Nikon D600 camera prices continue to fall

The prices of the Nikon D600 camera continue to fall (the quoted prices are valid only through those links and are not available directly on Adorama's website):

  • New Nikon D600 body only: $1,679.00
  • New Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens: $1,899.00
  • Nikon D600 with 24-85mm & 70-300mm lenses, Nikon bag, 32GB memory card, WU-1b wireless mobile adapter and Nikon School Guide: $2,319.00
  • Refurbished Nikon D600 body only: $1,499.00
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  • koenshaku

    So tempting, but such bad press every review I had watched or read experienced the dreaded oil/dust spots >_>

    • Stephen Ramirez

      It will likely get dirty, just get some sensor cleaning swabs and treat it once or twice after 5k-10k shots, you’ll probably never notice again.

    • Alwyn

      Don’t listen to ppl who tell you it’s all fine, “you can clean it yourself”. This is not normal oil spots as Nikon would have ppl believe. Why do you think they changed the mirror assembly in the D610? Because of oil? Clean it yourself under warranty and if something goes wrong Nikon won’t cover the damage. So ignore the Nikon fanboys who sit and defend this action by Nikon with the usual “clean it yourself” bs

  • Joseph Li

    still havent beat the lowest ever price of 1599 refurbished d600 plus a 24-85 vr lens..we’ll see

  • Stephen Ramirez

    I own one and REALLY want another as backup (D90 just ain’t up to par anymore). Time to sell all the old DX equipment. I’ll take a refurbished one, no hesitation.

    • reporteratlarge

      I’m in the same situation (but don’t have a D90). I’d say the 5-year warranty is worth the extra $$.

      • Ken Elliott

        I don’t know where you are, but in the USA the body only has a 1 year warranty. If I was going to buy a D600, I’d get a refurb.

        • reporteratlarge

          Thanks. I didn’t realize that. I was thinking it was the same as some of their lenses.

  • RMFearless

    Tomorrow with happy meal + 10$, you can get a free D600 with McDonald strap!…

    Ok it’s not funny. *_*

    • Aldo

      A for effort.

  • robert

    im waiting for refurbed with lens for $1500. hopefully it will come. cause i know those things wont be selling once the d610 can be bought. no one want to take a chance on the exxon oil spill. but I dont care. Ill just clean as I see fit.

    • Imperious Images

      That was my thought until I saw videos showing that even multiple wet cleanings don’t get all the oil off. If it was something I could easily manage myself I’d gladly save $500+. But I honestly don’t think I should have that degree of a headache for a $1K piece of equipment

      • Andrew

        You should not be watching videos by people that are providing false information, it is pure fiction.

        • Imperious Images

          And who made you the quality control authority? Get a grip.

        • NoMeJodas

          “…by people that are exaggerating the issue or providing false or outdated information..”

          Till now there is no service advisory from Nikon for the D600 issue. Or can you post a link?

          Now who is providing false information?

  • Daniel

    will this fall down to $0

  • Northerntrumpeter

    The UK price on Amazon has actually gone up to where it was two months ago, at a 20% discount. Yet Amazon is already selling the D610 at a 10% discount. Not tempting me at the moment…

  • Northerntrumpeter

    The UK price on Amazon has actually gone up to where it was two months ago, at a 20% discount. Yet Amazon is already selling the D610 at a 10% discount. Not tempting me at the moment…

  • Mato34

    Admin, here in Europe about 1300 € in France and slightly more than 1400 in Germany…

  • Carlos

    It’s a shame for Nikon launch a new model only to correct an issue not recognized by the Company. I know many D600 users that had the dust problem more than 2 times. What is Nikon thinking about the customers rights and opinion? How did they think when decide to purchase a new camera? Will they trust on Nikon brand?

    • dgm

      I only have old gear (D2hs, S5Pro and V1) – May be time for an upgrade but seeing how Nikon treats their customers nowadays. I am starting to doubt. I am seriously looking at the latest Pentax – they’ve always been my gear of choice in the old days, when I could not afford Nikon. At the end of the day, gear is only gear and if Nikon can’t be arsed to show some respect for their clients, it is becoming increasingly likely that they won’t get my hard-earned money.

    • Ordnassela

      Yes, they will forget about all this once they will need to get a new camera.. especially if Nikon will put a nice one out..
      They will simply weight their pride with the new specs and the lens that they already have..

    • Andrew

      Yes, they will trust the #1 brand.

  • Dyun27

    The D600 is an incredible camera. The image quality is amazing. If it weren’t for the necessary sensor cleanings, it would be nearly perfect (for the price-point). The spots aren’t noticeable unless they’re really out of control and you’re shooting at f/10 and higher. For a landscape photographer this can be a real pain in the a$$, but for people shooting below f/10, it’s not going to affect the photos, especially if the backgrounds are somewhat busy. Most of the time I’m either wide-open or at f/4 – f/5.6. I never really care until I’m shooting a landscape stopped down and I notice spots on a fairly featureless sky. That’s when I curse Nikon. Those willing to put the time in to cleaning their own sensors are going to get a steal at these prices.

    I have been thinking about whether or not I want to move on to something else, and I simply can’t think of a replacement (other than the D610) that would keep me satisfied. The D800 has files too large and at 4 FPS it’s too slow for some of the more spirited wildlife. I’m too spoiled by the image IQ and resolution of the D600 to go to a D700. To me that’s going backwards. The D4 is far too expensive, and I’m not going back to DX after experiencing the benefits of full frame so the D7100 is out. The D600/D610 fits the bill quite nicely.

    Now…. I’d really want a D700 with a D600 sensor in it, but who knows if/when that’s ever going to happen. I would be all over that. Until such a camera comes along, I’m sticking with the D600/D610. The whole spot issue aside, It’s been very good to me.

    • Andrew

      The D600’s high ISO performance is stunning!

      • Tristin Hsieh

        2nd that the dust problem is exaggerated. You will never really notice unless u shoot the sky or a white wall and if you are that serious about your photography you most likely will be post editing some way or other and those spots can be removed in a split second.

        • Alwyn

          Sorry, but I’ve seen spots at F8 already and yes it can be cleaned up in PP very quickly, unless you have it bad with spots all over the place

    • June

      I have a D700, it is a great camera except the only 12mpx resolution. A month ago I planned to buy a backup camera and the D600 was the first choice despite the oil/dust issue. But after the D610 comes out, it make me decide to wait for the mirrorless full-frame Sony A7. The mirrorless full-frame is very promising in term of IQ (maybe it uses the same sensor as the D600/610), very compact to be a backup camera, and of course, it should work with all of my Nikkor glasses.

  • Spy Black

    C’mon, $1200 for a body…

  • Retail prices are falling because there aren’t many left in stock. It’s a revenue hit, but on proportionally few units. Not worth the headache for the retailers.

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