The upcoming Nikon retro full frame camera will not have video, possible announcement on November 6th


Image credit: Mariusz Jeglinski

A quick update: the upcoming retro-designed full frame Nikon camera will not have any video recording capabilities. Here are the updated rumored specifications:

  • Nikon FM2 like design
  • 16.2MP 36x23,9 full frame sensor (same as in the D4?)
  • SD memory card
  • 2016-pixel RGB image sensor
  • 9-cell framing grid display
  • 3D color matrix metering II
  • Native ISO range: 100-12,800 (incl. ISO 50 and ISO 102,400)
  • 5.5 fps for up to 100 shots
  • 3.2" LCD screen
  • Battery:EN-EL14
  • Dimensions: 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm
  • Weight: 765g
  • It will come with a new AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens (again, not clear what mount the new lens will have)
  • Standard F-mount
  • No video recording capabilities
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Same sensor as in the Nikon D4
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The announcement will be during the first week of November

Another interesting bit of information: the German store Dinkel Foto will have a "world premiere" on November 6th from 10am - 6pm. I am not aware of any other major announcement coming from other manufacturers, so this could very well be for the new Nikon camera.

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  • AMJ

    What on earth is wrong with you people ?!

    • patto01

      Who’re you calling “you people”?

    • Horange Cones

      Well lets see. My right front tire got a flat this morning so I need to get that fixed. The dishwasher is making that grinding sound again. My daughter is seeing that dbag Austin who never bathes. I keep having a twitch in my right eye. I can never remember the name of that coffee I like.

      And you?

    • Aldo

      I’m on a horse.

  • Danny Eiserloh

    I bet you it will cost more than the Sony RX1

  • Adrian G.

    This sounds too awesome to be true!

  • Danonino

    That depth of 11cm has to be with the new 50mm lens included, if not, the camera will like an abomination from hell..

    • hexx

      Isn’t that height?

  • Andrew

    Admin, the specs:
    16.2MP 36x[23,9] full frame sensor (same as in the D4?)

  • Discontinued

    Hi Admin,

    sorry if I double anything (didn’t read all of the 196 comments).

    Did anyone already mention, that canon and nikon both offer cleaning service at the “world premiere”.

    I strongly doubt nikon would have such premiere in a german pro shop. And I strongly doubt canon would clean sensors next to Nikon’s super new and hot retro DSLR.

    The premiere is probably rather about studio equipment by some small german manufacturer.

    • It has happened in the past, it’s possible.

  • John

    Video requires specific processing and power to do it. You can likely get away with a smaller battery if you don’t need to do video. Smaller electronics as well.

    Single SD card is fine with me – likely allows for a smaller body. CF cards are pretty big. Never had problems with SD cards in any of my cameras – a couple have gone through the wash w/o issue (one dunked in salt water and it worked just fine after cleaning and drying). You can get a lot of 16MP images on a 16GB SD card . . .

  • ThatNikonGuy

    Hybrid = film and digital :O

    • NikNik

      How many have I dreamt that one…

  • aarif

    no details about its AF system which is more imortant than video, I hope the won’t use the D600 AF and go with the 51pts, maybe a totally new AF system who know, with all these details leaked why are they keeping quite about the AF???

    • Eric Duminil

      My thoughts exactly.

  • hexx

    So Sony is pushing envelope and Nikon seems to be prised for giving old tech and cut-down features – fonboism can be dangerous 😉

    • hexx

      * praised *

    • I hold an unapologetic focus on stills photography as an asset, not a liability.

  • Oh no! What if this doesn’t have a display on the back!?

    Hold me, mommy, I’m scared.

  • Chris P

    This proves one thing at least, Nikon were telling the truth when they said that the D800 was not the D700 replacement.

    It looks as if we now have the D700 successor, a well built photography centric camera with, if the rumour is correct, the wonderful D4 sensor. To those moaning about the lack of video, buy a D600 or D800.

    This is the camera for those of us who are interested in photography, also It is not intended for the “Spray and Pray” school, but for those who consider that one good photograph is worth 100 bad ones. Looking at the possible specifications I think it is also intended as a portrait/studio camera, hence ther100 ISO setting. I was looking at buying the new Sigma 24-105 zoom, but now Nikon will be getting my money.

