Let’s talk about 2013

A quick look at what to expect from Nikon in 2013:

Nikon D300s/D7000 fusion

One of the possible scenarios is that in 2013 Nikon will merge the D7000 and D300s product lines. There is a good chance that only one high end DX DSLR camera will be announced (D400 or D8000?) that will replace both D7000 and D300s models. The camera will have a "pro" body similar to the D300s and most likely come with a 24MP sensor and 8fps. The D3200 and D5200 should be sufficient to cover the entry level needs. The new DX camera will be the "transition model" to the full frame category (D600). Expected announcement: January/February 2013.

Nikon D4x

The Nikon D4x (not sure about the name) will not be a direct replacement of the D4 and is expected to have a high MP sensor - either the 36MP from the D800 or a new 52MP with 4 fps. Expected announcement: end of 2013.


Some recent tips suggested that Nikon was waiting for the latest VR technology that offers up to five stops of image stabilization and will implement it in the long-awaited 80-400mm lens (which may have a slightly different focal length). I don't have information on other lenses at that point.

Please note that it is still too early to put any high probability ratings on those rumors. I expect to have more details on the new DX camera in early January, 2013. Similar to this year, around February I will hopefully have more information on all upcoming Nikon products for 2013.

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  • f

    Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G AF-S VR

  • Joshua

    Like to for the D400 to look just like the D800 at 24mp DX format at $1600 to $2000. Plz just trash the D7000 and do what I say Nikon

  • j v

    D300s-D7000 fusion makes a lot of sense to me. The D300s seems like the perfect DX camera, just needs a higher MP sensor and more video features.

    Seperate bodies are also possible, to me it is not impossible that the high end DX would cost about as much as or even more than the low end FX: many people are only looking at the sensor, but other features also make a difference.

    Still, not being a pro but liking high end tools and in need of a body upgrade, any of the three would be what I’m waiting for.

  • xjxjxjxjxj

    imho there will be at least one more DX-generation with a professional body.
    24 MP + video
    high fps
    dual SD
    d800-chassis, grip and battery would be smart
    would make a perfect combo with a D800.


    • Douglas Adams

      Why in heaven’s name would it be a D800 chassis!? What’s wrong with d300’s chassis? Clearly extra set of features with full weather sealed magnesium body around DX sensor equals to d300 size and shape.

      And to my opinion on the subject, it us the perfect size!

  • LP

    It’s about time for a new 200mm f/4 micro. After 20 years..

  • Nu fusion please keep sep there are enough DX shooters out there and like many said already Or bring out D400 or i have too go to D800 with MD d12

  • The Nikon D4x sounds great! I can’t get used to the D800 body. A pro build would definitely serve the sensor. Oh and snappier autofocus please!

  • Jari Varpenius

    I want D800 mp’s, D4 body, D4 fps, D3s ISO quality and a D3200 price!!!!

    Seriously… I don’t understand the need to keep all FX better than any DX??? There has been lot’s of good arguments for both series. In principle FX has D600 entry(toy), D800 serious/pro and D4 pro-levels and DX D3200 entry(toy), D5200 better entry, D7000 enthusiast and D300s pro.

    My suggestion is to interlace series, prices and levels a bit, after small simplify first. There should be three DX levels entry, serious and pro.

    Entry: D3200/5200 and D600

    Serious: D7000 and D800

    Pro: “D400” and D800 and D4

    Pro DX should be more value than D600. It has FF, but otherwise toy like. I don’t care about few missing MP’s when the build and handling is pro-level. Actually, why “D400” could not be in D4 body??

    With or with out the grip suits me and with out cut’s the price a bit. Like we’ve seen there is demand for both series. And both need’s a pro-level cameras too.

    It would have been time to replace D300s long ago, but nothing. Wake up NIKON!!

  • Rasksasa

    52MP? I am not saying it is not possible… but I just think it is too soon.

    • We are still one year away from it. It seems that Canon is also preparing to launch a high MP body in 2013.

  • KimA

    A firmware upgrade for the D800/D800E with 8-10 fps in DX mode would be nice. The Processor is powerfull enough while DX is only 40% of FX. Yes I know – nikon is protecting the D4…

  • Shawn

    Makes no sense. The D7100/D400 hybrid would more than likely have “professional” level features like “AE-L/AF-L” button AND an “AF-ON” button. OK, so now Nikon is asking customers to “upgrade” to a camera (D600) without this feature? Sure, to a D800, but then they lose U1 & U2 that they probably found very useful. Maybe a couple of generations and this upgrade path will make more sense.

