More Nikon D4x rumors


In addition to the D7000 successor, Nikon is rumored to announce a new D4x DSLR this year (the camera may have a different name, we will call it D4x until we get more info). Here are the rumored details:

  • Same body as the Nikon D4
  • 36 MP sensor without AA filter, designed and made by Nikon, with some new improvements (moire in-camera reduction)
  • 6 fps (11 fps is the maximum possible fps with the current shutter)
  • Few video improvements
  • Price should be few hundred dollars above the D4 (currently listed for $5996.95).
  • Announcement expected in fall of 2013

Since this rumored product announcement is far ahead in the future, I would give it a credibility rating of 60% for now. It seems that we will have only two new DSLR cameras in 2013 - a new high end DX and new high end FX models.

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  • Mansgame

    hehe a D600 sensor in a D4 body would be the funnest way to get a baby D4 for $1999

  • morg

    D400 please!

  • Thomas

    Seems like a waste. Why would anyone want this camera? The D800 does all this and for less.

    • PSAGuy

      Ahhh….but without the ultra high ISO capability. Key thing

  • Aldo

    I predict a 20+ mp sensor d4… I don’t think nikon has yet the technology for 36 or more mp burst shooting at 9fps or more.

  • uphillslide

    Good then we should be expecting many more lens announcements. Tilt shifts. 80-400. An f 1.2 lens. A new macro lens.

  • Pyrrhus

    Could be much better to solve the problem of the focusing issues of the D4 and Co than starting to thinck about the next D4… or what ever…!

  • HD

    40 MP
    7 Fps minimum
    60 Fps at 1080p
    120 Fps at 720p
    Internal GPS

    A dream come true!

  • Shazza!!!

    Hmm, there’s gotta be a lot more improvements. So we pay about twice as much for 2 more fps over the d800…?

  • joe_reitz

    sounds like a D800 for double the price, albeit some minor performance tweaks. No?

  • Neopulse

    @Admin: Just got several notifications (20 of them) for a reply to a post I made (The Steve McCurry – Pirelli 2013) approximately 2 months ago. And 4 notifications of a reply yesterday today through email and My Disqus, everything ok?

    • This must be a glitch in Disquss system – I have no control over their software.

      • Neopulse

        That sucks 🙁 also just got a -1 notification alert lol

      • Neopulse

        That sucks 🙁 also just got a -1 notification alert lol

  • neversink

    I have used DX and FX in my work. I have decided to sell my last remaining DX body and lens. FX is the only way to go in the pro world anyway. DX has not one advantage over FX. The reach is actually better on FX than DX because of the IQ allowing for a cleaner crop factor.

  • jadcoz

    lol u cant argue marko that those shots are very good indeed – will you two stop bickering like children and be nice to each other ! 😉

    • Aldo

      thing is, he is the one who would benefit should he choose fx over dx… It’s almost like trying to convince him not to remain handicapped. But what do I know… I have my head up my …. according to him.

  • 36mpx would be so… boring. Nikon should go really crazy with this camera – say, a 150mpx, heavily pixel-binned sensor. That would enable them to do some crazy stuff – for instance, get the chroma information the pixel binned image and the luma information from the original sensor output for a image with delicious color sensivity and absurd detail resolution.

  • jj

    dx is dead

  • jj

    dx is dead

  • Michael Switzer

    Why are there so many angry NIkon photographers here? The constant dick measuring contests are getting a little silly. Markova and Aldo just keep posting the same shit, talking past each other and not really caring what the other has to say. No one here has any control over what Nikon is going manufacture in the future. If you like your camera, shut up and go shoot.

    • Aldo

      I mean you yourself is commenting ignoring what is being discussed. I will stand behind any experience and ideas i have because that is part of what this forum is about. And if by backing that up to someone who says i have my head up my … instead of bringing something useful to the table… im measuring my penis… then you too miss what could be learned and shared in forums.

    • PSAGuy

      Nikon needs to LISTEN for a change. The pros out here for example have little to no need for VIDEO in our D4’s…..yet Nikon keeps putting it in there. Nikon for once needs to listen.

  • Ebony1

    Bound to have a higher frames per second rate than that. Six is only two frames more than the current D800 at half the price.

  • Dave

    I think this sounds like a horrible pointless camera …. I want a D4s and I want it around 16-18 megapixel, 12fps, 2 CF slits, WiFi and to be the best low light machine Nikon have ever created!! I think Nikon should be releasing no less than this for around £4499 mark to make up for the huge FAIL which was 2012

  • RDM Photography

    I hope the D4x has more than that in the way of megapixels or even better actually fps. I have three D800E’s that I love but are a little slow for wildlife and sports. I would need more incentive now to want to invest in theD4x now. I previously had D3x and D3s.

  • Михаил

    Actually I am still waiting for the F7 announcement…

  • PSAGuy

    D4X without HIGH (and I mean HIGH !) ISO capability is useless. It’s a BIG D800. If it has similar high ISO as the D4….I’ll be the first in line to buy it.

  • Steve

    I heard (but have a hard time believing) that the D4x will have a 56MP sensor. Anyone else hear anything similar?

    • KnightPhoto is saying 56mp D4X this year!

  • come on people. youre getting ahead of yourselves. yes, there could be a d4x. however, i think they will give it a 24 mp sensor. not 36. that may be reserved for the d4x. second, they have yet to fully recoup the monies spent on developing the d600, d800,d800e and d4. expect this d4s in 2014.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Going to be hard sell against the £2300 / $2500 D800e, have to be vast improvement to charge £5000+ for this camera… Surely improve the workflow from Camera to card using SDXC & QCD slots using faster fps 8+ and also what video improvements can be made over D800, D7100 apart from going Ultra HD 4K+ ?

  • jonh Martin

    republicans will be gone if an immigration reform is not approved soon

  • Mark

    I have a D800 and yet I still have situations I use my D300 which has much more HP … the D800 just can’t keep up. It has nothing to do with the crop factor, but if the D400 has a larger sensor, it will be even more important to have one.

    Although I use my D800 most of the time, the times where the D300 shines, it could only be replaced by a D4, which is twice the price of the D800. So if the D400 is released, I will be grabbing it for sure. Those who think DX is dead need to understand that not every photographer shoots what they do. It’s not all about you. If you don’t need it, that doesn’t mean nobody else needs it. If you can afford to have a D4 to sit in your bag the majority of time, then do it. The D400 is for those who would rather spend that money on more glass to use with any of their bodies.

  • Guest

    $6k for 6fps? Better to have 2 D800e’s for that price pt.

  • Jeremiah

    When is Nikon going to step up their game and give us a pro body like this without a mechanical shutter?

  • Kibberlasen

    Perhaps something is on its way. (D4x – or another name?) The Danish firm “Goecker” which has a very close cooperation with Nikon, – ….. they own the Danish Nikon repair shop, now sells the D3x for an insane low price – about 24.000 danish crones = it is about 4.400 dollars, and Denmark is normally not a cheap place to buy photo equipment.

    It is about 15.000 Danish crones down compared a week ago.

    To compare:


  • Mahatma

    How many more of nikons Df would they sell if they stuck that 36MP sensor in there.

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