Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 announced – the fastest lens for Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras


Nikon officially announced the 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens:

MTF chart:

1 Nikkor 32mm f1.2 lens MTF chart

Lens design:

1 Nikkor 32mm f1.2 lens design

Available in black and silver:




Technical specifications:

Focal length
32 mm
Maximum aperture
Minimum aperture
Lens construction
9 elements in 7 groups (including elements with Nano Crystal coating)
Angle of view
No. of diaphragm blades
7 (rounded diaphragm opening)
Minimum focus distance
0.45 m/1.48 ft from focal plane
Maximum reproduction ratio
0.08x (approx. 0.22x with 35mm [135] format)
Approx. 235 g/8.3 oz
Diameter x length (distance from the camera's lens-mount flange)
Approx. 65.5 x 47 mm
Filter-attachment size
52 mm *1
Lens cap
Lens hood
HB-N107 (supplied) *2
Lens case
CL-N101 (optional)

Key features:

  • The fastest 1 NIKKOR lens. Featuring a maximum aperture of f/1.2, the 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 is perfect for portraits and low-light shooting.
  • 32mm focal length (86.4 mm equivalent in 35mm format) allows for versatility to capture images in multiple situations, from beautiful portraits to everyday shooting.
  • Features technologies employed with 1 NIKKOR for the first time: Nano-Crystal Coat, Silent Wave Motor, and a manual focus ting.
  • Nano-Crystal coat reduces ghosting and flare, even in bright sunlight.
  • Silent Wave Motor (SWM) reduces noise of AF during shooting and movie recording.
  • Manual focus ring allows for full focus control, especially while looking through a viewfinder.
  • High quality, metallic exterior for attractive styling.
  • Compact and lightweight, maintains the perfect balance with the rest of the Nikon 1 system of bodies and lenses.

Press release:

Nikon Announces The Fastest 1 NIKKOR Lens Yet: The New 32mm f/1.2

The Newest Addition to the Nikon 1 System, the 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 Lens, Offers Superior Resolution and Incredible Depth of Field to Nikon 1 Shooters

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Today, Nikon Inc. introduced the newest addition to the acclaimed Nikon 1 system, the 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 lens, a fast medium-telephoto offering for photographers who appreciate the speed and portability of the Nikon 1 System. With a fixed focal length of 32mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.2, the new 32mm lens is the fastest in the ever expanding 1 NIKKOR lens lineup. An ideal lens for portraiture, the 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 lens is capable of rendering breathtaking images that capture every detail.

The 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 lens (86mm equivalent in 35mm format) enables brilliant sharpness and is able to resolve intricate details in portraits such as hair, eyes and eyelashes, while also allowing for strategically precise image blur and bokeh. From flattering portraits to still-life art, this fast lens gives users the ability to emphasize a primary subject combined with a skillfully blurred background for a dramatic yet natural separation, and shoot with confidence in challenging light.

Additionally, core NIKKOR lens technologies have been carried over into the 1 NIKKOR series, as the 32mm f/1.2 is the first 1 NIKKOR lens to be equipped with a Silent Wave Motor (SWM), a manual focus ring and a Nano Crystal Coat -- all traditional staples of the NIKKOR line. Utilizing the Close-Range Correction System, the lens is able to provide high-resolution, realistic textures and minimized aberration, even during close-up shooting. The M/A (autofocus with manual override) mode lets the user to manually focus during autofocus operation for intuitive and fine adjustments while shooting. Additionally, the lens sports an elegant and portable design while Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat effectively reduces instances of ghost and flare for optimal image quality.

With the addition of the new 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 lens, the 1 NIKKOR lens lineup now offers nine total lenses for photographers seeking the ideal harmony of performance and portability.

Nikon will continue to expand the 1 NIKKOR lineup with lenses that make the most of the capabilities and performance offered by Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, while consistently offering new ways for users to express their creative vision.

Price and Availability
The 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 lens will be available in Black and Silver for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $899.95* in June 2013. For more information on the Nikon 1 system and other 1 NIKKOR lenses as well as other Nikon products, please visit

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  • niknik

    I would say this lens is about $700 overpriced.

    • nick192

      Are you serious? It is overpriced but it is certainly worth more than what u think…

      • Agree with nick192

      • niknik

        I know, I know… just making a point. We all agree that $900 is absurd. I mean, I paid $500 for the 85 f/1.8G.

        But in all honesty I wouldn’t pay more than $300 for it. That’s just me.

        • Remedy

          Then I guess all those who payed 1600$ for 85 f/1.4G must be complete retards, paying over three times as much. Right?

          Get some sense to your head dude. Why do you even compare those 2 lenses? You really can’t see the pointlessness of it?


