Nikon Pure Photography video #2

Nikon released video #2 of their Pure Photography campaign for the upcoming DF camera:

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  • USA

    Target market: Wandering Metrosexuals. Should be a hit!

    • USA

      Pure photography?
      I think I’ll stick with my impure photography.

      • USA

        Unrushed and unhindered, a photographer makes his way through the woods. What will he discover along the way?

        A: Complete video production crew?

        • ereshoping

          A bear?

        • Steve Griffin

          And one even more confused than he is.

  • Fishguy

    I wonder — could this just be a generic ad campaign for Nikon? The poorly visualized camera could then be a stand-in for ANY of their products? The loud shutter click is needed to evoke a visceral reaction in viewers.
    At :32, this ad is too long for anything but a NIKON splash image at the end. If in the real ad, they pop up a clear image of this “new camera” it wouldn’t be on-screen long enough for people to really see it.
    I say stop trying to read into this something about a new retro camera, and take it for what it is: viral advertising of their product line.

    • I thought about that too, but wouldn’t they show a camera if that were the case?

    • Sebastien Girard

      But the first video let’s believe that a new kind of camera is coming, by saying “soon, it will be in your hands again”

  • photoroto

    Is this camera gonna make me cancel my A7R pre order, or isn’t it?

    • Erik

      You probably will not have enough information until it is too late. Part of Nikon strategy.

    • PhotoperZone

      new Nikon won’t have video, face detection, art filters and all other cool features. Camera for old farts.
      Sony rulezzzzzz!

      • Bamboojled

        PhotoperZone is right, it won’t have art filters (LOL) and all the other cool features like lenses that are too big for the camera, actually it won’t be anything like the A7/r because it will actually have a system behind it!!!

        • Erik

          For me the question will be – Is the A7/A7R with adapter for F-mount better or worse (with Nikkor AI-S lenses) than the new DF?

  • ereshoping

    I AM ……lost in a forest with only my camera

    • PIERO

      MY DREAM

      • ereshoping

        mine as well as long as I’ve got something to eat and a drink…ahh that whats in the bag!!!!! 🙂

  • Geoff

    lets get the price so i can gauge how excited i am going to be over this camera

    oh heck, regardless of price i’m still excited

    • Read the FAQ

      lets get the camera so i can gauge how excited i am going to be over this price

  • jake

    People love to hate. Who knows what this camera will really be, besides obsolete in less than two years.

    Anyways my bet is that this is going to be a “mini” D4 with “retro” styling.

    • Erik

      But does mini D4 mean D4 specs? In the mobile phone world it would not (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini)

  • aarif

    its supposed to be announced by next week but still bo real info on the AF and VF , maybe just maybe they have something special up their sleeve 🙂

  • The “Pure Photography” second video was released two days after the first video … will the next be released on Tuesday?

    • RMJ

      There is 3 days between the videos. The first two: 23rd and 26th. The next videos are out 29th, 1st and 4th. Release on 7th in Paris.

      • Thanks. My bad.

        • RMJ

          Actually, you might have been right. I remembered wrong and looks like the first came out on morning of 24th (European time) and the next 26th as said earlier. So the next one might actually come tomorrow morning (Monday 28th).

  • Spy Black

    Now that some folks have mentioned it, the camera does appear to be in the bottom half of a leather case (a retro accessory for this camera I bet), which would explain why it looks like it has a large grip. It may have a smaller grip which is thickened up by the case over it. So there’s hope yet for a decent body design.

    • I hope you’re right, Spy. That D3200-looking blob isn’t doing it for me.

  • Mark Connor

    I think this camera will be very expensive. He cant even afford a razor.

    • Rad Alzyoud


    • T53

      Its the nasty stubble look….all the hipsters think its the next big thing.


    …and is this not a new lens from nikon..????

  • Tony

    nikon is playiing a dangerous game against users’ expectation. I do hope it won’t turn out to be a big joke or disappointment at the end.

    • Erik

      Who knows, maybe we are only part of an experiment where Nikon reseach is using this thread as a customer focus group.

  • Jeff Curtner

    He is carrying a Billingham Hadley Pro and the necks trap has Nikon logo on the back.

  • Jeff Curtner

    He is carrying a Billingham Hadley Pro and the necks trap has Nikon logo.

  • Steve Griffin

    It’s a crying shame that this camera only has enough internal memory for 36 shots and uses Flash Cubes!

    • Erik

      It would be very cool if it came with memory cards that only held 36 shot and that also overrided the ISO setting!

      “I now think I need to use a 400 ISO memory card…”

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        And if you tried to swap cards halfway through, you’d lose 2-3 shots 😀

        • Erik

          That would be “pure photography”! 🙂

  • tap0

    I had posted this earlier on another thread on this forum but this didn’t get a lot of traction :

    Few points to note :
    i) The date of this post is in August 2013, when pure photography rumors weren’t exactly flying
    ii) This ad is no longer present in Ace’s photos Facebook page
    iii) At the end of the post, there is a mention of a pure photography stripped down camera with a sub $2000 price tag. I hope this part is true.

