Nikon D610 officially announced

D610_24_85_top.low D610_28_300_front34l.low
Nikon officially announced the D610 camera:

Nikon D610 pre-order options at B&H (check also the listings at Amazon and Adorama):

As expected, the D610 is just a minor updated from the D600 with improved shutter mechanism, new quiet continuous shooting options, slightly higher fps rate and improved white balance (I did not see any official mentioning of an updated weather sealing update from "all joints are effectively sealed for the same superior dust- and water-resistance as the D800 and D800E"). The D610 will start shipping on October 18, 2013.

With the announcement of the D610, the price of a new D600 camera with 24-85mm lens dropped to $2096.95 $1,929.95.

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  • Jon

    “I did not see any official mentioning of an updated weather sealing”

    From the official D610 brochure:

    “The D610’s rugged body utilizes a durable magnesium alloy for the top and rear frames, and its weather-sealing gives it the same dust-and moisture-proof reliability as the D800 series.”

  • Mr.Obvious

    Let me see if I get this right Nikon. Your d600 didn’t sell well because of the dust issues AND, something that might come as a surprise to the morons who designed the camera, the 51 af system that was barely covering a FF adequately was discarded and for an additional 10 bucks saved the 39 af system got put in (also not to compete with the d800). And because that was not stupid enough, we get the same camera (let’s face it, the changes do not qualify as a new model) with a different sticker, a year later at almost same price (100 bucks is not a world of a difference for a 2000 camera is it?). In other words, our crap didn’t sell well even heavily discounted, let’s try and sell it again at same price with a different label. Well, let’s see how that works out for you Nikon. It can also be counted as a field test: let’s see how many stupid people are out there that we can fool. Waaaaay to go Nikon! I am perplexed at the nerve you have doing this. Hope it turns out the way you deserve it to turn out.

  • Arthur Wu

    Really Love this website. Thank you!

  • J

    Thank you admin for the update, and i was wondering …I got a D600 about a week ago not knowing a D610 will come out…should i bother and try to replace, but it would cost a lot for me and i can’t afford to spend any more money..should i worry a lot about the dust and oil issue now still?

    • FredBear

      Not sure the crystal balls are working right now. You might find Nikon fixed the grease (oil) problem by removing the grease from the shutter mechanism altogether. Thus you might not get ‘oil splatter’ but your shutter may fail one day after the guarantee lapses (just how do manufacturers judge this so finely?).
      Life’s a lottery. Live today like there’s no tomorrow and enjoy what you have now.

      • J

        The thing is my dad got it for me as a gift and where i live the service is crap so i doubt it’d be returnable and even if i sell it , the whole process will be really hard , i might end up paying 100-200kd difference if i sell it to someone ($400-600~) and my dad wouldn’t want to pay that, what should i do…. i hope i am lucky and enough i might not have a problem with the d600, i am an intermediate only though not sure if the problem would affect me

        • FredBear

          You clean the sensor yourself if need be – it’s not rocket science.
          Not sure if you can get the cleaning swabs in Kuwait though but you can get from B&H US and I guess Adorama.

          • J

            i can get cleaning swabs and I don’t mind cleaning it, but reading some comments the problem seems to come back again even after cleaning

            • FredBear

              Eventually the problem will clear up – there’s a finite amount of grease in the mechanism – or dust or whatever.
              D600 is capable of taking excellent images if you persevere.

    • Jorge

      A week ago? I’d return that puppy like it was on fire and then sit on your hands and wait a few weeks for prices of ALL Nikon bodies to drop for the holidays — or at least be incentivecized for the holidays (yup I made up a new word just for Nikon Rumors)

  • FredBear

    OK so the ‘big’ news is a new shutter. Now Nikon have apparently been replacing shutters in D600 because of the D600 ‘dust/oil’ issues. However, there are reports that even with a new shutter the problem still exists.
    So one wonders if the replacement shutters were ‘D600’ ones or ‘D610’ ones (I can see no reason why Nikon would have changed the structural parts of the D600 to make a D600) – and if D610 is the problem fixed?
    Of course this doesn’t mean that Nikon didn’t change the D600 shutter in later releases and the D610 shutter is the newer D600 shutter anyway rather than a design specific for the D610.

    • Ostrich

      Remember, according to Nikon, the oil problem doesn’t exist ! So, the same parts can be used, as there is no problem.

      • FredBear

        Of course. They don’t use oil in cameras but grease so “What oil problem”?

    • Did u know that

      I have sent in my camera twice – it is just a waste of time, the oilspots reappear after a few hundred exposures anyway.

  • BroncoBro

    But where’s the D410?

  • FredBear

    Admin, sorry for your loss 🙁
    I must say I admire your determination and fortitude on getting the ‘news’ out in your time of grief 🙂

    Thank you.

    • js200022


  • jk

    I may be lucky to have some other cameras to use for now than my defective D600. But I have to admit in just 2 days I lost about 400US on this camera because of all this D610 rumor and its actual announcement.
    I will never buy this type of entry level bodycheap camera any more , it is cheap because it is cheaply made with a lot of cost cutting cheap electronic devices.
    Anyway, I cannot understand why there are still many many people
    supporting this dishonest marketing policy and complete lack of respect of Nikon marketing even after this much of insult.
    I will keep my D800E but definitely sell my D600.