            That is for a full frame pro lens that most people use on $3000-$6000 cameras used for a business of some sort. I think most people with a Nikon 1 are using it for pleasure. $900 for a pleasure lens will surely be expensive for most. I have spent 3x the price of the 32mm f1.2 on a single lens, but I only bought it because my business demanded that I use the best of the best and the 70-200 f/2.8 was a must have for my business. Even a $1000 lens would not fit in my ‘just for fun’ budget.

          • Ann

            f/1.2 on 1 system is not equal to f/1.2 on FX system right? But some how Nikon manage to trick those fools…..

      • niknik

        I know, I know. But we all agree that $900 is absurd.
        I mean, I paid $500 for the 85 f/1.8G -which is an excellent lens and full frame.

        • rokko51

          The full frame 85 f/1.4 (not f/1.2) costs more than $1500,

          • Eric Duminil

            I bought my 85mm AF-D 1.4 in mint conditions for less than 900$.

            • An anonimous Photographer

              Yes, and I bought my 17-35mm F/2.8 in mint condition for less than 700 Euros (about 5 years ago)..point is that making these kind of comparisons has totally no use.

              It is a niche product, aimed at those who want to have it. It’s not the missing part in the lens line up, it’s not a necessity to make the camera work properly, it’s for those who just want it to have it, it’s not aimed at those saying that it will cost too much or that they can buy other stuff for the same amount.

          • Fry

            ..and is generally attached to a body that costs $2000-$3000

            How many people with$300-$500 CX bodies will shell out $900 for a lens ?

            • Remedy


    • Remedy

      I would say You should run a lens designing/manufacturing business.

    • kn

      Right, lets make more assumptions..

      Since we are at it lets get really crazy… I think this lens should be free..actually I think Nikon should pay us to own it.

      This site is all about extreme opinions. Where have all the normal, the world doesn’t owe me types gone?

  • Aldo

    pix are nice, but I’d rather get something for my DSLR at that price. have fun rich people.

    • Remedy

      Please explain me how this (your post) is helpful for people who own Nikon 1? Oh right, it’s completely worthless and irrelevant. …unless in Your world of fantasy selling Nikon 1, buying a DSLR with comparable lens is cheaper…. and even then – size. Nuff said.

      • Aldo

        ” I’d “

      • Pablo Ricasso returned

        I’ll bite. A 50 f1.4 on any old crop sensor DSLR. Cheaper, more resolution, less depth of field. Any prime lens on an APS mirrorless should beat this for the same reasons…

    • blaz

      Aldo, Way to set the bar high. Rich = $896…enjoy being poor…way to dream big/ 😉

      • Aldo

        I think we may have a different idea of what is to “dream big”

      • Pablo Ricasso returned

        No. By all means. Get four of them.

  • daniel

    Get a F mount converter and mount the 35mm f1.8
    I am sure that will blow this little brat

    • Remedy

      I am sure it won’t.

  • Fred Flintstone

    I AM – not available in pink 🙂

    • Travolatte

      People think it’s funny… I bought my partner a Pink J1, she described “the cutiest pink camera I’ve ever seen!”. But without many pink lenses to choose from, kit lens is the only lens she’ll every buy/use…

      • Fry

        well it has already served it’s purpose… “the cutiest pink camera I’ve ever seen!”

  • Aldo

    I demand DSLR rumors! even if they are lies…

    • AM

      The D400 will be announced tonight.

      • Aldo

        That’s more like it

  • idp69

    when can we see a 85mm FF equivalent portrait prime lens for dx users? or better yet a 16mm FF equivalent WA prime lens?

    • jmj

      Umm.. 50mm in DX is almost 85mm FF equivalent. There are lots of 50mm lenses available

      • idp69

        just almost mate. would be happy to see a 85mm FF equivalent not 75mm.

        • Remedy

          Get a Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 or Noct 58mm f/1.2. Close enough?

  • Eric Calabos

    Good Model
    Bad Price
    Ugly MFT

    • An anonimous Photographer

      I know for sure it will sell in Japan to some extend (collectors item), Europe I’m not sure

  • this is a great example of how silly these small formats are. here you have a 900 dollar so that you can have a prime lens that really isnt gonna be that great on dof or low light because the sensor is so limited. if you bought a larger sensor camera you could get a prime lens that offered superior low light and dof performance and it would be way cheaper. but the camera would be higher quality. You will always make bigger more expensive cameras chasing equvalency with these small sensors

    • Remedy

      …because DOF is the holy graal and the only purpose of photography, everyone knows that…. that is 5 years old tops.

    • preston

      Some people just can’t wrap their head around the fact that dslr’s are JUST TOO BIG AND HEAVY FOR MANY PEOPLE. When family or friends ask to hold my D600 (usually with 50mm 1.8 on it so you can’t get any lighter for a full frame) the first comment is always “man, this is so heavy!” All of the other technical stuff you’ve stated – which is true, so I’m not arguing your points – is nonetheless completely irrelevant.

