Nikon D610 officially announced

D610_24_85_top.low D610_28_300_front34l.low
Nikon officially announced the D610 camera:

Nikon D610 pre-order options at B&H (check also the listings at Amazon and Adorama):

As expected, the D610 is just a minor updated from the D600 with improved shutter mechanism, new quiet continuous shooting options, slightly higher fps rate and improved white balance (I did not see any official mentioning of an updated weather sealing update from "all joints are effectively sealed for the same superior dust- and water-resistance as the D800 and D800E"). The D610 will start shipping on October 18, 2013.

With the announcement of the D610, the price of a new D600 camera with 24-85mm lens dropped to $2096.95 $1,929.95.

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  • Darrell Wood

    When will Nikon give us built in gPS and wifi. At a minimum GPS.

    • RealityCheck

      Because it is not needed…

      • Darrell Wood

        For who. ? GPS is fundamental. I prefer not to manually key location data. Time is precious. :)) I do hope Nikon going to treat us like apple users. :).

    • Hexagon Jr.

      At this point I just hope from a clean-ish sensor.

    • Thom Hogan

      They have, although not particularly well done implementations of either.

      For many of us, we don’t want to pay extra for things that we don’t use (or won’t use because of implementation). The “add more gimmicks” thing is something that Sony has been pursuing for awhile now, with no visible success. All it does is decrease their GPM, apparently. Given all Nikon’s other issues now and the declining camera market, increasing GPM would be a silly thing to do.

      I’ll make you a bet. Take the D600 camera (uh excuse me, D610) and make two variations:

      1. Add the kitchen sink. Built-in GPS, WiFi, NFC, Radio-control flash, optional EVF (ala Lloyd), the works.
      2. Strip it down to the bare minimum FM2-like body (no internal flash, can many of the buttons/controls, drop the Scene mode and similar stuff, etc.

      Price each at 2.5x the parts cost. Which would sell better?

      Based upon my surveys of serious Nikon users, number 2. Based upon surveys of non-DSLR users, they’d tend to pick 1.

  • David Kasman

    Is this a record number of comments for NR? We’re pushing 500!

  • john

    I have a D700 and Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 and a 50mm 1.4. Pretty much all I need. I also have a Nikon p7700 which is usually with me. I don’t think I will be interested in anything Nikon releases. Recently my sb900 flash release switch got stuck and the flash is permanently on my D300 and I can’t use either. All of the rubber grips on both the D300 and some on the D700 are coming off. Nikon considers those a user issue. I don’t know I didn’t make the switch, I just use it. Won’t buy a Nikon sb flash again. The 900 over heated so much it was almost unusable for fast flash shooting. Quality control seems to have slipped but worse than that is how Nikon treats it’s loyal customers. Shame, Nikon was the greatest. I have three other lenses that are good lenses but would love to get rid of all of Nikon equipment and move to Canon. Not to anger anyone, just my feeling about Nikon right now.

  • nickeyeee

    Don’t be a beta-tester unless you get paid for it. Furthermore, absolutely do not ever pay a company to become their beta-tester.
    Well, if you want the shiny new camera you’ll be a beta-tester whether you like or not…

  • jan

    It is incredible. I have always liked Nikon and theirs dslr. Loved the D600 that i bought nov last year untill now. Nikon should be ashamed of themselfs and i wish theirs sales drop like pile of shit in a cow’s barn.
    Will have it a little onger and see, but next ff dslr will be Canon for sure.

    Also here in Norway, the stores refused to take in the D600 again. Tried also to pay in the middle for a D800 but no.

    Thanks Nikon and a tip: Go have a course to not loose customers.

  • NikonEMP

    With this new D610 just annouce, dont expect getting a trade or upgrade from your D600. It wont happen from Nikon. If you have the D600, the body willl just get fixed like they say.

  • NikonEMP

    people come on this website to get the truth news on Nikon, Well with the body its suppose to have the “problem” fixed. But your D600 will NOT be upgraded or traded, You will get it service and returned to you. If you have one and had it service, you know what I am talking about.

  • Derek

    Can someone shed any light on whether changing shutter/apeture in live view mode during video recording has been enabled?

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