Yongnuo YN-622N wireless flash trigger for Nikon is now available


Yongnuo YN-622N wireless flash trigger for Nikon is now available for sale at the Yongnuo Store and on eBay. The PDF instruction manual can be downloaded here. Additional information and compatibility list:

Compatible camera list:

  • Nikon D70/D70S/D80/D90 D200/D300/D300S/D600/D700/D800
  • D3000series: D3000 D3100 D3200
  • D5000series: D5000 D5100
  • D7000Series: D7000

Compatible i-TTL flash list:

  • Yongnuo YN-465N/YN-467N/YN-468 II/YN-565N/YN-568N
  • Nikon SB-400/SB-600/SB-700/SB-800/SB-900/SB-910


YN-622N i-TTL wireless transceiver is a high performance 2.4G wireless flash trigger designed for Nikon users. Different photographic effects can be realized through setting the flash at 360 degrees. It supports i-TTL and manual flash, front-curtain sync, rear- curtain sync and high-speed sync(Auto FP), the highest sync speed is 1/8000s*. it can remote change flash exposure compensation or flash output of each group, supports different flash mode mix using. Supports the transmitter installed i-TTL flash, in addition, it supports the master unit on transmitter sets the parameters of each group. This product is a wireless transceiver design , the distance of remote control reaches 100M, supporting 7 wireless channels and A/B/C three groups, and with AF assist beam emitter function.


  • Compatible flash mode: i-TTL, Manual flash
  • Compatible Shutter sync: front-curtain sync, rear- curtain sync and high-speed sync(HSS/FP), the highest sync speed is 1/8000s*
  • Support remote set the parameters of flash through the transceiver (Remote Control Mode)
  • Support i-TTL/Manual/Repeating flash mode mix using(Mix Control Mode)
  • Support the flash installed on transmitter(on-top flash)and supports i-TTL function
  • Support the use of master unit on transmitter sets the parameters of each group(Master Control Mode)
  • Support FEC, FVL function
  • Support modeling flash and red-eye reduction flash
  • Support flash zooming (auto)
  • Built-in AF assist beam emitter (AF Lamp)
  • Settings saved automatically
  • Compatible with YongNuo/ Nikon series flashes
  • Support PC port triggering strobe flashes
  • PC port support front/rear curtain sync and high-speed sync(Super Sync)function
  • Support single-contact of camera & flash triggering (max sync speed is 1/250s)


Compatible cameras/flashes is needed when using TTL function
The highest sync speed of some camera types is 1/4000s, some of flash or camera models may reach to 1/250s only or less if it doesn't support high sync speed.

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  • Dandansoy

    This looks good na paper. The question is how much?

    • Aldo

      Says 99 bucks for 2 transceivers… wow now i feel ripped off by pocketwizzard

      • pocketwiz was a rip since the yongnuo and other companies released alternative wireless triggers (so basically they’ve been ripping people off for the last 3 years).

        Why anyone would buy pocketwiz, or any gear for that matter without doing research on alternatives is insane. Especially since the internet is so easily accessible.

        My lecturer at RMIT loved the pockewiz and didn’t even bother looking at other products and told all the students to fork out money for the pocketwiz, I didn’t listen to him thank God.

        • Aldo

          I was aware somewhat of other options but wanted a good ttl option as well. Thats why i went with the pocketwizards. I always felt like i was paying too much. On the bright side i only own three.

        • Jake

          I hope you didn’t buy the silly plumbers cases he uses to store them in too… just between you and me his advice is as good as his photography

      • robert

        they didnt slip a little vial of vaseline in your shipment to make things more comfortable 😉

        just kidding. PW are the best products around but there is competition and they will have no choice but to lower prices. you got a great product. overpriced but a great product.

        • Aldo

          lol! lets hope their prices do come down a bit.

  • Jon

    According to people on the Flickr Strobist group, the Yongnuo Store is bad news…

    • chubbs

      Yeah, apparently there’s something about two YongNuo stores, a real one and a bunch of shady characters. Haven’t had much experience with either but there are a lot of people who post around here who can clear it up.

      You can pick up a lot of YongNuo stuff on dx.com where they already have the Canon version of the same trigger. It probably won’t be long before they have the Nikon version too. They are a reliable and trustworthy site, just with slow delivery times.