      • Aldo

        NO. What people don’t get is that we want a better quality system like the coolpix A but with interchangeable lenses. If we are gonna pay high prices for something cool and little… it should reflect better image quality and versatility as well.

      • Clint

        This will be solved when FF compact cameras are affordable and made by more companies. Thats the only reason why i’d stop taking my SLR out on family trips (digital wise)

    • I see this f/1.2 as a way to overcome the lack of high ISO performance on the tiny sensors.

      1/16,000s shutter speed and ISO 100 is a darker exposure than even the D4 has, so you could shoot this f/1.2 lens wider in broad daylight on the Nikon 1 than you could on the D4.

      Also, the 1200 or 600 fps that these cameras have could create some interesting movies, and wide aperture light makes it possible to reach those shutter speeds in lower light.

      The price of the lens is a bit silly for an entry level system with very little to brag about, but the f/1.2 aperture of this lens surely has its benefits on the Nikon 1 system.

  • Mardock

    I get why they need this for such a smaller sensor — allows for shallow depth of field.

    But it would be nice if Nikon would do a FF 50mm f/1.2 autofocus.

    • Remedy

      50mm f/1.2 for FF…. so we could all cry about the price being “too damn high” later? No, thanks.

      • Aldo

        you missed his point… some would gladly pay 900 + for a DX or FF version of this lens…

        • Mike

          multicoated lens for FF already cost 1500-2000. 900+ in your dreams.

          • Aldo

            One can dream. It would still be a short prime though it cant be more expensive than the asian’s lens

        • Remedy

          50mm for DX is pointless, 50mm f/1.2 for FF for 900$? Highly doubt it. Old Canon 50mm f/1.2 cost 1500$.

          • Aldo

            32mm focal length (86.4 mm equivalent in 35mm format)

            • Pablo Ricasso returned

              Canon 50 f1.2/Nikon 50 f1.2/1.4 on your DX camera. All day.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      What for? If you love a shallow DOF, try a longer focal length (e.g. 84/1.4), and for the speed, just try a higher ISO settting, the times where ISO 400 on film was insanely high are over.

      • keepitsimple

        Correct, if you don’t need the lens speed for light gathering, and shallow DOF is what your after, just use the $100 kit tele. At 10ft, from 70mm (f/5.6) and higher the kit 30-110 will have shallower DOF than this lens wide-open.

  • fred

    “An ideal lens for portraiture”
    That could also mean they are saying the lens is a bit on the softer side?

    • Mr. Mamiya

      No. Lenses with this focal length (85-135mm FX) are preferred for portraits because they make people’s faces look pleasant and well shaped. (Opposed to very pronounced noses and other deformations with a wide angle and flat “pancake” faces with very long teles…)

  • Fry

    not sure if overprocessed

    or just too soft

    • That is a common disappointing aspect of fast lenses. Even the sharpest f/1.2 lenses have a soft halo look when shot wide open.

  • Duff

    Somebody please do the math (as Nikon is rather shy on the subject).

    Which 85mm FX lens does this 32 f1.2 lens equals in terms of DOF?

    ~85mm f1.8? Or f2.0? Or some other f-stop?

    • Remedy

      Roughly f/3.2 if I recall correctly.

      • Mike

        the F stop doesnt apply on the crop factor. f1.2 will always be 1.2. I have an 18.5mm f1.8 on nikon V1 (CX format) and its equivalent to a 50mm f1.8 on full frame, side-by-side they look the same in terms of DOF.

        • Remedy

          Guys I know that, seriously. The only thing I did here was a rough calculation of a DOF, but as mentioned above it’s not that simple because distance and relations between subject and background are different.
          Then again, I know exactly how this all works and that f/1.2 stays f/1.2 no matter what the sensor size is, that’s why I think this lens is great.

        • preston

          I normally stay out of these very tired DOF conversations that show up in nearly every Nikon 1 thread, but I’ve got to call bs on Mike. I’ve done similar tests myself and the results matched what Thom Hogan has written ( Shooting an 18.5mm f/1.8 on the V1 will have about the same look as a full frame shot with a 50mm at f/5.

        • Joseph

          No, no they don’t.

          If you frame the same shot in the same position and shoot both at f/1.8, the V1 shot will have noticeably more DOF.

          Basic optics people. Otherwise compact cams and cell phones would have “the same DOF” as FF cameras. Duh, they don’t.

      • Neil

        Only for the same framing of the subject, but then you’re moving and changing perspective to do that. It’s always a 1.2 lens as long as you’re not trying to mimic the framing of a larger lens.

