Refurbished Nikon D600 available again for $1,325

The refurbished Nikon D600 deal for $1,325 is back again on eBay from Roberts Camera with free shipping, 180 days warranty and 14 days money back or item exchange policy. This is probably the rock bottom price since some stores already listed the D600 as discontinued.

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  • kenshh

    The second teaser was released!!!!!!

    • A teeny bit more of a reveal.

    • skaarj

      Hearts and thoughts they fade…..fade away!

  • Spy Black

    C’mon $999!…

    • skaarj

      The one of you who bids nearest to the actual retail price of your own showcase without going over wins. And the manufacturers retail price is $2099.95. You win.

  • BayouBill

    The standard factory refurb warranty is 90 days. Who is going to repair the camera during the second 90 days? Are they an authorized Nikon repair station? Do they have the ability and authority to completely replace the shutter mechanism with a new one? Can it even be determined within 180 days if a new shutter is required? This deal sounds very risky to me, and I would place little if any value on the extra 90 days of warranty.

    • robert

      good question. something to question.

  • bob2

    It’s back up to $1650.

  • fred

    14 days money back policy means you test for clean functioning on day 1, do 3000 to 5000 shots, look for crud. See any, Send it Back!

    If clean, keep it…..she’s ok.

  • Greg Smith

    I caught this on eBay and wondered if I should jump on it. I figured I’d sleep on it, and now I’ve missed out. Now I’m stretching my quads so I can kick myself square in the face.

  • John McClane

    I just received my refurb D600 from Adorama today over lunch. Initial testing shows that my unit has the defective shutter with about 2 dozen dots in the upper left corner. They virtually disappear by f/11 and completely disappear by f/8. I rarely shoot above f/8. I’ll hold onto the camera for now and see it will self-correct as others have done. If not, I will send it over to Nikon before the warranty expires.

  • hellohouston

    I am expecting my d600 by tomorrow. Friends who got the cam via Ebay, how has the experience been so far? . Do you see the dust in the sensors? do you for see any issues with the cam?

    • Jake P

      Nikon doesn’t check for dust/oil, they just check for shutter operation, LCD, focus, etc. Just the basics.
      I got a ‘Nikon refurbished’ model and sure enough the dust was there. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

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