Third party battery grips for Nikon D7100 now available

Meike-battery-grip-for-Nikon-D7100 Several different third party battery grips for the Nikon D7100 camera are already available at Amazon, AdoramaB&H and eBay. Even the most expensive option is less than half of the price of the original Nikon MB-D15.

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  • n11

    I still don’t quite understand grips.
    I’m fairly comfortable holding my camera vertically so maybe its for people who constantly stay in that mode without pause?
    If its for the battery, does the price really justify its cause instead of quickly switching it out?
    If its to make you seem more professional, shouldn’t you focus more on your photos?
    I could maybe see it for giving you a faster FPS, but still.

    • It makes shooting with large zooms (70-200 2.8, etc) a lot more stable both vertically and horizontally. Try one in a shop to see. I agree that with smaller lenses I’d rather not carry the extra bulk.

    • Aldo

      I can tell you from first hand experience that the grips help you tremendously when shooting hand held for long periods of time. Even for horizontal shooting, notice how about half the palm of your hand has no support without a grip when you are holding the camera. This causes a lot more pressure on your middle finger as the camera gets heavier (as with the 24-70mm lens etc). I would strongly advice for a grip if you shoot with a heavy lens or plan to. One thing to remember is that even if the lens doesn’t seem heavy, once mounted the weight would seem as though it doubled due to torque. Of course this is not the case with a short kit lens because as they mostly plastic, they are a lot lighter.

    • Micah Goldstein

      He doesn’t address portrait orientation, but everything he does says in this video is applicable to vertical as well. You can’t use this shoulder rest technique with short/gripless body. And the addon grips generally end up making for a body that’s taller than even the integrated types he’s showing in the demonstration.

      For heavy lenses, it’s a wrist saver!

    • chubbs

      I just find it comfortable in portrait. Sometimes the little conveniences make shooting more fun.

  • Bobby

    Are the third party grips reliable or will they blow up your cam?

    • presidentNikon

      They’ll rape your wife and murder your children. I wouldn’t get one.

    • Aldo

      I got the meike brand for my d800 and then came here to brag about how much money I had saved (as the d800 grip is unusually pricey). After about two weeks of having it, the attachment mechanism failed and I couldn’t get it off my camera. I had to use a thin screw driver and turn the gears inside the grip to set the camera free. My advice would be: if you decide to get a third party grip, keep in mind at all times that they are usually a lot more fragile.

      • Neopulse

        Bought the “latest” version of the Meike grip when it came out. It fit quite well on my camera, although I do like the weighted feel of magnesium more, but it is terribly priced the D800 grip. Dislike though that it only let me put only one EN-EL15 battery in it, so I had to often switch out the grip and battery and back again.

      • Has anyone found an acceptable 3rd party grip for the D800 yet?

    • I have both a third party and a Nikon grip for my D7000. I posted a comparison of the two at

      The tl;dr is that the third party grip is all plastic whereas the Nikon is metal – as a result, the third party grip did not feel as sturdy. Also, I had an intermittent electrical issue with the third party grip that did not inspire confidence.

  • David Myers

    Great for impressing the client with a ‘big pro camera’ look but hopeless for rigidity: Bolt them onto a tripod and the camera jiggles around! The real ones are expensive because they are SOLID!

    • John Baxter Photography

      You’re an idiot. I use the real Nikon ones and they still jiggle around on a tripod. If yours don’t then you’ve tightened it too much and your screw will break soon.

      • David Myers

        Thank you so much for your attempt at valuable input. Such a shame that you prefaced it with a pointless ’12 year old mentality’ troll insult.

        Sadly I’ve only made a few million dollars out of photography and imaging by using he best gear, from top 100 clients like LucasFilm. I obviously need to bow to your esteemed knowledge of cheap Taiwanese rip off copy components being better than the originals.

        Maybe your ‘real Nikon’ grips still jiggle when mounted on a tripod because you need to build your pubescent wrist muscles up to tighten the screw properly – I’m sure you know how to do that – why don’t you start now!

        • Tobias

          It’s a little strange that you’ve made millions, yet still feel the need to argue with trolls on a rumors website about battery grips.

          Moreover, if you make millions filming for Lucas, how would you even know what a second rate grip feels like if you are always using the best gear?

          I think paupers like me will have to stick with using aftermarket stuff, but thanks for your story.

        • danei H

          Making million dollars and still cannot figure out difference between Taiwan and Hongkong. Nice story.

          • Aldo

            Kim kardashian also makes millions

      • umeshrw

        Valid point and unnecessary insult.

  • chubbs


    Been waiting for this.

  • Geoff

    Get a grip on yourself and buy Nikon.

    • RMJ

      That’s the plan. I’m just waiting the day when Nikon can offer the same price with the equal quality as the third party makers.

      Currently couldn’t be happier with my $40 grip for D7000 and the Nikkor 85mm 1.8 that I bought with the saved money.

  • At least when I had a bad luck with my Nikon grip, they replaced it for free. And it feels like part of the camera because it is made with the same specs (metal, etc.). And on a tripod, either remove the grip or use a lens collar.

  • Still waiting for that D400 grip to come out.

    • Eric Calabos

      But I’m fantasizing about a full body DX

  • Rhonbo

    Just got the Meike version and its way too flexable for me. I sent it back. With very little effort I could see a gap big enough to fit a dime into. The top plate is so thin I could push down on it with my thumb in front of the threaded portion and see the top flex. I wouldn’t trust my Black Rapids strap on this one. I want solid so it looks like I have to pay the price for the Nikon version which is supposed to be much more rigid.

    • chubbs

      I would try the Vertax, they’re usually waaaaaay better for proper engineering and feeling solid.

    • Smudger

      Nikon grips aren’t rock solid either.

  • Rhonbo

    Maybe now the Nikon version will come down in price some like the D7000 version.

  • noname

    I used 3rd parties grips with my d80 and d90, worked great, solid, because there is part which go inside the body and tripod screw, now I have d700, grip is attached only by screw, and with 70-200/2.8 it is bad, so I sold it and got used nikon one for 3times more, it is magnesium so it is solid now… same case here, only tripod screw + plastic grip + heavy lens = not good, nikon is magnesium so expensive as hell..


    Where’s my D400???

    • Jake

      Having a tea party with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

  • Yawn..

  • Magnus

    Two years ago, I bought a cheap Meike grip for my D700. Very soon, I noticed the mirror stopped working properly when the battery in either the camera or the grip was ending. I soon figured out it was the grip that caused the error, and I got it replaced. However, I got the same problems with the new one after a few days. Didn’t care about returning also that one, so I kept it, knowing how to deal with the problem.

    A couple of months later I bought an original Nikon grip with the power battery pack. No problems at all ever since. There is also a very distinctive difference in quality and overall feel in the Nikon grip, and I will never use a 3rd party grip again or recommend one to anyone.

  • D400 is going to be a DX 24mp camera, with the same Sony sensor as the D3200.

  • Neill Horton

    I put a Meike grip under my d5200. Instantly sorted Underhanging Pinkie syndrome, and with Nikons own batteries theres no problems with the camera not recognising them. I hardly ever use portrait format so the link cable stays in the bag. cost $25 US, £17 UK. Bargin of the year.

  • G. Porter

    Hello everyone. I clicked on this webpage to view various opinions before I make a purchase. Not unusual right? However, I was extremely disappointed viewing the less-than professional and rude exchange amongst contributors. Nikon has maintained a stellar reputation for decades! I thought that anyone who invests in their product, would also possess a high level of respect and dignity for those seriously interested in the products and the field also.

    Best wishes,

  • James Donahue

    Got mine works great and is well built

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