      • Free shipping with non minimums, too. Been a fan of dealextreme for a long time now…

  • Rick

    for some reason, this supports most DSLRs but not D4 D3s D3x D3…would be a bargain to get this for D800E and D600 though. Pocket wizard is 4x the cost with their flex and mini tt

    • And everyone complains about the inconsistency of the the Pocket Wizard Flex

    • Ola

      That “some reason” is probably a need for iTTL commander mode in the camera. Only cameras with built in flash has this.

  • Maji

    I heard that these are called “Poverty Wizards” and you get what you pay for. Flickr Strobist has very knowledgeable people and we should all learn from their collective experience.

    • PhotoAnthems

      Many of those guys are PW loyalists with sponsorship. Radio triggers don’t need to cost that much. I’ve used Yongnuo for years and never a failure or miss-fire. Not one.

      • jr456

        Me neither. PWs are COMPLETELY overpriced for what you get. Their new Plus X is a JOKE and a rip-off. I can get SIX RF-603s that do the same thing for the price of ONE Plus X.

        • Swade

          Then buy those and shut your lips about the Plus X’s that you have clearly never used.

          • jr456

            Why would I use them…they’re ridiculously over-priced for a simple radio transceiver with pretty much zero logic built-in. It’s essentially 1950’s technology..if that.

    • Ted

      Poverty Wizards refer to manual triggers like the RF602, Cactus V5, TF14, that all cost $30, $50, $20 per pair because PW had TTL at $400 each. You can call everything non PW a derogatory name if you wish, like those snobs who think all 3rd party lenses must suck.

      Now PW comes out with manual triggers at $100 each, so that is also a Poverty Wizard.

    • Mansgame

      The original Cactus triggers WERE garbage but times have changed.

  • no

    note on Yongnuo Store says: The quantity of the first batch is small. we will ship all YN-622N by ordering time. First come first serve. But they are on ebay for the same price $50/pc

    • Rick

      that’s probably for 1 transceiver, or another model or the one for Canon. The list price is $95 for a PAIR so $50/pc is actually more expensive

    • thq55

      Yeah I actually saw this a couple hours after it was posted and tipped off Nikon rumors. After ordering a half dozen for myself of course 😉

  • AM

    The question is, how reliable are those triggers?

  • onp2

    According to their spec, it seems that SB-400 could also be remotely TTL triggered .

  • PhotoAnthems

    I’ve been waiting on these. I used to have the YN-603’s and they were great. Never a miss-fire and the range was incredible. I used them on plenty of paid gigs. Wait for the reviews on this if you guys want to see them tested. I can’t speak as to what anybody says on Flickr, but I know Yongnuo has been working for me…better than the PocketWizards.

    • Micah Goldstein

      “Used to have”? Why no more?

  • PeterO

    I remember that Phottix announced similar iTTL triggers back in September (not the Odin). They’re still not out. I think a lot of people will jump on these. Four of them (for less than $200) will give you a transmitter and a three speedlight set up. Not too shabby. I venture to say that they will be as reliable as their other triggers.

    • PhotoAnthems

      Photix does have good triggers. I work at a cam store a few days a week and they sell out in droves. Triggers don’t need to be so costly and PW is learning that. They aren’t losing money of the new Plus X and they didn’t on the Plus III. But they are definitely learning to bring those prices down.

    • Fred Flintstone

      That will be the Strato TTL, Strato used to be non-TTL, now they have the Ares to replace the Strato II, but I don’t think the TTL Strato is out yet, but yes it sounds good

  • Michael Hesley

    The cost of building of devices like these is primarily in the software development and testing. Bad mouthing Pocketwizard pricing as the company leader in wireless TTL is hardly fair…

    Yougnuo almost certainly tore into FlexTT5s and the Mini’s and copied as much as they could from them and put what they “learned” into their devices. I have eight FlexTT5s and they work damn well, and they also work with the entire series D3’s and the D4. Feel like you got ripped off? Then buy the Chinese devices and please stop complaining. iTTL is not easy to program and test with no help from Nikon. Thank you Pocketwizard!

    • jr456

      It’s one thing to be the industry leader but it’s another to rape people on prices(read any Adobe articles lately)? I would have went PocketWizard all the way if they were anywhere reasonably priced. IMO they were greedy and I think their marketshare is going to get chipped away a bit for that from companies like Yongnuo.

      • robert

        BRAVO! I welcome the competition! when I did weddings and needed 2 pairs it wouldve costed me $800+. 2 for the cameras to fire off 2 studio flashes for ambient. who has that kind of money when theyre just trying to gain clientele.

