’s not the first time this is an issue for a camera maker!).

        It doesn’t matter how much you clean it and apeal to the customers, since the ‘wave of angry consumers’ had already grown too large, most of them not even owing that camera, the logical step was a new camera.

        The D610 is identical to the D600 minus some minor hardware changes (it is newer after all).

        • Mansgame

          Where is your source?

        • ronin

          You know, our Nikon would be a great place to work if only we didn’t have to deal with those obnoxious customers.

    • Question remains…are the refurbs going to suffer the same problem or has Nikon fixed them. Right now I’m waiting for my D300 from Nikon repair and very, very unhappy to have been held over the barrel unless I would hand over my CC number.

      As a former NPS member for many years and Nikon user going WAY back…I was very disheartened at the treatment and the attitude from Nikon Repair and Victor.

      No wonder so many of my colleagues switched to Canon. :~/

      • Guest

        Every single department of a company reflects the core values of the whole company. From their service department you know Nikon treat their customer like dirt. I have had multiple experiences with Nikon service department at different times and their value was consistent.

        • Aldo

          I remember years ago taking my XL-2 to the canon service center in Irvine… I can tell you they have pretty terrible customer service too (assuming nikon does too, because I’ve had only good experiences with them “so far” )

        • Mansgame

          I have done a couple of other services there. My flash was non-warranty and expensive to repair but they did it professionally and it was done quickly. I had one of the Holy Trinity lenses there for a problem that should have been warranty but they claimed that there was impact damage and charged me several hundred dollars and refused to tell me what exactly they were going to change in it.

      • Ronan

        The key is ‘former’.

        I was in the same boat as soon the studio i worked at closed and I lost my NPS status. I went from front of the line to the back, but that’s normal.

        Business is business.

        Nikon treats their customers the same as every other large company.

        For every ‘nikon story’ i can tell you 5, even 10 from Canon.

        • Sure…but I still shoot professionally and teach college-level photography. I sell A LOT of Nikon cameras. Maybe not so anymore. :~/ Fuji? Is that you?!

        • ronin

          New slogan: Hey, buy a Nikon. We’re no worse than any other “large” company.

      • ronin

        In the absence of any information to the contrary, why take a risk on a refurbed D600? I mean, the original new unrefurbed had a problem the manufacturer never either told us about, or acknowledged, or fixed. Why should we now assume a sudden onset of integrity?

      • neversink

        I have only had pleasant dealing with Nikon service over the years. They have been prompt, polite and professional. Most recently, I had to replace a card socket in my D4 and the turn around was less than a week. I also had a 17-35 F/2.8 lens diaphragm get stuck wide open. I had my camera back in three days. I have had no problems with either since and I am extremely satisfied with Nikon’s repair service.

      • T53

        I asked Cameta Camera if their refurb D600’s had been cured of the Oil problem….the rep didn’t answer, I suspect they don’t know.

    • VNADFW

      I bought a refurbed D600 myself back in March and I do see a few dust spots accumulating every 1500 shots or so.

      But guess what: My D800 does that too(All it takes is a few minutes to blow it away). So I’m not too sure about the complaining that’s going on the internet. I think $1399 is a steal for the D600.

      But in any case, I have realized that I started to hate Nikon for their complete apathy towards their customers.I don’t know how bad the problem with the D600 is in reality, but I feel screwed by them after they released the D610. I refused to look at other brands for the last 15 years but now I’m open to switch- if I find the right product. The Sony a7r came close but I’m holding on to my beloved Nikkor lens for now.

      Shame on you, Nikon.

      • saywhatuwill

        Decades ago I bought the N8008 when it first came out. I found a bug in the camera programming and reported it. Not more than a year later the N8008s came out that had spot metering too. I felt slighted just as you did with the D610.

      • Mansgame

        This is not normal dust. We’re talking brand new cameras with the lens never detached.

    • Ronan

      It should be fine, the affected number of D600 were mostly from the first batch, and only the hype of the internet made the problem seem worst (because you know, satisfied consumers are busy using their rig instead of complaining on forums).

      Most clear-minded individuals even posted that after 2-3k photos it went away with a good cleaning.

    • Spy Black

      Just buy it and try it out. Use it every day during your return policy period from the vendor. If there is still an issue it will show up within days. If so you can opt to return it or decide it’s not bad enough to be an issue for you.