  • droll

    >I will never buy this type of entry level bodycheap camera any more , it is cheap because it is cheaply made with a lot of cost cutting cheap electronic devices.

    Good for you. Cheap things are cheap because it is cheaply made. The better option yet is to move to Canon. They never conceal major problems as did Nikon, and they have a far better support service. Nikon used to be more reliable and is known to be more supportive than Canon, but now Canon has a solid line-up without technical flaws of D600 and their customer service has markedly improved, in direct opposition to Nikon. After all, Canon is much bigger enterprise than Nikon: They have far better engineers with PhDs. They now learn to know how to earn money without sacrificing quality and service.

    • patto01

      I have never read a Canon blog or Canon-centric website. What motivates someone, so obviously entrenched in their product of choice, to do that?

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I think it’s funny that there are still Canon/Nikon trolls at this stage of the game. Neither company has made a perfect camera. For every Nikon issue Canon has a separate issue.

        Give it up trolls. A camera is only a tool. Your camera brand is not an extension of your person.

        • droll

          Yes, at this stage in which Nikon has an unmanageable technical problems in their $1500 camera and had to replace it with a brand new model in just a year after the release. Very immature stage indeed.

          • patto01

            Before you try to use words with more than six letters or form sentences with more than 8 words, you might want to take an online English grammar course.

            • droll

              Oh indefinite article your talking about. I have a PhD in computer science but not in English literature. Sorry about it lol

            • patto01

              That’s okay. I don’t know anything about computer science! (grin)

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            Here’s an idea. Go to a Canon forum where someone may actually care about what nonsense you have to spew

    • umeshrw

      You actually posted with your own name.

  • Nick

    I bought a D600 the first week they came out. After shooting DSLRs for 6 years, this was my first full frame purchase and I was thrilled. I even ditched Canon for the D600. After one week of shooting, I had 100 dust/oil spots all over my sensor. I learned how to wet clean my sensor with those $5 ripoff swabs, but the problem kept coming back.

    Finally, after almost a year of this nonsense, I sent my camera into Nikon while it was still under warranty. 3 weeks later, I got it back.

    I shot with new shutter mechanism this weekend. Took about 200 shots. Did a f/22 sky shot and what do I see? About 100 oil/dust spots in the frame.

    What the hell do I do now?

    • Did u know that

      The exact same thing has happened to me – twice! Sending it in does nothing as far as I am concerned. They better give me one h*ll of a deal on an upgrade to D610 or they have lost me as a customer forever.

  • Jeff

    So any chance of getting improved white balance on my D600 through a firmware update?

    • AM

      What’s wrong with the current WB on the D600? If you shoot raw, why should you worry? If you shoot jpeg, learn how to set it manually.

  • Tanzir

    Why still: “Exposure bracketing 2 to 3 frames in steps of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 2 or 3 EV””””!!!!????? I thought this time they will increase it to 5 frames!

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      You know that you can bracket exposures manually right? It’s not rocket science.

      • Sebastien Girard

        I agree but even the D7100 support bracketing up to 5 frames.

        Not a big issue, but should be standard on other cameras.

      • umeshrw

        Some times it helps to auto bracket in some conditions where camera motion is critical.

  • PeAr

    Well, just got a D600 with 1500$ and i wont regret it haha, good deal!

  • Steven Hyatt

    I’m certainly not pleased they chose to handle it this way (I have a D600 currently in the shop for this shutter issue). To a degree I feel that Nikon hasn’t done right by it’s customers.

    Having said that, I personally find the D600 to be a fantastic camera. As a D600, D800, D3s, D3, D700, and D200 owner I find it’s image quality to be fantastic and every bit on par with the D800 barring sheer resolution. In fact, there are many instances which I reach for my D600 over my D800.

    As I mentioned I currently have a D600 with Nikon. It’s interesting to me that, when I check the status of my repair, they have the description listed as “remove the spots / clean sensor”. However, the repair is categorized as a B2, which by their own description means “Moderate Repair: Major Parts Replaced”. Now obviously if they are simply cleaning a sensor then they aren’t replacing major parts. Furthermore I am an NPS member who was told it would be on the way back to me within 3-5 business days. It’s well past that now. I will be interested to see what I get back.

    If they are indeed replacing the shutter with one that doesn’t have this problem then I would still consider buying the D600 to be a great deal. They will only drop in price, their image quality is top notch, and if you do have a shutter issue then you have a year to get a new one that hopefully solves the problem. I’ve yet to feel legitimately restricted by my D600.

    I’ll see what actually happens with mine soon.

  • Watson

    My only suggestion – Nikon why didn’t you make this USB3? Why improve the camera features that were already great but cripple the computer connection with old technology?

    I regularly shoot with the D800 and D600 and the image/sensor quality is comparable. These updates make the D610 even better.