      • Duff

        So what’s the fuss about? Pointless lens, and costs a fortune as well.

  • Aldo

    What’s up with the first image though… looks a bit soft… softer than the other one.

    • AM

      Yes, but the other is sharper than the softer.

      • Aldo

        the softer is not as clear as the sharp one though. and the sharper one is not as softer 😛

      • Aldo

        the softer is not as clear as the sharp one though. and the sharper one is not as softer 😛

  • Mike

    Guys buy an FT1 adapter ($190) + Sigma 35mm f1.4 ($290) = $480 or less. half the price but almost the same IQ. Or buy the Nikkor 18.5mm f1.8 its fairly good for $180 or less price (I have it and I love it, nice DOF).

    • Neil

      To be clear, the older Sigma 35. The new one is $900.

    • preston

      f/1.2 lenses always carry a big premium over f/1.4. So yes your solution may have almost the same IQ but it is perfectly reasonable to expect the f/1.2 lens to cost double (based on how other manufacturers price their exotics).

  • ActionJunky

    I have the Nikon 1 V1 with two lenses, purchased for $399 retail. I would not shell out more than twice that amount for a minor upgrade to the V2. Why would I spend $900 on a single lens. I get that Nikon wants to build out the product line for this new format and they hope that early adopters will fund production for the masses. I just do not think the form factor, or the technology is quite there yet. This lens might be appealing at half that price, but it is too much risk for little reward.

    • One thing to consider though is that eventually the technology will catch up, and when it does glass like this will be more valuable.

  • fastest

    I am the fastest…

    Fastest in photography circles typically means a large max aperture and we all know that is what Nikon really is meaning (I sure hope)…However, to say I am the “fastest” should mean it is the “fastest” (focus speed and light gathering). I highly doubt it is truly the fastest and in reality, there are faster lenses….

    What really does fast mean? From a marketing standpoint it is pretty good..but it isn’t true….but it is…:D

    fastest, fastest, fastest…. that world sounds weird now…

    • Neil

      Actually, it says “I AM THE FASTEST 1” which I took to mean the fastest 1 series lens… and it is.

  • Sebastian

    Surprisingly for a modern fast lens there is no aspheric element in the construction.

    On the other hand, maybe not so surprising. Like the whole 1 series, also this lens is designed to for maximum profit margin by reducing complexity. OK, the nano coating may cost a bit more than the usual BBAR but I doubt it’s much.

    • Also, aspheric elements would likely make the lens larger, and perhaps too sharp. If this is intended to be a portrait lens, some glow can make for great images.

    • This may also be a production trial of some new design aspects they intend to use on future lenses. We can only hope.

  • Swade

    So does this have the same type of optics that a DSLR lens would have a 32mm? So no matter what, it will distort the image and not compress it?

    • preston


    • Neil

      No, it’s not a wide angle lens. It’s a telephoto lens for a smaller image circle.

  • Todd

    Fanboys are so predictable. Complain nonstop about the lack of fast lenses for the 1 system when it is released and then when a super fast lens comes out they complain about the price!

    • jake

      that’s very true but I think not many people understand why Nikon has to make this kind of seriously good lens for a crappy already about to disappear kind of camera system?
      what is the point of it?

  • Spy Black

    “Nano-Crystal coat reduces ghosting and flare, even in bright sunlight.”

    Then why is there halation in the first portrait image? Looking at the bokeh, that appears to be wide open. The subsequent portrait shot is stopped down (again, looking at the bokeh) and not surprisingly halation-free.

  • Robb Mann

    Oh the irony! Nikon builds an excellent portrait lens for a camera system that lacks an effective way to trigger studio flash. Give us a damn hotshoe or at least a PC sync port!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maji

    These are real niche items with a small market. Perhaps the cost of manufacturing is high because of the small quantities produced. I don’t know why people have to bitch about the price when most of them don’t even own the N1 system. I have a D800, D300 and a V2. Oh also a couple of coolpixes. Thanks to Nikon for giving me the choices.

  • Isn’t this Nikon’s first AF f/1.2 lens? And isn’t this the first AF f/1.2 lens not made by Canon?


  • JoNikon



  • jake

    hope Nikon no more wasting any more money on this ridiculous Nikon One crap, Nikon should develop an APS-C based serious mirrorless camera system , or interchangeable lens version of Nikon coolpix A.

    and please put the D600 sensor in the D800E body, I have both but I need highISO performance of the D600 sensor with the D800/D4 level of AF system.

  • Zograf

    Folks, calm down. With this lens Nikon simply makes a statement – new “1” bodies will come even more expensive…

  • Juraj Balaško

    $90/year for 10 years (RoHS, 10 years life cycle, made in China)?
    No Nikon, thank you…

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