        $800+ is a rippoff! $200 today and im good to go. I can even buy another pair for backup and get the

        Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D Lens with the difference.

        PW were making a killing in sales for so long. but theyre going to be taking a big hit over time. it already started imo.

        • Swade

          I doubt you “needed” those studio flashes for weddings. And why is it a ripoff? Do you know what their overhead is? Do you know production cost? R&D costs? Material costs? Just because it is too expensive for you doesn’t make it a ripoff. They target a certain market with higher (not too high) prices because they make the best product.

          Go buy something else if you don’t like their prices. Get some YN’s, or Promasters, Radiopoppers, Cybersyncs, Phottix, Cactus. Take your pick.

          Nothing is ever the right price for you photographers. Sounds like a ton of business owners who have no idea how businesses, markets, or pricing works.

          • robert

            you work the way you want and i’ll work the way I want. dont decide for me and dont educate me on if I needed the studio flashes.

            I dont give a flying freak what all that crap costs. its too expensive because obviously the price the 622n’s are selling at means the PW were overpriced no matter how you look at it.

            yes, I will go buy those 622n’s. thank you for caring. they look great. reasonably priced, great specs and reliable to me. its about time some competition came to the market.

            im sure PW are very nervous.
            oh and judging by the many comments PW were a ripoff. they were the best but that doesnt mean you, err, they should be greedy. obvious PW spy here.

          • Mansgame

            Soo what’s your function at Pocketwizard? Intern? Director of social media? You’re obviously taking this too personally.

        • iamlucky13

          Obviously it’s not a ripoff, because there weren’t any alternatives users considered equivalent, and they were buying them in spades.

          Given as long as it took for anybody to make a dirt cheap iTTL unit, it obviously was not easy to make a product comparable to what Pocket Wizard offered.

          • robert

            the products were top notch. not a single person will say a bad thing about the products.

            its the price tag that was a ripoff. there was no other options so they allowed themselves to charge the excessive prices.

            they had all sorts of mediocre/low quality products in the market but nothing with good reliability and a reasonable price tag.

            I was looking for something of an advanced amateur caliber with half the price tag of the PW. that would be reasonable. now were getting pro-ish level with very low price tag. you cant beat that!

    • John Baxter Photography

      Fool. Anyone who makes a cheaper version MUST have cheated and copied from the most expensive brand! Boo Hoo. Charge me more money because I hate Chinese.

      Oh wait, PW used 400Mhz band and it was the Chinese who pioneered using the 2.4Ghz band with much better reliability.

      Oh no I still hate them. PW are the best. Because. So there.

      • Gord

        You seem to be on a recent bender of acting like an arse and making a valid point. Maybe you could just make the valid point and drop the part where you act like an arse… hmmmmm?

    • Mansgame

      TTL aside, Just until last year, the old fashion pocket wizards were still $150 each. Even a Garage Door remote has more security and technology built into it so how can they justify charging so much?

  • jr456

    Thank God!! I’ve been waiting SO LONG for them to catch up and come out with these!! I’ve used the RF-603Ns for a while now on many shoots and they are rock solid reliable; and even if they weren’t they are so inexpensive I have plenty of backups.

    Pocketwizards may be great but they are a RIP-OFF!! Those new PWs that came out that are called the Plus X or something…what a joke!! They pretty much do nothing above manual and are $100 for ONE!! When I originally bought the RF-603s they were $30 for a pack of TWO!!

    I’ve got three softboxes and if I can employ the TTL the way I want to I’ll no longer have to keep tearing into the front for every adjustment because it’s manual. These will be worth EVERY PENNY.

    I rarely get excited about gear at all but these are the real deal.

    • rexb

      actually been waiting for the Odins 2, actually about to get Odin, but i think this is a better price/performance. I just need to confirm if you can control your flashes from the camera menu LCD although only 2 groups. either way this is still great!

  • xuser

    Pocketwizard is still not supporting D600. Its last release was 3.15 on August 6 2012. I just cannot believe they have not had a new firmware in so lone.

    • justsomeguy6

      You can download the latest beta version from PW which specifically supports the D600. I’ve been using v.3.172 for over a week now with no issues on my D600. HSS at 1/4000!

  • John_IGG

    Let’s wait and see.

    And don’t forget what people say: «He who laughs last, laughs longest»


    I have been using PW Mini, AC3 and Flex’s with my Nikon cameras, for about a year now and they are fully compatible with my Sekonic L-758DR (there is a minor issue with SB-800 and the Sekonic meter that will be sorted out in the next firmware upgrade).