  • Minivini

    Since we’re swinging for the fences speculating wildly – maybe the “hybrid” terminology refers to a Fuji type viewfinder system. I also fail to see (without a lot more information) how “pentaprism” specifically means mirror box. Not in the mechanical aspect, but cosmetically. The new Sony a7 cameras appear to have a pentaprism, but they don’t. Maybe we’ll find this is also the case with this hypothetical Nikon.

    At far as video, I’m still on the bubble. Nikon will most likely be using an existing sensor capable of video capture. If that’s the case, they would certainly be “detuning” it if they prevent it’s use. I’m never a fan of full price, “detuned” options. Video has not yet gotten in my way of shooting (manual or any permutation of auto), and I have used the function on several occasions. I’m not so closed-minded that I feel having the ability to shoot moving footage in any way decreases my ability to make beautiful still images. That sort of mentality confuses me to no end.

    Bring it on Nikon – this new info is holding up my purchase of either the 14mm Fujinon or the 12mm Zeiss. I adore my X-E1, but if this rumor shakes out, it’s gone like the wind…

  • R!


  • Gareth Hacon

    I for one, from the rumours so far am very interested. I only shoot still images (for my work) and love the idea of this. My hope is that we have a well constructed camera body something akin to the film era cameras. Don’t get me wrong, Nikon has produced some well made DSLR cameras but they haven’t been the same. I would like to see this possible D4 sensor tweaked and perhaps the anti-alaising filter removed to get a bit more bite. So far the information for me has been getting better.

  • boba

    Back to stone age. Little to late, if will wrong price is well, nikon dead.

  • R!

    I don’t understand people that says that they don’t want something they don’t need and telling people that needs It that is better not to have It,this is not democratic and hypocrite!
    21st century digital camera must all have video . or Its a still!

  • Donsantos

    The more I think about this camera the less it makes sense (unless they are going for a lower price point).

    The retro manual aperture can be only used with 1 lens. Is Nikon going to re-release all their lenses with manual aperture controls? I don’t think so.

    It’s only 85 grams less than the d600 and only 14mm less deep. The size really isn’t much smaller at all. The size and weight different is probably only because it’s missing a grip. That means it’ll be near impossible to one hand hold this.

    That all being said I might end up buying it because it’ll be a sexy camera! lol

    • Do you realize how many “lenses with manual aperture controls” are in our bags and in the second hand market?

      • Donsantos

        I see. So Nikon is going after the mf lens users market? I didn’t think that was big.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          There are lots of AF lenses with aperture control. Even AF-S lenses.

  • rhlpetrus

    you have a ? beside the sensor; Im really curious about that.

  • simon

    well if I made that camera I would leave out the screen (put in wifi, screen on tablet/phone for tripod work) no chimping possible! and put in automatic raw ettr exposure metering so every shot will be exposed perfectly (as I understand this could be done and would revolutionize light metering right?)
    wouldn’t that be great, you just wouldn’t have to care about exposure anymore, every frame is by definition perfectly exposed (of course you would have to expose brightness later). and of course you would have to have some way of limiting the shutter speed plus a manual mode.

  • D. McMullen

    I did not do it.

  • D. McMullen

    Sorry about that post below. Clicked before I should have and then there was no way to delete it.

    I think Nikon’s description of the camera as “hybrid” simply refers to the old external/ergonomic film body design with current internal digital technology. Fuji and Leica have proved such a concept can be popular. When you consider Nikon’s legacy, it’s amazing they didn’t offer something like this sooner. I like the idea, up to a point.

    The only thing in the leaked specs that I don’t like personally is 16MP on the full frame sensor. I’d prefer a little more pixel density/resolution, even if it diminishes the speed slightly (fps, buffer capacity) and the high ISO noise performance. Right now 16 MP just seems a little low for full frame.

    • hexx

      Fully agree

  • R!

    Let people buy this unfinished model test It,then buy the next model in 1 year with Video and all the improovements in firmware technology and lower price:BUY IT BUY IT OLD DUDES WE THANK YOU GUYS FOR TESTING OUR NEXT GEARS!!!!!

  • Vkphoto

    No video? Good news so far!

  • R!