  • A few things:

    A gripped D700 is currently the best explanation for why there MIGHT NOT be a “pro grade” D400. 8 FPS, amazing image quality, and going for $1500-$1700 on the used market right now. Honestly, if you’re whining about the possibility of no D400, you’d better have some very good reasons that cannot be remedied by a used D700. I can think of a couple reasons, but not many. (Megapixel “reach”, dual card slots, and of course HD video. But that’s about it…)

    The D7000 and D600 are the best explanation for why there MIGHT be a “pro grade” D400. That price range needs something more robust, something that takes a slight hit on image quality compared to the D600, but spares no expense for versatility and performance. The D300s, for example, had CF+SD while the D600 is dual SD. The list is very, very long though.

    Either way, we’re going to see a new DX body in that range within the next ~6 months. If it doesn’t have 8 FPS natively, it will at least be possible with the grip. It will have D600 AFat the very least, but probably the flagship AF. And it will be “only” $1700-$1800.

    Yeah, that sounds like a poor investment for those FF junkies who care about nothing other than ISO noise and bokeh, but as a”DX D800″ such a D400 camera makes complete sense. Heck, it’d be even more than a DX D800, it would be twice as fast and have more “reach” and focus point spread!

    That’s a winner if you ask me. One way or another, we need another DSLR below $2K that includes things like a PC sync port etc… It may not be important to many armchair discussers on the internet, but others find the “mythical D400”

    Now, regarding lenses- There’s no way Nikon is going to replace lenses that were just announced within the past couple years. Not when they have decade-old designs to update.

    We’re not going to see any type of 16-35 lens any time soon. I think Nikon has effectively “finished” updating their f/1.4, f/1.8, f/2.8, and f/4 lineups. There are practically zero weaknesses anywhere.

    Coming up, I predict that they will continue to update the older, specialty lenses and other “consumer” zooms such as the f/3.5-5.6 specialty zoom range, the f/2 primes, (formerly DC, but I’m betting they’ll drop that and opt for VR instead) etc. etc.

    Lenses I’d say are possible, in no order whatsoever:

    18-35 or 17-40 f/3.5-5.6 VR

    24 f/2.8 VR, or 28 f/2.8 VR, or 35 f/2 VR

    105 f/2 VR and/or 135 f/2 VR

    80-400 f/4-5.6 VR

    300 f/4 VR

    400 f/4 or f/5.6 VR

    Plus, as usual, a bunch of DX lenses…


  • PeterO

    I had a thought…when I regained consciousness…
    Actually maybe the D300s/D7000 merger would work. Starting from the bottom – D3200, D5200, D7000 stays in the lineup (much like the D90 has), then the merged Dx followed by the D600 (now cheaper) and the D800 (also soon to be cheaper) and the D4. This would cover the cost spectrum very well. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the D300s/D7000 merged model came in at around $1,500 to undercut the Canon 7D II.

  • PhotoSME

    For that new D400 we also need an upgrade to the “old” but excellent 17-55mm F/2.8 wide angle lens. Add the latest VR and I will be at the dealer with cash in hand to buy the D400 & new 17-55mm F/2.8.

    If we are going to get a “pro” D400 we need that new lens.

    One side point, the old 24-70mm F/2.8 needs a revision to also add the latest VR system. For those people with bottomless wallets and discretionary funds they want that new lens to toss on the D600.

  • Vin

    Lets see a DX weather sealed at 8-9 fps that is small and compact 24mp. With 51 point AF for $1000-$1300, after going mountain biking with the D800 on my back, i started looking at DX again for a nice portable option for taking action pictures in the middle of the woods.

  • neversink

    I would like a camera where the menu could turn vr on and off automatically on the lens depending on which speeds I shoot at and of course this would all be menu driven by the photographer Sometimes I forget to switch the VR off when I am shooting at fast speeds after I have shot at slow shutter speeds…..

  • Vin

    P.S. I like the Zoltar, wish list reference from “Big” .