    Their performance is excellent and I have them in my hands and I use them. They are quite expensive, I admit, but they are here now and they were here a year ago.

  • John_IGG

    I downloaded the manual, only to realize that there is no USB port, which means that firmware is not upgradable

    • John_IGG

      Nothing comes for free… I guess!

  • Kostas

    No money here in Greece 🙂 so I am using 603’s with a couple of 30year old full power flashes ( I am planning of changing them with a couple of Yong Nuo’s 565) and a Nissin Di 866 mark II.
    Love the triggers, never lost a shot !!!
    My question is if the 622n’s will work in iTTL mode with the Nissin ?
    I know it is not included in the description, but my wild guess is, it will work.

    If anyone knows, or will try out in the future, please leave an answer in this thread.
    Thanks !!!
    PS: What is PocketWizard ? :)))

    • John_IGG

      Although I think you are «pulling our leg» by saying «What is PocketWizard?», check this link and be inspired by the PW technology:


      In the end you get what you pay for…

      I too live in Greece (middle class employee now retired) and I recently bought my 5th PW FlexTT5. I now have 5 PW FlexTT5’s, a Mini TTL an AC3, a Sekonic L-758DR, 5 Nikon flashes… to name but a few (and am not even a pro, but an amateur), so… advertising here that there is »No money here in Greece» is really very bad publicity and without any apperent reason and also untrue! :)))

      Γιάννης (Yannis)

      • Kostas

        Συγχαρητήρια για την συλλογή σου! Δεν νομίζω πως είναι εδώ ο χώρος για να διαφωνήσουμε, οπότε απόλαυσε την πετσοκομένη σύνταξή σου που τουλάχιστον πρόλαβες να πάρεις και καλές λήψεις φίλε Γιάννη !!!

    • Marcelino

      Hey Kosta!
      I’ve planned to buy the same combination of YN622N and Di866 MarkII as you planned. Your post is one year old… did you try it? Did it work?
      I will buy it this week anyway and try it… I guess…
      If you still haven’t bought that combination I could give you some feedback if you still interested.

  • robert

    All I can say is that PW (and others like quantum)was raping people for the longest time and there was no competition for the longest. thats not right.

    being greedy will bring them down now. I dont need the best. I need good enough for my uses. they didnt offer anything in the midrange price tag.

    THANK YOU YONGNUO!!! PW is and will continue to lose a lot of revenue. not everyone needs the most advanced, toughest pro caliber slave system. some just want something reliable enough and a good price tag. these above are them.

    Im so happy. all these recent products that give u great bang for the buck where there were no options before. battery grips, slaves, and flashes. in this shitty economy these companies need to stop being so greedy.

    competition is great.

    • AlphaTed

      Other than PW, Phottix will be hit hard as well. They have to lower their price now.
      I ordered the YN to try it. 1 for TX, and 2 as RX.

    • John_IGG

      No competition? Not true. You forget Phottix Odin and Radio Popper that were around the same price as PocketWizard. Having researched all three, I decided to go with PW and I am glad that I did.
      In my opinion, if you need something and you are going to use it, go for the best there is at the time you need it. Money should not be a matter, well, not at this price range anyway…

  • I know that it isn’t the same thing (IR vs radio), but I love my SU-800, it controls my 5 flashes perfectly, with the cost and batteries of only one emitter.

    • AlphaTed

      CLS is great. But IR is the weakest part of it. There’s a need for RF to overcome it’s weaknesses that some people need. Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention.

    • onps

      i like SU-800 as well, so easy to use, and since YN-622N relay SU-800 command, that’s perfect combination.

  • Mansgame

    Pocketwizards were clearly overpriced for many years and even when small competitors came, they never lowered their prices. I guess for a while they WERE the best brand, but they did not show any mercy to their loyal fans.

    Now that there are products out there that compete very well in quality and absolutely destroy them in price, I would love to see PW get some payback.

  • PeterO

    Is the Yongnuo Store link from the company itself or an internet re-seller?

  • AlphaTed

    Wow, that’s quick. I got a notification that my order got shipped by the shipping agent. Now, who knows how long it’ll take to reach me.

    • PeterO

      Let us know when you get it Alpha Ted.

      • AlphaTed

        Tracking shows mine will be coming from San Leandro, California via Fedex. I should get it by Monday.

        • PeterO

          Thanks Alpha Ted, that is fast. Who did you order from?

