Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens now shipping

Nikon-1-V2-camdera-with-1-Nikkor-32mm-f1.2-lens 1-Nikkor-32mm-f1.2-lens-with-Nikon-1-J3

The latest Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens is currently en route to retailers in the US. Shipping to existing pre-orders will most likely start this weekend or early next week. Some new sample 32mm f/1.2 images can be found at A detailed review is available at mobile01.

1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 focus speed video:

Another 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 AF test:

1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 manual focus demo:

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  • Subidiom

    First! Wow. Those sample images actually look pretty good. I guess they should given how much this thing costs. 599 and maybe i would splurge.

    • longzoom

      $900 I believe. Images at that Mobile 01 looks simply fantastic.

      • Subidiom

        I *would* pay $599. For $899 I could pick up a Ricoh GR in a nice leather case. Or a 85mm 1.8G + FT-1. At this price, the lens just doesn’t make economic sense!

        • PhotoAl

          The price makes sense to me. After playing with one firsthand I can see that $899 is actually a really fair price. Has their ever been an f/1.2 lens at this price? Of course, if you can’t afford it or simply don’t agree that $899 is fair it’s nice that we have options via the FT1. You’ll pay less but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for (center AF only, bigger, heavier, not f/1.2, etc).

          • Subidiom

            Yes, I have one on pre-order. Me. Want. GR.

        • longzoom

          Try to figure out the cost of glass for GR. I already have a lot – LOT – of Nikkors. That 32 and the ring – I have it all to play. That is a question – do I really need to play with V, ah?

      • Fry

        $800 is the price of the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 marvel.

        Asking $900 price for *this* ?

        I had a good laugh.

  • DSLR Shooter

    Is anyone else upset that this lens is for the N1? I want a good F/1.2 for my Nikon DSLR’s that has AF and doesn’t require a year of a Mexican Drug Cartel’s profits

    • ej

      lol am hoping for the same however am sure you gonna need that Drug Cartel profit to purchase one. So start the drug ring now!

    • Mr. Mamiya

      What is your actual requirement for f/1.2? Your color film doesn’t go beyond ISO 400 and you want reasonable short exposure times? Or do you want a barely usable ‘artistic’ DOF thinner than razor thin, so that the nose of your subject is even more blurred than at f/1.4?

      • Aldo

        I was kinda thinking the same thing…i guess people just love fast lenses without any logical reason… as you would love a fast car

        • Mr. Mamiya

          Admittedly, the Leica Noctilux *can* give some unique results, and some people are into bokeh panoramas (a.k.a. “Brenizer”), but a) it takes more than f/1.2 and b) I’ve seen so many sh*t with soft blurry noses from beginners.

          I personally hardly ever go beyond f/2.0.

      • Dino Brusco

        I do think a very fast lens on a such compact system has its reason to be, and you even mention it. Having such sensors a limited performance in terms of low light / high iso shooting AND being such lenses a FX equivalent of about f/3.5-f/4 in terms of depth of field – it might be very useful for some. I have other fast lenses and don’t need it but if I’d start from scratch such 1-system, it would be very appealing to me.

  • David Bluett

    Since the demise of film cameras Canon, Nikon, et al have been screwing the photographers with overpriced lenses. Enough.

    • longzoom

      I am very tempted to say “Indeed”!

  • Another Thought

    This lens is symbolic of the entire N1 system: a very good, high quality, well built piece, capable of producing some great results, but at its price it leaves you wondering if it’s the best choice given the other options on the market.

    • longzoom

      Oly’s new 75 – some says it is the best lens ever tested.

  • RR


  • Spy Black

    OK………………………….everybody jump on this NOW!…

  • Colfer

    I do not understand Nikon. Never made a decent prime for DX cameras and now a 1.2 for this format who is for people who do not care about 1.2 lens. Just want point and shoot.

    • El Aura

      The 35 mm f/1.8 is a decent DX prime.

    • Mike

      If you put a 50mm f/1.8 on your DX camera it will do the same thing as this 32mm f/1.2 at a quarter of the price. If you put a 50mm f/1.4 on your DX camera, it will blow this 32mm f/1.2 away.

      And the 10.5mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.8 are excellent DX primes.

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