New Nikon Pure Photography video tonight?



Nikon DF Photoshop mockup

The next Nikon Pure Photography video will most likely promote the low light capabilities of the new DF camera. The videos appear to be released every other day - if that's correct, the new video will be online tonight after midnight (EST). There are a total of 6 Pure Photography promo videos - 5 teasers and the final introduction video. The official announcement will be in the first week of November - most likely between November 4th-6th.

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  • Jet
    • Zack

      Dang you beat me to it! haha

  • Ryan
    • Bobby

      “No clutter, no distraction, this is my world”
      What does it mean?

      • No video record button?

        • no video in this camera, I will post the specs again – it seems that many readers have missed my previous posts

          • For sure. I was just poking fun at video being clutter and distracting.

          • Sundra Tanakoh

            Finally a D700 replacement????

      • Zack

        It means no ISO button, White balance button, no mode button, no record button etc…..

        • Saren

          That may make the control more difficult. If this is true, I believe the control of D700/D800 is much easier.

        • Sundra Tanakoh

          No clutter: damn I forgot the extra battery and even if I had one I can’t recharge because I forgot my portable generator to fire up the charger.

          No distractions: My wife is such a nag, I need to get out of the house for some peace and quiet, but that bear on the other side of the fire is gonna kill me, but, first, I need his photo….

          This is my world: crap I wish I had video just this ONE time.

  • Oooo…

  • Scott M.

    It is up. (video #3)
    Mock up looks pretty close to me.

  • It’s getting there.

  • Scott M.

    Might take a while for Admin. to get the post up-there are multiple fade shots at end that need to be captured.

  • Ethan

    looks small sorta?

    • Scott M.

      It does look small. Very small.

  • MMS
  • WangChung

    Video 3 shows shows older 50mm f/1.8 AF lens, safe to say the new body will have built in AF motor too for ultimate compatibility YAY!!

  • Digger John

    Totally awesome commercials… and all the hoopla aside about tech specs… I like the renderings using the older Nikon logo (I have always HATED!!! the bold ITALIC Nikon on all their cameras since 1990! Made them look less than professional, IMHO!)… so a extra five points for using the classic pro NIKON font!

  • I really wonder why all the negative comments on something that could be a really new. In reality, it is probably Nikon’s verson of an a7/a7R designed to replace the F-6 with F3/FM looks. I suspect that the video of the trailers WERE shot with this new camera, which means that it shoots video. The one benefit this camera has over Fuji, Olympus and even the New Sony’s is IF it a F-mount platform… which brings in HUNDREDS of lenses into its ecosystem from day one. When Canon introduced the video in the 5DMkII there were the scores of photographers who said 5-10 years ago, that’s not real photography. 20+ years ago, PHOTOSHOP wasn’t real photography. Now there are very few who are in business now, who DONT use some sort of video or variation of Photoshop. (LR/Bridge/Capture).

    I personally think that it is the D400 that people have been praying for in sheep’s clothing. I love the manual controls, because there is very little mechanics inside of cameras these days. Less moving parts, more durability. Judging by the campaign it could possibly be a magnesium body or some other weather sealed body. So while it may look retro, the knobs are in essence still buttons. If the mount is the same as the Fmount then we should probably be really impressed by this little camera.

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