    • neversink

      If people are still having dust issues, even if the shutters are replaced on a D600, then doesn’t Nikon have a legal obligation to replace all D600 bodies with a D610? Honestly, did you buy the D600 for dust? Nikon actually has a legal responsibility to sell you a product that works. I have had this debate with Thom Hogan before, but I believe if Nikon can’t fix this problem, then their should be a class action suit, if Nikon doesn’t replace the body.. I don’t own a D600, but if I did, and it had the dust and oil problems everyone else is scramming about, i would be screaming at Nikon until they gave me a replacement. People don’t purchase cameras to deal with a dust problem. Perhaps there is no problem and this is just a conspiracy… I doubt that though, as the photos of people’s dust issues are truly frightening for a photographer.

  • Mansgame

    Sorry Nikon, until you offer an apology and a real fix: whether it’s a new shutter mechnism that works, replacing D600’s with D610, or a full refund, you will not get another penny from me. I have already spent thousands of dollars on Nikon gear so I’ll be good for another few years, and you will eat the cost of cleaning my D600 over and over and over and over again until it costs YOU $2000, but you’re not getting any more out of me.

    • Aldo

      I wonder whether you can get a 610 shutter if you complain enough…It’s only fair imo.

      • Mansgame

        some people believe that the dust issue is more than a flaky shutter..perhaps the whole assembly was in a dustfilled location and the dust is all over the camera.

        • Aldo

          who knows… anything is possible. But if there is in fact “oil” then the shutter is def part of the problem.

        • Ronan

          Speculative at best from clueless people.

          The issue is from too much lubrification. Nikon said so themselves and it’s the same issue that the FM2 had years ago.

          I can tell you, it’s not the first time it happened, for any camera company. The only difference this time, is its SO EASY for people to bitch & moan that it takes a life of it’s own.

          • Mansgame

            Oh great one, please, tell me why is it that even after a cleaning, the dust returns if it’s just a lube problem? Why then would they replace shutters?

            • Ronan

              Because the excess oil is still there.

              I’v had the pleasure on working on SLR’s, and it’s basically the same thing with DSLR’s. Too much lub will be a pain unless the shutter assembly is completely taken apart de-greased and then put back together.

              Those shutters come pre-assemble and guess what! A good number of them had too much lub = when ever one is swapped out for another one… the problem is still there and was there until Nikon realized the problem and had it rectify.

              Since it cost too much money to have more batches made, they probably gave them a cleaning and installed them in their later D600’s (which had less spotting compared to previous model).

              This is what most people that did some research and talked to Nikon agreed upon. I actually thought this was common knowledge since i learned it myself from doing research and talking my Nikon tech.

            • Mansgame

              lol so you opened up your dad’s Pentax 20 years ago and all of a sudden you’re an expert on the modern DSLRs?

            • mikeswitz

              why don’t you go troll Canon for a while. I doubt you have a dad, know what a 20 year old Pentax looks like (hint: nothing like a Ricoh), or own a DSLR.

            • Mansgame

              Why would I troll Canon? I’ve never owned Canon products except for their printers. Canon also offers apologizes for their mistakes so why troll them?

            • ronin

              Look people. It’s YOUR problem that you bought a bad camera, capisco? Shut up and quit picking on the corporation.

          • dclivejazz

            If you had the actual pleasure of dealing with the oil problem first hand, it’d be interesting to see what your reaction would be.

            • Ronan

              3 D600 from colleagues, 1 with the problem, it went away after a few thousand photos and 2 ‘professional’ cleanings.

              Which is pretty much on part with what people have reported (minus the few angry consumers on this website that are bound to trash-talk Nikon on every opportunities).

            • Mansgame

              so a 33% failure rate is acceptable in your world? What if 33% of cars had brakes that just cut out? Would you say “that’s acceptable”?

          • ronin

            You’re right. From now on when we’re sold lemons, we’ll shut up and eat it. In fact, we’ll voluntarily send them more money. Loud whingers we.

      • Several readers in Europe got a D610 “upgrade” because of their D600 issues. At least one person had to pay around 200 EUR for the upgrade.

        • Aldo

          do you know if it was from nikon directly? or the store who sold their cameras? One can use this as an example to make a case here in the US.

          • I think it was Nikon directly.

          • zoetmb

            I’m not sure you can use it to make a case in the U.S. European warranty law is much stricter than U.S. law. A class action suit might get Nikon’s attention, but the lawyers always wind up taking all the money and the consumers wind up with a $12 coupon at best.