          • AlphaTed

            The Yongnuo store using the link above.
            I got 3 transcievers (double and single).

          • AlphaTed

            The Fedex tracking info was bogus. They created a Fedex tracking but never intend to ship it that way. It will be shipped from Shenzhen, China. And I should receive it via USPS. The waiting game begins …

  • John_IGG

    People who post here seem to forget or are being unaware of the fact that PW’s are compatible with the Sekonic family (L-478DR, L-758DR, C-500R). All those instruments -a must for every serious photographer and videographer- have PW technology built in. If you don’t know what this means or how this can help you to improve your photography, get involved and check the free webinars at the PW or Sekonic site. You will be amazed, really.

    This being said, I want to stress out that I am not against YongNuo by any means, I think that they are fine instruments and that this new addition will help many Nikon users get their flashes off their cameras, but in the end one buys what he needs and what he can afford.

    Simple enough. (?)

    • John_IGG

      I forgot to mention pro studio flash compatibility and remote power control of AlienBees, White Lightning, Einstein E640 flashes, Elinchrom RX flashes 🙂
      Please admin, give us an edit option…

    • AlphaTed

      Not all serious photographers need all or even some of those equipments.
      And you’re right, one buys what he needs that’s affordable. Just like on any gear, some people just want to pay for the features they need and won’t pay extra for features they will never use.

  • rexb

    Will this enable you to control also the remote flashes from the back of the camera LCD? This will be cool to change settings on camera LCD instead on the transmitter.

    “from Yongnuo site:

    Do these support TTL passthrough to the remote flashes? As in, send information to the remote flashes, and get TTL information back to the camera, etc?

    Yongnuo Store answered:

    May 16, 2013

    Yes, it is TTL trigger. You can use your camera menu to control the off camera flashes.”

  • using phottix odins, love them …

    but looking for a way to fire both lights and shutter remotely ..

    any suggestions?

  • bake79

    Just ordered mine! $180 for 4 units…It’s worth the try. If they work…GREAT! If they don’t, I will go shoot a session, make my money back, and have a nice day! All this crazy talk is annoying arrogance with no sound basis in economic theory. To say PWs suck or are over priced is just not true. They have been selling will continue to sell to their target market. Yongnuo has a different target market and will sell to them. Both parties will profit and people will continue to have pissing contest over preference in product. I would imagine that any product that has been around for sometime has value or they would have failed. The BOTTOM-LINE is, does the product work for you? If yes, then what does the subjective opinion of another matter? Aren’t we here to help each other professionally? If so, let’s save the belittling comments….we’re better than this!

  • thq55

    Just got these from yongnuostore.com

    I haven’t run them through all of their paces yet, but they do indeed run HSS up to 1/8000 on my D800. I have 4 of them, 3 for flashes 1 for the camera.

    I tested them at about 35-40 yards in open space, inside of a softbox setup, and they fired 50 shots in a row without a misfire.

  • Martin Retzlaff
  • AlphaTed

    There’s a new trigger, that has mini USB for firmware updates:


    • I think this brand is available only in Europe.

      • AlphaTed

        Well, you have international readers in here. 🙂

        • Sure, I will cover this in the weekly Nikon links.

  • Gecko


    Bit of a newb to this, was looking at getting 3 pocket wizards so i could remote fire the camera and the flash (off-camera) would also fire. And the come across the Yongnuo brand – which are a hell of a lot cheaper for someone like me just playing around. Just wondering if i get 3 of these YN-622N transceivers they will do the job i want them to do? Just set the flash the next channel up like the pocket wizards? I have a Nikon D5200 and looking at buying a SB-700. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂 Cheers!

  • luiz

    Can I use the ITTL mode with a D5100 and a SB-700?

  • MRomine

    No D4, D3s models 🙁

  • jonggi

    i just bought yn622n iTTL for my Nikon D600 and my YN565EX. There is a problem i am having right now, that is that I mount my flash YN565EX on to the YN622N on the camera hotshoe, my camera can not operate its Focusing Meter. I can not take a shot with my ND600 (24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G) in automatic focusing method. Strangely, if i am taking shoots with Live View System, the camera’s auto focus can work normally. Can you please advise of how to resolve the situation. I am planning to purchase YN568 ii and will put it as the Master placed on YN622 on the hot shoe. I need your assistance to eliminate the auto-focusing issue. Thank you in advance.

  • david loveday

    I want to buy one but have a D3s do they work on this camera as it is not listed as compatible?

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