Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens now available for pre-order


The just announced Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens is now available for pre-order:

The estimated shipping date is June 13, 2013.

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    Nikon Rumors = the rumor site with no rumors.
    Ok, it’s a great (the best) channel for Nikon related news, and admin seems to have good sources and a fairly accurate view on things when something is on its way. Great job.
    But where are those rumors? How about renaming the site to Nikon Facts? Just kiddin’ … sort of.
    Heck, I’ll supply some free fantasy rumors, if you like 🙂

    • Aldo

      That’s what I’m talking about…. I’m thinking they toned down the rumors due to the anal nature of some of the audience.

      • Can’t Believe It

        Who would want to be a camera maker nowadays? The people on the internet put out so much negative energy, it really rustles my jimmies.

        Why can’t we be happy that we live in an age when photographic miracles are being released on an almost monthly basis?

    • PeterO

      It seems that Nikon has really tightened up the corporate leaks. Any rumors/leaks that surface are now generated by Nikon themselves. Changing the name of the site would drastically decrease traffic. “Rumors” has an air of mystery and intrigue associated with it, even though there really aren’t any more ‘real’ rumors to be had. It’s still a great site for all things Nikon.

    • I have to repeat this every few months for new readers: no rumors means no new products are coming anytime soon. This has been the case for the past 5 years since i have been running this blog. I also want to publish only reliable info, not every email I received like some other rumors blogs. Here is the quick run down on the latest announcement:
      The new 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens leaks on Nikon’s website (March):

      In April I mentioned that the 32mm f/1.2 announcement will be coming in mid May:
      Few hours before the announcement, I provided some additional details:
      Is this not good enough for you?

  • Ed in Philly

    Great specs and certainly appealing. At this price point I’d drop the Nikon 1 series and move to m4/3. Needs to be closer to US$500.

  • Alex

    Really good to be compact but you will get same or better result for a lot cheaper with a 50mm 1.8 on a DX camera. I would even dare to say, if you are a Canon user: the new Canon 100D + 50 1.8 is compact enough and will do very good… Slim and light is a very smart move for the DX line.

  • Jorge

    That is one Fugly camera….

  • Megadon357

    I’ve added this lens to my wish list @ Adorama. I won’t be pre-ordering one at $900. I find that almost all my shooting with the V1 is at 10mm and don’t really know how much I’d use a portrait lens even though I’d like the option since my V1 is with me a lot more than my D7000.
    As far as the guy who suggest dumping the Nikon1 for m4/3, I guarantee that he is not a Nikon 1 shooter. The speed of the V1 makes up for its supposed shortcomings.

  • waterengineer

    Seriously, $900US? Seriously? That is three time the cost of a V1, version one.

  • Tony Bologna

    The price is a huge dissapointment. I’d rather use an adapter with a 50mm 1.4. How are they ever going to get the Ashton Kutcher fan base to buy this???

    • aim54x

      I have yet to try the FT1 + 35mm f/1.4G combination on my J1…unfortunately the AF system is dismal whenever the FT1 is used.

  • Leighten

    Why would someone spend that kind of money on a Nikon1 lens? I have lenses for my D800 in that range. I get the concept of a more accessible and easier to carry mirrorless camera, but without a full frame or at the very least DX sensor I can’t justify spending that kind of money on a lens that can only be used on the V1 system cameras.

  • Ant

    I’m not quite seeing the market for this lens. For a sub-DX sensor it seems a bit overkill and niche. I’d have gone for a 50 f/1.2 before this, because that would possibly be interesting to both DX and FX users. I’d even have done a 85 f/1.2 instead.

  • Rick

    i would think the nikon 1 would appeal to photog on the go or compact shooters, and with that I think anyone serious enough might spend about $1500 on the whole system. A $900 lens is 3 times the body! The sigma 35mm f/1.4 performs beautifully on my D800E for the same price. If Nikon produce a buttery bokeh 50mm AF-S Nano f/1.2 for $1300 (like the Canon) I will purchase it without blinking, to go with D800E and D4. But for a $300 Nikon 1 body…come on….. before Nikon put that kind of design and production power on a 1 lens, they should improve their DX lenses first instead of pumping out superzooms like 18-300MM vr.

