This is the upcoming Vivo phone with rotating Nikon-branded camera and EXPEED processor

Vivo phone with rotating Nikon-branded camera and EXPEED processor 2

Vivo phone with rotating Nikon-branded camera and EXPEED processor

Those rendering are from the rumored Vivo smart phone that will feature rotating Nikon-branded camera and EXPEED processor (via Phonearena).

The next Nexus 5 phone is also rumored to have a Nikon camera module inside.

With the shrinking compact camera market, Nikon is obviously trying to position themselves as a camera technology supplier to the fast growing smart phone industry.

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  • I’m speechless.

  • Spy Black

    Top snaps off in 3, 2,…

  • rosshj

    Glad to see Nikon integrating with mobile phones… but this phone… er :/

  • Dave Ingram

    Finally, the D400!

    • ArthurWellesley

      🙂 Best laugh I’ve had all day! Thanks!

    • R!

      I’m waitin on the D400 so I can get ready of my D300s ,but If it doesn’t have the same biggest top lcd screen and the same buffer that Original Best APSC of All times for shooting Action with tele has…
      I dont want it and will get a D7100 quick.

  • What does it mean to have a Nikon camera module in the Nexus 5? I think that this rumor was way back then and it was cleared, because the Nexus has a IMX179 Sony sensor.

    • Maybe the lens?

      • It could be but I don’t have so much hope, it’s the same sensor as the Meizu MX3, the difference, apparently is the Nexus will have a f/2.4 instead of the f/2 used on the Meizu. But I think that these modules comes directly from Sony (sensor+lens) so I don’t know if Google woul go to the trouble of just asking Nikon to put the lens, plus, if Google was to go to all of that, why not buy a better sensor. This sensor is not bad but it’s not the top of the line. Well, that’s why I don’t think it’s Nikon, maybe it was in their plans or they made a pitching with Nikon but in the end I don’t think it materialized.

      • tmay

        Apple designed a custom lens for the Sony Camera module in the 5s but obviously didn’t manufacture it. No reason that LG couldn’t have worked with Nikon for a similar custom lens and OIS using a Sony sensor.

        Still, these are rumors.

  • this_isnt_real

    good! easy money for them to put into r&d for actual cameras

  • Northerntrumpeter

    I know it looks odd / fragile, but it seems like a neat solution for a high res camera phone with an optical zoom. Other camera phones with zoom lenses have had to become quite bulky. Most people want a slim phone, so this design looks like it will please a lot of people…if it works!

  • Sonkion

    I would be happy with Nikon algorithms and a nikon’s own version of an ultrapixel sensor. HTC ultrapixel camera is great but the sensor is plagued with issues both hardware and software related. Maybe Nikon is stepping up to bring cleaner high ISO to smartphones and bring out some new competition.

  • Ordnassela

    looks stupid.

  • Alvaro Márquez Arango

    I appreciate functional design, but I don’t use my smartphone as a quality camera, but an inconspicuous one. I hope the new Nexus with the Nikon module focuses more on speed and precision than image quality.

  • Guest

    Nexus 5 has

    “8-megapixel OIS camera with Sony sensor”

    Please correct the claim that Nexus 5 has Nikon camera

  • Ufupuw

    Nexus 5 has

    “8-megapixel OIS camera with Sony sensor”

    Correct the rumor about Nexus 5 having a Nikon camera

  • zoetmb

    It looks like a security camera mounted on top of a phone. Nikon is about five years too late getting involved in this, if indeed they are. Imagine if Nikon had done a deal with Apple (not that Apple would have felt that such a deal was necessary) or with Android licensees five years ago. But back then, Nikon execs were probably in their “camera phones will never replace point and shoots” in-denial mode.

  • HotDuckZ

    It’s remind me a Coolpix 995. But this camera have dual flash I would like to see dual LED on SB-X1 or something like that in the near futher. SB-X1 flagship speedlight use EN-EL15 battery, bla bla bla.

  • R!

    Looks great ,but I prefer to have a shitty phone and a nice camera .Every shott you make with a smarteyephone is a step backward in photography technique,and a step forward in lazyness!!!!

  • Guest
  • Blimster

    Not really sure what to say about this….

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