  • LeadWrist

    Time for all D600 owners to class action lawsuit up…

    • droll

      looks like there are many people here who are happy with their D600 with all the problems that come along with it, even after Nikon officially recognizes it as a failure and let it discontinued in just a year with new replacement. Happy people…

    • Harry

      I am in. Any way to not let a lawyer walk with a significant portion of the money 🙂

    • Andrew

      Nikon has honored their warranty. Not only have their service centers cleaned the cameras, but as far back as 8 months ago they replaced defective shutters. And in addition, with a lot of the D600 cameras, the problem disappeared after about 2,000 shots.

      • David

        I have over 17,000 shots on my D600, and the oil/lubricant spots keep coming at the same rate. A friend of mine is just under 4,000 shots, and the spots keep coming at the same rate on his as well. I do not personally know of a D600 that has seen a reduced rate of oil/lubricant spots after shootng thousands of shots.

      • Jorge

        Dude you MUST be a Nikon employee, even though I called you a “fanboy” in earlier post. Everything you write here seems to be pro Nikon. Get off it already. Nikon screwed up. Move on. Stop making freakin’ excuses for them. Hey, we understand if you have a man crush on the Nikon execs, but come on, it’s getting old here — at least for me.

        • Andrew

          You are all over the place with your characterizations… getting personal now are we? When you have a moment please read my posts so as to get better informed.

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, Nikon has honored their warranty. I’ll give them full credit for that. However, I’ve had to help a lot of folk actually get Nikon’s attention to do that.

        As for the “after 2000 shots the problem disappears” contention, I’ve seen no reliable evidence of that. In fact, if that were really true, all Nikon would have to do to “repair” a defective D600 is fire off 2000 shots, then clean the sensor ;~).

    • FredBear

      “Class” and “Action” are mutually exclusive.

  • Harry

    I am planning to file a complaint with the attorney general in my state (IL). Any one on the same boat?

    • Chuck

      To recall obozo back to his home state? count me in.

      • AM

        Wrong forum dude.

      • Jorge

        Here! Here!
        That “Obozo” is destroying this country from the top down. Maybe Obozo should go work for Nikon? HHAHHAHA

        Oops. Wrong forum…

  • Marian Badea

    You should also mention about the “Quiet Continuous Release” at 3 fps. 😉

  • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

    Thanks for this update Admin! I hope all is well with your family and updating us on the D610 is above and beyond! Thanks!

  • Won_by_Him

    Yeah, Let’s all sue Nikon. Who wins? Lawyers! Who loses? You do. Nikon isn’t as rich as they have been in the past. They could go into bankruptcy. You’ll have to sell your useless Nikon gear, and switch to cannon or Sony, or Panasonic or ???

  • Daren

    Nikon should offer the shutter mechanism and firmware upgrade of the D610 to D600 owners and a rebadging to a D600S or D600X at a reasonable upgrade cost so we can finally be rid of the oil spots/dust on the senson and regain some resale value. If not, Nikon just slapped the D600 owners in the face with not only a defective shutter box but devaluation of our cameras. It is clear now that the shutter box is defective and not a myth or the D610 would not exist.

  • Mike

    This is likely D600 2.0.

    • Andrew

      Don’t you like a quiet shutter for Wedding situations? I wish Nikon would release a version 2.0, 3.0, etc. every year in the life cycle of all of their cameras. Sony is known for doing this every year with their consumer products – TVs, Walkman, Camcorders, etc.

      Back to your point, so what do you call the Nikon 1 revision only a year after its release, Nikon 1 2.0? I think for someone considering the D600 and saving their money, the D610 is a welcomed enhancement. And for the many who ordered and received a perfectly fine D600, not only are they happy with their purchase, I am certain they would have liked the new features in the D610 also.

  • Neopulse

    Hate to kinda point this out, but if they had started with giving a full-magnesium body, 51 AF-point, 24MP, fully weather sealed, etc to sell for $2599. While the D800 would go for $3099 and D800E for $3399 chances are everyone might have been happy with the outcome.

    • Everyone but 5D3 owners.

      • Neopulse

        Yeah I bet hehe.

    • Jon McGuffin

      If it had that, I think D800 sales would be hindered quite a bit. I don’t think Nikon did a good job book ending the D700 with the D600 and D800. It is what it is though and I am just appreciated we have truly fantastic digital tools to use. The small aspects these cameras lack/have are not significant in the big picture (no punn intended ;))

      • Neopulse

        Forgot to add, is the fact to negate the production of a D800. You understand what I mean? Since the D800E (or hypothetically speaking it would be called D800) is a high resolution camera to be in it’s own category without an AA filter to cater to people who need sharp high resolution for certain things. Whenever one would do video on it (to avoid moire for example) they can just pop on an AA filter from Nikon or third-party of choice easily over the sensor. And yeah I agree with you.

    • Cyrille Berger

      If they had done so, it would have been too expensive for me. I already thought the D600 was a bit too expensive. However I think the D600 was priced at the right price, meaning they had to select the right features.

      • Neopulse

        Well the projected price before was between $1500-$2000 USD. But the thing is, it was dumb down a bit too much in my personal opinion. But glad it sold a lot though when it launched.