            • Aldo

              oh I didn’t mean a legal case… but an argumentative one

  • usa

    Prices reduced? Release the malcontents! Let the whining begin!

    • oracle

      DF = “Discounted FX” on black friday
      to fair value, at least.

  • TrP

    I would like to see some deals on lenses w/o having to buy another camera. Having said that, should I sell my 24-85mm for a high quality lense? by the way, my D600 never had any issues from the jump.

    • Brent

      Same. I really want to pick up the 85/1.8G for $400, but I’ll wait.

    • Derek Smith

      I like the older 35-70mm f2.8 from the 90s. Push Pull Zoom and reasonable fast AF. ALOT cheaper than the 28-70 or 24-70 f2.8s

    • TR_T-Rex

      I’d keep it because it is not noticeably worse than 24-70 f/2.8 or 24-120 f/4 VR. Both of them are very big and heavy compared to your lens; besides the former does not have VR and the latter does not offer much between 85-120 IMO. Heck, 24-85 VR is officially listed by Nikon as one of the lenses that can resolve the megapixels of D800! For me the only update to that lens would be a new 24-70 2.8 VR update, if it ever happens.

  • Micycle

    After having bought a D600 at launch, I will never pay full retail price for a Nikon product again. I want to buy a couple of lenses, but I’ll wait until the rebates are available for lenses only. I’m thinking spring when sales are really slow will be a good time.

    • ronin

      Pity the poor V1 early adopters, who stormed criticism left and right to take a chance on the new camera line. In a little over a year the prices dropped by 2/3. Fool me once…

      • Aldo
      • istreetshooter

        I have no complaints on the V1. I got a rebate on one and the legendary BH clearance price on the other, and they are good for travel and video. We have college students using the V2 as part of multimedia kits with no complaints.

        • ronin

          On the other hand, most people dislike paying $1000 for something that shortly thereafter cost $260.

          • istreetshooter

            Timing is everything. At least I had about seven months until the price drops. Not a great amount of time, but it could have been worse.

    • Ronan

      Only fools with too much money buy a DSLR when it comes out.

      Wait 6 month and save a bundle, wait 1 year and save even more!

      It’s like that with every DSLR from every company. The new pace of advancement of technology and consumer demands has completely destroyed the value of electronics.

      Back in the days, you would wait 5-6 years, sometimes more, to get a new flagship camera!

      • Mansgame

        You sound so smart.

        • mikeswitz

          You sound stupid

      • Aldo

        My grandfather died waiting for the d400 replacement… I’d rather work with what’s available now.

  • Thomas

    This good news as I am just about ready to pull the trigger on a D800 and some lenses. 🙂

    • Aldo

      Congratz. It’s an amazing camera. It served me well. 60k photos and it never failed.

      • Thomas

        I am pretty excited about it. It will mark my defection from Canon. 🙂

        • Aldo

          Canon needs to catch up with their sensors… they have good hardware and ergonomics. Also their lenses are pretty awesome.

  • Cool! Maybe the weak pre-orders of the Df will prompt marketing to offer a nice, extra-plump rebate on it in particular.

    • One More Thought

      And what makes you think the pre-orders for the Df are weak? That’s just internet speculation. I know there was an article on NR noting that the pre-orders are not of the magnitude as for the D800, but Nikon never expected that. Nikon is manufacturing a relatively low number per month; Bjorn Roslett put it at around 12,000 per month.

      The pre-orders may be weak, but maybe not. None of us know at this point in time.

      • Mansgame

        When the D800 was announced, there was a buzz as people lined up to pre-order and there was a shortage before the first one even shipped. The Df so far is just a joke among photographers making fun of “pure photography” and having an old looking camera.

        • iamlucky13

          D4 sensor for half the price of a D4. If that’s a “joke” then it’s exactly my kind of humor.

          Of course, the Df does sit in awkward position in the market. Those who genuinely needed the D4 sensor already bought the D4. Most of those who didn’t are either happy with their D700 or bought the D600 or D800. And the Df is higher priced than most of us hoped.

          But the fact that it overlaps with several other models doesn’t make it a joke. It looks like a superbly capable camera.

          • Derek Smith

            You folks get so worked up over the D4 sensor. It really isn`t that substantially better than the D800 sensor. Really, its about the same! Unfortunately the Nikon fan-boys just have to justify Nikons price point and this seems to be the ONLY thing they can bring up. The DF is a flop!