    Oh that is the 50 mm F1.8 E second version on the FM2 on that picture;It is a great lens to film with on a Canon or 4/3 system
    To bad Neykon !

  • Hugo

    How many people actually use the video on their SLR? Not me or anyone I know. Maybe Nikon have done some good customer research and found there are a lot of people for whom video just gets in the way with all it’s specific buttons and menu items.

    I’m looking forward to this camera immensely and I hope it’s a big success for Nikon.

    • Scott

      One lever and one menu item get in your way? Cause that’s all my D5100 has in the way of video items.

  • David B

    no video, huh. Well I say they also remove any capability to shoot color and make it black and white only.

    • Sean Molin

      That’d be great if they did it right like Leica.

  • DH photo

    I was wondering.. how will they set price on this camera to compete with A7/A7r (~$1700-$2500) while not cannibalizing D600/D610 sales. I’m sure there are many reasons to eliminate video, but I can believe the D600/D610 protection could be one of the reason

  • bgbs

    I hope this is not a D400 replacement, just like they claimed (and keep claiming) that D800 is a D700 replacement.

    By the way, I’m still waiting for a D700 successor.

  • ronin

    Nikon released the FM3 model… why? It was a niche model from the start, targetted at a few diehards. No autofocus, no P exposure, no auto advance, at a time when such models were mainstream.

    This rumor sounds similar. It doesn’t need to be mainstream or ‘pro’ or a best seller. What it does need to do is keep the loyal, well, loyal.

    Nikon is playing on its strength- millions of F mount lenses out there. This is a way to stem the flow to other formats while those who still remember- and those who wish they could remember- hang on.

    It would be a brilliant move, as long as it’s not priced as a ‘premium’ cult model. That will kill it outright.

  • Fotootaku

    To me it seems Nikon goes a new strategy, trying to fill niches, like they did with the underwater Nikon 1.
    Target = Photo Enthusiasts that learned Photography on a XD7 or Nikon FM a.s.o. – like me, or Hipsters liking retro stuff.
    Those people usually spend more money for a photo and have a strong link to quality.
    Thinking about the 50 1.8 Retro lens, it looks like they are trying to make a bundle that is not too pricey for the beginning, also a smart strategy.

  • Since I am working today, I didn’t have a chance to read all the comments yet, I for one, am NOT pi$$ed that it doesn’t have video, I am mainly ticked off if there is useless video. Either implement right, with full image and sound controls, proper input options, or don’t bother.

  • Brian Lee

    If I were doing a remake of this classic Nikon, I would leave out almost all of the electronics except those involved in metering, memory, and sensor. It would use very little battery or not have one at all. The film-advance lever would recoil the shutter but also generate DC current sufficient for powering the very little electronics it does hold onto. I wonder if this is what Nikon is referring to by a hybrid camera. Dreaming o_o

    • hexx

      Somebody’s been reading Thom Hogan’s article 😉

      • Brian Lee

        That’s the first time I’ve heard his name. I’ll go check his blog out. Thx.

    • Brian Lee

      I wonder if hybrid means that the camera is mechanical and the sensor is electronic. Remember when Nikon filed for an interchangeable sensor patent a little back?

  • per

    Question about battery: if the Nikon V1 uses the EN-EL15, why can’t this one?

    • Spy Black

      It’s too small. It won’t last.

  • BroncoBro

    I’m a bit distressed by the mention of a “G” lens…no aperture ring? I’d really go for it if it was truly retro-functional…aperture ring, shutter speed dial, manual focus with a screen that allowed you to do it accurately, depth of field markers on the lens. I’ve been using Nikon’s DSLRs for 5 years now and still find the thumb and finger wheels to be an abomination.

    • hexx

      Yep, that’s what puzzles me too. Unless the rumour is incorrect and it’s not ‘G’

  • decisivemoment

    Sounds like a terrific street, grab and go camera. Given Nikon’s F mount issues with aperture pins, it may be just as well that there’s no video. Seems you really do need all the extra mechanical stuff in the D800 and D4 to get the most out of it, so why lumber a little street shooter like this?