  • Vin

    So do any of you have any idea how water proof Nikon DSLRS really are? From the lower end and up? D300, D700, D800, D4, D7000,? I have been looking at the K-5II, and a little at the OMD products. So how good is Nikon’s water resistant s.?. Are they missing the boat hear? Or are they protecting warranty,. How do they match up to there competition?.

  • Nikonian808

    Why can’t we have a D400 early next year? It makes perfect sense to upgrade arguably the most popular DX model for serious to pro level photographers out there. I would love to see a 24MP sensor with at least an 8 or 9 fps burst ability with a huge buffer. That would render the D600 pretty much obsolete.

  • Nikonian808

    It also makes sense for those of us who enjoy having that extra reach with DX sensors. In terms of having a huge MP count in the D4X body, would that even make sense since the sensor at that point would probably out resolve the lens? There’s a distinct reason why we have MF cameras.

  • BD

    Wow, the 300 certainly has more of a cult following than any camera line I know of…

  • Ninel

    I espect D4s. Compare the Dynamic Range diagram on DXO Mark web site , and you will see a deliberate restriction of the sensor D4 after ISO 1600. Seems to have done the same with d3/d700 & after a while they removed the restriction and anounce D3S with a nice and smooth curve diagram 😉

  • Ren Kockwell

    2013 Prediction? How about an RX100/LX7 killer? Take Nikon’s 1 system sensor and throw it into a fixed lens serious compact, 24-105mm, f1.4-f2.8. Keep it small (pants pocketable) and fast, put an ND filter in it and give it RAW. Retro-style it to look like the old Nikon S rangefinder. Charge $499. I’d buy it. Then you can finally play Taps for the embarrassing P series.

  • The_Badger

    Wow I’m surprised so many people have issues with the D600 ergonomics. For me, it’s just perfect! The D800/5DMIII bodies are too big and intimidating, and a FX in a D7000 body was my dream camera and I found it in the D600!

  • TenTonCamerasRule!

    I’m waiting for the DSLR with lead weights in them so I can build muscle tone while shooting photographs. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    • Allen_Wentz

      I have one, a D2X…

  • Peter Burian

    Nikon already has a new Vibration Reduction system that provides a 5 step benefit; it’s in the new 70-200mm f/4 lens.

  • Larry

    As a pro camera sought by sport and news photographers, there’s little reason to put a chip with more than 36 mp in the D4X, because it will impair the frame rate. Actually, anything between 24 and 36 is a plus for the intended users. Let Nikon create a sub-niche for the landscape and portrait people if they want higher resolution than 36 mp. The last thing we need is another “golly, it does EVERYTHING — just not very well” camera.

  • Please let the Nikon D400 be true! I desperately need to upgrade/backup my gear!

  • duraace

    I want a 36MP D4 with closer to the performance of the current D4 than the D800. I used a D800E and I have to say the images look better than my D3s.

  • Any SLR they make only cost 200-500 bucks to make.

  • camelthorn photography

    Three years ago I bought my first Nikon. It was a D1x and I loved it from the very first minute. Unfortunately the camera had to be replaced and the second one was the D200. Great camera, solid and reliable but I never liked the Plastic-Vertical grip from Nikon.
    Currently I’m using the D2x and I am very happy with it. Even in comparison with newer Dx cameras, the D2x performs very well indeed especially with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 17-55 mm 1:2,8G ED.
    If there was a fairy I’d wish for another Dx Pro body. Maybe a D4(dx) or a D400 in a Pro body?? I never liked the “screw on vertical grip type”. The ergonomics of a pro-body in terms of weight and balance (eg. heavy lenses), function and weather proven ruggedness are outstanding features!

    As the D3s and D3x are still on the market, the second hand prices wont drop dramatically in the near future.

    So to all the Nikon engineers out there: The announcement of the D400 will be greatly appreciated!

    The picture below was taken with my D2x and nikkor 18-55 at 1/90 f4,5 iso100.

  • Gavin

    Well I have lost some faith as Nikon sold me a D7000 a 16 months ago, which was supposed to eclipse my D300. As a result of poor quality control, my camera never focussed, it had a tiny buffer and it took Nikon 13 months to fix it. I have sold the last of my equipment with this announcement just my 70-200 to go, the 24-70, went last month with the tokina 11-16, the sharp sigma 120-300 the month before. They just dont support their semi-pros D300 today J series cameras gone !

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