            You want pure photography and not having to worry about “sensors”. Use a film camera!

            • nikon fan boy

              df is a flop? it hasn’t even been released, let alone reviewed. so anything you said lucks creditability.

              and thats the whole point, we have film cameras,

              now we have a digital camera that is closer to a film camera then the current range is. that doesn’t make it better or worse, just means its more conferrable for some

            • Derek Smith

              Based on initial preorders it sure is shaping up to be one. Based on the specifications that Nikon released do we honestly have to wait for a review? It is old recycled parts from various camera models. If you wish to dump 3k into an overpriced toy, then please have at it. It will be a financial flop unless Nikon responds by pricing the DF in accordance with what the market can bear, which may happen in the future.

            • One More Thought

              I am so tired of people saying that the Df is recycled parts from other models.

              First, that shows no knowledge of engineering or production. It’s a little more complicated than that.

              Second, it is very common among all manufacturers to use the same part in different models. Computer vendors do that; same for smartphones, tablets, automobiles, etc. Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW…they all do that.

              Sharing parts among models lowers the cost, because the components can be made in larger quantities. It also helps improve quality, since you have proven components with the problems already worked out.

              If you think prices are high now then you wouldn’t want Nikon to have totally new components in every camera release.

              So let’s get off this bandwagon about reusing parts from other camera models. It’s an accepted practice to keep costs lower and QA higher, and every manufacturing company does it.

            • Kevin

              Actually, based on previous reports, Nikon manufactures around 5000 D4’s per month (1 year ago). Let’s say they doubled the production of sensors in 1 year, leaving extra 5000 sensor per month for the Df. I’m going to say the market can absorb all those parts easily…

              remember that these are low volume parts, and the pricing will likely not drop quickly.

        • I still don’t expect to see the Df in sock before the end of the year.

          • zoetmb

            Then that’s another Nikon fail. To release a major product just AFTER the holiday shopping season is absurd. By that time, no one has any money left- they’re paying the holiday bills.

            • One More Thought

              The Df camera is being released before the holidays. Ironically, in spite of the dire predictions among some, the first orders may all be sold out, and hence those who order a bit later may have to wait.

              It’s funny, but It seems Nikon is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If the Df ships and there’s plenty of inventory, well, it’s not selling well. If the initial shipments are all claimed by early preorders, then Nikon is dumb for shipping additional orders after the holidays.

              That’s the state of criticism among some: basically, take whatever the reality is and twist it in a way that allows one to take a cheap shot at Nikon.

          • The guy at Henry’s Camera (Canada) told me January.

          • mandrake

            So initial shipments are delayed or people who order during the rebate time will have to wait a few weeks?

            • Initial shipment will probably go to pre-orders only. If you order next week with the rebates, it may take few weeks until B&H gets the next shipment.

          • FredBear

            Your Christmas ‘sock’ no doubt 😉

            • That’s funny. stock I mean

            • FredBear

              It was meant to be. Have the highest regard for you and what you do.
              Hope no offence taken 🙂

            • No problem, this is not the first or last typo I will make on this blog.

        • One More Thought

          To “Mansgame”: What makes you think the Df is “just a joke among photographers?” Some have criticized it, but some have been enthusiastic. Some of those most enthusiastic are very serious photographers.

          What you really mean is that the Df is a joke to you. Which is fine, but please don’t project your opinion on everyone else.

          Again, I see so much assumption and jumping to conclusions, without any real facts. It’s rather startling.

        • timmy tim tim

          really? a joke? so now a camera using nikons current flagship sensor is a joke? what does that make the d4 and the nikon company then?
          its clearly far from a joke, the df is not meant to sell in large volumes its camera targeted at a niche market and from the samples and previews we’ve seen its well capable. a high price tag doesn’t make it a joke either it makes it expensive.

          • Hijazo de mi vidaza

            The Df is not a joke but an overpriced camera. Sure, the D4 sensor for less money, but the AF system and the fps that you can get for less than $1500.

            • Timmy Tim Tim

              there’s a lot more to the camera then the af system and fps….

  • Neopulse

    No sale on the Zeiss Otus heh! Well hopefully tonight will pull the trigger to buy one to test it and sell it.

    • Neopulse

      Pulled the trigger, got the lens in the end.

  • Ricardo Vaz

    Anyone knows if these rebates will be availeable on nikon store or only in BH?

    • zoetmb

      The rebates are generally available from any authorized retail dealer.