    • mikeswitz

      That post is kind of amazing. Are they still taking deposits?

  • Erik

    Please calm down everyone! If the “DF” is worse than the D610/D800/D4 we can buy and use them instead. This is not the end of the world.

  • Retro-guy

    Does it simulate film grain and dust bunnies?

    • I hope for scratches and color shift.

      • Retro-guy

        Light leaks?

  • Neopulse

    Showing all these outdoor shots. I wonder if they are implying that it’s weathersealed and/or durable for outdoor use.

  • Erik

    Another cool camera idea. A camera body that looks like a Hasselblad 500CM, has a 30x30mm square sensor and takes F-mount lenses.

    • TheInConvenientRuth

      Then where would you put the battery, electronics and would you settle for a 3,5×3,5cm LCD screen? Do a search for Rollei 3003, which is a MF style 35mm camera and you’ll see why it’ll be difficult to keep it small.

      • Erik

        For me it doesn’t necessarily have to be small. I think a 5,6×5,6cm LCD would be nice.

    • hexx

      You can’t really call Hassy V series ergonomic cameras 😉 I always have to adjust when I use mine after some time from right to left hand operation, but I love shooting it once adjusted, simple exposure settings based on EV, yep, taking Hassy out 🙂

  • xt
  • TheInConvenientRuth

    What happened to the sliver ring on the lens in that new pic?
    And looking at how he holds the camera, it may have a built-in grip.

    • TheInConvenientRuth

      But if his finger is on the shutter, that would make it an awkward hand position and Nikon is normally very good with ergonomics.
      Then again the actor may not know how to properly hold a camera, so there may not be a grip. I need to stop drinking red bull and coffee…..

      • It looks to me with no grip.

        Gut feeling – difficult to say, but it looks similar to how I hold my Fuji.

        • TheInConvenientRuth

          I’m not sure either, I always had MD’s on my F bodies and don’t have one lying around to try now.

    • Do you also see that you can’t see “Nikon” although it should be bright in the frame. More masking tricks I assume.

      • Jeff Curtner

        From teaser #2 7″ to 9″ the camera is masked in each frame from the pixel peepers. 🙂

        • At first I thought you’re crazy, but I just played the video over and over with the brightness all the way up on my computer.

          Now I see what you’re saying!

          • Jeff Curtner

            I forget who was using darken silhouette as teaser a few years back and the net peepers were able to bring up lightness to reveal the real camera. So they get smarter now.

  • FinchBug

    Interesting article here:
    Mentioning the Nikon DF, too.

  • J

    This better have a CCD sensor in it like the Leica.

    • Even Leica doesn’t use a CCD any more.

      • Erik

        But CCD:s were always nicer than CMOS, if it doesn’t have video it’s a great opportunity for using CCD again.

        • Yuri

          But CCD is awfully worse than CMOS in terms ISO and noise.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            Actually the CCD is inherently lower in noise than a CMOS sensor. The reason why CMOS appears to be lower in noise is because they can do on-chip NR.
            The reason CMOS replaced CCD is two-fold. First, CMOS has lower power consumption and secondly CMOS are cheaper to make.

  • JohnH

    Looks to me like the new 50/1.8G has a bit of a scalloped lens shade.
    The front-on view shows something along the top and bottom of the outer diameter of the lens and in a couple of the still shots you can see a hint that the front of the lens is not a pure circle.
    Perhaps it is a short, built-in, retractable scalloped lens shade.

  • inevitablecrafts

    i made a mockup … ehhm i meant i found a hidden image on the nikon website hehe

    thats what i want from nikon at least if they decided to skip the mirror 🙂

    needs an pentaprism of course …

  • Goose

    Did a few more tweaking with curves in photoshop.

    I knew it, he was behind it all along. literally.

    • JPEG only! That confirms it.

    • Erik


  • Theodoros Fotometria

    Why is this so tightly kept? We are only a few days before the announcement and we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on this camera, other that it will have “traditional use of controls” and the 16.2mp sensor…
    We don’t even know (as was with all other rumoured announcements) the price category this thing will address to…

  • VictorPhoto

    BTW, I just want to thank admin for the good work. I am checking this site 3-4 times a day. Keep it up:)

  • Peter N

    top view

  • T53

    Admin: Are you still confident the DF will embrace the “F” Mount?

  • ZoetMB

    Could the shutter be any louder?

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Yes. It could sound like an old Bronica SQA.

  • R!

    This commercial sucks,I thought that he was chasing a deerr or some wild animals and he ended up finding old dudes fishing pfff! what a dumb commercial,Nikon come on you’re paying for that shhht!?

  • cyto

    What is the sentence he say?

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