  • happymollusk

    I sent my D600 in 2 weeks ago. Purchased Sept 2012. Serial #301XXXXI I did have the sensor dust/oil issue. The way I found it was shooting with neutral density filters using long exposures, high f-stops (F22), and low ISO settings around regular sun lit water scenes. To give the soft water effect. Immediately noticed spots in the upper left corner. I received the unit back 4 days ago with an invoice that said the shutter mechanism was replaced. I mentioned my knowledge of the D610 rumor and asked if there was an upgrade path if this rumor proves to be true. No answer.

    My other question does anyone know if this new shutter replacement fixes the problem? Is it possible the new shutter is now in the new D610?

    Or is it the same shutter mechanism that will bring back the oil/dust issue? I will test this weekend. Have not taken dust cap off and will only put one lens on for awhile to see if the problem comes back.

    • jimmy

      I just got a refurb D600 couple weeks ago with that same early serial # 3010xx with less than a hundred clicks, it was brand new even though the ser. # was one of the first USA units. I may have got one of the first 610’s with the new shutter, who knows. No oil spots but the dust was there very minor though, I could have managed w/cleaning kit.

      It went back a couple days ago showing dust right out of the box on the sensor and then again if you just tap the sides of the body the dust specks then migrate to the sensor. It almost looks like the fine foam inside the mirror box next to those 2 allen screws they used is degrading and giving off fine dust with each jarring or click. The dust has to be coming off of something, right? It’s not coming off the metal parts.

      In meantime, I’ll get a used d700 or d3, there’s no need for 24 or 36 mp unless you crop the heck out of half your files which I do not.

  • lorenzo

    Was this taken with a D610?

    • FredBear

      Nope, not enough IQ.

      • One More Thought

        At least it’s not a Republican, the picture would be one of a fool.

  • Hexagon Jr.

    Someone here already pre-order?

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I pre-ordered last week.

  • Smudger

    ………and the next great leap forward from Nikon will be a 1 frame incease in the D7100’s RAW buffer capacity!!
    BTW is there any evidence that the +0.5fps in the D610 is anything more than rounding up??

    • Drpeachfuzz

      Time for Nikon to stop resting on its laurels and show some real innovation. Where is our radio controlled flash system? Even the Pentax k-03 has some innovation in AA filter tech.

      • Neopulse


  • Steve C

    I nearly bought the D600 but was advised against it by the dealer at the time due to the oil spot saga. As good as this ‘patch’ should be I’m more likely to skip to the D800. I believe the D800 is better value because I’ve weighed up the feature set/price balance. The D600/10 has been a little too deliberately restricted. Picky I know, but I don’t really understand the 1/4000 sec max shutter speed, no AF-On button on a camera at this price.

    • Jon McGuffin

      I think you’re pretty smart to make the move you are. Another aspect to consider is that with the D800, put that camera into “DX” mode and you get a faster frame rate and a true 15Mb DX body. I think that’s pretty significant to be honest. If you don’t want the big 36Mb files, go that route.

      • Jorge

        Hey why not drive a Ferrari to Shoprite as well. Cripple the darn thing. If you got 36mp. Use them. I shoot with the D800 when I’m not shooting my Fuji X-E1 and it’s a-m-azing.

        • Dano

          That was a dumb analogy.

          • Jorge

            Thanks Dano. I try. Now to “book ’em”

            • Dano

              Its ok, I love my D800 and I agree with you using all of the 36mp. *high fives*

  • Drpeachfuzz

    Would have been smarter to insert a better AF module. The D600 low light autofocus is crap. D7100 is way better AF

    • Sebastien Girard

      Wait for the D620 on October 2014 😉

      • Drpeachfuzz

        Exactly. It’s too bad they blew it on the shutter / oil spots and AF because the rest of the d600 is a great camera, especially the sensor. IMO autofocus was a bigger problem than spots on the sensor

      • FredBear

        Wait till Canon come out with an equivalent. Around 2020 I guess.

  • Huajun

    So the weather sealing is still the same as D600? Because “all joints are effectively sealed for the same superior dust- and water-resistance as the D800 and D800E” are for D600.

  • RealityCheck

    Amazing how many people still deny any issues with the D600… and yes, we all know that a sensor will have to be cleaned over the lifetime of any digital SLR, but to expect a cleaning every 3000-5000 actuations is ridiculous..
    The issue was the shutter and mirror assembly itself (most likely a timing issue where the shutter was not closing completely before the mirror starts moving/closing) causing the camera body to “breath” unnecessarily which was the reason for the high rate of dust accumulation (with or without oil on the sensor). In remedying that Nikon was able to use a new shutter/mirror that allows for a little faster fps – quite probably the assembly they designed and should have used in the first place, but like just about any company they looked for ways to cut costs.
    As for the f-boys out there still dismissing any issues.. the D600 and D800 both have been responsible for generating the highest percentage of referb units within the first year of production than any other camera body Nikon has ever made – including the film era.. that is an ‘issue’ regardless of the product or industry.

