Nikon at the 2013 PDN Photo Plus Expo

Few photos and videos from the Niko booth at the 2013 PDN Photo Plus Expo:

The new Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G lens looks ridiculous on the D5300 body:

Few more videos on the latest Nikon products:

Pictures credit: David Balaniuc, Wibled/Flickr

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  • KT

    Guess no one has spotted the elusive DF yet, huh !

    • That Dude

      Please dont use words containing “spot” and Nikon new camera model name in one sentance 🙂 Its a bad luck 😛

  • Michele Perillo

    Huh? Shouldn’t be 58 mm 1.4?

    • yes it is 1.4, fixed

      • Michele Perillo

        That was quick!

  • HotDuckZ

    Still no J4 with 4k? 🙁

    • Maybe in January for the CES show.

      • HotDuckZ

        I love you admin. 🙂

  • Sahaja

    So now they are trying to lure people with sweets?

  • Paul

    Not even a DF behind sealed box or curtains?

  • Aeroengineer

    Most of the vendor people I spoke with at PhotoPlus 2013 were helpful, courteous, and engaging. I thought I would have some fun with the Nikon guys and ask about “the new 300 f4.” Of course they can’t talk about new products. But it is fun to poke and see what happens. One was courteous and lighthearted, saying “it would be nice, wouldn’t it?” The other, however, told me curtly and with a straight face “if it isn’t on the web site, it doesn’t exist.” I thought I would take the conversation downhill at that point and ask what I should tell my better half, who has a D600, about the D610? What came back was a mindless regurgitation of all of the “upgrades” included in the D610. After that, he simply walked away from me. One wonders if Nikon trains their people to interact with customers at trade shows…

    • zoetmb

      The web site comment was ridiculous because while new products do go up quickly, Nikon USA is notorious for keeping the site out of date and for not removing discontinued products (although at the moment, the lens list is accurate except that it still includes the old 80-400 D). But look at the Coolpix page: tons of models that have been discontinued are still on it. And does his comment also mean that if it’s on the website, the product should be available? Because that’s clearly not true. Try to get a 200, 300 2.8, 400, 600 or 800mm from a reputable U.S. dealer. Some Nikon lenses didn’t show up in dealer channels until a year after they were announced.

  • Sashimi

    What’s with the plastic junk glossy finish of the D5300 ?

  • Spy Black

    One thing about Nikon’s yellow color scheme, there was absolutely no way to miss that pavilion at the show. Canon, which seemed larger to me, and was right next to Nikon, was easily lost in the overall darkness of the Javits Center.

    • zoetmb

      IMO, you’ve got that wrong. I was at the show. I own Nikon and have for decades. I’ve never owned Canon. But Canon was not lost at the show and during the two days that I was there, I would have to say that the Canon booth looked more crowded than the Nikon booth to me. Not only that, but if you wanted to get to the 400 and 500 aisles from the entrance side of the show, you HAD to walk through the Canon booth. Yes, the Nikon booth was “brighter” with the yellow overhang, but Canon most certainly did not get lost.

      • Spy Black

        I didn’t say no one was there, but making your pavilion mostly black isn’t the greatest design concept in a gray environment. I could see the Nikon pavilion from almost anywhere. The Canon pavilion disappeared in no time, and yes, it was bigger.

  • Ronin

    That 58mm f/1.4 could have been a lot smaller, overall.

    I get the whole ‘great girth for video shooters’ but for the rest of us interested primarily in still photography I don’t see a reason a standard foc length lens should be that big. There was nothing wrong with the size existing 50mm f/1.4, it’s pretty much perfect. The extra 8mm shouldn’t warrant over 50% in size increase.

    • Drazen B

      I tend to agree with your point on size. It could have / should have been a little smaller, that’s for sure.

      I don’t believe you need so much real estate around the glass and focusing mechanism.

    • neversink

      Maybe you should get a job with Nikon as a lens designer and engineer seeing that you know so much about lenses. I’m so convinced…. NOT

      • Global

        It seems that Nikon is going for the “built in lens hood” function. But in my opinion im sick of these chunky lenses. Its true that you can block light and get a better image, but it comes at the expense of having giant lenses on your camera. This is a good lens, hopefully better than the 35/1.4 optically which im not satisfied with and hopefully faster than the 85/1.4 which is painfully slow and hit and miss at 1.4. I love the 24/1.4, so if its better than that, its a very nice lens. But Nikon should consider more slender and compact primes, if not actual pancakes, for their next round of primes.