  • waterengineer

    What about a deal on the D700…..someone must still have a few of those on the shelf……..somewhere.

    • I’ve been thinking of selling mine and possibly getting the 610 instead (extra MPs, less weight, video)… but haven’t decided yet. 🙂

      • Bronwyn

        I’m having a similar debate. Loving full frame but hauling the D700 + grip + flash for an 8 hour wedding is killing my back.

  • iamlucky13

    Another vote for some lens-only deals. My body is several years away from even contemplating replacement, but there’s a couple lenses I’m interested in, but can’t quite talk myself into paying full price for.

    • Aldo

      My ideal doorbuster: 14-24 2.8 for 500 dollars.

      • black friday knight

        with DF for 500 as well,

        and 200 off for body + lens combo?

    • KnightPhoto

      which lenses for you?

      I’d love a rebate on an 85mm f/1.4, but here in CanuckLand we don’t get rebates… ;-/

      • iamlucky13

        I’m considering either the 70-200 F/4, or the 300 F/4, although if I go for the latter case, I’m inclined to wait until the VR version comes out.

        Since I’m already talking about rumored lenses, might as well add I’m not even really contemplating replacing my 18-70 (most underrated 18-X lens of the bunch) until I either drop it off a cliff, or the 16-85 F/4 materializes.

        And I still haven’t picked up a 35 F/1.8, although price is much less of an object on that. I’ve just been lazy about it.

  • saywhatuwill

    I’m still hoping for the sale they had earlier this year where a body wasn’t needed to get the sale. $300 off some of their best lenses was awesome and I purchased a lens I wanted, but wasn’t really ready to buy but did it and now I’m glad I have it. I still would like a couple more.

  • zoetmb

    I know Nikon wants to push bodies out, especially obsolete bodies and that’s fine, but they should be encouraging consumers who are already with Nikon to buy more lenses. And since the US $ has increased 24% against the Yen since Fiscal 12 year end, that should be easy to do.

    And, IMO, any customer who has registered a D600 should get an extra special rebate.

    • planner

      lens + body…. $200 off is just old

      make it lens + lens…. $400 off

  • lobsterhat

    Thanks for the tip about the refurbished d600 price drop! I just bought one (from cameta no less) last week and now I am going to try to get the difference back. Anyone have any experience with the “buy safe” service they give you?

  • TMP

    Why does every post get hijacked by D600 dust discussions? It is seriously getting old. The problem is a minor one, you would think it was a huge deal.

    • Aldo

      It’s not minor to everyone…

      • T53

        Obviously a troll for Nikon ” PR”

    • One More Thought

      Agreed. I don’t want to minimize those who were burned by the D600 problems…but after a while one needs to move on. It’s pointless to keep on complaining and hijacking every post.

      If you were burned then act as you wish…boycott Nikon products, never buy one again, etc…but stop subjecting us all to endless whining.

  • HF

    Man, why are there no D610 deals anywhere.

    • Aldo

      because it doesn’t have oil.

  • Anonymous Coward

    It’s a not a deal if I have to buy something I don’t want to get it.

  • Tom

    If you buy a camera and a lens now and there is a rebate offer for that combo in a week, can you get your money back?

    • Neopulse

      Usually what people do is return the items and then repurchase them with the rebates.

    • Mandrake

      I went through this with Amazon a while back and they saved me the hassle of returning the camera body.

  • OneWithOutACamera


    Do you have any rumors if the D7100 will be getting updated? I was wondering since the D5300 came out and some of its features are the same and some are better. Yes, the D7100 has better build and better autofocus system, but I am betting the D7200 will come out in Feb. with at least a EXPEED 4, thus more FPS and maybe some better sensor for better focusing in video.


    • decisivemoment

      D7100 has only been out a few months. Other than Nikon’s clanger of a mistake in recycling the D7000’s already limited buffer instead of boosting it to match the 50 percent increase in resolution, there isn’t much you can fault it about, and a buffer upgrade is something they can take care in an “s” update. Expeed 4 goes in a high-speed camera of some kind next, I would think, or else some kind of D4x with really wackily high resolution like 70MP or more. Medium format-killing resolution with some of Nikon’s new lenses and the Zeiss OTUS and the latest revision of XQD card to record it all at a decent speed . . . . that would get some attention at the high end, I think.

  • steve zee
    • KnightPhoto

      I was wondering that too – smoking deal!

      Just held a D7100 in a shop today, tried the frame-filling AF in 1.3 crop, what a dream!