    While it may not be to the satisfaction of the industry and consumers, the D610 is Nikon acknowledging there was an issue with the D600.. It was/is not intended to be a new model with any upgraded technology. Assuming no further problems you can just about bank on the D600/D610/D800 being at least two year cycle products.

    • Andrew

      Apparently Nikon fixed the shutter problem about 8 months ago. Here is one post from DPReview: “I had mine “cleaned” (they did replace my shutter Mechanism) about a month ago at around 2000 clicks, today at around 2600, I had to use my blower to get rid of 1 or maybe 2 dust bunnies without a problem. I have not seen any Oil spots which I thought was a more significant problem. I guess I will keep mine.”

      • Thom Hogan

        Remember how manufacturing works these days: it starts before announcement, and DSLRs tend to be made in large batches, not continuously. They also get shipped into subsidiaries, and sometimes we have boat containers of product crossing the Pacific when a “problem” is discovered.

        Any product sitting on a dealer shelf today could have been made any number of months ago, perhaps even before the product was announced. Thus, if the issue here is defective shutters, as we all suspect now, it doesn’t matter when the problem was discovered, it matters when the camera you purchased was made, because that’s likely going to be BEFORE Nikon knew about or solved the problem. This is actually one of the reasons why Nikon thinks the D610 is the solution to their problem: in theory, all D610’s were manufactured AFTER Nikon knew about and fixed the problem.

        The issue has never been about whether there was a problem with D600’s. It’s ALWAYS been about how Nikon has handled that. On the one hand, they’re in denial of any real issue with D600 users (“rare occurrence”) but they felt the problem was big enough that they needed to nip it in the bud by creating a D610. The Internet being what it is, the conflict between those two things is making people believe that Nikon is trying to pull a fast one, and on people who bought a US$2000 product, at that (if this were a US$100 Coolpix it might be a different story).

  • Jon McGuffin

    I think people are unfortunately forgetting a few of the downsides of the D600/610 when comparing to the D700 and that is:
    • 1/200th max sync speed with Flash instead of 1/250th
    • 1/4000th max shutter, a full stop less in bright sun
    • Bracket limited to 3 shots.

    Those may not be game changers but they are significant. The D700 (I own one) is certainly not obsolete. There certainly are some advantages the D600 has over the D700 (resolution, better sensor, etc) but it’s certainly not a no brainer over a D700.

    • js200022

      The D700 is one of the best camera ever made.

    • FredBear

      But D600 IQ is just so much better – that from owners who have both. However, the D700 is certainly not obsolete by any stretch of the imagination. It didn’t stop taking great pictures when the D800 came out!

  • Bill Pahnelas

    since this “new” camera has been announced, i’m inclined to look at a refurb D600 as a “knockaround” camera to replace my D3100. the price will be crushed by the new arrival, and i can see using the D600 for street shooting when i don’t want the extra bulk of the D800. i like the D700 okay, but using it at a street festival last weekend, i can really see the D700 showing its age. i miss the resolution, the recoverable shadow detail and dynamic range from the newer technology. yeah, nailing the shot in camera is best, but when you’re shooting w/a prime lens and your subject is farther away than you’d like, that ample cropping ability is awesome. i have my eclipse pads and fluid, and have no hesitation about using them when needed — the “oil” issue is only an issue for those who insist on making sound fatal. i don’t buy cameras for “resale value,” but to use them as frequently as i can — unlike many other people whose crying i read on internet forums.

    • FredBear

      D600 IQ is brilliant. You won’t regret it as you don’t seem to be a wimp and might have to clean the sensor.
      Price wise, the “collapse” – if that happens – will be immensely beneficial for those wanting to migrate to FF.
      I think the trolls are going to regret their negativity big time – or end up buying a D600 …

      • Thom Hogan

        Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment…

        “D600 IQ is brilliant.” Let’s see, that’s because of what? A Sony sensor? Is that sensor being used (or about to be used) in any other camera? Do the companies making those cameras have a reputation for denying problems?

        There’s a bigger picture here. Nikon built a reputation as a high-end, prosumer-friendly, high-quality camera/lens maker. As long as they defend that reputation, they’re not going to lose loyal users over the failure of a part they got from a supplier. But if they don’t defend that reputation and another company comes along using the same parts in an equivalent product, they very well might lose their loyal customer base if they’re perceived to be trying to hide their problems.

        Nikon has just had two key issues in critical prosumer cameras (D600 and D800). They’ve tried to cover up, or deny, or downplay, or not acknowledge the nature of the problem let alone the scope. That’s raising a lot of questions in the Nikon world amongst the faithful.

        So, my devil’s advocate point is this: sure, the D600 has great image quality, but it’s not unique in that. What’s becoming unique is Nikon’s attempts to downplay issues in their products.