  • SR

    this is probably good time for nikon to update their 35mm f2 to match this new body.. i can live with a pancake 35mm f2.8 as well…

  • leonrenstfeld

    I think many of the comments here misunderstand Nikons aim here. This is a camera for photo enthusiasts who want the highest image quality in a pretty package. It’s a premium product with a retro appeal, and it will be premium priced. It is all about emotion, not about being practical or having all the D4 features. This is a camera that will be loved

    That being said, this is of course not meant as a workhorse camera for professionals. It will probably have a few major shortcomings compared to the D4/D800. My guess is this camera will not be fun to handle with a heavy 24-70 or 70-200 attached all day on a wedding. It might lack a couple of buttons that make Nikons pro lineup quick to set up for any situation. It will lack the shoulder display and it could even lack an optional battery grip. It will lack video capabilities altogether.

    BUT it will be a hell lot of fun to walk around the city, taking portraits and doing some street photography. Documentation photography and other journalistic work might benefit from a simpler camera that is not cluttered with buttons. It is a camera nobody needs, but one that many people want. A lifestyle product that might appeal to anyone who is a little bit of a hipster at heart.

    • leonrenstfeld

      Also, I think the matched 50/1.8 underlines the street and everyday photography aim here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikon threw in a matched 35 as well.

    • BroncoBro

      I’m not so sure it wouldn’t be the camera of choice for some kinds of pros. Having learned photography on an F2 and using those and F3s I’d switch back to manual focus in a heartbeat if I could. It makes you more involved with your subject. It would be nice, though, if it was compatible with Nikon’s CLS system (that is a modern feature I think is great). I’m a pro in a small market and do a little bit of everything. For this camera to succeed as a manual focus it would have to sync up with the older MF lenses. There’s maybe the reason right there that it is 16MP. I have my fingers crossed.

      • leonrenstfeld

        I didn’t mean it won’t be used by pros. But it won’t aim at them like the D800 and D4 do. This will be everything but an allrounder, and therefore not the typical pro workhorse camera. Of course, pros might get it for several reasons, but most buyers will get it because they want it, not because they need it.

    • Mardock

      As someone else above mentioned, just because it has a pentaprism doesn’t mean it will have a mirror. The Olympus OM-D cameras have pentaprisms, too. As does the new Sony A7 series.

      I’m betting this is a new mirrorless camera from Nikon. And I suspect there will be a new, smaller series of F mount lenses gradually rolled out to go with it. The beauty of this is you will be able to use not only them, but all current Nikkors, as well as AiS and pre-AiS lenses with full aperture metering. That’s not something any other manufacturer can do, and it plays to Nikon’s long-standing philosophy of system support and integration.

      You can bet your bottom dollar this camera ― and others of its kind ― will also integrate with the iTTL CLS system and other elements of the Nikon system. That gives them a HUGE leg up over other players entering this space.

      I also suspect it will be the first in a series of mirrorless cameras that work within the system, perhaps some retro-inspired, perhaps some not, but all with smaller, sleeker designs for those who favor that.

  • FlightlessKakapo

    Would’ve preferred a FM/FE/FA digital back instead.
    … Unless ‘hybrid’ means this camera can work without battery with an optional film back. I doubt think Nikon is crazy enough to do that though

    • Lips

      My FE2 is waiting….

  • Hoov
    • Marc W.


    • Neopulse

      Good memory

  • NoMeJodas

    After the first excitement is cooled down (thanks to a very cold shower), now I’m wondering if Nikon has any kind of strategy behind this camera or if they are just pulling it out of the shelve (which should be containing millions of designs, including the D400 and a real D700 replacement if we judge by their patent records) and putting it into production just because they don’t want to lose even more customers, in this case to Sony.

    The biggest problem IMHO is the lens-question. The crippled G-Lenses are just not suitable for this kind of camera body BY DESIGN (no aperture ring, no decent, precise MF ring , no distance scale etc and are too big and heavy AND will look REALLY ugly and stupid on a retro-designed body). They seem to already know that, hence the re-styled 50mm 1.8.

    So what’s next? Will they introduce a new retro-designed NON-G lenses to fit into this camera? Or will they expect everybody to just shut up and use that one re-styled 50mm 1.8?

    If the rumor have been that they will introduce a retro-designed line of lenses, maybe with a new 35mm 1.8 FX lens designed to match that body, I would have felt more comfortable. But this makes me really wonder if they know what they are doing!

