DIY: printable Nikon bounce card flash diffuser


The picture shows a Minolta 132x flash, but the size matches the Nikon SB-900

A reader (thanks Joël Coster) sent me this printable bounce card type flash diffuser template to use with Nikon flashes. Just download the included below PNG files, cut, fold, attach with a rubber band or tape and you are done:

Bounce Card Flash Diffuser Nikon

Update: this project was initially created by Darel Parker.

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  • victorcho

    Thank you for thinking about the readers at


    do i need a 3D printer to print this?

    • Yes. You may not print this on 2d paper. Only paper of very shallow depth.

    • Larrry

      More important, Can you print the Nikon logo with a Canon printer using Canon paper and ink or will there be a major malfunction.

  • catfish252

    Thanks Joel

  • Mr. Mamiya

    Oh no! Gary Fong’s army of overpriced voodoo yoghurt pots will now attack this site!

    • Curse him and his army of clueless photographers, and their inability to comprehend how bounce works.

    • intergalactic_turkey

      Long live Gary Fong !!!

  • FDF

    So how do you fold a file? It seems like you’re missing one vital step in your instructions 🙂

    • Joël

      Cut al the outlines once you’ve printed it, then cut along the border of the black and the white part as well, leaving only the center piece connected. Fold the black part in such a way that the outside is black, it should me a rectangle which can surround the head of the flash. Finally you can connect the sidepieces of the white part to the sides of the black rectangle using tape or something like that. If you still can’t figure it out have a good look at the pictures as well.

      • FDF

        LOL, thanks for the explanation, but I perfectly understand how to do it, I was just refferring to this: “Just download the included below PNG files, cut, fold, attach with a rubber band or tape and you are done.” Can you spot what’s missing?

        • Joël

          Okay, well, now at least those who can’t figure it out can read here how to do it

        • Ken Elliott

          There must be a missing step. The cut-and-fold action made my monitor go very dark. 😉

  • Bojan Sokolović

    can we see the results

    • Aldo

      the same as other bounce cards… but this one says NIKON!!!!

      • The text adds 5HP.

  • mick

    Nothing wrong with the idea, but the Nikon logos make it look a little hokey. Over the years, I’ve used an index card and rubber band with fine results when needed to spread and soften some flash.

    • neversink

      I agree, this is a step up from the index card, but I can do without the Nikon logo. Index cards always work wonders – simple and unobtrusive. When in doubt, or you ned more diffusion, you can always mount an Impact soft box over your flash — they work great but they certainly will make you very noticeable.

  • Aldo

    very nice… this can actually help many shoot better pictures.

    • Correction: this can help many to shoot properly lit picture.

      Better pictures is a different issue!

      • Aldo

        yeah… it’s amazing what bounced light can do.

  • Mike

    Isn’t that massive black band at the bottom going to waste a bunch of ink?

    • Aldo

      sounds like you are a victim of the rip off ink cartridge industry…. try a continuos ink system my friend… fraction of the price… and they don’t disappoint.

      • I just set one up myself! I only print small text on CDs and got tired of replacing the ink a couple times a year. It was up to $64 at Costco, so I ordered a system off Amazon for $23 shipped. Took a bit of time to set up, but I should now be good for the next five years.

        • Aldo

          it’s a no brainer.


        still no point to print excessively… but I get your point

    • Darel Parker

      Apparently, the massive black band was added to cover up the designer’s credit and website. The reason I know this is because I designed the original bounce card on which this image is based. The original PDF is located here:

  • LarryC

    Too much effort. I’ll just wait for someone on eBay to sell them pre-cut and folded.

  • Greg M.

    I’ve spent time making custom light scoops and keep coming back to the simplicity of an index card and a rubber band. Works great and fits in a camera bag better.

  • Paul

    Anyone try this yet — if so what size paper did you use? In PS it comes up as a 23.x”*30.x” image at 72dpi…. seems way too big.

    • mechir

      it should be at 150 to 300 dpi for printing purpose.

  • Appreciative.

    Thank you for the template. I think I will replace the Nikon logo with my own business logo, that way I will be truely pimped out when using this thing!

    • outkasted

      Oh Sweet what a better way to promote your photography and website. This is a win-win across the board!

  • none

    Yellow logo on the back of a semi-translucent bounce card… Nice way to eff up the white balance if you ask me.

    • Joël

      I’ve made myself another one printed on a4 photo paper, which is quite a bit thicker


    Nice but why not promote you own name on it Joel? or even Nikon Rumours?

    No need to advertise for the big guys with a walking billboard.

    The logos make it look even more amateurish… technically a cut out bounce card looks “off” to begin with even if it does improve flash images….we can’t win…

    • Joël

      I quite liked this design, and printed on glossy photo paper it looks really nice. I like the idea of a nikonrumors version though, might as well make one

  • DeathK

    Decent alternative if you’re in a pinch. However, I’ll stick with my Harbor Digital bounce diffuser for my SB-600. Fairly inexpensive at B&H. I got it as a gift though 🙂

  • justsomeguy6

    Will this work on a Canon flash? : )

    • Joël

      most likely, yes, it will fit almost every hotshoe flash

  • DeeCee

    Can they do one that doesn’t mess up the WB? LOL.

  • Crusty

    I downloaded, printed and folded the thing but for some reason the flash doesn’t seem to be included

  • Art

    I tried it. Didn’t like it. Very inconvenient.

    By the time you go to your photo shoot carrying your laptop, ream of paper, a HP laser printer, rubber bands, power strip, and a pair of scissors, carrying a Gary Fong looks downright convenient.

    • Crazy Fool

      I think I would stand out if I was carrying Gary Fong on my back! lol

  • Darel Parker

    If you’d like to download the original vector based PDF file for this bounce card, it’s available here:

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