        • FredBear

          All of which is probably true.
          I’m not sure if anyone else uses the same Sony sensor but many talk of Nikon having Sony ‘tweak’ sensors to their specification which, coupled with differences in the image processing pipeline, might make the IQ using the Sony sensor unique to Nikon anyway?
          Coupled with which, many have already ‘bought into’ the Nikon family of lenses (including 3rd party) such that the statement is equally true when judged in a wider context such as “IQ is brilliant (amongst cameras that are designed for use with Nikon F mount lenses)” – which thus rules out competitive products.
          So, playing Devil’s advocate “The IQ is brilliant because you can’t do any better at this price point and still use your legacy lenses (with ease)”.
          Guess it works for some.
          As an aside, it’s a pity there’s no universal camera mount or they might not get away with it (if of course they do).
          I’m not wed to Nikon. I prefer (most) Zeiss lenses where available. If there was an F mount mirrorless camera (FF or APS-C, m4/3 etc) with comparable IQ to the D600 available I’d have purchased that even if not made by Nikon.
          But in retrospect would a different manufacturer handle the issue any differently?

  • Henry

    For those interested, DP Review has posted a hands on “First Impressions Review” of the D610:

  • rebel

    Now Nikon must do a recall and replacing the shutter mechanism for the D600 with the issue! My (new) D600 has the spots problem but here in Italy Nikon doesn’t want replace the shutter …why? they only clean the sensor, even if there are 100 spots or more. Maybe because replacing the shutter didn’t fix the problem??
    Some people are convinced that the reason for the D610 is that Nikon had to make internal changes to acommodate a new shutter design…

    my D600 has dozen of spots… a great issue, I’m totally frustrating with this camera, and the only solution is to buy a new camera (D610) I hate Nikon !!! Shame on you! Now Nikon must do a recall and replacing the shutter mechanism for the D600 with the issue! My (new) D600 has the spots problem but here in Italy Nikon doesn’t want replace the shutter …why? they only clean the sensor, even if there are 100 spots or more. Maybe because replacing the shutter didn’t fix the problem??
    Some people are convinced that the reason for the D610 is that Nikon had to make internal changes to acommodate a new shutter design…

    my D600 has dozen of spots… a great issue, I’m totally frustrating with this camera, and the only solution is to buy a new camera (D610) I hate Nikon !!! Shame on you!

  • SOD

    Is there a point in buying D3x anymore?

    • Not at all.

    • jk

      better get the D800E, safer.

    • Mansgame

      Absolutely not. Get 3 D600’s instead if you want 24 MP.

      • SOD

        I almost got a new D3X for 6000usd and i thought it was deal. thanks tho

    • Neopulse

      It is quite a robust camera and does still produce great images. There are quite a few that in refurbished status with a replaced new shutter from Nikon. Not to mention there are D3’s also on sale too in the same condition. If I had let’s say. 10k to spend right? I’d get a robust camera and a <$1000 walk around camera (like the new AW1) with lenses and accessories in between (like a sturdy tripod for instance). But you know well that nowadays camera bodies are switched out more than lenses. The D3X though is still an amazing camera.

  • Alwyn

    HAHAHAHAHA! Nikon, you guys are hilarious, seriously. You manufacture a camera (D600) with a noticeable flaw. Then, you fix that flaw by introducing a ‘new’ camera (D610). And you openly wave a big up your’s to all current D600 owners as you instantaneously devalue their cameras. Great PR move. Now let’s see how many loyal customers you lose to Canon who has never stooped as low as this

    • jk

      and we do not even know the D610 did not share the same old issue from the D600.
      so basically all lower grade cameras than D800/D700,etc from Nikon are not safe to buy.

      • Mansgame

        That would be poetic justice.

    • Mansgame

      If you would have asked me whether I would switch over to Canon 4 years ago, I would have said it was sacrilegious. Now a days Canon is treating their customer concerns much better and is the better company. I’m sure I’d take a big hit once I sell all my Nikon gear once it’s time to upgrade (which isn’t now) but I am not alone and Nikon will learn not to treat customers like this.

      The SB-900 debacle was bad, but at least they updated the firmware and fixed most of the issues before coming out with the SB-910. And that was only a $450 investment. This time they came out with a $2100 camera that was flawed, offered no solution, and then gave the big F U to all their customers.

      • Alwyn

        Feel the same way. In fact I am just about ready to send Nikon back their piece of crap D7000 and go over to Canon for a 5d mark ii. I hear the focus on the 5d isn’t great if you don’t use the middle point, but it can’t be worse than this junk I’ve got. Just come back from shooting landscapes and had to manual focus quite a lot due to the camera deciding it’s an off day today. Problem with manual focus on a crop is the viewfinder is not that great. And I’d rather take a little knock now than later when Nikon starts seeing their arse

  • bill

    What about my D600 with dust/oil spots? Am I supposed to throw it into a trash can and get a D610? Come on, Nikon!

    • jk

      if you still have it , just send it in for repair(with a letter specifically on replacing the shutter), then you may sell it for the D610 or keep your D600.
      but if I were you, sell it and get the D800,which is a much better camera without any known issue any more.
      as many many suspect(I am one of them), the d610 might also have the same issue and it might also have significantly worse cheaper electronics (maybe this is why it is cheaper than the D600 was when it was out).
      so, as I said it above , the D800 is a much safer camera to buy and you can use it for at least 2 years.