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not trolling. I really love Nikon (at least the old one which had HUGE heritage and culture) and am really concerned about their future!

    • Maji

      As you said, Nikon may now refresh the 35/2 lens finally to go with this camera. The real intent of this is for street photography, where 35 and 50mm primes really seem to be very popular.

    • R!

      100% RIGHT Nikon needs new executives quick!!!!This certainly not the designers or developpers that are to blamed ,they probably have tons of prototypes with incredible innovation in style and high tech with extraordinary good ideas waiting to be aproved.
      The problem is certainly with the validation of projects in high levels,maybe only one guy is cancelling all progress and make the market share falling by not having ngutts!!!!

    • hexx

      They could just release these for start (with aperture ring and smooth focus ring):
      28 f/2.8
      35 f/2
      50 f/1.4 or 1.8
      85 or 90 f/2 or 2.8

      That would be enough for start

      • Scott

        Yep just release a limited lineup of lenses that most people had access to and used back then and you’d be good to go.

        It’s not like someone is probably going to be all that worried about a 300mm f2.8 for this sucker and it’s not like you couldn’t. It just wouldn’t match the look.

        Hell I use old lenses on my D5100 all the time and have no issues about the clashing design/styles.

      • NoMeJodas

        oh yes. This would be a dream comes true!!!! Please Nikon listen just this one time to your faithful customers (and I’m pretty sure you are watching NikonRumors very carefully ;))

      • 55 or 105 micro would be cool.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      In reality the outside of the camera has little to do with what the guts can do. It’s a DSLR. They can make it work with G lenses just like the newer cameras do.

      I doubt the the camera will be an exact faithful reproduction of the FM2.

      • NoMeJodas

        With all due respect, you seem to not understand the point!
        The now so called retro-style is not about what you call “outside guts”. It is about functional design!!!!!!! (can’t put enough exclamation marks on this!). The design of the Film-SLRs has evolved for many tens of years to become what it was in the late eighties, early nineties. Then came the digital age and instead of further developing that tested and proven design, most of the manufacturers has missused the digital advantages to cut costs and increase short income instead of further developing the photography business. That why we have G-lenses for example (they are much cheaper to build than old, “real” lenses!).

        • Drazen B

          “…The now so called retro-style is not about what you call “outside guts”. It is about functional design!!!!!!! …”

          Not quite.
          The retro-style has exactly very much to do with the exterior design and overall camera appearance.
          It’s got very little to do with the camera internals and technology, as the latter moved on from the retro days so much that comparing it and matching it with anything today would be pointless.

          • NoMeJodas

            I’m talking about User Interface. Please don’t mix up a visual design that looks retro but with “modern” UI like the OMD-EM5 (PASM and such) and a “traditional” functional design like Leica M or the Fuji X cameras

            • NoMeJodas

              But I guess explaining the advantages of having an aperture ring, distance scale and good MF ring on the lens and a shutter speed ring on the body is as tough as trying to explain an answering machine to someone of the facebook-generation now a days 😉


            • Drazen B

              I’m not mixing up anything.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I think it’s YOU that missed the point of my post. You are ranting about something completely different.

          And to further prove my point, I didn’t say “outside guts”. You should read for comprehension before posting non-sensical rants that have no bearing on a specific comment.

          And G lenses are a logical extension of design. The aperture is controlled electronically now. It’s not “cheaper”. You sound like Ken Rockwell. You’re lamenting the loss of a useless appendage. “Things were much better when our appendixes worked…”

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Still waiting for the day Nikon comes out with a Digital Rangefinder…
    Bonus for it being monochrome sensor, and half the price of a Leica…. 🙂

  • Ken Elliott

    “Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)”
    Those are exclusive features. Using a pentaprism could indicate Nikon will use a larger display with far greater pixels than are possible (at the same pixel-pitch) with smaller displays. So this could be a mirrorless camera with a fantastic electronic display.

    • FredBear

      I like your thinking there.
      The ‘eye piece’ display could be based on an electronic display that’s mounted where the focusing screen is.
      No mirror.
      Thus the actual electronic display size would be much larger than the ones used in other electronic eye piece displays.
      So one has a pentaprism coupled to an electronic display – hence ‘hybrid’.
      OK, this is conjecture but I don’t see why it’s not possible.