    • Yes, this is the former

  • rich

    “Df will be part of the upcoming rebate program”
    I am assuming you (NR) are referring to buy a df and get a lens rebate.. Which is pretty standard. I was hoping Df get its own rebate, otherwise kind of pointless to mention it, as a give standard..

    • yes, you will be able to buy the Df and qualify for the rebates

  • John

    Ohh i cant wait ^_^
    been holding off buying a few accessories, but may upgrade if can sell my current one. Gutted that sister knocked my cam over, and some of the local repair places aint done great job in the past. maybe ill try

  • vipmediastar

    Can you buy lens and camera combo and then return camera. I lnow you cam sell camera but has anybody tried that before and still keep the discounted price?

    • Mandrake

      Unless a mistake is made your would lose the discount when getting refunded for your return.

  • T53

    With regard to the refurbished D600’s, I put the question of whether the the oil splatter rissue has been resolved in the refurbished models to Cameta Camera. The rep who answered my email was quite defensive about Nikon and the 600 saying that the company had recalled many of the cameras and repaired them which is news to me. There was no answer to the question of whether the oil splatter issue has been solved which tells me he doesn’t know. So if you pick up a refurbished 600 you have 30 days to find out if it still oily or…you can plop down another hundred for a warranty. You pays your money and you takes your chances. I’ll wait for the refurbished 610’s.


    So, the Duf is not even released and Nikon is having to rebate to shift the things.

    • saywhatuwill

      Probably more of a rebate on all the cameras and included the Df (I like Duf more though….Duf Beer! Oh yeah!)

  • Jumpin Joe

    What kind of rebates? It says high end lenses – like the 300/2.8? How much off?

    • mitch USA

      If you are buying a high end lens then you probably already have a good DSLR and don’t need another one

    • Rad

      IT’D be nice if you could just get the rebate on a lens itself. Like the 200-400 or the 300 F2.8

  • DrunkenRant

    Any news if the D610 will sell with kit for same price as body, ala last year with the D600?

    • Kevin

      I’m very interested in know deals on the D610 too

  • broxibear

    Nikon DF brochure now available for download on the Nikon UK site…
    *PS* The new 50mm f/1.8 is made in China, not Japan as stated on some other sites.

    • Get WithIt

      Old noos it’s been there since the Df was announced.

  • brn

    The Best Buy deals seem regional. The deals mentioned don’t exist when I give them my zip code.

    • The deal will be live next week, now they have listed the regular price.

      • brn

        Good to know! Thanks.

    • Larrry

      That is because you jump off the Black Friday server when you enter your zip code. I have noticed similar with B&H and Adorama if you use the search option it revers to current day. The Best Buy on the Black Friday server is just the brochure.
      My sister order a D7000/18-105 from B&H for $999, then I pointed out the Best Buy Flier. D7000 with the newer 18-140 for $799, not a Doorbuster, but begins 10:00 Friday. Canceled the B&H order, and figures at worse, she can re-order it.
      The big question in my mind though, with Nikon controlling the price among its authorized dealers. is that simply an early look at one of the items on Nikon’s new sale list and will be available everywhere. Then she can just skip the crowds and order it.

  • decisivemoment

    Does this mean Nikon is finally making a serious effort at liquidating its excess inventory?

  • Neopulse

    Wonder if the reason for the Nikkor 1 70-300mm lens is because of seeing that many people are using the FX Nikkor 70-300mm ED IF along with the adapter to shoot from long distances away. And also with complaints with the lack of the AF points associated with it. So maybe this was made in order to save on the R&D for a newer adapter (FT-2) that would help save the AF-points for Nikon 1 shooters. I think it was a smart move. Although, I’m hoping the optical quality will be the same or better with this model, but hoping with better.

  • Ricardo Vaz

    You said you will publish the deals on November 24th, this deals will be available at this moment or it will just be previews of the prices for the black friday day?

  • NFan

    When are the deals going to get announced? Its Nov 25th.

  • NFan

    Any news of when the deals will hit?

    • I checked their website and it was not updated yet. I think they will update it today. I will post it online once they do.

      • dw

        Looks like BH has updated rebates includes the Df, but same consumer lenses. Don’t see any new faster glass on the list 🙁 Expires 11/30/13

        • No, the rebates will go live on November 28th and they will include the Df.

  • Kevin

    any word on retailers discounting D610 bodies on BF?

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