  • Fred

    Well if they don’t get around to producing, or announcing at least, a mirrorless FF equivalent to this and especially to the 800E before Spring 2014, Nikon are going to lose half their customers anyway! Wake up — have you noticed a little firm called Sony, about to emerge from the wings?

    • Bamboojled

      Sony has been trying to “emerge from the wings” as you put it since they bought Minolta Cameras…
      They said they would have 10% market share in DSLR’s within 2 years back then.
      They keep throwing products out in different camera segments hoping to find something that will garner that elusive market share but to date have failed on all fronts.

  • Tomislav Kovacicek

    Why oh why morons couldn’t put a stereo mic from D7100? Is it so hard? Is it THAT much more expensive? Pffff…..Nikon proves once more that is SLEEPING and NOT LISTENING its customer needs..

    • Tom

      Stereo or mono, any in-camera mic is pretty much useless.

      • jk

        sometimes useful for casual or a bit more serious than casual shooters.

  • jk

    read this , if you still defend Nikon, you need to wake up to read what Thom (one a Nikon guru)has to say about it now).
    he said it all extremely clear, and I think this is, indeed, a very very serious issue.
    maybe, as he said in his previous article, Nikon’s Not going to be around in five years if Nikon keeps practicing this stupid way of fraud like business.
    after this D610 out , the D600 price dropped to 131000yen here in Tokyo(was 152000yen), and obviously, as he said in his article, the US price is also changed(devalued by 17 percent in a day).
    try to think about this D610 introduction from Nikon dealers’ stand point , you may see why some of us think it is indeed a fraud business case, and even more serious case than the Oly’s in 2011.
    I know DPR like conservative sites( consisted of many many die-hard Nikon or any camera brand fans) delete my posts , or anyone talks about anything negative about Nikon , Canon or Leica or anything, but they need to wake up to see the reality. other wise, everybody else follows this corrupted company path(every year releasing just renamed cameras with a new FW)
    it was a sad day.

  • Kjull

    I am also interested in the new White Balance. Having some concerncs about the WB and my D800. There was no problem tweeking it, but Nikon always officialy stated it as “meant to be”. Now they change it on the D600 as part of their fixes.

    • Alex

      Let’s be honest: white balance is shit on all Nikon bodies anyway. (I mean vs Canon) This is the reason why I am always a bit afraid when I must shoot JPG only …

    • umeshrw

      That green tinged WB was what I was waiting for since my first D100. That green WB is accurately reproduced on colour corrected monitors. Agreed it is a problem for casual shooters but nikon also has come out with a fix for it FOR WHOEVER WANTS TO CORRECT IT .(sorry for caps.) Just take it to nikon service center and they will do it for you.

  • Jorge

    Rock Kenwell said on his site THIS is THE camera! So, he is always correct!

    • umeshrw

      There are so many mock variations of his name it becomes confusing sometimes to remember the correct name at times.

      • tertius_decimus

        Just mark his nickname, it is quite easy to remember and sounds really good: Ken “I support my growing family” Rockwell.

        • Jorge

          LOL Love it! and it’s his wife that supports him…

    • Harry

      ha ha ha! good one. I read it just now and I spaced out at some point but he did mention the oil 🙂

  • droll

    About the only goodness of D600 was the sensor designed and manufactured by a third party manufacturer. We don’t blame Nikon for not being able to manufacture sensors on their own. We also don’t blame Nikon for their poor auto white balance function, because color management is beyond their scope as traditional camera manufacturers did not need to care about color, unlike film manufacturers.
    (Canon is good at color management, because they sell color printers.) We also don’t blame Nikon for the poor video function, because it is beyond their scope (unlike Canon, who manufactures video equipments for professional usage.) We also don’t blame Nikon for the poor autofocus function for $1500 entry model DSLR. (of course, it could have been better, but it is cheaply made for beginners, so we can’t complain about it) But as a camera manufacturer, Nikon needed to work hard on basics to prevent the most fundamental technical problems from occurring and should have provided a better support for unfortunate people who unknowingly bought a defective camera such as a D600.

    • umeshrw

      Only a mother is allowed to scold her child. Not the neighbor. So just shut up and go scold your own child in your own house.

      • PeterO

        “It takes a village to raise a child”. So if a kid throws a rock through your window, you have nothing to say?

        • umeshrw

          Nice one. In that case one wonders if his mom raised him that way.

  • Harry

    if you care about the oil issue, here is a place to start 🙂

    I did not start this one though

  • Mack Rockwell

    Here is the class action against Nikon

    Please sign this petition.

  • Nikon fan

    Sample Image from D610 also shows spots wtf?

    • Hexagon Jr.


    • Sebastien Girard

      In coming weeks, some people will try to spread a negative reputation to D610.

      I don’t like the way Nikon managed the D600 issue… I don’t understand the D610, but now that the D610 is real, it’s not a reason to invent problems. Let’s see in coming months how this body will perform.

