Refurbished Nikon deals of the week


Those are the latest US deals on new and refurbished Nikon equipment from all around the Web:

All of the above deals have free shipping int he US. More Nikon refurbished/factory demo products cane be found here, here and here.

Also, the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 aspherical fisheye lens for Nikon mount is $229 until 3pm EST on May 16th when you use code S0511113 at checkout.

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  • Eric Calabos

    Thom Hogan was right. There are still lots of D3100 in inventory
    Nikon needs to change its mind, about what people want, and “how many” they want

    • fred

      Don’t worry.The D3100 is a good entry level DSLR at a good price. Nikon will move them ok.
      As for buying refurbished, some say they are better because they have been repaired and checked over by a Tech, others wont touch them with a barge-pole.

      • bjrichus

        Fred, it’s not about this specific camera body, it’s about the terrible product planning and the assumptions that Nikon senior management seem to cling to… I guess they think everyone will buy “Hello Kitty” color Nikon 1 cameras to supplement the five dSLR bodies they purchased from Nikon last month!!!

        • Can’t Believe It

          They make a “Hello Kitty” Nikon 1? Where do I get one?

    • bjrichus

      It’s about being wrong at planning with the mindset that says “We will sell at least 1,000,000 of these a month” often enough and loudly enough at product planning meetings to everyone… They all end up believing you, and then the product hits the streets and reality is somewhat different. “Where did all this surplus stock come from? Quick, lets do a sale to clear the shelves.”

      As you say, Thom was right with the concept, but why does Nikon keep the dumb idiots who keep making these mistakes? Oh well…

      • Pablo Ricasso returned

        It’s much better for them if they make too many rather than not enough. It might only save a little change if they cut off production earlier, so the difference between X and X + another few thousand units probably amounts to less than the discount they are selling them for as the R%D is already done. They then have more bodies to sell at more price levels, causing a need for more lenses, which they can then overproduce in a similar manner, while the other people struggle to keep up. If I can get that for half the cost of the cheapest rebel then that’s a good thing. If you want somebody who will be sure to never give stuff away then Canon is probably your brand. Not mine.

    • Darkness

      TH is rarely right about anything, I mean EVER. Selling a handful of refurbished cameras has nothing to do with high inventory my friend.
      Oh and bjrichus
      1. stop insulting hard working people who work for brand you simply dont like,
      2. check their careers page, get a proper job there and change things (not) or
      3. Get some help for your depression symptoms instead.

  • bjrichus

    The D600 refurb price is what they should have sold it for new on day one, not after all this long. They’d have killed the competition completely if they did!

    • Aldo

      Nah.. more like 1999 but with the 51 focus point system (no silly centered points) and better quality control = success imo

      • Micah Goldstein

        THIS! Although I’d take an 8fps crop mode too. It’s pretty useful on my D7100.

  • xjxjxjxjxjxjxjxj

    who on earth would buy a D3x + 70-300VR + SB700-kit?

    • Darkness

      Its not a D5200 zoom kit, you are not obliged to use them together. Jeeez.

    • Ken

      I wouldn’t and plus all those stuff are not free for $6699. You can just buy the camera refurb from Adorama for $4699. $2000 more for that 70-300 and sb700, I think they are trying to rip you off.

      • The only difference is that the D3x is not refurbished.

        • Gia J

          Nikon must be sitting on a crap load of D3X’s

      • Whoopi


  • Doobie Keebler

    I wish Nikon would toss that d600 sensor in a compact. 🙂 That would be my dream camera. Or better yet the d800 sensor!

    • Aldo

      I don’t think you can toss the d600 sensor in anything smaller than the d7k without going back to the drawing board.

      • Micah Goldstein

        Take a look at some of the last cheap film bodies and consider shoving a lensless RX1 into them That’s what it takes. It can absolutely be done with an SLR…but then you end up with something looking like an SL1, which I think is actually too small for an SLR with normal sized lenses.

        The mechanics are already small, and the electronics can get smaller still. Look how slim some of the mirrorless cameras are. You could go still thinner. It’s the height that is an issue, and looking at the RX1, even that can be addressed.

        Or throw out the shutter and make leaf shutter lenses!

        • Aldo

          yeah it’d be nice if nikon came with its own version of the rx1 with interchangeable lenses. That’d put them at the drawing board though, which is what they seem to be avoiding (d600,d7100) . they seem to be just throwing in new sensors and processors into their old bodies. I don’t think size matters too much. The smaller the better(cuz that’s the point in the first place, to go small). Some just want a FF pocket size camera that they can either mount a pankcake lens or the new 800mm lens. I know, weird.

  • Jack

    What’s the point of red giant software with a non video enabled dslr? That I don’t get.

    • Micah Goldstein

      Good catch! …WTF is that about?

  • Moregone

    Does buying Cameta through Rakuten come with any hitches over buying through Cameta directly? Saving $40 off a already good priced deal is tempting.

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