New wave of Nikon announcements coming in August/September, D400 a possibility


Image: Anders Relling

I already started receiving bits and pieces for the upcoming Nikon announcements in August/September - new products will be introduced in two waves that are rumored to be few days/weeks apart. The first wave will most likely be for the new Coolpix/Nikon 1 products (Nikon 1 cameras appear to be on a 1 year refresh cycle). The more interesting second wave will be DSLR related. Three possible products were mentioned to me: a D300s sucessor, a new 300mm f/4 lens and a new DX zoom lens (probably to be sold as a kit with the D300s successor). Please note that even though this is the first time I am receiving any info on a potentials D400 camera, everything is still preliminary at that point and I would rate this at 60% probability for now. I am expecting more detailed info to start flowing in the coming weeks.

A new Nikon D4 based camera is expected later in the year or maybe even in early 2014.

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  • Robert Mossack

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • I heard it will use the new honeycomb Bayer sensor.

  • bgbs

    The next Nikon announcements should be all about calming down aggravated D300 and D700 users. Nikon has lied to us about the D800 being the D700 replacement, which nobody bought except for the middle-of-the-road type rationados. It seems like the pay visit is coming to D300 shooters first, and maybe next year for D700 users.

    The problem with Nikon right now, is it does not have a direct 5DIII competitor. My gut tells me that D800s will become more or less a 5DIII competitor after it gains some FPS and ISO as well as other bells-and-whistles that it needs. By then, I assume, we will get use to 36mp especially if the D800s announcement comes after the mythical 56mp D4x.

    So here I am shooting my D700 with little hope about its successor.

  • Izzy

    You’ve all been fooled! It’s a new line of genuine Nikon sewer lids!

  • PeterW

    I AM: Glad I just sold my D300 for a reasonable price

  • Tommy Botello

    Since everyone is mentioning 4K video and I haven’t seen it yet, I’m going to throw in my guess….Nikon D4K. 😉

  • Radek

    I would like to see two variants of D400/D9000: lower mpx version with cca 16M with superior low light performance and higher mpx one ~24M. Presumably, lower mpx count would allow for faster continues shooting and more room in buffer since files would be smaller. I definitely see room for both.

    Personally, I would go for low mpx version.

    Frankly, I don’t care much for video capabilities, but I can see reason why people are pushing for higher resolution/frame rate/etc. There is certain appeal to have one device doing everything, but it usually means compromises resulting in sub-par performance in both/all aspects. You just can’t have it all. If you, on rare occasion, do, price would be ridiculously high.

    I hope to see this new baby soon …


  • Bob

    Is Moose Peterson currently testing the D400??? This from his current issue of the BT Journal … “Well I have this secret brand new amazing camera I’m shooting”! He has signed a few legal Non Disclosure Agreements with Nikon for the project he is working on. I think there is a good chance that “new amazing camera” is the D400.

    • Which issue of BT is that? The latest one?

    • I just got the issue, he is talking about the D7100 launch. False alarm 🙂

  • john

    everyone is waiting for a 24mp full frame sensor with 51 focus points and without dust/oil plus left focus issues . no matter how they persuade us as much that d4, d800 or d600 is the full frame replacement or upgrade u need, it just doesn’t happen. everyone is holding their horses from replacing and upgrading. Or i think, most who cant hold their horses, has migrated to canon 5dm3. Nikon need to do something about it. It’s like Nikon is giving something not quite what the market is expecting. Where is the 24mp full frame sensor with 51 focus points, everyone is hoping for???? Those who are upgrading have gone to Canon 5dm3. Those who are seeking replacement, might have opt for a second system as well going for Canon 5dm3. Hope Nikon is listening and will do something about it. Market survey. Customer needs. Market Segment. QC issues.

  • gary

    what we need is not more focus points, but more spread out focus points


    Too late Nikon. I waited a very long time for the D400. Bought the D7000 2 years ago instead. Now I’m about to make the FX jump

  • Noora

    I hope it’s real this time i wish it is the full size with build in battery grip i hope its 36mp or more i hope the kit lens is ( 16-85 ) i want this year to go in a great vacation trip with my new camera that i waited for last 3 years im sick of my old one

    • Anonymous Maximus

      36mp on DX with 16-85m will already hit visible diffraction within one stop, and wide open lens resolution will suffer.

      24mp is the practical limit for DX (reserved for best lenses), while this resolution is plentiful. Just a couple years ago, weren’t most of us limited to 12 mp?

  • blore_boy

    Waiting for the 300mm F4 VR….. My wallet seems lighter already.

  • Dre Mosley

    I hope it comes. My GF shoots with a D800E and D300S and I have an old Rebel XSi and I think I’m jumping to team Nikon and this could be a candidate.

  • No dice so far. 🙁

  • D Williams

    D400 came already, but it is now called the K-3. Every report from users and results in images reflect that it is a darned fine camera too. And ONLY usd 1,150 for a great sensor, PRO spec and AF camera. Ridiculous that some talk about a new Nikon Pro APS-C body at 2,000. …. Nik…WHO??? So sad, that Nikon and Canon have left that market level. Anyway, Ricoh Pentax is doing an admirable job in filling. Well done. Anyway, I for one have GOT the message. Nikon is for Pros and well heeled amateurs, not the likes of us who want good IQ in a well built camera body for a reasonable price, we can ‘get lost’…. point well received.

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