    • RealityCheck

      Not sure who is able to post images from a camera body not shipped yet – and has not been in anyone’s hands (including every major online equipment site) long enough to capture and save an image..
      If you visit the above site you cannot even find any images with any sort of tag, description, or exif referencing a D610..
      I call foul…… Like a foul smelling troll.. O.o

    • Dave Ingram

      Not sure about the spots but this does seem to have the weird kind of pinkish/magenta tones in the clouds that I’ve often noticed and have been frustrated with when shooting my D600 – maybe it’s my monitor calibration…

    • Harry

      LOL. This one sure does hold promise 🙂

    • umeshrw

      Sorry man. I checked the same image (from Nikon site) . You put the spots there. The only spot I saw was somewhere in the upper one third region in the clouds. And that kind of spot I am willing to discount as occuring from fair amount of use.Nice try.

  • Global

    Is anyone going to buy the D610 “right away”?

    Or are you going to wait until the reviews come in? Personally, I trust Nikon will have gotten all the bugs out of the D600 (one hopes the D610 does not have a high oil splatter rate or some electrical problem or something…), and the superior extra weather sealing (true) and half frame (j/k) make it worth it.

    But I’d still wait for the next Nikon rebate/lens combo. Nikon has already trained us that its better to wait rather than to buy right away. $300 dollar drops on their top lenses; $100-200 drops on their cameras; and regularly spaced rebate programs. Not to mention weariness for bugs.

    But anyone making a pre-order just for the heck of it?

    • Andrew

      “But anyone making a pre-order just for the heck of it?” Well, what do you think? There are many professionals whose cameras need replacing. So the D610 with its minor though welcomed update is the perfect candidate.

      The quiet shutter appeals to me. The improvement in image quality also appeals to me. But in addition, anytime a company updates its product, they usually make additional teaks which they do not always report in their news release. So I would expect the D610 to include some additional tweaks.

      • Hexagon Jr.

        Do not underestimate our pre-ordering folks. They provide a huge service to the community.

        • Andrew

          That is not nice 🙂

          Pre-ordering a product does not necessarily make one a beta tester. Most products from Nikon and other manufacturers are “somewhat” perfect from the outset. But remember, you can always return a defective product. The key is to make sure that you thoroughly test your new purchase.

          But in addition, the internet quite literally reports any problems within days. So generally as consumers we are protected – simply exchange or return the product. My only advise will be to someone ordering a new camera from another country, one should wait until they are certain that all is well.

          • umeshrw

            You are lucky to be in america where you can easily return your electronic items. We do not have that facility in many other countries.

  • sam

    No new lens coming soon??

  • For anybody asking for a recall, you have to consider what’s at stake. I’m no lawyer, but AFAIK you have to prove that you have been materially damaged by the party that you are suing. Somebody who’s a lawyer will probably have something to add, but I don’t think that under a court of law, not having a perfectly working shutter counts as “damages”.

    A class action sounds reasonable in theory, but the day-to- damages amount to the cost of expected cleaning over the lifetime of the sensor. Say that worst case you have to wet clean every 2000 shots… if you make it to 40,000 clicks that’s 20 cleanings. Say that each wet cleaning costs you an average of $10 (3 swabs per $30 kit)… that’s $200 over the lifetime of ownership. You can’t get a Nikon service center to look at anything for less than $250 nowadays. So I’m reasonably confident that as unfortunate as this whole episode has been, there will not be a successful class action.

    • Harry

      I cannot disagree with a number of things you state here. However, here are a few other things to consider (i am no lawyer either but simply an owner of a D600 and a reasonably honest person!)

      1. Nikon does not recommend wet cleaning. So once the warranty expires, we are at the risk of potentially bricking our camera with a wet clean (I know I am probably exaggerating). Assuming that we will need to send it in as a result, that is a cost to the customer not just financially but also from a time perspective.

      2. The financial aspect of this needs to be considered. Consumer electronics by their very nature depreciate in value over time. Its the rate of depreciation that is at consideration here. I am willing to say that I could barely sell my D600 for 500 bucks here. Not that I want to but I should have the option to. With the introduction of D610 which is essentially a Rev2 that takes care of a manufacturing defect. The aspect that they have now reduced the cost of the D600 even further (and continue selling it simply to clear their inventory) is a problem, in my opinion.

      • Accelerated depreciation is a problem, but there`s no concrete expectation of protection from it. A manufacture is free to introduce a new model at any time, and the public is free to not buy it.. either way, there’s no relationship in the business sense of the word. Also ignoring the sketchy math that I used, the other reason why litigation would likely be unsuccessful is fairly obvious; Nikon is servicing affected units, so anybody who was materially damaged by an affected shutter and who has properly identified themselves within their warranty period already has a recourse in place. If it went before the courts, the question could very well be “What more do you want?” I’m a bit encouraged, looking at some of the user reports… those who did get a shutter replacement as opposed to a simple cleaning seem to be happy now.

        • Harry

          do not disagree with your points the first time or the second :). Unfortunately, I cannot agree either and most of that comes from the feeling of being cheated. So my brain accepts your logic, my principles do not :). Again, not an issue your writing skills. I actually do think you are a lawyer 🙂

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