        I REALLY would love Nikon to make f/2 pancakes. Would like to see a new 20mm too.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        That extra bulk has very little with “engineering”. Use your logic and common sense.

        • neversink

          I threw common sense out the window when I married my first wife; and logic out the window when I excepted the terms of the divorce. because I couldn’t stand going through another dozen settlement meetings with lawyers who threw documents back at me with terms I never agreed to. (Thank God there was a judge involved who said, settle or we go to court. Now he had logic and common sense — but the lawyers still made out like bandits – but that was more than ten years ago.) Now let’s discuss photography!!!!

      • Ronin

        Maybe you should keep it shut next time when you don’t have anything to contribute to the discussion.

        • neversink

          Temper, temper…. Sorry if the my sarcasm bent you out of shape… I forget how many new-age sensitive people there are out there… 😉
          Sure, I would love to see smaller light weight lenses, but the video function, which I hardly use, is a permanent part of the Nikon DSLR landscape. I doubt this is going to change, except maybe in a few fashion cameras like Nikons DF (but I’ll keep an open mind about their Dubious Fashion product.).
          In fact, I am convinced Nikon will keep on “improving” some of its lineup so videographers can more easily take advantage of the video capabilities, whether we like it or not. However, one can get superb video with a small professional camcorder, and then you don’t need to bother with many of the bulky accessories that you would need to add to the Nikon.
          If I want quality in a lighter package, I guess I can buy the latest M series digital camera and use all my old Leica manual lenses.
          The thing is, I really love my Nikon glass, so if you can improve Nikon’s ergonomic design on this lens, please apply for that job. OK? I’m joking, I’m joking. Sheeeeeeesh!!!!

    • Another lens engineer in our midst. Impressive.

      • Marco Bollitierri

        He never said that, and what he did say…makes sense.

        • Well I just assume that when a person makes a definitive statement on how a lens could be produced at in a smaller version they understand the logistics behind said lens. I know most companies out there have in their business model a plan that emphasizes the overuse of materials both with the product and as a result of, the packaging. It’s a sure fire way to hit your monthly numbers. Waste, waste, waste that’s the motto. Plus Nikon obviously made this lens for the manly men out there to sooth their fragile phallic sensibilities. I know when I bought my 200 F2 it was purely out of some Freudian cry for female acceptance. BIGGER is better! Fin.

          • zoetmb

            If you look at the old MF D lenses, except for the 20mm, which takes a 62mm filter, they all take 52mm filters. They’re all tiny compared to modern lenses. Modern AF-S lenses have to have space for motors, but I still think we’ve had ridiculous expansion of size and weight, not all of it necessary. And I do think that macho has a lot to do with it.

            Every once in a while when I shoot film, I think that tiny lens on the body (especially if I use my N80 instead of the heavier F3) is really nice.

            But it’s not surprising that the 58mm takes a 72mm filter because the 85 1.4 is 77mm (although the 200 and 300 are only 52mm).

            As for me, I’m getting really tired of carrying around a heavy camera and large, heavy camera bag. I played with the Sony A7/A7r this past weekend and I think a future model might be in my future, whether it’s a Sony or Nikon’s version, if Nikon decides to go there (which I hope they do). Or if Olympus makes a full-frame (or even DX) version of the OM-1D.

    • callibrator

      Yup, something I also noticed looking at the internals of this lens at I believe one of the reason they made the external barrel over-sized could be to make it more ‘operable’ to the video shooters as the product marketing manager in that video said.

      I own the 85mm f/1.4 that comes with very large front element, much bigger and much more front-placed compared to the 58mm f/1.4 however the two lenses are almost the same width.

      For me a reduction in every few millimeters and/or grams matters, I tend to lug 2-3 lenses pretty much all the time, and it adds up.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    That extra bulk has very little with “engineering”. Use your logic and common sense.

  • JakeB

    Wow, that 58 lens is a ‘monster’ !
    Why so huge, Nikon?
    I may still get one, though…

  • neversink

    To all you guys who claim to know how to build a Nikon lens, but aren’t willing to apply for a job with Nikon as a lens designer / engineer….

    The new 58mm f/1.2 lens is probably bigger for several reasons…

    1. For video purposes,

    2. More importantly, there are motors and gears in the new lens where none exist in the old lens They need to be covered and protected. It takes a bigger casing to do the job.

    3. And even more importantly the larger diameter, with the ED glass and nano coating, may help to eliminate some or all of the falloff that exists on the Noct when shot wide open.

    My old 58mm noct f/1.2 sports a 52 mm filter thread…. but it does NOT contain a motor drive, nor was it made for video shooting.

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