New US Nikon, Tamron and Sigma instant rebates for July

The new US Nikon instant rebates for July are now live. As I already mentioned last week, many of the high-end lenses are no longer offered while all Nikon DSLR cameras are still eligible for the savings:


Those are the new Tamron lens rebates (Nikon mount):


And finally Sigma's latest lens rebates:



Various Nikon 1 J3 kits are also currently on sale - maybe a new version will be announce in August/September:

Nikon 1 J3 sale

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  • JR

    Wonder why this only happen in the United States…….in other countries, you pay thru the nose for gear.

    • AM

      Economies of scale. More sales translate into more rebates.

    • brn

      Yea, but we pay more for healthcare. Pick your poison.

      • Keith

        Hi. Actually I think it is not clear that Americans pay more for healthcare. We do pay more directly – deductibles etc. – but the socialized models – Britain and Canada for example – pay enormous amounts of money but behind the scenes in a hidden fashion. European tax rates are astronomical compared with the United States which is necessary to fund the socialized system. The difference is that the payments are seen in our system and hidden in theirs. They are also paying in significantly decreased productivity – GDP – because the high taxes suppress productivity and in the unemployment rates that are chronically drastically higher than in the USA. It is a common error though where the costs are clear on one system and hidden in the other system.

        • gene

          seriously? you come on here to propagate your flat earth ridiculous belief system?

          • patto01

            He gave an appropriate answer to another posters comment. Did you come on here to question his views on economic issues or to make a ridiculous comparison of his analysis to medieval thought?

            While it would be appropriate (but not necessarily correct) for you to disagree with his statement, I don’t understand your anger since he didn’t say healthcare was more or less expensive for U.S. citizens, only that “it is not clear…”

            • gene

              this is a nikon rumors site. his characterization makes a very clear statement on his position, but again, this is not the appropriate venue.

            • patto01

              And yet you didn’t comment on brn’s post which raised the topic. Had brn not made his statement, I’m confident that Keith wouldn’t have made his. I’m just sayin’…

            • brn

              I created a monster. My intent wasn’t to start a healthcare debate, so I’m not going to comment further on that. My intent was merely to point out that people like to point out how much less expensive one thing is, but ignore how something else may be more expensive.

            • patto01

              I don’t really care about that either. I just have a bad habit of jumping in when I think someone’s being a jerk. Of course, I end up acting like a bigger jerk! 🙂

        • gr8fan


          • BigEater

            BRN, Keith, and JR are all correct. If i’ve learned anything from photography, it is that everything winds up costing the same. You may get a great rebate on a lens, but then you take the money you saved on the lens and spend it on a trip to use the lens you just bought. Or maybe you decide to economize by buying the 180mm 2.8 Nikkor instead of a 70-200. But with the 180mm you definitely need a tripod, and a light one would be nice, so you spend the $1,200 difference between the 180 and the 70-200 on an awesome Gitzo tripod and a head from Really Right Stuff.
            It’s the same with healthcare.

  • SJ

    There hasn’t been much Nikon rumors lately… I’d be happy if maybe admin would just start making stuff up – – – hey, it’s a rumor site, why not? I’d like to see something exciting, even if it’s all b.s.

    • I don’t post BS, there is enough BS on the Web already.

      • lorenzo


  • BRY L

    Hey Administrator,,, do you think Nikon will bring back any more of the lens “only” rebates this year?? When they did it early this year was how I got my 85 1.4 and 70-200 and saved “a lot”.. I think because of the “numbers” they had to reach by end of March…made them do the “lens” only rebates…I think they know that most all people already have a camera and just need the lens discounted.. And thx for all you do for this website that I visit every day..

    • They may bring those rebates back depending how they are doing financially. It’s too early to tell now.

    • jim smith

      No one can predict the “future.” But honestly my “guess” is that Nikon won’t reissue the “rebates” due to an overuse of “quotations.”

  • Larrry

    They must have a glut of 7100 cameras. Notice how every lens, including FF, is tied to a D7100. Apparently don’t need to push the D800 or D600.

  • anon

    figures no rebate on the new 120-300mm OS Sport or the 150mm OS macro. two lenses i’m considering.

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