Nikon D610 announcement in 48 hours

First I would like to thank everyone for the support in those hard times for me and my family.

In approximately 48 hours Nikon will announce the D610 camera. As I already mentioned, the D610 specs will be almost identical to the D600. The only known difference seems to be the improved fps rate (6 vs. 5.5) and a new weather sealing identical to the D800 (the D600 only had "extensive" weather sealing in "various points of the body"). The D610 will be made in Thailand (just like the D600).

I will try to have some basic D610 coverage next week.

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  • cliff

    Anxiously waiting, hoping to be true.

  • It’s sunny today

    Nikon should make a D7100 FX out of the D610…

  • Nikon_shooter_from_Italy

    What’s that statement about the weather sealing? Nikon itself writes in the D600 specs that the camera is weather sealed to the same degree as a D800:

    Check here:

    And here:

    So I guess it’s just a marketing gimmick rather than something really tangible.

    After all there have been multiple reports of D600’s surviving with no issues whatsoever in the rain… There’s even a couple videos on Youtube of a D600 in the shower with water literally pouring on it.

    Well, I guess Nikon realized that they couldn’t just say “new improved model with… 0,5 fps more!” and so they just HAD to “add” something… I’ve been a loyal Nikon shooter for more than a decade but I really think they are starting to act a bit like morons. Never assuming responsibilities for their faults. Doh!

  • droll

    Aside from tons of design flaws which kept majority of Nikon users from buying it, the D600 was a extremely boring camera at best. It should’ve and could’ve been released in 2010 without known flaws. So who is really going to buy this camera in 2013 and plan to use it for next 3 years if this camera is not more than a D600 without design flaw?

    • guesthk

      D600 was released last year, not in 2010

  • Nick

    This is thee WORST thing Nikon did in 2013. A brand new, old camera, wth???

  • GLL

    Our thoughts are with you and your family. Thank you for your work on the great site, always interesting to see what is happening before it happens.

  • torwag

    I believe the 1/2 frame is just an rounding error 😉
    Can’t wait until the D610 is out to get myself a rather cheap new or even cheaper used D600 send it in to Nikon to fix the oil-problem and buy a $3 D610 sticker which will appear very soon on ebay 😉

  • T53

    My Condolences on your loss and my appreciation for your work here on this forum.

    As regards the Nikon D610. After my experience with the D600, No thanks. I’ll wait for the refurbished ones to hit the market in another year. i I will always be amazed that Nikon did order a recall of what was obviously a defective camera. The Nikon brand has taken a large hit as a result of this episode. About the only good that has come out of it has been to underline Buyer Beware. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

  • junior

    I like how the D600 was “suppose” to have body sealing equivalent to the D800…. I guess not.

    “The D600 employs magnesium alloy for the top and rear covers. Despite its compact and lightweight body, it achieves high robustness and durability. Also, various points of the body are effectively sealed to attain superior dust-prevention and weather-resistant performance equivalent to that of the D800 series.”

    • greenjelly01

      I guess the key point is “various points of the body” – not the whole body.

  • hootle

    sincere condolences to you and your loved ones…

  • mindjuice

    Looks like this announcement isn’t happening today. 🙁

    • Sebastien Girard

      I guess it could be Tuesday, Japan time. So maybe in a few hours??

      • mindjuice

        Good point. Their previous press releases are from shown as “TOKYO”, so releasing them on Japanese time would make sense.

        I was going to buy the D600, but the dust/oil issues were somewhat concerning. Sure you could clean it yourself, but you shouldn’t have to. If the D610 fixes that and has a few more minor improvements, then I’m on board.

    • addri4n

      i also think it wont happen today. I was here all day long waiting to see if something new appears. anyway, i also think that will be nothing spectacular about this 610 and we all just sittin here like fools

  • addri4n

    i think we all know deep in our souls that the d800 is the solution because it has it all,but we all hope for that 1800$,16mp,51AF , full metal body,etc. this aint gonna happen today or tomorrow or ever. just go with de d800 and shame on you nikon because you messed it up!

  • Linda Martino

    Our condolences to you and your whole family. The loss of a parent is devastating no matter how it happens.

  • rhlpetrus

    It seems that there will be video improvements …

  • NFan

    No Nikon D610 announcement till now!
    D610 is still not a reality. It is still a “rumor”.

  • rhlpetrus
    • rhlpetrus

      Only thing I noticed in this shot post was the 3fps silent mode.

      • Google translate says that the shot life has been improved to 900 shots; not sure about this, but D600 was already rated at that.

        • rhlpetrus

          It looks fake re images, maybe text makes some sense, even though nothing really interesting (maybe the silent mode at 3fps).

          • rhlpetrus

            It has been taken down, I have screenshots:


            • I was just thinking that… when the 70D came out, we found out who was “swimming naked when the tide went out”, as a lot of people were still running shopped pics of 60D’s that clearly had the wrong microphone placement for the 70D.

    • Sebastien Girard

      The link now displays a 404 error page.

  • Andrew Goh Wei Li

    well they just get back those d600 faulty one n restick d610 label on it. well done nikon! well done

    • Jimmy

      Just look at the hasselblad Rx100 with a grip, hasselblad is now laughing stock, same thing will happen here if they think they can get away with it. People are not that stupid.

  • KT

    Pictures of the D610 already out at CameraEgg, will be priced at 1999 body and 2600 with the 24-85 kit lens. Looks identical to the D600, at least to my eye

  • JimAbels

    Nikon pisses me off. They should just offer a swap out. I paid $2200 for a defective model that was watered down and the value plummeted due to the rampant problems. Real problems. Anyway I lost a decent amount of money selling it after they fixed it and just went for the D800. Current owners with dust problems should be compensated. The dust issue was truly a defect. The D800 is perfect for me. They should have added the upgraded af system in the new model. That was significant. I truly love the D800 for my work. Of course I could benefit from the U1 and U2 custom settings but its not that big of a deal. Sorry to complain.

  • Nikolaz

    Yakutia is waiting.

  • Neopulse

    Chances are they might make a really good pre-order price for it like $200-$300 off.

  • Bill Ferris

    The above link works but loads text and visuals for the D600. FWIW

    • Mike

      What comes after the 25488 doesn’t matter. I just tried your link but changed the D610.html to canon6d.html and it still worked.

      • Bill Ferris

        Ah, interesting. Nice catch.

  • Jimmy

    it’s a photoshopped 600, same stock photo. do a tineye search for proof. These clowns are really just changing the sticker.

  • Jeff

    Looks like the D610 is now available for pre-order on B&H:

  • Gabor Takacs
  • XT
  • kassim
  • YW
  • gr8fan

    It’s on their web site! 10/7/13 22:45 MDT

  • Bill Ferris

    A refurbished D600 with the 24-85mm kit lens costs less than a new D610 body.

  • DL

    LOL at the older comments where everyone is going nutzo over unconfirmed and irrelevant new features

  • Mr.Mister

    A D400 full frame same as 600 but with NO VIDEO making it cheaper would be totally awesome and if it used the same grip…

  • Confused

    Your article says the D610 has new weather sealing identical to the D800, but Nikon doesn’t advertise this anywhere (which I think they would have made a point of, since they made so few changes). Also the weight of the D600 and D610 is identical, so was the weather sealing improved or not? Certainly doesn’t seem that way…. but would be nice if it were true.

    • They did mention the sealing on one of the Nikon’s websites and I mentioned that in one of the posts. It is still not clear what was improved.

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