Rumor: next Nexus 5 phone to have a Nikon camera module


This rumors comes from the upcoming Google Nexus 5 smart phone will have a Nikon camera module inside that will feature a mysterious "triple camera sensor".

Google has been promising to include an "insanely great camera" in the next Nexus phones:

Nexus 5 camera

Nikon is getting serious about the growing smart phone market: last year the company released their first Andorid based camera. Just last month Nikon signed a patent agreement with Microsoft involving patents for cameras running on the Android operating system.

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  • Vaibhav


  • holy shit

  • Paul

    This just might switch me back to Android.

  • Nikon Shooter

    A Nikon camera module which will be made by Sony, which it will outsource to a Chinese tech company which will contract it out to several Chinese factories that also make components for Canon and Apple computers at those very same factories. If not for Ashton Kutcher I would already have a major identity crisis…

    • dan


  • Unless it has a conventional camera lens, it’s always going be a crappy cell phone camera. Common sense tells you that the little hole on the back of your camera is nowhere near as good at gathering light than a normal camera lens.

    • n11

      Solution: Make that little hole a little bit bigger, and the sensor thing behind it. Yes it may be a tad more expensive, but it’d be worth it.

      • I agree with you that will help.

        But it’s still not going to be as good at catching light as something with an actual traditional lens.

        The samsung galaxy camera would be great if you could make phone calls with it. I want one device that is a pocketable camera that I can make phone calls with. Ideally it would be micro 4/3rds with interchangeable lenses, but I would be happy with something like the samsung galaxy camera if it had phone functionality.

  • Blacksyrium

    So… we can start to worry about dust and oil spots on sensor? LOL

    • Yes, the first reports are already out:

      • Blacksyrium

        Ahahahahah unbelieveble!!!

        • Too early to tell if this is wide spread or just an isolated incident.

          • Blacksyrium

            hope this is isolated… I need a new camera, can’t use my D3000 anymore 😀

        • Let it be known that I had nothing to do with with these reports of dust spots…

          Let’s hope this is an isolated incident this time around. It would be sad if they didn’t learn from last time.

      • shabbado

        If this is not an isolated issue, they should just start advertising this as a “feature” I’m sure the marketing team can figure out someway to make it sound cool.

    • dan

      rofl, i was about to make the same joke.

    • upuaut

      Not a big concern. Just boil your smart phone.

  • TSY87

    biggest fault besides the terrible battery life on my galaxy nexus (VZW) is the camera.

    • Rui Nelson Carneiro

      I have a GSM Gnexus. It takes good pictures, because I can take good pictures.

      • Marc J.

        the image quality is utter trash compared to the competition though.

    • Marc J.


  • Twaddler Belafonte

    Personally I’d prefer a super tiny phone that weights very little. Stupid smartphones. 😛

    • n11

      Just like I like to Drive Hondas except those stupid Fords are on the road, thank god both are available.

  • Thom Hogan

    From my presentation to Nikon several years ago:

    “The solution to the squeeze problem I mentioned is that a true camera player needs to be represented in all these categories. In cell phones, this is tricky. Since Nikon is not a phone maker and not likely to become one, the strategy to participate in this largest of the camera markets would have to be ‘branding.’ Imagine a future Apple iPhone or iPad with a Nikon-tuned camera and application inside. Apple gets to say ‘we’ve teamed with the best camera maker to provide the best cell phone camera experience.’ Nikon gets to say ‘Coolpix inside.'”

    Hmm. Search and replace Apple with Google and iPhone with Nexus…

    • Julian Phillips

      Can only be good news Thom – this means that Nikon really are listening to you!

      • Thom Hogan

        I wouldn’t say that. It was clear to me they were already working with Android at the time I made this presentation. It appeared to me that there were conflicting opinions within Nikon as how to proceed. I think one of the reasons that I was vetted for this presentation by a Nikon exec was that he believed I would validate one of the positions they were arguing about. Which I did. However, in the discussion after the presentation one of the things I warned about in response to a question seems to still be true: once you have a communicating computer inside a camera (smart phone, Coolpix S800C, etc.), you’re not done. In fact, I’d argue that you haven’t actually started. Why? Because it’s workflow that should benefit from the smarts and communication, not just a bunch of random hardware stuck in with a different UI. But to get a workflow benefit, you have a lot of piping and application work to do, especially since the social sharing scene keeps changing so much.

  • RMFearless


  • Sports

    Rumor has it, that it’ll be sold as the Nexus D400.

  • Sports

    Rumor has it, that it’ll be sold as the Nexus D400.

  • EnticingHavoc

    Considering how poor the Sony Xperia Z scores with regard to low-light image quality this doesn’t tell a lot. HTC One is by far the best low-light camera even though HTC has no exceptional photo-tech know-how.

  • Gordon

    Triple sensor brings to mind the prism based 3CCD systems used in video cameras. The sensor size in a phone is certainly small enough for that to be possible, but there would need to be something new to replace the substantial prisms that are used in the existing 3CCD systems.

  • CCP

    US Patent No. 7,138,663 filed on 11 Dec 2003 disclose the technology
    it looks good but expensive…

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