      • Ken Elliott

        Thanks. And it might be even better.

        I just realized this will allow them to offer a REMOVABLE PENTAPRISM!

        And we know Nikon has patent(s) on interchangeable sensor modules. Man, I would love a F4S style camera – a return to a true modular system camera. I could glance at the controls on that camera and know everything that was important – something that I really miss. Nothing is hidden in a bunch of menus. Fujifilm figured this out and I hope Nikon has come to the same realization.

        • FredBear

          Agree with you but I didn’t know the F4S. I had an OM-1 and I loved that camera – simplicity itself and no nested menus to scroll through.

          As you say, Nikon are working on removable sensor modules so why not pentaprism/display modules too. The way I see it is Nikon could bond the display directly to the base of the pentaprism so one could theoretically upgrade the display with pentaprism.
          Anyway, if Nikon’s idea is not the same as we’re proposing maybe some other company can take up the idea and let us have some free units.
          If not, perhaps we can share the Nobel prize for technology next year 😀

          • Ken Elliott

            On the F4s you could remove the pentaprism and see the viewfinder screen from above. That was very handy, and I miss it. The F4s consisted of 5 modules, so you could customize the camera for a small or large body, different viewfinders, screen, backs, etc.

  • happytron9600

    I don’t get the ridiculous hatred for video. It’s not like you’re required to use it, and those of you who say the buttons “get in the way” are out of your freaking minds. I have never once gone to take a photo with my D600, only to later say, “DAMN, I was set to VIDEO?” Would you like them to eliminate the rest of the dials and buttons for you to make it simple? One dial, a fixed lens and a shutter button?

    I don’t really care if this new camera has video or not. I have a camera already to do that (which, as a photojournalist, I use extensively for both video and stills). But to say, “OH, no video? What a BLESSING!” is just silly. Yeah, Nikon should be listening to their customers who want fewer features! Great business strategy!

  • April 1st already?

    Metering with non AI lenses – so a return of the rabbit ears and 2 minute lens changes?
    Hybrid – it will be both film and digital? I’ll dust off the MD-12 and dig my last Provia out of the freezer.
    Methinks someone doth take the Michael.

  • tman

    How much do you think it costs?

  • Neopulse

    If it has no video, it should drastically decrease the MSRP on it. The sensor on it I think is fantastic if it has the same abilities as the D4 or even a stop under of ISO. This camera I hope will be priced <$1200 and chances are it will drop down to that price range to being the cheapest full-frame camera on the market.

    Would definitely compete with the photo enthusiasts that like using small fixed lens setups like the Fuji, but with the ability to use all F-mount lenses on it. I think if it had any higher resolution, "seeing" the imperfections with certain lenses might become more apparent. I think this camera would be a great stocking stuffer.

    • No way this will be Nikon’s cheapest FF body.

    • stormwatch

      No, you had it all wrong! The camera without any video recording capatibilities will cost more than a normal DSLR, because the group which is aimed at is ultra-significantly smaller than group of peope who needs the contemporary cameras these days.

      • Neopulse

        As I recall, by removing video you remove an extra tax that’s placed on digital equipment. For example when the 29:59 mins mark ws made, was because if it was any higher it would succumb to a tax. In order to avoid 30 minutes, they made it a second under the mark. Also if there’s no video, more buffer size for pictures which to me is a plus.

        • stormwatch

          I agree on some with you, but…but…this is not gonna be a cheap camera!!!

          • Neopulse

            Well…. “cheap” is a term that can be widely subjective. But then
            again, when it comes to this category of electronics I think it will be
            priced significantly less than the D610. That’s why I said $1200 or

  • Narretz

    I don’t shoot Nikon. So in any case, this sounds like a quite cheap attempt by Nikon to cash in on the (already declining) Retro hype. Nothing in this camera so far is innovative. It might just be a little smaller, wohoo.

    • Spy Black

      If you don’t shoot Nikon, the WTF are you doing here?

      • Narretz

        I am interested in camera news. Might be that Nikon introduces a camera that makes me buy a Nikon? Well, it’s not this camera, to be sure.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          If it’s “not this camera” why bother to comment? Nothing for you to see here. Keep moving…

  • John

    no flash?

  • Purists are delighted, huh?

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