    • My guess is that the 18-300 is very popular with DX shooters. The people constantly whining about the lack of wide primes for DX or the non appearance of the D400 like to point at how much more popular DX is than FX, but DX pros are not the reason DX is popular — DX soccer moms are. The market for pro DX shooters is wafer thin. I for one am not waiting for the D400 but for a Nikon D600 with no oil spots and better AF or D800 with higher FPS and pixel-binned lower MP RAW.

      That said, I have no clue what the market for $900 CX primes is.

      BTW what is this $300 body? The S1 is selling on Amazon for $450. Comparing the MSRP for a newly released lens to the discounted price of an out-of-date model is disingenuous. You can use the new $15000 800mm f5.6 on an F100, so is that a $15000 lens for a $200 body?

  • Jake

    The price is only the release price. I’m sure the price will come down. They might even have it in a kit. I wonder what the used/new prices will be by May 2014?

  • sgts

    thats a crazy price – better off with c mount, nikon v1 is still a great camera though.

  • Steve

    £799 pre order price in the UK. Ouch. After £220 for V1 and 10-30 kit, £170 for 18.5mm it’s a bit steep. Shame – but I love the 50mm so not all bad.

  • RMT

    Question for the Nikon 1 users; how does it compare in size (pocketability) and IQ to a m4/3rd like the Panasonic GF5 with powerzoom (pancake) lens?

  • Robert Ash

    Hmmm. That J3 with this large-sized new lens is starting to remotely resemble a Leica with a 50mm 1.4…. If you turn your head sideways enough and squint just right LOL. I happen to like that look 🙂

  • dick smith

    The comments for any N1 related story are always good for a laugh. How is it possible that none of these people “get” this camera?

    I have a large-ish DSLR kit, along with 35mm and medium format equipment. My wife on the other hand is not “into” photography so much as she is “into” taking picture of our kids. She is definitely not “into” taking my gripped SLR to the park.

    Frustrated with the dismal picture quality and shutter lag on the parade of compacts she has owned through the years, she tasked me with finding something 1. Fast 2. Fits in her purse 3. Not shitty

    So naturally I showed her a Sony Nex. She laughed at me. To her, it wasn’t smaller than a DSLR in the practical sense because the lenses are still big.

    So I looked at m43. Well, the value proposition skews towards compactness here rather than value. I wasn’t able to get her a versatile kit for what she was willing to pay.

    So then I look at the Nikon J1. The autofocus was amazing. The sensor is bigger than any p&s. It fits in a purse no problem. Picture quality is better than the high end p&s’s. Plus, the price. The kit I grabbed was $350.

    Anyways, now that she has a camera she actually uses, she’s started looking into what other lenses she can buy. She bought the 18.5 f1.8 and I guarantee you she will be eyeballing this crazy-ass 1.2 portrait lens.

    Not everyone wants to go pro, or wants the best picture quality for the money at the expense of size. Sometimes you just want to bring a good camera with you and not look like a total geek.

  • Pellevin

    Ridiculous price. This is basically a 86 f3.2, sure it is faster but the High ISO is much worse so it does not help. The full frame 85 f1.8 is $400 cheaper than this little piece. I have never been glader that I did not buy into the 1 system. This price is something I might have expected from the coming Panasonic Leica 42 f1.2 OIS but that lens will likely be superior in every way.

    $900 is definitely too much for a small portrait prime. Nikon obviously never figured out who their target audience is for this system.

  • canyon

    I pre-ordered 10 of these lenses. Here is my reasoning. I have shot Canon for many years and they failed to offer a camera with the exact price and specs I demanded. I posted my threats of switching to Nikon numerous times on the internet if they didn’t finally offer a camera that is capable of “taking pictures”. I feel I gave them a fair chance. So to make a long story short I switched to this system instead, I was shooting a Canon 20d (still have the original box in closet). So to really stick it to Canon and have them regret not addressing my concerns as a professional, I switched and gave Nikon a boatload of money! So who is laughing now?! Canons stocks are down now! Welcome to the darkside!!!

    • Can’t Believe It

      You could really stick it to the man if you buy some sheet film and turn that 20D box into a pinhole camera.

  • Can’t Believe It

    I’m sick of my 30 lb. camera bag with my SB flashes and four lenses and two bodies and endless hardware. How long before we have a 24mp version of this camera with awesome dynamic range and all the rest of the Nikon goodness? I’d be happy to keep a couple of my full-frame Nikkors in case I need to rent a D800 sometime in the future, but my back and shoulder are telling me that this is the camera for me.
    So how soon do we think we’ll have a high-megapixel version of this baby?

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