Weekly Nikon news flash #206

The first pre-production Nikon F camera

Picture credit: Tony Hurst


Nikon 1 V2 5



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  • texasjoe

    D3X for $4700. I’m sure nikon is going to have a hard time moving these.

    • MyrddinWilt

      If you want high resolution for studio work it is the only option in a full pro body.

      • Saying the D3x is the only high resolution option is a bit of a stretch no? Not a studio pro by any means, but I’d say the D3x does a few things slightly better, but also does a lot of things slightly worse than the D800/e does. I would find it hard to pay 50% premium for a 5 year old body when the D800/e has greater Color Depth, resolution and DR.

      • Gopro

        tell me one thing which a D800 cant do which you can do with D3x (apart from that left Fpoint issue) 😉 .

  • WJ

    I would buy a Coolpix Retro, if it looks just as good as this Nikon F 🙂

  • neversink

    Come on people… Forget about the D3X for $4,700… Sounds like a great deal for a good old camera that was always overpriced new at $7,999.99. However, the best items in this weekend post were the fabulous photo of the Centerville sun by Peter Lik with his monster 1200mm lens. The extraordinary video by Christopehr Malin using NASA astrophotographer’s Don Petit’s images from space, and the beautiful video of the seasons in a forest. (I found the V1 raw test a complete bore, but I am glad it was there to see.)
    Suggestion to Admin: Perhaps these wonderfully creative posts should be included as a separate post so they aren’t lost in the Nikon news and the cacophony of the redundantly whining “I want my D400” posters. Perhaps they will be appreciated more that way.

    • Sometimes it is difficult to do a separate post on just one photo, those are the type of stories I include in the weekly links news.

      • neversink

        Glad you include these posts, even if they are mixed up with other news and rumors. Thanks….

  • Smudger

    £250000 Nikon F.
    Hmmmm, have Grays been busy with the engraver??

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